By the time Yexi started using Niluka’s flame magic to inlay crystals, Darmiala’s voice resounded from somewhere nearby. 

“Guys, come over here.” 

Long Tu, Dizi and the others peeped and rushed towards the direction where Darmiala’s voice channeled from, leaving Yexi, Niluka, Gui Dong Ri and the others behind.

There were many huts there. They were tiny, yet very spacious when observed close-up. Nitans loved to reside in underground rooms smaller than themselves, which explained the underground chamber in each of the huts.

Darmiala was standing by the door of a hut when she noticed people speeding towards her direction. Immediately, she gestured silently at the hut she was leaning on. Long Tu who was first to arrive took a glance at Darmiala before she turned her head to look at the hut.

A baby Nitan was sleeping on a warm hay bed, the look on its face extremely peaceful. Since their infancy periods, Nitans had bloated bellies and this one was no exception.

Long Tu frowned a little, shifting her posture. Everyone’s expression changed abruptly as thoughts raced across their minds.

“Kill it. There’s a chance it would alert the other Nitans and allow them to track us. Long Tu’s suggested a clean-cut, rather than the painful and gruesome kill that everyone had in mind. 

Lunaria noded unconsciously, which amazed Leah, Darmiala and the others. They didn’t expect Lunaria to agree with that plan. After all, Lunaria had always been a gentle princess in their eyes. Civilized and innocent.

And with that, everyone shifted uncomfortable in their shoes.

To Lunaria however, she only followed Long Tu’s suggestions just like Tyre did back when they were fighting together. 

DiZi and kept a neutral stand; they did not mind killing the child nor did they mind letting it go. But as for Darmiala and Leah, they were unhappy with that decision.

“Although I agree that we should wipe out this variable before it becomes a problem, but if you think about it carefully, there’s no harm in letting it go for now since we’ve already destroyed the entire tribe anyway.” Darmiala stated her point but to no avail.

As the culprit of the village’s genocide, DiZi’s didn’t even flinch.It’s not like they’re humans to begin with. And as long as it’s not a crime, it doesn’t really bother me.

“I agree with Darmiala. We shouldn’t kill the baby.” Leah stood on the side of the pure Darmiala and went against Long Tu’s idea of killing the baby.

“Don’t kill the baby, then. There’s no need to fight over such a trivial matter.” Long Tu ended the topic promptly. She had seen many teams quarrel over negligible matters previously and ended with their disbandment. To her, these sorts of arguments were a waste of time. Are they happy when they win a debate with their teammates?? How can they feel that way when the only outcome usually brings separation?  

Darmiala had obviously noticed the problem and she let out a sigh while shaking her head. She never expected herself to bicker with someone over such a thing. Only Leah was firm with her stance. The baby is innocent.

Although Lunaria really wanted to say something, she kept it to herself since Long Tu had already agreed with Darmiala’s plan. Underlying threats as such should be eliminated. While I may seem cold-blooded for wanting to kill it, but what if we really let it go and a problem arises in the future? Plus, we’ve killed so many Nitans before. Killing one or two more wouldn’t make much of a difference.   

In a nutshell, Lunaria found it hard to understand Leah and Darmiala’s standpoints. 

With that matter coming to an end, everyone regrouped with Yexi and Niluka. Upon seeing their return, Gui Dong Ri could not help but ask,

“Did something happen?”

Yexi and Niluka looked over at them after hearing Gui Dong Ri’s question.

“There was a Nitan baby and we decided not to kill it.

Long Tu’s words made Yexi frown on the spot. Leah responded with a brief ‘Oh’ only while Gui Dong Ri smiled as she nodded. Luna observed their expressions attentively. There was one faction who supported Long Tu’s idea, another one who stood by Darmiala’s while the others didn’t care. It was these tiny details that she got to learn more about her teammates.

Yexi, Long Tu, and her felt that it was better to get rid of the roots of all problems. Meanwhile, DiZi, Niluka, and Angel kept their neutral stance by keeping quiet. As for Darmiala and Gui Dong Ri, they were the ones who were innocent and forgiving of others.

This scenario has clearly become a three-sided situation. Lunaria thought carefully and realized she could assess everyone’s values with such a small detail. Of course, she may be wrong with her evaluation on their characteristics.

“Yexi, how’s the progress with your work?”

“Done.” Yexi stood up and nodded briefly at Niluka.

“Thank you.”

“Ah, no big deal. Just make me an army-grade magic wand next time.” Niluka reminded Yexi once more, indicating that she was, indicating that it was not a joke. Yexi just smiled and nodded in assurance.

Then, she looked at Long Tu.

“The purple crystal is embedded on the inside of the upper half of the sword.”

“Okay.” Long Tu reached out to retrieve the long sword. But her hand froze in midair halfway through; she turned and looked at Lunaria,

“Lunaria, have this sword.” 

“What?! Is… is this appropriate? This sword is a top tier army-grade weapon. Or maybe even better!” Lunaria panicked as she didn’t see this development.

“Why? You don’t want it? I’ll give it to Leah, then.” 

“I do! I do! I do!” Lunaria nodded continuously. You want me to give up such a precious sword? Who are you kidding?   Since Long Tu gave it to her as a present, she took it with her mind at ease. She was never a demanding person and if someone were to gift her something, she would accept it without a doubt.

Lunaria giggled with excitement as she drew the sword out at the very moment she took it over from Yexi’s hands.

*Schwing!* Lunaria thought she heard the waves howling, a faint breeze brushing over her body, purifying the air that was ever so suffocating to breathe in.

This truly is an excellent sword. Her elation was evident and hilarious to look at, and Leah even burst out in laughter at her jeering sight. This girl really likes to take advantages of people!

Long Tu couldn’t refrain from laughing as well, 

“This sword is named Stillwater, and it’s a beautiful sword befitting a beautiful lady like you. Haha.”