Breaking The Day - Chapter 256

Anzhou, Tong’an City, Zhou family dungeons.

“Damn it, you must have a death wish! Let me out now or I’ll peel your skin off when I get out! How brave of you to lock us Spiritual Mountain cultivators up!” 

Ouyang Nan sputtered curses as he stood in his cell, utterly humiliated and face red, as if he would explode any moment. However, he looked at the cell’s iron bars cautiously and stayed far away. 

All kinds of runes and symbols were etched on the bars, there were even more on the stone tiles of each cell. 

This was a cell specially built for imprisoning cultivators, surrounded by mini anti-magic arrays. Forget about Ouyang Nan- even Grand Senior Sister would be helpless when shut in an anti-magic zone! 

The Zhou family was never capable of building such a prison; these four stone cells were built with the help of the Profound Life Sect. 

A Profound Life Sect disciple stood outside the cell and looked at Ouyang Nan out of the corner of his eye, snickering, “Stop yelling, you think too highly of yourself just because you’re from the Spiritual Mountain Sect. Us Profound Life disciples have planned long and hard just to capture you all.” 

Ouyang Nan yelled angrily, “You imbecile, why don’t you let me out then! We’ll duel it out, one on one!” 

The disciple spat directly at him, his spit flying into the cell and landed on Ouyang Nan’s clothing before he could dodge. In a rage, he pounced forwards and shook the bars but the moment he did, the runes shone with a blinding light and Ouyang Nan was thrown back. His back slammed into the wall behind so hard he spat out a mouthful of blood and collapsed. 

Everyone else in the cell, including Li Chegnfeng, asked with concern, “Senior Brother Ouyang, are you alright?!” 

Ouyang Nan still had more blood to spit out but he swallowed it and supported himself, wiping the blood off the corner of his mouth casually. He spat on the ground and declared, “I’m fine! Those stupid Profound Life arrays could never hurt me!” 

The Profound Life disciple smirked, “You can try escaping if you want!” 

Li Chengfeng raged, “Why don’t YOU come in! I’ll beat you until you sh*t yourself!” 

The Profound Life disciple was enraged too, preparing to rush into the cell when another disciple who had been watching silently pulled him back and said in a low voice, “Don’t fall for it!” 

Coming to his senses, he smiled coldly at Li Chengfeng. “You think you can trick me into coming in? Hmmph, you just stay inside and be good! Enjoy life while you still have it!” When he finished, he turned to the other disciple, “Let’s go drink!” 

The other guy hesitated, “Senior Brother ordered us to keep watch here… that won’t be a good idea, will it?” 

The Profound Life disciple snickered, “Do you think they’ll be able to get out? Come, let’s go drink!” 

The seven Hidden Sword members in the four cells: Li Chengfeng, Zhao Xiaobao, Ouyang Nan, Su You, Tianjun, Blockhead, Han Tianxing all looked at each other. Zhao Xiaobao whispered softly, “Young Master… They’re not falling for it!” 

Ouyang Nan spat out bloody foam from his mouth. “Junior Brother Chengfeng, what now? If you don’t have any ideas, I’ll be damned!” 

Li Chengfeng smiled bitterly. “I didn’t expect all of you to be captured together… Even if one person was left behind, this person could have been our messenger to get help from Spiritual Mountain. This is great…” 

Su You smiled. “Who knew we’d be this unlucky? Right after we lit the fire behind the building, a girl in a white dress appeared, then we all fell unconscious!”

Chengfeng thought for a moment. “Is she the girl in the white dress that Grand Senior Sister met at the burning building?” 

“I don’t know about that. Then next time we woke up, we found ourselves here.” 

Chengfeng sighed. “Sigh, life is full of surprises! Who knew Grand Senior Sister would come today? Who would have expected this other girl in a white dress?” 

Ouyang Nan thought for a moment. “If Grand Senior Sister was willing to travel far to meet this girl, this means she must be someone significant. And there are very few female cultivators that Grand Senior Sister treats as her equal in this world! I think this girl is the Nine Heavenly Immortal, Zhao Feiyue!” 

“Zhao Feiyue? What’s she here for?” asked Su You in surprise. 

Blockhead He Zhu remarked dumbly, “To me, if she isn’t here to save us, she’s irrelevant!” 

Chengfeng’s chest tightened when he heard the name. Every person in Daqi knew of Zhao Feiyue. She was the Daqi Emperor Zhao Bairen’s beloved daughter who reincarnated into this world on the same day as the traitorous immortal. 

What was she doing here? 

He faintly felt that this had something to do with himself but he kept this suspicion hidden. 

Han Tianxing couldn’t help but whisper, “My seniors, shouldn’t we be thinking of an escape plan now?” 

Ouyang Nan glared at him and huffed, “Nonsense, do you have a plan? Spit it out if you do, don’t leave us hanging!” 

Han Tianxing knew that his seniors blamed him. If it were not for him, they would not be here. 

He whispered, “Since these arrays are anti-magic, why don’t I give it a shot? I don’t have a single drop of magic in me.” 

Ouyang Nan paused, then clapped, “That’s actually a good idea!”

Chengfeng and Xiaobao locked eyes, then Chengfeng whispered, “No!” 

Displeased, Ouyang Nan asked, “Junior Brother Chengfeng, why not?! This array is meant to stop magic cultivators, it seems irrelevant to cultivators without magical powers. Why can’t he try?” 

Han Tianxing looked at him hopefully. “Senior Brother Chengfeng, let me try! This whole thing was because of me, you’re imprisoned because of me. If you don’t let me try, I won’t ever be able to face you again!” 

The rest of the seniors put on awkward expressions but Su You agreed, “Yeah, Junior Chengfeng, let him try. Nothing much will happen.” 

Chengfeng shook his head at Han Tianxing, his eyes darting towards the outside and giving them a look, The rest had not understood but then the two previous disciples sauntered in with a jug of wine and a pack of braised pork. 

The hot-tempered disciple from before stared at them grinningly. “Hey, you lot are actually an honest bunch! I thought you’d try to escape. I didn’t know Spiritual Mountain disciples were… only talkers, you’re so weak! Hahahaha!” 

Ouyang Nan could not bear the humiliation and was about to rage when Chengfeng gave him a look. He swallowed his words and turned to sulk, refusing to look at them.

The two disciples drank and ate right outside the cell, jeering at them cheerfully. Chengfeng glared condescendingly and yelled, “Hey, you’re hoarding the drinks for yourself! Get us some too, you wouldn’t let us die of thirst or starvation, would you?!” 

The hot-tempered disciple was currently chomping down on a pork trotter. He walked up to Chengfeng’s cell, glaring, then suddenly undid his pants and urinated at Chengfeng. 

Enraged, Zhao Xiaobao wanted to rush forward but Chengfeng held him back. Both of them retreated backwards, merely staring at the disciple and his puddle of urine. He then casually tossed his pork trotter into the puddle and asked, “You wanted to eat? Sure, here’s food and drinks! Would you just look at how nice we Profound Life Sect disciples are!” 

When he finished, he threw his head back to laugh and left. 

He did not see how Ouyang Nan and the rest were so furious their eyeballs almost fell out of their heads, nor Chengfeng’s mysterious smile. 

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