Breaking The Day - Chapter 257

Sometimes, in the face of such humiliation, Chengfeng would be absolutely furious while other times, he would be as calm as the surface of a lake. There might be a storm in his chest but his expression remained stone cold. 

He usually displayed the latter behaviour when he was confident. 

Zhao Xiaobao knew him well. When the two cultivators left, he whispered to Chengfeng in the corner of their cell, “Young Master, you have a plan?” 

Chengfeng nodded and gave Zhao Xiaobao a knowing look. “Yes. Go pick up that trotter.” 

“Huh? It’s filthy, Young Master!” cried Xiaobao. 

He glared. “That’s an order, why are you wasting time?!” 

Ouyang Nan and the rest in the next cell watched in confusion as Xiaobao inched reluctantly forwards, and with a sleeve-wrapped hand and a disgusted look, he picked the urine-covered pig trotter. 

Zhao Xiaobao walked up to Chengfeng, holding the trotter with an outstretched arm far from himself. He whispered, “What now?” 

Chengfeng ordered with a stern face, “Eat it!” 

Startled, he asked fearfully, “You must be kidding, Young Master! I- I- I don’t want to!’ 

Chengfeng frowned. “Nonsense, so you think your Young Master should eat it instead?” 

Xiaobao’s eyes welled up with tears. He looked at the pig trotter, clenched his teeth and hesitated for a few moments. He closed his eyes and leaned forward to bite it when Chengfeng pushed it away. 

Chengfeng burst into laughter, “Are you sick in the head? You’re going to eat it?” 

Zhao Xiaobao was confused. “Didn’t you ask me to?” 

“I said you need to RIP it!” 

“Huh? I don’t understand!” 

[TL Note: the words EAT (chi) and RIP (si) sound similar in chinese but it sorta works in english too i guess]

Chengfeng snatched the trotter over, ignoring the filth, then tore the bits of leftover meat off the bone. 

The ill-tempered cultivator watching Chengfeng from the outside laughed. “Eat it! Eat it and maybe it’ll make me happy, then I’ll reward you with some food!” 

Chengfeng stared at him intensely as he tore the flesh of the bone slowly until only a thick section of the pig’s femur was left. The end of the bone where it was cut, was very sharp. 

He held the bone with the sharp end upwards and waved it at the cultivator outside the cell, grinning, “Remember this!” 

The cultivator eyed him out of the corner of his eye condescendingly. “Remember what? Remember how you’re going to eat the bone? Alright, I have many more bones, they’re all yours!” 

Chengfeng did not get mad. He smiled. “You’ll get a taste of it!” 

The cultivator paused, then laughed. “Spiritual Mountain Sect’s people are all very mouthy! Aiyo, I’m dying of laughter here! Alright, try then! Let’s see if I’ll get a taste of it!” 

Chengfeng did not talk anymore. He sat down and crossed his legs by the wall. At this moment, he did not dare lean back as the wall was covered with arrays and runes. They would immediately be triggered upon contact. Although not fatal, they would burn him from head to toe. 

When the cultivator saw Chengfeng resting with his eyes closed, he scoffed and then continued to feast along with his mates. 

After two jugs of alcohol, the two cultivators slowly got drunker. The calmer cultivator told the short-tempered one, “You take the first watch, I’ll sleep first.” 

The short-tempered cultivator nodded and leaned on the wall, forcing himself to stay awake, watching Chengfeng and the rest in their cells. 

It was already eight at night and the sun was long gone. Clangs announcing the time could be heard outside. In the beginning, the cultivator could still force himself to stay awake but he felt his eyelids become heavier and heavier, his head slowly lowering forward until an occasional snore could be heard. 

At this moment, within the dark cell, Chengfeng’s eyes sprung open. They were bright despite the night. 

Chengfeng nudged Xiaobao, who was dozing off while sitting cross-legged. He was startled awake but Chengfeng quickly shushed him.

Chengfeng lowered his voice, “Give me your clothes.” 

After a pause, Xiaobao took off his outer robes and gave it to him. “Young Master, what do you need them for?” 

Chengfeng grinned without an answer. After looking at the two cultivators sound asleep, he turned around and lifted his own robes, urinating on Zhao Xiaobao’s clothes. 

Xiaobao cried in terror, “Young Master, you didn’t have to ruin my clothes!” 

After urinating, Chengfeng glared at him and whispered, “Shut up!” He then twisted the wet robe into a cloth staff, then gently tied it to two of the iron bars at the cell’s door. He then twisted the hard, durable femur bone into the centre of the cloth and then rotated it with great force. 

The bone rotated along with the robes, constantly pulling until the gap between two bars tightened while the gaps next to them widened. 

At this moment, Chengfeng’s actions had already woken the rest. Ouyang Nan watched him, speechless, then scratched his head. “Oh my goodness, what in the world is he doing? He’s going to get us out by peeing?!” 

Su You couldn’t help but exclaim, “Quiet!” 

Ouyang Nan quickly covered his mouth as he watched Chengfeng twisted the iron bars outwards nearer to himself while the gaps on the sides widened until large enough to fit one person. 

Dry fabric would have ripped under the pressure but dampening it made it much more durable. 

Similarly, the iron bars etched with runes and arrays were triggered when a cultivator touched them, causing a huge backlash that would severely injure them. However, Chengfeng could now use force on the iron bars because of the fabric in between. 

The thick femur bone is the strongest bone in the body and could withstand the accumulating pressure from many rotations. 

After rotating, Chengfeng gestured for Zhao Xiaobao to wriggle out, then slipped out with a hand on the bone, finally pulling it out from between the bars. 

Without the support of the bone, the rotated fabric-rope naturally sprung free and the iron bars snapped back into their original shape with a twang. 

This sound started the cultivators on duty suddenly and in a flash, Chengfeng bent his knees and shot right at one like a cannonball! 

This short-tempered cultivator had just opened his eyes when he saw a shadow pounce on him. He instinctively opened his mouth to shout when something sharp was stabbed into it! 

Chengfeng had punctured the man’s head with the bone, using it like a spear, and now the man was nailed to the wall! 

Chengfeng’s eyes darted at him and saw Xiaobao knocking out the other cultivator at the same time. He nodded with approval and then patted the dying cultivator on the cheek, grinning, “I told you that you’d get a taste of it! So what do you think of the taste?”

The cultivator could not answer, his eyes filled with terror. He died without knowing how Chengfeng escaped. Fresh blood gushed from his wound at the back of his throat, gurgling as it flowed down into his lungs and very quickly, he suffocated and plunged into endless darkness. 

Chengfeng and Xiaobao searched him for the keys and let Ouyang Nan and the rest out. This time, Ouyang Nan was utterly impressed. He patted Chengfeng’s shoulder hard, “Junior Brother Chengfeng, I admit defeat! I’ll listen to whatever you say from now on!” 

As he spoke, a creaking came from the entrance, the bolt gently pried off. Chengfeng and the rest were startled, giving each other quick looks, then Chengfeng pounced at the door in a flash! 

No matter who it is, they must be killed! 

But when he leapt forward, pulled the door open with great force, then slashed his palm down like a knife, he saw a feminine face--- it was Zhou Ling, the girl from the matchmaking event! 

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