Breaking The Day - Chapter 258

Li Chengfeng’s strike was powerful enough to shatter a stone statue, and this was a live, pretty girl! 

Zhou Ling never would have expected Chengfeng and the rest to escape so she was completely stunned, forgetting all her kungfu in an instant. All she saw was a palm rushing directly towards her face and the person she recognised as the mischievous young man from the matchmaking ceremony. 

Chengfeng was adept enough at martial arts to be able to release or halt his power whenever needed so his palm abruptly stopped so the edge touched only the tip of her nose. Zhou Ling was so stunned she stared at the palm cross-eyed. 

Chengfeng was about to speak when a strong gust of wind threw him in the air. He felt like he was just hit by a black bear. 

He frantically twisted midair but he turned to see Zhou Bo almost straddling him and quickly felt the heavy impact between his body and the ground! 

Cheng’an City’s King of Troublemakers found himself now pinned under his opponent, unable to move-- and she was a woman! 

It was an awkward position to be in, for he tried to wriggle out but inappropriate to do anything. This person must be a hundred kilograms sitting on him, he could not sit up and it was a very awkward posture to be in. She sat herself down on his body with utmost stability- he felt like the Monkey King being trapped under the Five Finger Mountain.** 

[a common chinese folklore - Journey to the West - the Monkey King was trapped under a mountain - a manifestation of the Buddha’s palm- by the Buddha as punishment for his mischief] 

To get out, he would have to hurt her but he hesitated because he was not sure what this person’s intentions were. 

At least Zhou Bo did not proceed with anything drastic either. Chengfeng was just about to speak when they heard heavy yet hurried footsteps- it was Blockhead He Zhu angrily charging at them like a bull. Blockhead lowered his torso with his heavy right shoulder in front, ramming himself into Zhou Bo. 

Zhou Bo turned to shield herself with her arms just in time for He Zhu to ram her straight into the air. 

Chengfeng stared in horror as these two people flew over him like small mountains, especially when He Zhu stepped in the space between his legs so hard the ground shook, Chengfeng was already drenched in cold sweat. 

He did not dare imagine what would happen if He Zhu stepped on the precious spot at the centre of his crotch… what a tragedy it would be! And he’ll be a virgin forever! 

He scrambled quickly to his legs, turning to see Zhou Bo landing soon after she was thrown in the air. Both her legs had just touched the ground when they planted themselves strongly like wooden logs hammered deep into the ground! He Zhu did not hold back when he charged into her again, causing two deep trenches to form beneath her feet! 

The two tall, muscular fighters looked like monstrous beasts as they wrestled shoulder-to-shoulder, head-to-head. Both unleashed immense power to push their opponent but no matter what they did, they could not move the other person. 

Muscles swelled and bulged on both their shoulders and thighs, green veins popping from their foreheads, like two relentless beasts who would stop at nothing to win! 

He Zhu knew he had limited talent and cultivation abilities but he was always proud of his physical strength. Yet today he met a person who was as strong as him and… she was a woman! 

Yes she was big and strong, but she was also a woman! 

He Zhu could not take this, he must fight till the end! 

Similarly, this was Zhou Bo’s first time meeting another person who could take her full strength. She was a well-known strongwoman in Tong’an City, famous for her godly strength since she was a child. Forget about women- no other man was stronger than her either. 

This match was like Mars ramming itself into Earth. Both their faces were red, their heads swelling and necks building, stubbornly resisting. The stone tiles on the ground cracked until dents formed. Both their joints started to creak and crackle eerily. 

At this moment, Zhou Ling finally snapped to her senses, for she rushed over and cried in a hushed, panicked tone, “Stop fighting, it’s a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding!” 

Chengfeng pounced over to her side, eyeing her cautiously, “What do you mean, a misunderstanding!” 

Zhou Ling glared at him. “If we didn’t drug their wine, do you really think they would have slept THAT deeply?” 

Chengfeng asked in surprise, “Why are you helping me?” 

Zhou Ling had a glint in her eye. “I’m running from my wedding! Will you bring me away?” 

Chengfeng did not know to cry or laugh. “Why are you running from your wedding?” 

Zhou Ling snickered coldly. “Would you be willing to marry a short, acne-ridden man?” 

“Fine, I’ll believe you for now!” Then, he cried with a lowered voice, “He Zhu, it’s a misunderstanding! That’s enough!” 

But both of them ignored him, both staring each other dead in the eye. Their opponent was the only person in the world, they needed to win to prove that they were the strongest! 

Chengfeng stared at the two stubborn people acting as if no one else existed and it infuriated him. They were still in the tiger’s lair! Although they had escaped their cells, if they alerted Ju Wusheng and the rest of Profound Life Sect, they would still be captured again. 

He didn’t think Profound Life Sect was a particularly strong organisation but Chengfeng’s group was definitely not stronger than them here! 

Chegnfeng approached and reminded them with a low voice, “That’s enough, we’re dead if Profound Life Sect comes!” 

But He Zhu did not react. Chengfeng clenched his teeth and flew forward, kicking at the spot where both He Zhu & Zhou Bo’s shoulders connected. Although he was far weaker than them, his kick was very precise. It was the exact spot where both their forces pushed against each other so with his kick that came from another direction, their forces became displaced and they dislodged from each other. 

However, they were too strong so there was leftover momentum. They crashed towards Chengfeng’s thigh but he was quick enough to step the tip of his foot on both their upper arms, leaping upwards and flipping mid-air. 

He Zhu and Zhou Bo both fell in different directions, three to four metres away from each other. They got up, gazing at each other while Chengfeng fell like a spinning top on the ground. When the two mountains stabilised themselves, He Zhu gave a salute and remarked in awe, “You’re so strong!” 

Zhou Bo’s face reddened and saluted back, “That was impressive!” 

Zhou Ling said with a grin, “Alright, alright, as they say, you don’t know a person until you’ve fought! Hey, Li, hurry up. We won’t be able to leave when the Profound Life Sect arrives!”

Chengfeng stopped a very excited Zhou Ling, his eyes bore into her as he asked in a low voice, “Do you want to save your Zhou clan?” 

Zhou Ling paused. “What do you mean?” 

He said, “The Zhou clan is now in grave danger, don’t you want to save yourselves?” 

Zhou Ling’s face changed, then demanded, “I came to rescue you! What are you implying now?!” 

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