Conquest - Chapter 117p3

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Alfred Carter quickly rolled backwards, seeing as he had just dodged death. 

“Hey! I said, murder is illegal!” A patronising voice sounded next to Philip, along with a huge force that kicked Philip into the air. Shaar stood with a pitchfork, violence flashed in his eyes as he struck it ruthlessly downwards! 

As an advanced warrior, Philip naturally was no delicate man. However, Shaar unleashed his killing intent and was unrelentless with his sharp pitchfork! Philip parried with what was left of his sword three times. After three sharp clangs, he retreated backwards to find only a bald hilt left in his hand! 

His heart skipped a beat as his courage disappeared instantly. Tossing the hilt hard towards Shaar, he turned to yell, “Master…”

Shaar was about to pursue him but Dora’s frantic voice sounded in his mind, “Idiot! Why are you so fixated on that warrior?! Kill the magician first!” 

The sound of a magician’s chanting had begun behind him. The magician was far from the centre of the battle on a horse with four Silver Pythons guarding closely around him. 

He raised both his arms, his fingers covered fully with rings. A magical staff appeared in his right hand out of nowhere and after a sudden burst of magical light, several rays of black light shot directly at Shaar! 

Shaar lowered his head to dodge, tumbling across the ground but after the few rays missed him, they automatically halted and did a U-turn towards his back once more. Shaar felt his scalp go numb as he sensed the cold aura radiating from the black lights. It was an eerie feeling! With a roar, he stomped both feet hard on the ground and shot out in a flash, hurling himself right before the magician! 

The four Silver Pythons unsheathed their swords and surrounded him immediately while the magician turned and ran--- magicians were not great at close combat after all. 

Shaar stabbed two Silver Python warriors quickly but the magician had already cast his second spell. A boom rang and two more black rays shot out at him! 

This time, Shaar was unable to dodge all the black rays coming towards both his face and back. He grabbed a Silver Python with all his might and ignored the fact that his opponent thrust their sword right into his chest. He had Dragon Scales to protect his body after all. After bearing the brunt of the attack, he shifted his weight towards their torso, then snapped his opponent’s neck in a swift movement! 

The black rays arrived and Shaar used the corpse to block them all. Immediately, he felt a surge of Black Qi and tossed the corpse away in panic, only to see the body ‘melt’ into nothing mid-air! Blood and flesh melted off like snow, turning the complete corpse into a skeleton! 

Shaar was utterly stunned! Seeing two more black rays heading towards himself, he could only start sprinting towards the magician! 

The magician was equally startled. After he chanted the third spell, a circular magical light shield materialised in front of him. When Shaar ran, he felt as if he had slammed into a wall! The black ray of light hit his back and he instantly felt like a bucket of cold water was dumped on his head! He shuddered twice from the chills.

In an instant, all Shaar’s clothes, which were luxurious robes, melted into bits and withered off. They broke off in crumbs and turned to dust mid-air! His shirts, both outer and inner, plus his soft armour, were all eroded too! 

But in the end, the dragon scales he wore as his final layer saved his life! When the black rays reached the scales, Shaar’s Dragon Soul Seal was activated and a surge of warmth poured out of the dragon scales, driving the cold Qi out! However, Shaar’s Dragon Soul Seal was still weak and much weaker than an intermediate level magician. 

Seeing as the dragon scales could barely block the attack and the chill was starting to penetrate the heat, Shaar tumbled and quickly ripped the dragon scales off his back and tossed it away…

Boom, and the spell had pierced through the scales mid-air! At the centre, a fist-sized hole had already been burned through! 

(What a powerful spell!) Shaar was stunned! If the scales had not been durable enough to give him time to rip them off, if he were just a little slower, then the black light would have burned right through! 

Having cast a few consecutive spells, the magician was a little tired too. Although he was still chanting, his voice had weakened. 

Shaar’s clothes had eroded off completely, his upper body naked. All he had was his tattered underwear and this magician looked like he was about to cast another spell. Shaar could not afford to get hit again, could he? 

If the magician cast another ray of black light, he did not have any more dragon scales left to protect himself. 

Shaar unleashed a roar and charged ahead, slamming into the magical shield. In an instant, the light shield rippled. Shaar raised his pitchfork and slashed it down heavily. Glowing red with killing intent, the pitchfork cut through the magical light shield but could not cut any further!
But the magician was already utterly shocked by this. Distracted, his chanting stopped momentarily. This magical shield was powerful enough to stop Combat Qi from even an advanced-level warrior! How powerful was this enemy?! This guy almost cut it in half with just one strike?! 

Was this guy at least a level eight warrior?!

Shaar had already made his decision. Taking a step back, he held his pitchfork with both hands and roared, “Dragon Thorn!!!” 


Thin rays of red light shot out from the pitchfork as Shaar drove it deep into the magical light shield. With help from the red light, the initially unrelenting magical shield broke instantly! 

Red light penetrated through the magical light, hitting the magician, whose mouth was agape with shock. The red light rays punctured his heart and blood poured out of his mouth instantly. The magician collapsed backwards and fell head-first off his horse. 

After utilising the Dragon Thorn, Shaar immediately felt immense pain all over his body. He knew he was about to be engulfed by the backlash very soon. Bearing the intense pain, he took large strides forward as fresh blood squeezed out of the pores on his arm. His tearing muscles made him feel like he was about to blackout…

He forced himself to rush up to the magician’s body and raised his pitchfork, slicing the magician’s head off as he yelled, “I have killed the magician! Anyone who wishes to die can come forward now!!” 

Philip had personally witnessed how this scary dude survived the magician’s attack and broke through the magician’s shield using brute force. Philip had spent a fortune hiring this magician but Shaar had just sliced his head right off. 

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