Conquest - Chapter 118

After many years of research, Fihar Frankia came to a conclusion: Life Magic either spends the magician’s own life force or someone else’s life. 

Simply put, he combined the Death Spirit Magic and Life Magic that he learned to form a new technique. It modified Death Spirit Magic’s method of cultivating spiritual energy to engulf and absorb another person’s life force, using it as fuel for even more powerful magic. 

During his earliest research, he needed to find a powerful source of life, a living being thriving with life so he could spend it instead of his own life force. 

And what did he find? What was the being that lived the longest in the mainland? 

It was undeniably, the dragon. 

He was a genius who would stop at nothing to obtain power, border lining on a psychopath. 

Just to prove his own theory, he started to make a move on the dragon race. This guy was already known as a powerful Death Spirit Magician then, one of the top in the world! He set off to the extremes of the northern region to find dragons, then used despicable methods, i.e. poisons and ambushing to slay several dragons, absorbing life force from their bodies. 

This was also the reason why Fihar’s reputation turned sour amongst the dragons, and since he appeared, all human death spirit magic was on the dragons’ blacklist. 

Human death spirit magicians became one of the most hated enemies. Just to improve his ability to combine the two magics, the b****** somehow managed to find the dragon race’s legendary sacred tomb. 

The strangest thing was that he walked out of the place alive. 

When he returned to the mainland, he worked hard on his research and very soon obtained results. He had successfully modified Life Magic into the ‘Life Curse Technique’. In truth, all life force could become precursors for life magic! One could harvest this from all types of living beings, not just high-level life forms like humans, dwarves, dragons and elves but also plants, insects, snakes, ants and other animals! 

His findings were written in a book on magical theory but this guy was a madman who caused at least one famine just because he wanted enough life force for himself. 

The stories told that no blade of grass was spared along the path he walked, and that all life withered around him! 

Obtaining power like this was absolutely against the laws of nature. He finally got what he deserved at seventy years old. Before this, the Anti-Black Magic Society had sentenced him to his crimes and at least one saint level magical mentor started to hunt him down. Yet, he escaped. In the end, he died in the hands of a god. Apparently even the godly spirits could not tolerate him repeatedly breaking the laws of nature and magic. 

At seventy, he still looked like a strong forty-year-old man at his peak after absorbing so much life force. The heavens struck him with lightning and in the end, he and his magical lab turned to ash. 

Although he was dead, his name became a hot topic within the century after his death. The main reason was because of a remark he left behind when he was still alive: 

Why do you want to kill me? I have merely opened a new door on the path to power. Perhaps some feel discomfort upon the opening of said door. In truth, murder and death were not my main intentions, they were just costs to be paid to open new doors. I do not see Life Magic as evil. Magic can be obtained through many methods, life force does not have to come from our race or other higher beings. Even pigs, dogs, cattle, goats and horses could be life force sources. Aren’t we killing lives already when we eat beef and mutton?

You are merely on a moral high horse! To me, I can choose not to kill humans. Given enough goats, I can even challenge a saint level magical mentor though I am much weaker in terms of strength. 

I am ostracised because of such ‘unfairness’, they have gatekept power to themselves and panic when they realise others have new ways to obtain powers equal to their own! The people on top need to keep their places and so, I must die. 

He had left behind these words one year before his death when he publicly went to the Osgiliath headquarters. At the time, his appearance at the capital had sparked mass panic but this criminal merely took a quick tour, left this speech behind and left in a flurry. 

No one dared to attack him because they knew that not only would they risk death, the entire population of Osgiliath could end up being a source of life force for him! Even the emperor and the organisation’s leader did not want this disaster to happen under their watch. 

After listening to the story, Shaar sighed. 

That was impressive. The hillbilly spat hard on the ground. This was arrogance at its peak.

He squinted at Tatara. “Are you sure the guy I killed was cultivating Life Force Technique?” 

Tatara pointed at the rings he took from the dead magician’s fingers. “I can sense that the energy ripples in these rings are not stored magic or death spirit magic. This is life force.” 

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