GDK 396 – Sacred swordmaster’s proposal

It turns out that everything was because of old astrologer Grace’s divination. It seems like he would really be the savior of the Lancelot Empire in the future? Previously in the Dark Mantle headquarters, Grace had a peculiar expression as she looked at him. Could she have seen something then?

Hearing Karel’s sentence, Han Shuo suddenly had some realization. He knitted his brows to ponder for a moment, before smiling bitterly as he looked toward Karel and said, “To be frank with you, I have only just heard of this news. I have not thought about what I can do for the Lancelot Empire and have only considered what I should do for myself.”

When Karel heard Han Shuo’s truthful answer, he laughed involuntarily and said, “Perhaps, in the course of you helping yourself, you would have also unknowingly helped Lancelot Empire alter its power and accomplishing an expansion of its territory. For example, assisting Lawrence in becoming king or you ambitiously attacking the seven duchies. Although these can be considered your own actions, their final outcome would still alter the structure of the Lancelot Empire.”

Han Shuo couldn’t help but consider for a moment upon hearing what Karel said. He suddenly realized that what Karel said indeed made sense. He had been considered a member of the Lancelot Empire ever since he arrived in this world. He personally felt that life in this country was pretty good and he also had many friends and lovers within the country. In this case, when Han Shuo realizes his own ambitions, he is also considered to be benefiting the Lancelot Empire at the same time.

“Haha, my lord is truly a wise person. What you said really makes a lot of sense.” Han Shuo looked at Karel, not hiding his flattery at all.

When Karel heard Han Shuo flattering himself so brazenly, his gaze became a little odd. He smiled faintly as he said to Han Shuo, “Phoebe is my dearest disciple and your relationship with Phoebe can be considered to be official. Furthermore, Lawrence is also my disciple. You aren’t really an outsider. There isn’t a big difference in Bollands following you or me. Also, I’ll mention some things openly to you.”

“If senior has any advice, do not hesitate to share them. I will definitely keep your words in mind.” Han Shuo was initially still worried that Karel would not allow Bollands to study under him. Now that he heard Karel putting it this way, he also felt that it was reasonable. Based on Karel’s relationship with Phoebe and Lawrence, they were truly not strangers to each other. For Bollands to follow Han Shuo, they were still considered to be on the same faction.

However, Han Shuo faintly realized inwardly that Bollands finding him today to give his reply was most likely because Karel had received some information from old astrologer Grace. He understood that Lawrence and Han Shuo were the future hope of Lancelot Empire and thus was willing to allow Bollands to train under Han Shuo.

Seeing that Han Shuo was sincere, Karel smiled as he nodded and said, “You might have already learned a little from Lawrence regarding Bollands’ origins. At that time when Bollands was an assassin, his hands were truly considered to be reeking in blood. Bollands’ assassin habits have not diminished even after so many years. I hope that you are able to lead him onto the path of righteousness and not become an irrational tool for slaughter. Can you promise me this?” It seems that Karel was pretty good to Bollands. Not only did he respect Bollands decision and allow Bollands to leave his side, he was also worried about Bollands’ future. However, Han Shuo’s purpose in teaching Bollands the God Slaying Devil Path was to groom Bollands into a tool to eliminate dissidents. Merely, with a proper demonic cultivation, Bollands wouldn’t lose his rationality to become a madman that only knows of slaughter.

Han Shuo hesitated for a moment, frowning as he pondered over and over before honestly replying Karel, “Bollands’ bloodthirsty nature wouldn’t be altered even after training with me. However, my martial technique would be able to properly guide him and allow him to not lose his rationality. When he is able to break through his own bindings, he would no longer need to rely on slaughter to increase his strength.

Therefore, I can only guarantee that he would always be clear-headed and not become a killing machine that you mentioned. However, for him to progress in the early stages of the martial technique, it would definitely require his potential to be ignited through killing. Only by releasing the killing intent he had forcefully suppressed all these years would he improve by leaps and bounds.”

Karel was stunned when he heard Han Shuo’s explanation. He stared at Han Shuo for a long time before saying, “What exactly is this unusual training method that you want to impart to him? Why does it sound like one of those evil techniques of the Calamity Church? Could you really be as the rumors said, being a member of the Calamity Church?”

Shaking his head, Han Shuo smiled bitterly as he explained, “It’s completely different. My martial technique is a practice method that is similar to fusing fighting aura and magic. Ah, I’m also unsure of how I should explain it. In any case, my master said that such a martial technique doesn’t originate from the Profound Continent.”

Karel was shocked when he heard this, gazing deeply at Han Shuo for a long time before exclaiming with an excited expression, “A martial technique not belonging to the Profound Continent?! What kind of extraordinary person is your master?”

“That is indeed what he told me. My master possesses enough formidable strength that he could escape the bindings of planes without the use of magical arrays. He also has magical powers able to move mountains and drain seas…” Han Shuo based his description on his understanding of Chu Cang Lan’s abilities.

Ever since Han Shuo revealed his demonic magic, Lancelot Empire’s King Uhtred had known that Han Shuo possessed a mysterious martial technique. sacred swordmaster Karel had naturally known about this long ago. However, the origin of this martial technique was a perpetual curious question to them. Han Shuo naturally required a set of lies to fill this gap and hence repeated to Karel what he had said to Bollands.

When Han Shuo finished his description, Karel was looking at Han Shuo appalling and said, “Your master is perhaps a true divine ranked character. I really don’t know how you were that fortunate to run into such a character. No wonder Grace prophesied that whoever you support would be able to become Lancelot Empire’s newly-appointed king. It seems like Grace’s astrologer is indeed mystical.”

Whoever I support would be able to become Lancelot Empire’s king? Han Shuo was similarly shocked and became emotional once again. It’s no wonder Uhtred even had a trace of pleading in his tone when he spoke with Han Shuo. The old astrologer seemed to have really helped him.

However, the old astrologer was able to predict the future, was she also able to see the past? Was she able to see his true origins and find out that the original Bryan had already died long ago?

“Bryan, is-is your master currently still in the Profound Continent? C-can I visit him?” While Han Shuo was letting his imagination run wild, the emotions of sacred swordmaster Karel was suddenly in chaos, his eyes glistening as he looked at Han Shuo and asked.

Han Shuo abruptly returned from his wild thoughts, smiling bitterly as he shook his head. Repeating what he said to Bollands to fob Karel off,  “After Master imparted this martial technique to me, he departed from the Profound Continent. I’m also clueless regarding his whereabouts. I’m sorry.”

“So that is the case!” Karel was clearly somewhat disappointed as he muttered, “It’s truly a pity. I’ve already remained in this rank for so long, if I have the opportunity to meet such a formidable person and maybe ask for guidance regarding some problems, perhaps I would be able to break through my bindings…”

For people who have reached the level of sacred swordmaster Karel, their only concern was to constantly improve their strength. At his age, he was already numb toward wealth, rank, fame, and power. Even the strength of a country was unable to contain people like him and they only longed for and pursued the rumored half-divine realm mentioned by their ancestors.

“Previously when I visited the underground world, I met a grade five magical creature. Maybe you have already found out some information about him through the Dark Mantle. The Ancient Lizard King Dagassi had left after reaching the half-divine realm. I suspect that maybe he has also left the Profound Continent and headed for a more expansive plane.” Han Shuo was silent for a while before suddenly speaking again.

Karel who was contemplating something was roused by Han Shuo’s statement. Soon after, Karel sighed and said, “Legends have said that those who reach the half-divine realm would be actively approached by the guardian of the plane of the Profound Continent and the guardian could assist these characters to break away from the Profound Continent’s constraints.

This information was told to us by Stranglethorn Vale’s Stratholme when we previously went to the Seven Grand Duchies. Stratholme was only a step away from the half-divine realm and he vaguely knew some of the Profound Continent’s deeper secrets. It appears that the half-divine magical creature should have obtained the qualifications to leave.”

Old demon Stratholme! Han Shuo creased his brows when he heard of this person once again, this time from Karel. Han Shuo completely understood Stratholme’s true strength, a step away from the half-divine realm. It would seem that he was more formidable than Karel.

Only experts that reached the strength of half-divine realm would possess the qualifications to be summoned by the plane’s guardian. It seemed like the Profound Continent was indeed full of unknown mysteries. Han Shuo was secretly alarmed as he replied, “I reckon that Dagassi has indeed left. Ah, such a distant dream, I truly don’t know when would I have such qualifications.”

“You still have a long time to explore. Furthermore, you have a good master and ought to be quicker than us. Ai, for people like us who are already too old, this bottleneck has been restricting us all along. We can only wait bitterly if we are unable to make a breakthrough.” Karel sighed, his snow-white hair and loose skin demonstrating the ruthlessness of time. An expert like him could really live much longer than ordinary people but the distance of this final step was incomparably far.

As he looked at Karel, this was the first time Han Shuo realized that even those supreme characters in the Lancelot Empire had their own troubles. Perhaps this was also his only worry! Han Shuo didn’t know how to respond and only maintained taciturn in front of Karel, waiting for Karel to awaken from his moodiness.

After a while, Karel vaguely had a trace of comprehension. He then looked at Han Shuo engrossingly, smiling as he said, “I’ve heard Bollands describe many of your miracles but I’ve still never truly seen your martial technique. Maybe your martial technique would be able to give me some inspiration. If you don’t mind, we can spar a little.”

Han Shuo was somewhat startled that with Karel’s status, he would suggest to spar with himself. However, Han Shuo understood that what Karel fancied was the technique he practiced and not Han Shuo’s personal strength.

Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment before smiling and replied modestly, “A spar is out of the question. For you to be willing to advise me is already more than I could wish for. Do forgive me in advance for being presumptuous.”

Karel seemed to appreciate Han Shuo’s straightforwardness, smiling as he nodded his head and said, “Don’t worry, just use your martial technique to attack me. I’m extremely curious about your martial technique. Let’s see what’s the difference with the fighting aura I cultivated!”

Han Shuo was similarly excited when he heard Karel’s sentence as he had not figured out his true strength ever since he reached the separate demon realm. Han Shuo felt sufficiently confident when facing great swordsman ranked opponents but he had yet to come across sacred swordmaster ranked experts.

Although the dark elves’ matriarch Adele that he previously met in the underground world was extremely strong, Han Shuo realized as he stood before Karel that Adele was still weaker than Karel. Furthermore, Han Shuo didn’t truly fight with Adele previously,  purely using evil ways to harvest yin to replenish yang and sucked Adele dry and not genuinely fought with Adele.

Han Shuo could perhaps be able to truly understand the current strength of his separate demon realm through fighting with sacred swordmaster Karel. This would also help him make an accurate judgment the next time he met a strong opponent. Therefore, Han Shuo was somewhat excited when he heard Karel’s proposal for them to spar.

“The martial technique i practice is called demonic magic, which resembles fighting aura but has different characteristics to fighting aura. Perhaps you would be able to sense it in a while.” Han Shuo retreated a few steps, the Demonslayer Edge suddenly appearing in his hand.

“For Bollands to think so highly of you, it proves that your martial technique definitely has its peculiarities. Hehe, Bryan, you don’t need to hold back. Don’t hesitate to attack me.” Karel stood up from the boulder, taking out a translucent longsword from his spatial ring. The longsword was three fingers wide, a hundred and thirty centimeters in length and had a cross engraved on the sword hilt.