GDK Chapter 398 – A structure from the other dimension?

As they walked out the Northern Rose Garden, Bollands followed Han Shuo closely the entire time.

As Han Shuo stared flabbergasted at Bollands, Bollands said respectfully, “Senior brother, from today onward, I will officially leave the Rose Garden and follow you.”

Han Shuo hadn’t expected Bollands to be so straightforward. After thinking for a moment, he smiled and said, “How about this? In this period of time, you will still be in charge of protecting Lawrence and ensuring his safety. When he doesn’t need your protection anymore, you can return to my side. I make preparations to arrange for your entrance ceremony after some time. Once we performed the ceremony, I will immediately impart to you the martial technique.”

“Alright then. In that case, I will continue to protect Prince Lawrence.” Hao Shuo’s instructions were now of higher importance than Karel’s. Bollands was used to listening to orders, hence he nodded and agreed.

Under Han Shuo’s orders, Bollands gradually sunk into the darkness. Han Shuo understood that Bollands had gone to secretly protect Lawrence and headed back to his residence alone.

It was currently a sensitive time in Ossen City. The streets were tightly guarded during the night as city guards patrolled all pathways within the city. Even while the nobles entertained themselves at night, they still wouldn’t forget to talk about proper business.

Han Shuo had previously heard via a mystical demon the discussion between many nobles within the Northern Rose Garden about the princes, debating about which prince they should support.

Han Shuo had also just realized abruptly why King Uhtred already acted quickly. All of a sudden, all officials who had close relations with Lawrence had been, more or less, promoted for all kinds of reasons.

Lawrence, who originally had the least support, was suddenly being ardently paid attention to.. King Uhtred’s obvious favoritism caused the nobles and princes to be apprehensive, as they couldn’t understand the reason behind Uhtred’s actions.

Sacred swordmaster Karel, who had always maintained neutrality and had never expressed his support for Lawrence, had declared when he left the imperial palace that if anyone dared to deal with Lawrence underhandedly, they would face his wrath. Karel had even hinted at Duke Ashburn’s despicableness.

Even the Dark Mantle organization which acted as the empire’s underground agents suddenly had close dealings with Lawrence. Amyes who was feared by all nobles was even seen visiting Lawrence’s residence at night. This seemingly proved that the Dark Mantle and Lawrence had allied secretly.

Lawrence, who had been suppressed by the other princes for a long time, suddenly had a surge in circumstances and became the topic of discussion between nobles. A number of influential personages who had never taken Lawrence seriously now had a sudden change of opinion.

“King Uhtred has been in power in the Lancelot Empire for many years. It seems that before Uhtred dies, the whole Lancelot Empire will act as he commands. His successor would ultimately still be his personal choice.” Han Shuo pondered inwardly as he unhurriedly walked toward his residence.

Late in the night, the streets were quiet. Han Shuo moved swiftly, not leaving any tracks on the streets. A couple of mystical demons watched the surroundings stealthily as Han Shuo easily evaded the city guards and returned quickly to his own residence.

When Han Shuo reached his residence, he realized that other than a few guards and the old steward, all the servants had already slept. When Kallas saw Han Shuo appear, he hastily greeted him and soon after said in a low voice, “Lord Marquis, there’s someone in the room who wishes to see you.”

Han Shuo stared blankly, baffled that someone actually came over so late at night and couldn’t help but be astonished. A mystical demon flew over in the direction Kallas had given and soon after a handsome and graceful figure suddenly entered Han Shuo’s sight.

It was actually him! Han Shuo was shocked. He then nodded towards Kallas and instructed, “Alright then, it’s already quite late. You should rest early. I can go over by myself.”

Kallas didn’t say anything else, bowing towards Han Shuo and then immediately withdrawing.

Han Shuo walked over to the room for receiving guests. Once he entered, the door closed automatically. Han Shuo frowned when he saw the handsome grand magus necromancer before him and asked, “Why are you here?”

Wolf gave a carefree smile and leisurely looked at Han Shuo, “I came over to thank you. Thanks to the skeletal staff, you’ve helped me regain my youth. Hehe. I’m especially grateful for this..”

“In recent days, there have been some rumors circulating that are not beneficial to me. I wouldn’t want your arrival to cause misunderstandings. If there aren’t any matters, it’s best that you don’t come over and cause trouble for me. Your identity is too sensitive and you’re someone I cannot provoke.” Han Shuo didn’t have any enmity towards Wolf, but he didn’t have any favorable impression of him either. Nowadays, Kosse’s group had been stopping at nothing to cause him to lose his standing within Ossen City. Even though Han Shuo had Uhtred’s help, if he really let Kosse latch onto credible evidence, it would be hard for Han Shuo to manage.

“Relax. It’s precisely because I don’t want to give you trouble that I chose to appear so late at night. Furthermore, an average people wouldn’t know my identity. Even if it were previous enemies from the Church of Light, they probably wouldn’t be able to recognize me too. Hence, you need not worry, I won’t bring you any trouble.” Wolf explained.

Hearing him say this, Han Shuo examined Wolf’s appearance carefully and couldn’t help but agree that his words did contain some truth. It was impossible to connect the current Wolf who was elegant, handsome and full of a dignified aura with the previous Wolf who looked inhuman and had a dense aura of death. If not for the changes due to the skeletal staff, even if someone were to beat Han Shuo to death, he wouldn’t believe that the graceful youth in front of him was that centuries-old Wolf.

“Why have you come to find me?” Han Shuo relaxed slightly, but still wrinkled his brows and annoyedly looked at Wolf.

“Hey, we should be considered allies, and are truly friends. From the beginning, our Calamity Church has always thought of you as a friend. Besides, I’m also a necromancer, you shouldn’t be so indifferent toward me.” Wolf shrugged and said with a little sorrow.

Han Shuo was shocked by his words. Thinking about it, it was indeed as Wolf said. Everyone in the Profound Continent was afraid of the evil Calamity Church. Once he showed his ability to refine undead creatures that weren’t afraid of light magic, they had tossed him an olive branch and even spared no effort in protecting him.

When Wolf discovered that Han Shuo had the skeletal staff, Calamity Church’s attitude towards Han Shuo was so amicable that it made him a little vexed. Looking at the earnest Wolf in front of him, Han Shuo really didn’t know how to treat him.

Han Shuo relaxed, no longer having a cold and emotionless expression. He smiled faintly as he pulled over a chair, sat down and asked, “In that case, could Mister Wolf tell me what you came here for? And also, how exactly does Calamity Church want to treat me?”

When Wolf saw that Han Shuo’s expression was no longer indifferent, he smiled happily and said, “This should be the way! We will be friends. Hehe. Very good friends!! There aren’t many necromancers in this world and even fewer Grand magus necromancers Yet, both you and I are grand magus necromancers. We ought to have many similar interests. Ha. I really had not expected that you would actually become a grand magus necromancer so quickly. Hehe. It seems like you must have gained many things from the Holy Land.”

“Holy Land? What Holy Land?” Han Shuo looked distracted and asked suspiciously.

Wolf seemed to know that Han Shuo would ask this question. He straightened himself, appearing slightly excited as he said, “ The Holy Land is what our Calamity Church calls that place. Most of the people in the Profound Continent call it the Cemetery of Death. Hehe, since the skeleton staff is in your possession I don’t think you would be able to deny that you’ve been to the Holy Land.

Moreover, you’ve only practiced necromancy for less than five years and yet you’ve already become a grand magus necromancer, which took me a couple of centuries to reach. This is already enough to illustrate the issue. There’s also the undead creatures that aren’t afraid of light magic and other mysteries that prove that you’ve been to the Holy Land.”

When Wolf said this, Han Shuo’s heart surged with waves of emotion. He realized that he hadn’t been cautious enough, or it could be said that he knew too little about the  Calamity Church and the secrets about necromancers. This was why Wolf was able to recognize the skeletal staff. For Wolf to be so certain in his words, clearly showed that he had surmised the truth.

Han Shuo’s expression momentarily wavered, his eyes indistinctly revealing an ominous glint. He was considering if he should kill everyone who knew his secrets but after a round of contemplation, he knew it was already too late. Wolf had probably already shared this information with the Calamity Church.

Observing Han Shuo’s virulent gaze, even Wolf who had lived for a long time felt apprehensive. As a necromancer who had high accomplishments, Wolf could clearly sense Han Shuo’s concealed killing intent. Wolf who was being stared fixedly by Han Shuo unexpectedly had a feeling of palpitation, causing him to be startled.

Only when faced with the rebuke of high-ranked people in the evil Calamity Church would Wolf have such a feeling of apprehension. He would never have thought that he would feel a hint of fear from someone who was so much younger than him. Wolf was very clear what this feeling implied.

He knew that only when experts who could threaten his life were discontented and had the intention to kill him would he instinctually palpitate in fear!

Could this youth who had just become a grand magus necromancer possess the ability to kill him?

Illusion, it must an illusion! Wolf reassured himself before awkwardly saying to Han Shuo, “Don’t be so hostile towards me. Our Calamity Church will really never become your enemy. Since the skeletal staff has already recognized you as its master, you are a noble within our Calamity Church. There are many areas in which the Calamity Church will need rely on you, hence we require you to be living well.”

“In that case, if my death brings about more benefits, you all would’ve already acted?” Han Shuo squinted his eyes, sizing up Wolf as he replied slowly.

“Uh…” Wolf’s expression became more awkward. He hesitated for a while before nodding and said, “If we could kill you and there would be only benefits and no harm to the Calamity Church, I think my superiors would have given the order to kill you long ago and not decree to protect you and cooperate with you.”

Wolf could still be considered as a frank person. Han Shuo knew how the infamously evil Calamity Church handled matters. When he first saw Belinda, even though she was just an alchemist, she had already attempted to kill everyone in the hotel without inhibition. She didn’t place any importance on the lives of strangers, believing that everything was proper and as a matter of course.

Coldly snorting, Han Shuo knew that Wolf already knew about the matters regarding the Cemetery of Death. However, Han Shuo naturally wouldn’t reveal any details. He expressionlessly replied, “Don’t stick your noses into my business. Be honest about the reason why you are here!”

Seeing Han Shuo becoming displeased, Wolf hastily explained, “Regarding the Holy Land, we can temporarily not discuss it. I came here to inform you regarding some secrets of the skeletal staff and the Holy Land. This would probably be the information that you long for the most.”

“Oh? Didn’t you previously say that if I didn’t join the Calamity Church you wouldn’t tell me the secrets about the skeletal staff? Why have you now specifically come here to tell me this information? I had clearly stated previously that I wouldn’t join the Calamity Church. It’s best if you don’t act rashly.” Han Shuo said to Wolf.

For some unknown reason, the grand magus necromancer Wolf, who should’ve been aloof and surpassed ordinary people, was unbelievably humble and even seemed to be deliberately currying favor as he spoke to Han Shuo.

From the time you picked up the skeleton staff, you’re already considered a member of our Calamity Church! Wolf said inwardly before smiling as he explained, “Don’t worry. My superiors gave me the order and so I will naturally tell you the situation of the skeletal staff and the Holy Land. However, what I will tell you is only what I know. There are things that I don’t know about and I’m powerless to help.”

“In that case, it would be a waste to not listen. Go ahead then.” Han Shuo spoke indifferently, no longer appearing as pressing as the previous time. However, he was inwardly so curious that he could die. Only he himself could understand this fact.

“Then I’ll first talk about the Holy Land. Within the Calamity Church, it is rumored that the Holy Land possesses a magical transportation array. That transportation array has the mysterious ability to connect between planes, in particular, it can intercommunicate with the netherworld. Necromancers can rely on their original body to enter the netherworld to explore unknown territories within the nether realm and improve their necromancy magic.

Furthermore, there is another legend within the Calamity Church. I’m not sure whether this legend is true but I’ve once heard the pope say that the Holy Land wasn’t a structure of the Profound Continent. Instead, it came from another plane to the Profound Continent. I surmise that the plane it came from was the netherworld.” Wolf breathed in deeply as he explained to Han Shuo.