GDK Chapter 400: Fallen tiger in grassland1

“What happened?” Han Shuo was somewhat in disbelief. Trunks currently had the strength of a great swordmaster and perhaps in the entire Valley of Sunshine, only the thrice berserk berserker Laureton could overpower him in battle. However, even Laureton didn’t have the power to kill Trunks by himself.

Trunks was a cautious man who was also very familiar with the terrain near the Valley of Sunshine. He shouldn’t have met with any trouble, but now that he had suddenly went missing truly surprised Han Shuo.

“After he returned from Janet’s place, there had been no trace of him for four days in a row. Even when there were no missions, he had never been away for that long. And even if he didn’t return, he should have left a message, but there has been no news this time around. We sent people to ask Janet and learned that Trunks had indeed left from her place. He’d brought a dozen brothers along, there is no trace of them, either.” Dark dragon Gilbert explained to Han Shuo with a glum face.

Knitting his brows, Han Shuo pondered for a while before asking, “Has Trunks had disputes with any powers recently?”

“Ten days ago, we ambushed the Butcher bandit group together with Janet under Trunks’ lead. Trunks and Janet even killed Butcher Gustav. His bandit group can be considered to be wiped out from the Valley of Sunshine. Apart from this, we didn’t have any other disputes with other forces.” It was Grant who’d spoken. As Trunk’s old friend, he was very worried for Trunks’ safety. As the Valley of Sunshine was in an area situated at the center of three countries, over the years, it had become a special area where the most abundant goods from the three countries could be gathered. Han Shuo had provided Trunks the capital to create the Soul Destroyer mercenary band with the original intention precisely to take over the Valley of Sunshine. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have given Trunks a Rebirth Pill for Trunks’ reformation.

These days, the Soul Destroyer mercenary group had gradually grown in scale, becoming one of the powers within the Valley of Sunshine. Trunks suddenly having a mishap had already impacted the development of the Soul Destroyer mercenary group, which wasn’t an outcome Han Shuo was willing to see. As he listened to Gilbert and Grant narrate what’d happened, Han Shuo had been completely silent.
“Honored master, do you think something has happened to Trunks?” Gilbert couldn’t help but ask upon seeing Han Shuo staying silent.
“Nonsense!” Han Shuo unhappily berated. He thought for a bit before saying, “We temporarily don’t know Trunks’ situation, so everyone shouldn’t act rashly. Don’t take on any missions for now, let’s wait for Trunks’ matter to be settled first.”

“Master, we have been searching for Trunks for days but there’s no news of him. Do we keep looking?” Gilbert scratched his head in distress as he asked Han Shuo.

“You guys assemble everyone, I think we have run into big trouble this time. Currently, in the Valley of Sunshine, the number of powers that dare to touch the Soul Destroyer mercenary band can be counted on the fingers. Since something bad has happened to Trunks, I think the Soul Destroyer is next on the list.” Taking a deep breath, Han Shuo told the dark dragon and Grant.

“Right, why don’t I see Odysseus’ group?” Han Shuo couldn’t help but ask in surprise when he discovered that Odysseus’ unique little group wasn’t here.

“They are on a mission and temporarily haven’t returned to the Valley of Sunshine. They should still be in the Orc Empire at the moment.” Gilbert quickly answered.

“Alright, Gilbert, follow me outside, the rest remain in the valley. It’s best to call the brothers outside to return. Watch over this place carefully.” Han Shuo threw Gilbert a glance before directly walking out.

Lania the hydra was in human form as Gilbert casually held her in his embrace. She couldn’t help but speak out upon hearing Han Shuo’s words, “Master, I can also be of help!”

The hydra race was also one of lascivious nature, no different from the underground world’s dark dragon race. In the previous trip to the depths of the Dark Forest, this hydra had once tried to surreptitiously kill Han Shuo and Gilbert, which had unexpectedly convenienced Gilbert. The hydra and Gilbert’s deadly combat had instead evolved into a sex war and the dark dragon had used the demonic method Han Shuo had taught him to subdue her.

The current strength of the hydra Lania was obviously beneath that of Gilbert. As someone who indulged in sexual desire, after she was conquered by Gilbert, she had unwittingly become the submissive one in the relationship. Gilbert was Han Shuo’s magic pet, so the hydra naturally addressed Han Shuo as master.

Furrowing his brows, Han Shuo thought for a while. He then glanced at the hydra and said, “You stay here for now. It’d be bad if there’s no expert to oversee this place.”

“Mhm, you remain here.” Gilbert stared at the hydra and chided, “What master says goes. From now on, you aren’t allowed to have any objection.”

Lania softly smiled in a coquettish, fawning manner and chuckled, “Alright then, I’ll stay here and guard this place well for you guys.”
Seeing that Han Shuo didn’t have his previous ruthless appearance, the hydra Lania slowly relaxed, her speech and behavior no longer as cautious as before.

Han Shuo didn’t say anything else. He glanced at dragon Gilbert and leaped into the air. Gilbert transformed right at Han Shuo’s feet to accurately catch him and flew up high into the sky.

“Master, where to?!” After Gilbert flew Han Shuo up high in the sky, he inadvertently asked.

“Nowhere. Just take me to a high altitude and stop there!” Han Shuo instructed. The twelve mystical demons floated out one by one, flying towards the directions of the big powers in the Valley of Sunshine.

The Valley of Sunshine was only that big of an area, there weren’t many people who’d have the guts to attack Trunks, only those that were afraid that he’d be a threat to their status. Han Shuo didn’t need to think to know that Trunks’ disappearance certainly had to do with those people.

It made sense when one thought about it. The Soul Destroyer mercenary band had gradually expanded to the point that it had the power to control the Valley of Sunshine. To the other powers, Trunks had without a doubt become the thorn in their flesh. They’d be very willing to eradicate the Soul Destroyer mercenary band.

The twelve mystical demons spread out and drifted in every direction of the Valley of Sunshine, towards the Cairo mercenary band, the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band, the Menlo family, the Katar Orc tribe and even Janet’s bandit group along with some other small powers. Each power was visited by a mystical demon.

With the existence of these twelve mystical demons, Han Shuo had the entire Valley of Sunshine and its major forces under his monitoring. Since the Valley of Sunshine was only that big, the people who’d put their hands on Trunks would definitely reveal themselves, Han Shuo was a hundred percent sure of it. Deep within the forest, there was an extremely hidden cave surrounded and heavily concealed by thick tree branches. The cave itself was very narrow and hard to move within.

However, from the depths of this cave echoed the miserable screaming of Trunks. Both his hands and feet were restrained by coarse black manacles while a long and thin iron chain was pierced through his shoulder blade.

Thunder archmage Asa, who followed Florida of the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band, was currently staring viciously at Trunks. As he waved the magic staff in his hand, bolts of lightning struck on Trunks’ body like electric snakes, adding many black scars on Trunks’ already seriously injured body.

“Trunks, you also have such a day. When you killed my father Gustav, you didn’t think that such a day would come right?” Thunder archmage Asa glared at Trunks with deep hatred. He maliciously whispered an incantation while elatedly striking bolts of lightning on Trunks’ body.

“Damnable old dog. Ahh…” As Trunks screamed out loud in agony, a lightning bolt struck right at his mouth, leaving a black scar on his lips. Two streaks of blood slowly trickled down from the corners of his mouth.

Trunks’ entire body was covered in cuts and bruises and tightly imprisoned. In the surrounding was several experts that were sent by various powers to keep watch on him. Asa indeed held a bone-deep grudge towards Trunks, which was why he’d secretly come to take it out on him. If not for the tacit understanding between the experts of the other powers, Asa might have ruthlessly killed Trunks the day Trunks had been caught.

Trunks looked at Asa who was continuously striking him with lightning bolts, his heart also filled with an endless hatred. He had never expected the thunder archmage always following Florida to be the son of Butcher Gustav. No wonder the relationship between the Butcher and the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band was so amicable. It turned out this was why Florida regarded Asa so highly.

“Heh heh, although I can’t kill you, I will slowly torture you. The Soul Destroyer mercenary band has rapidly developed in the past two years, but so what? Haha, in two days, they shall be exterminated by our allied forces. After the Soul Destroyer is finished, I will peel your skin off a bit at a time while you are still alive.

Hah, even if you want revenge, you shall never have that chance. Annie who you consider your sister, heh heh, not just Florida who have ridden her, even I and my father have played with her. What can you do about that? Aren’t you just like a dog all chained up by me? Haha…” Asa had gone insane as he screamed loudly, striking down one lightning bolt after another.

“Ahhhh… I’ll kill you beasts, I swear I will!” Trunks could no longer suppress his fury and howled wretchedly when he heard Asa’s narration. The chains all over his body resounded with metallic sounds as Trunks appeared as if he was truly going insane.

1. Fallen tiger in grassland is a Chinese saying which describes that when the tiger leaves the mountains and is trapped in the grasslands, even a dog can bully the tiger. It describes people of status and power losing their status/power.