GDK 404 – I learned it from you

When the first gargoyle appeared, Florida already knew that the fiend had arrived. However, this battle had no turning back. Hence, Florida attacked without regard, attempting to first decrease the number of undead creatures as much as possible and forcefully charging to the Soul Destroyer mercenary band’s base and fight them to the death.

Countless gargoyles surrounded Han Shuo, accompanying Han Shuo as he headed toward Florida. At this moment, Florida was frightened but the ire in his heart also couldn’t be contained, unwaveringly staring at Han Shuo with a hostile gaze.

Florida had no reason not to hate him!

From the day Han Shuo arrived at the Valley of Sunshine, it seemed to have cemented Florida’s ill fortune. Firstly, Han Shuo snatched away Phoebe who Florida fancied. Soon after, he had grouped together with Florida’s arch-enemy Trunks. He also embarrassed Florida time and time again, even seriously injuring him in public.

Besides that, Han Shuo had even wrecked their meticulously planned ambush, violently killing his beloved grandfather, causing his relationship with the Church of Light to unprecedentedly worsen.

Before Han Shuo came to the Valley of Sunshine, everything within the Valley of Sunshine operated as Florida fancied. Drawing support from the Church of Light, Florida had complete confidence in replacing the Cairo mercenary band and become the true master of the Valley of Sunshine and control the enormous resources of the Valley of Sunshine.

Based on his plan, the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band would have the rights to control the Valley of Sunshine, while Butcher Gustav assisted in the shadows. He would be able to nibble away at the various powers within the Valley of Sunshine and possess everything in the Valley of Sunshine at that time.

Unfortunately, Han Shuo’s appearance caused the situation to keep regressing, developing in a completely different trajectory from what he imagined. When Han Shuo left, he still left behind the cancerous Soul Destroyer mercenary band, nibbling at his hopes and expectations little by little.

“My greatest mistake is precisely that I didn’t risk everything to kill you in the beginning!” Giving Han Shuo a death stare, Florida gnashed his teeth as he spoke, his voice filled with bitter resentment and hatred.

Han Shuo suddenly laughed, his laughter extremely bright and clear, as if his laughter became a huge winding dragon that soared into the skies. Not just the immediate area, even Laureton and the rest below were able to hear it clearly.

“Florida, I truly feel pity for you. You naively believed that with your grandfather’s support, you would be able to act as you wished in the Valley of Sunshine. On one hand, you despicably seized the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band, and on another, you collaborated with the most merciless bandit in the shadows. You really think that you are above the law!

Heh, what a pity, what a pity. There’s not only you who is smart and it’s not your turn to call the shots. Your grandfather wasn’t able to protect you your whole life. Now that that old bastard Ferguson is dead, you no longer have any cards to play. Ha, why am I saying so much nonsense to you? In any case, you will die soon!” Han Shuo smiled as he mocked Florida.

When he heard Han Shuo’s mocking, Florida’s expression became extremely downcast as if someone had stepped on him with a filthy shoe. He glared hatefully at the gradually approaching Han Shuo, taking a deep breath and said, “Today, only one of us will survive!”

“Of course it is you who will die!” Han Shuo shouted coldly, suddenly speeding up his steps toward Florida. He was like a streak of lightning that cut across the sky, charging towards Florida at great speed.

At the same time, the other thousands of gargoyles behind Han Shuo suddenly scattered into different troops, swarming like locusts toward the experts that were being attacked by the previous group of gargoyles.

The little skeleton who rode on the flying bone demon stood majestically on a flat portion of the bone demon’s back. With his Purple Demon Eye sparkling, he sized up the battlefield. Pointing his three-meter long bone spear toward Adam Menlo, the wings of the bone demon flapped once, directly gliding toward Adam Menlo.

The harpies, frost eagles, pegasus, griffins, wyverns and various types of magical creatures had all been tamed by the House of Menlo at high costs. These flying magical beasts were each able to face a few gargoyles at once. Furthermore, they were either carrying a high ranked swordsman or a mage. In theory, they shouldn’t be at much of a disadvantage.

Unfortunately, the reality wasn’t as such. Although a magical creature and the expert riding it should be able to handle tens of gargoyles, when a swarm of gargoyles suddenly charged over, the dense aura was able to shake their confidence. The strong rotting stench was hard to bear, causing more trouble than they expected.

There were simply too many gargoyles. When tens of gargoyles attacked a magical creature together, even creatures like harpies and griffins were unable to withstand it. Furthermore, there were also Gilbert and hydra Lania, two tyrannical super rank magical creatures stirring up trouble. In just a few moments, many experts had either been killed by the gargoyles or the magical creature they rode had been beat to death, causing them to also fall into the endless abyss.

Within the layers of gargoyles, the little skeleton held its three-meter long bone spear. The little skeleton and the bone demon were both immune to ordinary spells. As it rode the bone demon, it was incomparably awe-inspiring. While flying toward Adam Menlo, a harpy brandished its sharp claw toward the little skeleton. Before it could even near the little skeleton, it was pierced through by the little skeleton’s three-meter long bone spear.

After the petite little skeleton had pierced through the several meter long harpy, the powerful spear didn’t pause and instead followed through to kill the fire mage as well. The little skeleton used the bone spear easily lift up the huge and heavy harpy. With a mysterious tremble of his finger bone, an enormous amount of death qi violently flowed through the bone spear into the harpy’s body. The harpy suddenly exploded wildly above his head.

Chunks of the harpy’s flesh mixed with rich death qi scattered like heavy rocks. Whoever was hit by the flesh of the harpy and was infected by even the tiniest amount of death qi would ice cold and uncomfortable from head to toe, causing their movements to become stiff.

As the little skeleton headed toward Adam Menlo, it had merely got rid of a harpy effortlessly along the way. Suddenly, everyone understood the terror of this undead creature. As they dealt with the countless gargoyles that covered the sky, they were still extremely well coordinated, opening a path for the little skeleton directly toward Adam Menlo.

As Adam Menlo closely watched dark dragon Gilbert, the super rank golden-winged roc under him was able to proficiently manipulate wind magic, sending out waves of wind blades in all directions without much movement from its wings. All the gargoyles that were attempting to approach Adam Menlo were killed one after another by the golden-winged roc’s wind blades.

Facing a golden-winged roc which was a super rank magical creature of the highest level, the swarms of gargoyles were clearly unable to achieve much. Even with most of its feathers missing. The defensive ability of the golden-winged roc body was still much stronger than ordinary magical creatures.

It was exactly because of this that Han Shuo didn’t waste many gargoyles in attacking Adam Menlo, merely asking Gilbert to impede him. Having evolved and becoming a rank two magical creature, Gilbert could be said to be evenly matched with the golden-winged roc that Han Shuo had previously severely injured.

All kinds of toxins and raging flames were shot out, mixing with Lania’s reckless attacks. These created a large hindrance to Adam Menlo and the golden-winged roc, causing Adam Menlo to be pestered beyond his endurance.

However, the golden-winged roc was a super rank magical creature and Adam Menlo himself was a sky rider. With the two of them combined together, their strengths were amplified. Hence, Gilbert and Lania were unable to get an advantage.

Just as Gilbert was shouting arrogantly at Adam Menlo as he annoyed him, the little skeleton appeared on its bone demon. When the little skeleton reached the area, his Purple Demon Eye shone as it made peculiar gestures toward Gilbert.

The little skeleton first used the bone spear to point at Gilbert before pointing toward the others who were desperately resisting the gargoyles. Soon after, at Gilbert’s amazement, the little skeleton then pointed his bone spear at Adam Menlo, before using his other hand to point toward himself.

After he finished gesturing, the little skeleton’s Purple Demon Eye sparkled as he looked straight at Gilbert. Gilbert’s lantern-like eyes stared foolishly at the little skeleton. While Lania was still obstructing Adam Menlo and the golden-winged roc, Gilbert finally asked cautiously, “Are you saying that you want me to attack the others and leave this fellow to you?”

The little skeleton’s Purple Demon Eye brightened, casually nodding toward Gilbert, implying, “That’s right. Get a move on, don’t obstruct me anymore!”

Dark dragon Gilbert was extremely flabbergasted, attentively watching the little skeleton and the undead creature he rode, somewhat stunned for a moment.

“Dammit, you heartless creature, you still aren’t coming to help me?” By the side, Lania was desperately fending off Adam Menlo’s attacks. When she suddenly saw that Gilbert who was originally fighting side by side with her actually staring blankly at the side, she couldn’t help but scold him hastily.

Dark dragon Gilbert quickly came to his senses, looking at the little skeleton once again, he saw the little skeleton raising the three-meter-long bone spear and arrogantly charged toward Adam Menlo. When the three-meter-long bone spear pointed at Adam Menlo, an incomparably huge amount of death qi rippled in all directions.

It was only at this moment that Gilbert truly felt that the seemingly small body of the little skeleton contained such a frightening mystical power! Gilbert suddenly understood that although he had evolved into a rank two magical creature, the little skeleton was actually more terrifying than him, so much so that the little skeleton possessed enough strength to kill Gilbert himself.

“Lania, let’s go. We’ll go and kill others rather than torment this old thing!” Having understood the little skeleton’s message, Gilbert suddenly shouted loudly toward Lania.

“You idiot! Are you crazy? Didn’t master instruct the two of us to impede this old thing. Are you seeking to be punished? Why aren’t you coming over to help me!” As Lania spoke, her body gradually became hidden and soon after an enormous column of water charged toward Adam Menlo.

“There is someone who offered to deal with him, let’s not stay and hinder him any longer, let’s leave!” dark dragon Gilbert replied loudly, “You coquettish lady, hurry up and come with me!” Lania who had used the column of water to conceal her body gradually revealed herself. When she saw the little skeleton who was riding the flying bone demon over, Lania suddenly felt a feeling of being between laughter and tears rise within her heart. She then mocked Gilbert, saying, “Stupid dragon, this little skeleton is the volunteer you mentioned?”

Just as Lania finished her sentence, the little skeleton’s Purple Demon Eye sudden lit up with glaring purple light. The three meter long bone spear suddenly transmitted a surge of death qi, causing a feeling of desolation to spread in all directions.

Lania naturally felt the tremendous aura and was incomparably surprised as she watched the little skeleton fly over. She immediately became silent, and with Gilbert’s repeated urging, Lania no longer hesitated, her heart filled with countless doubts as she hurriedly avoided the approaching little skeleton and bone demon, flying to Gilbert’s side.

“What, what is with this little skeleton? Why do I feel a terrifying strength from him?” When Lania reached Gilbert’s side, she could no longer suppress the puzzlement in her heart, frantically asking Gilbert.

Part 2

“Don’t ask me, I don’t know either.  I only know that he is Master’s first undead creature. However, what I would never be able to understand is, how does a little skeleton have the same frightening aura as a bone dragon!” Gilbert blinked his lantern-sized eyes as he explained to Lania.

Hearing Gilbert’s explanation, Lania was dumbfounded. She couldn’t help but cast her line of sight toward Gilbert’s master.

In an area fifty meters away, Han Shuo had a ruthless and gloomy expression as he manipulated the Demonslayer Edge which was dripping fresh blood, setting out to massacre all the enemies around him.

Florida was holed up within layers of protection by his Rainbow Sickle mercenary band, unceasingly casting various light magic spells to purify the surrounding frantically charging gargoyles. The gargoyles were annihilated one after another by his light magic.

As a light mage, Florida was the largest threat to these undead creatures within the group. As he was also the leader of the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band, his subordinates all surrounded him, doing their utmost to protect him.

Florida, who was being protected by the crowd, consumed all his energy to cast light magic spells in succession, purifying all the gargoyles in their immediate area into dust. The low-rank gargoyles were as frail as zombie warriors, being eliminated one after another by the light archmage’s light magic.

As the battle raged on in the air, it was only Florida’s area that didn’t have many gargoyles breaking through. Based on the situation, this area ought to be the area where the elites of the three powers felt the most comfortable.

However, the reality was that the area Florida was in suffered the most casualties. The number of magical creatures and elites killed far exceeded the number that was besieged by gargoyles in other areas.

Simply because Han Shuo was here!

As he wielded the Demonslayer Edge, Han Shuo stared at Florida like a blood-soaked demon god. Han Shuo’s current strength far exceeded Florida’s. If not for the valiant mercenaries from the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band who sacrificed their lives to resist Han Shuo, Florida would have long since died by Han Shuo’s hand.

Despite the sacrifices of the mercenaries and the layers of protection, Florida’s leg was still pierced through, resulting in a bloody hole. If not for a swordmaster by his side reacting in time, Florida might have suffered even heavier injuries.

In just a moment of effort, the Demonslayer Edge had killed five harpies, three griffins, two frost eagles and thirteen experts of the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band. The drops of scarlet blood that rolled off the Demonslayer Edge symbolized the experts Florida depended on to still be alive until now.

“Heh, how long more can you hide for!” Han Shuo smiled ruthlessly, tossing a pegasus’ corpse downwards as he ridiculed Florida.

“Le, leader, what should we do, should we retreat?” by Florida’s side, the swordmaster who had saved Florida’s life looked at the fiend-like Han Shuo, his lips trembling as he asked Florida.

“We still have a chance. Don’t you see that the number of gargoyles in the sky decreasing? Gargoyles are after all just low ranked undead creatures. Under the attack of so many spells, they are simply unable to obstruct our progress!” Florida who was hidden in the crowd inspected the surroundings and replied encouragingly. “But we are only left with a hundred people!” The swordmaster clearly feared Florida but still stated the facts.

“We must obtain victory. Otherwise, the three powers would no longer have the chance to hold the greatest power in the Valley of Sunshine!” Florida was flustered and exasperated as he bellowed in rage.

How could he not know that two-thirds of the experts from the three powers have already died? However, he understood that at this moment, they could only persist and fight on. Otherwise, the huge number of casualties would have been in vain.

Swish, swish, swish!

A large amount of arrows suddenly shot out from the Soul Destroyer mercenary band in the distance. The arrow rain was locked onto the invading magical creatures and in just a moment, more than ten magical creatures who were nearing the area were suddenly riddled with holes like a hornet’s nest.

“Everyone retreat!” A roar that resounded across the whole area suddenly sounded from a remote place, the sound originating from Cairo mercenary band’s Laureton.

Laureton’s bald head was incomparably shiny and his expression extremely unsightly. A mage stood by his side, casting Sky’s Eye and describing the battle in the sky to Laureton.

Although Laureton had yet to participate in the battle, there were already other experts from the Cairo mercenary band that had entered the battle in the skies. Seeing many of his trusted brothers dying tragically, Laureton knew that the so-called sneak-attack had completely failed. Laureton had no choice but to berserk and call for a retreat so as to prevent the losses from increasing.

As Laureton’s roar resounded through the sky, Florida and Adam Menlo who were above naturally heard it. Without waiting for them to move, the surviving experts of the Cairo mercenary band immediately descended without saying a single word.

While Adam Menlo was forced to repeatedly fall back by the three-meter-long bone spear wielding little skeleton, the sullen and depressed feeling in his heart was the strongest in his entire life. He was unable to understand how the little skeleton before him would have such a rich and strong aura of death.

The little skeleton’s bone spear carried a terrifying corrosive death qi, every attack causing incomparable suffering to Adam Menlo. If not for the golden-winged roc helping him to fend off the attacks and receiving many wounds in the process, the little skeleton might have already pierced through Adam Menlo’s body.

“Wh, what exactly are you?” Adam Menlo asked repeated. He could sense that the little skeleton possessed intelligence. Unfortunately, the little skeleton was unable to answer him and instead wielded his bone spear repeatedly, causing Adam Menlo to retreat little by little.

“Ma, master, I can’t hold on!” After the golden-winged roc helped Adam Menlo withstand a few strikes, it had eventually reached its limits and gently called to Adam Menlo.

At the very same moment, Laureton’s loud shouts could be heard from below. Adam Menlo could only stare blankly for a moment. When he realized that the people from the Cairo mercenary band retreating in an attempt to break away from the battlefield, he suddenly felt a powerless feeling of despair rise in his heart. “Let’s go. We’ll, we’ll retreat too!” When Adam Menlo gave the order, he truly felt like crying. Having brought out the hidden cards of the House of Menlo, Adam Menlo originally thought that they would be able to effortlessly eliminate the Soul Destroyer mercenary band. Who would have known that the jinx would appear once again, simply using a swarm of gargoyles that filled the sky to turn around the situation and even causing huge losses?

Although this wave of attackers only had three hundred people, these were the true elites of the three powers, the foundation they depended on. Each one of them was an expert that could face ten people alone. But who would have thought that in the end, they would suffer such a fate.

A shrill cry could suddenly be heard from the golden-winged roc. The golden-winged roc rolled in pain while saying, “Master, master, there’s something happening within my body. I can’t, I can’t take it anymore!”

A clear popping sound could suddenly be heard from within the golden-winged roc’s body. The golden-winged roc’s huge body could be seen withering slowly as fresh blood sprayed out like fine rain.

Intense corrosive death qi which converged within the rich killing intent suddenly exploded violently within the golden-winged roc, causing the interior of the golden-winged roc to rapidly shatter and the aura of life ot gradually leave the golden-winged roc.

In the distance, Han Shuo who was preparing to finish Florida off suddenly detected an extremely familiar aura. Turning toward the aura, he suddenly discovered the changes within the golden-winged roc’s body, sensing the familiar sinister killing intent within. Han Shuo was shocked as he looked at the little skeleton whose Purple Demon Eye sparkled in bright light as he closely watched the golden-winged roc.Only Han Shuo knew that the intense death qi within the golden-winged roc was bound into a ball by the demonic magic’s Hidden Explosion Technique. He had inserted the concealed explosive death qi when the bone spear pierced through the golden-winged roc’s body, suddenly detonating it when it was unprepared, causing the golden-winged roc’s innards to suddenly explode!

Han Shuo had already known previously that the little skeleton knew some demonic magic. However, he had never expected that the little skeleton had become so sinister. For an undead creature to use such malicious methods, this made Han Shuo to truly feel extremely stunned, causing him to sigh.

“This fellow is truly becoming more and more vicious, able to control such a vicious method. I truly don’t know how he does it!” Han Shuo repeatedly lamented in his heart.

“Father, I learned all of these from you. I’ve inherited part of your intelligence!” The little skeleton suddenly transmitted a message, as though he knew of Han Shuo’s puzzlement and want to give Han Shuo an explanation.

Han Shuo was stunned, staring blankly on the spot. Am I that sinister and malicious? Han Shuo laughed bitterly as he thought to himself.

“Strike him hard while he’s down! I learned this from Father as well!” The little skeleton transmitted another message over. As Han Shuo watched in astonishment, the little skeleton rode the bone skeleton and suddenly flew toward Adam Menlo.

Adam Menlo who was sent rolling repeatedly due to the inner explosion of the golden-winged roc wasn’t able to even stand still at this moment, simply unable to construct an effective defense.

Right at this moment, the little skeleton’s bone spear shot over once again. This time around, there was no longer the golden-winged roc helping him to withstand it. By the time Adam Menlo could react, the sharp pain from the bone spear had already spread through his whole body. He lowered his head, discovering a huge hole in his chest.

The three meter long bone spear which had seized his life flew in a loop after it pierced through his body, returning to the little skeleton’s hand once again. The little skeleton’s sparkling Purple Demon Eye looked on as Adam Menlo gradually lost consciousness before turning around to leave.

“Father, did I do the right thing?” After the little skeleton killed Adam Menlo, he sent a message to Han Shuo once again to seek confirmation.

At this point, Han Shuo was thoroughly speechless!