GDK 405 – Unable to escape

Not only did the little skeleton have intelligence, it was also a little sinister and ruthless. This really caused Han Shuo to feel conflicted.

However, what Han Shuo could be sure of was that the current the little skeleton would be able to survive better in the netherworld. In that realm full of slaughter and invasion, the little skeleton was strong enough to let him feel reassured.

With the head of the House of Menlo dead, the willpower that Florida had just barely maintained finally collapsed. Florida no longer dared to continue staying in the air, desperately yelling for his men to retreat and flew towards Laureton.

“Hehe, you are still thinking of escaping!” Han Shuo’s cold laugh suddenly arose. Issuing an order, dark dragon Gilbert, hydra Lania and the little skeleton all abruptly gathered by Han Shuo’s side and fought their way toward Florida.

There were still around twenty experts of the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band surrounding Florida. Once Florida met up with Laureton, killing him would become extremely difficult. This time, Han Shuo was resolute in killing Florida, so as to avoid leaving endless trouble for Trunks.

Before, when Han Shuo alone headed towards Florida with murderous intent, the experts that surrounded Florida disregarded everything to attack Han Shuo. Although Han Shuo had killed a number of experts along the way, he was still unable to finish off Florida like he’d wanted to.

However, with the addition of two super rank magical creatures and the little skeleton, the experts surrounding Florida were unable to threaten them. Han Shuo only needed to keep his eyes on Florida. The rest were naturally disposed of by the little skeleton and the others.

Rain of fire, ice cones, wind blades, lightning and other spells were recklessly aimed at Han Shuo and the others. Because of this shower of magic, the dim sky suddenly became colorful, as though a group of beautiful fireworks was glamorously blooming open.

Han Shuo’s demonic yuan energy circulated, a thin cicada wing-like protective layer surrounded his body. On the outer surface, a large bone shield with bone thorns savagely poking out formed. Most of the spells were blocked by the bone shield. Gilbert and Lania made use of this opportunity to release attacks of toxins and torrential rain.

Bearing the murky protective layer, Han Shuo flashed through the crowd. After continuously shifting a few times, he had already arrived in front of Florida.

A dense burst of bone spears suddenly shot out explosively from Han Shuo. The group of people who were defending against Gilbert and Lania’s attacks became even more flustered. At this time, the Demonslayer Edge in Han Shuo’s hands soundlessly disappeared again and gradually closing in from a hidden angle.

The little skeleton, who was riding the bone demon, had unexpectedly arrived behind Florida’s group. It imposingly raised up its three-meter-long bone lance and thrusting it toward Florida and the others who have just reacted. The rich death qi carried a coldness and desolation that did not exist in this world.

“Be-behind!” Florida’s group of people reacted relatively swiftly. Once they felt the violent wind from behind, they realized the danger behind them.

When the little skeleton killed Adam Menlo earlier, as Han Shuo did not fiercely attack Florida’s group as he was watching attentively in surprise, they also had the time to see the whole process. The little skeleton who was able to kill Adam Menlo who was riding the golden-winged roc was definitely as dangerous to Florida as Han Shuo himself. Hence he immediately shouted loudly once he saw the little skeleton attacking from behind them.

With the current state of the situation, it was clear that the number of people assisting Florida wasn’t enough. With Gilbert and Lania attacking from the sides, the overbearing Han Shuo attacked from the front and suddenly there was an otherworldly powerhouse appearing behind them.

If they were focused on one side, they wouldn’t be able to resist another. Facing the waves of simultaneous attacks, Florida suddenly felt an intense unease within his heart. He looked at Han Shuo who was sneering as he killed his way over, suddenly realizing that Han Shuo’s weapon had disappeared. Florida was immediately terror-stricken when he came to this realization.

Unfortunately, his realization was still too late. The group of experts that had been distributing their efforts to deal with the three creatures was momentarily too busy to attend to Florida. When they heard a sharp cry, they realized that there was a bad turn of events.

Florida, who was exerting himself to support his defensive the light and lightning spells to their peaks, was still unable to stop the Demonslayer Edge. His lightning and light magic barrier shattered into tiny glass-like specks. The Demonslayer Edge blasted through Florida’s barrier and pierced through his neck, leaving behind a bloody hole.

The hatred in Florida’s eyes gradually rescinded. Without the support of mental energy, Florida’s body fell sharply. A leader of the four big powers in the Valley of Sunshine had eventually died by Han Shuo’s hand.

When the experts from the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band who had been tightly surrounding Florida saw Han Shuo seizing the chance to kill Florida, a feeling of despair and helplessness arose in their hearts. At this moment, the attacks of the little skeleton, Gilbert and the others fell like torrential rain, immediately taking another ten lives.

After Florida died, the first wave of experts no longer had a leader. The remaining tens of experts desperately started to retreat but continued to be killed by Han Shuo’s group. Before they could reach Laureton, another twenty odd people had died.

Of the three hundred experts and the many flying magical creatures that had participated in the battle, only nineteen people and eleven magical beasts had returned to Laureton’s area alive. Adam Menlo and Florida of the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band would both disappear forever from the power struggle within the Valley of Sunshine.

“Ha. Laureton, it’s been a while!” Chasing after the enemy mercenaries, Han Shuo arrogantly stood in the sky, as he mockingly greeted Laureton.

On both sides of Han Shuo were the two super rank magical creatures and the little skeleton. Several hundred gargoyles were like guards as they quietly flapped their wings behind Han Shuo. Having calculated their altitude, Han Shuo wasn’t afraid of arrows being shot from below.

Laureton raised his head to stare at the sky. Seeing Han Shuo looking at him derisively, all sorts of feelings suddenly appeared in his heart. The corpses of Florida and Adam Menlo were laid out by Laureton’s side. With the other two leaders of the three powers dead, Laureton ought to be happy. But as he looked at Han Shuo, Laureton only felt increasingly flustered.

“Yes, we have not seen each other for a while. I should have expected that you had arrived long ago. Apart from you, Trunks simply didn’t have any other cards!” Laureton sighed before taking a deep breath. He then looked at Han Shuo and said, “As matters stand, I don’t have any other things to say. That’s right. It was indeed me that kidnapped Trunks, but I don’t regret it!”

With the current situation within the Valley of Sunshine, if Laureton didn’t act to deal with Trunks, the Soul Destroyer mercenary band would replace the Cairo mercenary band’s position in the Valley of Sunshine sooner or later. Naturally, he had to think of his subordinates, thus what he did was understandable.

“Indeed, there is nothing much to say. From today onwards, Cairo Mercenary band will be my mortal enemy. Laureton, try your best.” Han Shuo smiled as he looked at Laureton. He took one last glance at Florida and Adam Menlo’s corpses and then headed back towards the Soul Destroyer mercenary band.

The first wave of attacks from these powers had resulted in a devastating price. Not only did this lose their most capable elites, even Florida and Adam Menlo were killed. In such a situation, the group that had formed out of benefits would be powerless against the Soul Destroyer mercenary band.

Humans were always selfish. With Florida and Adam Menlo dead, Han Shuo was almost certain that the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band and the House of Menlo would immediately break out into chaos, especially Florida’s Rainbow Sickle mercenary band which would definitely fall into a period of civil strife or break apart.

In that case, the group’s threat to the Soul Destroyer mercenary band will decrease substantially. Han Shuo only needed to observe as they collapsed. Hence, he left carefreely.

Things indeed developed as Han Shuo had predicted. After Han Shuo left, the people from the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band and the House of Menlo immediately sank into strife.

In particular, the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band had immediately split into a few smaller groups. Only a small portion strived for revenge. The remaining majority advocated leaving this place as soon as possible. The House of Menlo was slightly better off since Adam Menlo was after all, their senior. As the majority of the authority within the House of Menlo were in the hands of relatives, most were yelling sorrowfully about first taking revenge for Adam Menlo before deciding on other matters.

The sudden quarrels disrupted Laureton’s thoughts. Looking at the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band, which was already prepared to leave, and the frightened leaders of the small powers, Laureton suddenly had a helpless feeling.

So many flying magical creatures had been killed. Wanting to rely on flying magical creatures to enter the Soul Destroyer mercenary band was completely impossible. With the existence of spatial rings, trying to starve the Soul Destroyer mercenary band to death with a siege was also impossible. The only way was to attack head-on. However, this method would come at a large cost which they simply couldn’t afford.

At this moment, Laureton had no confidence in victory. As he looked at the people of the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band and the House of Menlo arguing endlessly, he suddenly felt somewhat helpless.

“Chief, should we make use of this opportunity to eliminate the two groups?” While Laureton was feeling vexed, Harris suddenly approached and lowered his voice as he made a vicious suggestion.

Glancing at Harris before looking in the direction that Han Shuo had left, he smiled bitterly and said, “That fellow definitely wishes for us to do so. If we were to fight with those other two parties, it would be following his wishes. Once all three groups depleted their power and energy, the master of the Valley of Sunshine would really be the Soul Destroyer mercenary band.

Harris was stunned for a moment. He processed Laureton’s words for a while before nodding and saying, “Chief is still more far-sighted. In any case, with Florida and Adam Menlo’s deaths, we have two fewer enemies. The current Rainbow Sickle mercenary band and House of Menlo are no longer enemies to fear.”

“That is also true. However, if we are unable to eliminate the Soul Destroyer mercenary band now, their reputation will increase greatly. In the future, other than our Cairo mercenary band, there will no longer be any powers that can shake their position. I’m unsure if this is fortune or misfortune!” Laureton replied painfully.


Just as Laureton and Harris were discussing quietly, some of the leaders of the smaller mercenary bands had walked over together. One of them gloomily looked at Laureton and said, “Chief Laureton, now that the situation has become like this, I think we no longer have the opportunity to destroy the Soul Destroyer mercenary band.

If the Cairo mercenary band wants us to spearhead the attack and essentially throw our lives away, I apologize. We are unwilling to exchange the price of our brothers’ lives for the benefits that you are giving us. Based on the current situation, I feel that we should just disperse!”

“I agree. That place is too hard to attack. Without the assistance of flying magical creatures, we simply have no chance of winning at all.” a leader of another small mercenary band shouted.

It seemed that there weren’t just one or two of them who had such thoughts. All of them who had walked over together probably already planned to leave.

A bunch of short-sighted fellows! Laureton cursed them inwardly. After being silent for a moment, he said, “Consider this carefully. If we are unable to eliminate the Soul Destroyer mercenary band now, everyone that participated in this attack will all suffer a calamity. Our Cairo mercenary band has sufficient strength and aren’t afraid of Trunks’ revenge. As for you guys, it might become a troublesome matter.”

“Chief Laureton need not to remind us of that. We’ve naturally also thought of it.” That person replied.

“Then do as you’d like. In any case, I’ve already reminded you guys. When the time comes where Trunks seeks you all out for revenge, don’t come and find me!” Laureton coldly snorted and disdained upon continuing to talk to them. These people looked at each other, simultaneously bidding their farewells before leading their members to leave. The majority of the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band had lost their faith in Laureton once Florida died.They had already left without even notifying him.

Of the six thousand people that had come to attack the Soul Destroyer mercenary band,  only around three thousand were still alive. If they wanted to attack the base of the Soul Destroyer mercenary band without flying magical creatures, it wouldn’t be just a problem of the number of casualties. Instead, the question would be if they would be able to eliminate the Soul Destroyer mercenary band after suffering heavy casualties!