GDK 406 – Three Great Enchantments

When Han Shuo returned to the Soul Destroyer Mercenary Band, he discovered that with the support of Grant, Trunks was sitting in the middle of the practice arena and was currently raising his head and staring into the vast white sky.

Trunks was still very weak. Although his wounds had been treated, it would be impossible for him to recover without ten to fifteen days of rest. The most severe injuries were his severed hand and feet tendons. Roughly a month would be needed for them to reattach and regain their original durability.

It was very clear that Trunks was worried about the Soul Destroyer mercenary band. However, as his tendons were severed, he could only sit here weakly, similar to a disabled person, unable to move his hands and feet.

Luckily his eyes had gradually recovered its light. As he gazed into the sky, he had a thoughtful expression, indicating that although he suffered heavy injuries, he still had a strong mentality.

“Why have you come out here. It is best if you sincerely stay indoors and recuperate for this period of time. Don’t worry, the invaders have already retreated in heavy defeat. In the short term, Laureton would definitely be powerless to deal with us.” Han Shuo descended by Trunks’ side and berated.

“It’s ok, I’m feeling better now. Hehe. I’m not willing to hide inside and bitterly wait for others to bring me information during the Soul Destroyer mercenary band’s most dangerous period of time.” Trunks smiled as he replied. Pausing for a moment, he knitted his brows and asked, “Bryan, is Florida dead?”

Han Shuo replied while nodding, “That’s right. I know you wanted to personally kill him, but there are immense benefits for us in killing him now. With his death, the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band would fall into disunity. The number of our enemies would also decrease greatly. Hence, I didn’t let him get away.”

Trunks sighed and said ruefully, “Hai, not killing personally can be considered regretfully but his early demise is indeed beneficial to us. If I had got rid of him previously, all these disorderly matters wouldn’t have happened. It seems that I am to blame for all of these matters.”

“Besides Florida, Adam Menlo died as well. The two of them were the pillars of the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band and the House of Menlo respectively. Their deaths have caused great repercussions for the two powers. Currently, there are still three thousand people in the surroundings, including the people under Laureton. However, I believe they would be departing shortly.” Han Shuo narrated the details of the battle to Trunks.

“Don’t need to worry about the remaining matters here. I know you have many matters to deal with. Leave Laureton to me. I’ll send Laureton packing.” Trunks replied.

“It’s just one Laureton, I can remove him in passing. It wouldn’t take up too much of my time.” Han Shuo looked at Trunks in astonishment. “Based on his current injuries, he definitely won’t fight with you in the near future.” Han Shuo was somewhat worried.

“Bryan, the Valley of Sunshine has its own rules. If I want to convince others, I should not completely rely on your strength. Only if I openly get rid of Laureton and the Cairo mercenary band would I be able to successfully hold power in the Valley of Sunshine and win the respect of others.” Trunks who still had a weak complexion said resolutely.

Han Shuo was stunned, hesitating a moment before saying, “But, your injuries…”

“Hehe, don’t need to worry. It’s not like I would immediately deal with Laureton. As you said, based on Laureton’s personality, he definitely won’t dare to attack this place without absolute certainty. Now that the flying magical creatures of the House of Menlo have also been killed by you, they definitely wouldn’t dare to attack in the near future.

We still have Gilbert here. As time passes, they would surely give up. Be rest assured. After experiencing the pain previously, I would no longer be complacent. I have the confidence in eradicating Laureton and the Cairo mercenary band!” Trunks looked extremely confident. Having experienced the ruthless torture previously, there seemed to be a change in Trunks’ body.

When Han Shuo heard what Trunks said, he looked at Trunks deeply and hesitated for a while before smiling and said, “Since you are so insistent about it, I would no longer interfere with the matters of the Valley of Sunshine. However, if you face any difficulties, you must inform me as quickly as possible!”

“Don’t worry. The Soul Destroyer mercenary band isn’t solely mine. I know what needs to be done!” Trunks smiled as he replied.

“Gilbert, you stay here. Before Trunks recovers, look after him properly for me!” Han Shuo looked at Gilbert and instructed.

“Understood, honorable master.” Gilbert acknowledged Han Shuo’s instructions.

Trunks actually wanted to rely on his own strength. To firmly wield power within the Valley of Sunshine, he indeed couldn’t rely on others for everything and could only utilize the strength he had to get rid of the strongest power in the Valley of Sunshine, the Cairo mercenary band. Only then can Trunks truly obtain everyone’s respect.

For him to have such a realization and train of thought, Han Shuo was surprised and at the same time, full of admiration. This proved that Trunks was truly a talent. Furthermore, Han Shuo could see the changes in Trunks ever since he had rescued Trunks. He realized that Trunks had become stronger and more ruthless, no longer as careless and benevolent.

The previous lesson was really too cruel. Trunks had to go through torment more painful than death. There would no longer be any situations too difficult for him from now on. Han Shuo precisely noticed this and suddenly understood why Trunks asked Han Shuo to leave Laureton to him. Apart from using Laureton to test his methods, he also wanted to use Laureton to polish his martial technique.

Currently, only Laureton was able to deal with Trunks within the entire Valley of Sunshine. If Han Shuo killed Laureton now, Trunks would lose the most suitable opponent. Not only would he lose much pleasure, he would also lose a turning point in making a breakthrough. It was also only through Laureton that Trunks would be able to improve once again.

Having understood Trunks’ intention, Han Shuo didn’t insist on his own thoughts and truly let go off matters within the Valley of Sunshine. He then said his goodbyes to Trunks and Gilbert within the same day, returning to the Cemetery of Death from the Valley of Sunshine.

Returning to the Cemetery of Death, Han Shuo followed his original purpose and headed down to explore.

The reason why he returned to Cemetery of Death was due to Wolf’s information. Were it not for Gilbert suddenly requesting for emergency assistance, Han Shuo would have already long since explored the third layer of the Cemetery of Death. Now that he had returned, Han Shuo immediately headed below the Cemetery of Death.

Having had the previous experiences, Han Shuo’s exploration seemed to be a walk in the park. Han Shuo instilled his mental energy into the first two layers, easily breaking through the enchantments and headed for the passageway that led to the third layer. Han Shuo only stopped when he sensed the existence of an enchantment.

Taking a deep breath, Han Shuo slowly condensed his mental energy to probe the area where the enchantment was.


Han Shuo’s mental energy had just touched the area when his mind was suddenly jolted as a large force suddenly rushed forward, like countless small snakes forcing their way into Han Shuo’s mind. This caused Han Shuo to feel an endless tingling pain.

Fortunately, Han Shuo had prior experience, hastily holding his breath in rapt attention, directing stronger mental energy into the enchantment, attempting to break through the enchantment like the previous two occasions. The skeletal staff in his hand shone brightly in tri-colored light.


Han Shuo had suddenly struck out, yet the enchantment had not been broken and Han Shuo himself was repelled. Right when Han Shuo was becoming extremely frightened, the countless snake-like energy that barged into Han Shuo’s mind suddenly became orderly from its original chaos, forming lines of bright magic symbols.

As Han Shuo had delved into necromancy magic for a long time, when those magic symbols appeared in his mind, he was extremely surprised. Soon after, the tri-colored light from the skeletal staff in his hand suddenly became brighter as three strands of demonic light climbed along Han Shuo’s arm and slowly entered his body.

The tri-colored light from the skeletal staff traveled up Han Shuo’s arm, directly flowing into Han Shuo’s mind, coming together with the countless magical symbols and arranging into paragraphs of incantations that Han Shuo could understand, as well as paragraphs of information.

Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment before quickly coming to himself, hastily memorizing the information that had appeared in his mind. The paragraphs of incantations and information were rapidly imprinted into his mind. The entire process didn’t persist for too long. With the degree of development of his brain, Han Shuo very quickly remembered the information within his mind.

“Before becoming a sacred magus necromancer, the next enchantment cannot be opened. It contains the secret for a necromancer to become God…”

“The skeletal staff possesses three basic abilities. Apart from the first ability of doubling the might of spells, the other two abilities require additional incantations. The incantations specifically are…”

“Enchantment of Fear, Enchantment of Weakness and Enchantment of Age. The incantations and way of applying these enchantments are…”

The magic symbols swiveled around Han Shuo’s mind, finally forming three pieces of information. The first was that only a sacred magus can enter the next layer. Secondly, the incantations for rejuvenation and entering the netherworld and lastly, the three long lost enchantments of necromancers.

The next layer actually had the secret for a necromancer to become God!

Han Shuo was extremely surprised as he looked ahead toward the pathway blocked by a single enchantment. He was shocked by the information within his mind and was lost in thought for a long time. There were too many thoughts appearing in his mind.

Han Shuo only slowly suppressed his chaotic state of mind after a long time. The first piece of information still didn’t mean much to him, but the second and third piece of information was of great use at the present time.

Of the three mysterious abilities of the skeletal staff, the ability to double the power of spells didn’t need a supporting incantation, but the rejuvenation ability and the ability for the soul to freely enter the netherworld were not as simple to bring about. For example, for the soul to travel back and forth from the netherworld, it required the support of many complicated incantations as well as a precise understanding of your own soul.

For the rejuvenation ability to succeed, it needed to utilize the energy contained within the skeletal staff. This energy wasn’t something everyone could endure and only those that have been approved by the skeletal staff would be able to transform themselves through the energy contained within the skeletal staff.

Previously, Wolf obviously fulfilled this condition. According to Wolf, all the disciples of the Calamity Church seemed to fulfill the condition to be reformed by the skeletal staff. All the old fellows within the Calamity Church who had lived for countless years could make use of this energy to return to their youth.

Enchantment of Fear, Enchantment of Weakness and Enchantment of Age are three of the ancient necromancers’ large-scale magic enchantments. Enemies who were shrouded by the Enchantment of Fear would have dread forming in their hearts, their ability to judge and their willpower would be influenced by the Enchantment of Fear and drop substantially. The Enchantment of Weakness, on the other hand, would cause enemies to lose the strength of their bodies, causing their fighting strength to decrease greatly.

The most fearsome was definitely the Enchantment of Age. However, the Enchantment of Age could only be used by a sacred magus necromancer. Necromancers who reach the rank of sacred magus would already have an extremely exquisite understanding of the soul. By utilizing an enormous amount of mental energy to deploy the Enchantment of Age, any living creature that enters the enchantment would age faster.

If the living creature stayed within the Enchantment of Age for over a fixed amount of time, the living creature would die of old age immediately. This was an extremely malicious spell which reduced the origin vitality of a living creature’s soul. No matter how strong an opponent was, if they were not as accomplished in understanding the soul, they would be helpless within the Enchantment of Age.

Han Shuo was able to immediately practice the Enchantment of Fear and Enchantment of Weakness. Using these two enchantments in tandem would also create a layering effect. Using these enchantments together with a necromancer’s undead army would simply be a nightmare to any enemy.

Perhaps it was precisely because combining these two enchantments with the undead army was really too formidable that during the glorious era of necromancers, they would be eliminated from all the magician associations within the continent. From that moment on, the three enchantments disappeared forever from the world.

The reason why the Enchantment of Age could only be practiced by a sacred magus necromancer was perhaps due to the frightening power of the Enchantment of Age which caused it to be unable to overlay with the other two enchantments.

No matter how strong a living creature was, once it entered the Enchantment of Age and didn’t exit immediately, its body would rapidly age. Even if it immediately left the Enchantment of Age, a part of its body would still be affected and would never recover.

However, Han Shuo’s skeletal staff was able to let victims of the Enchantment of Age rejuvenate. Combining both the Enchantment of Age and the skeletal staff, everything could be considered to be in control. He would be able to send his own men into the enchantment to intercept the enemy. And when the enemy has retreated or died, Han Shuo can use the skeletal staff to rejuvenate the youth lost by his own people within the Enchantment of Age.

The practice method as well as the full incantations of the three great enchantments that were the secret behind necromancers ruling the continent were completely engraved into Han Shuo’s mind at this moment.