GDK 411 – Chopping their hands off

Smoke rose everywhere from within the Boozt Merchant Guild. The soldiers under Ashburn’s command charged in, killing everyone they see. The guards within the guild simply didn’t have the chance to retaliate with most of them being killed or injured in an instant.

Phoebe who was distraught from Han Shuo’s words held divine weapon Starry Sky and led the guards within the guild to do their utmost in resisting. However, the situation was clearly far from good.

The soldiers that attacked Boozt Merchant Guild included some experts that supported Charles. There was also a Temple Knight from the Church of Light who held a silver spear and did not put anyone in his eyes. Every strike of his spear would inevitably lead to the death of a guard.

There were also a few mages that continuously released spells. The Boozt Merchant Guild’s buildings caught fire in succession. The stocked up grains and goods burned within the large fire. Some servants were burning all over as they exited their rooms, only to face a rain of arrows that was shot over. Those innocent servants were all shot dead.

In an extremely short time, Boozt Merchant Guild fell into the enemy’s hands under the unyielding attack. Only Phoebe and a group of loyal guards were hurriedly retreating toward the back gate. During the time, the guards by Phoebe’s side were being killed in succession.

“Miss Phoebe, you won’t be able to escape today!” Space archmage Aubrey smiled deviously as he gazed at Phoebe and said unhurriedly.

Previously, it was precisely space archmage Aubrey and Cameron that had come to Boozt Merchant Guild to coerce Phoebe. Unfortunately, they just so happen to run into Han Shuo. In the end, Aubrey and Cameron were both inflicted by Han Shuo’s poison of fire and ice, causing him to suffer from icy cold and scorching heat for the next few days.

Aubrey naturally realized that it was Han Shuo’s doing. However, he knew that Han Shuo wasn’t someone he could provoke. Hence, he could only swallow this suffering and hide the thought of revenge in his heart.

Having come to the Boozt Merchant Guild again today, Aubrey had a Temple Knight from the Church of Light as well as many other mage experts with him. He was completely confident that in successfully accomplishing what he didn’t complete previously, to capture Phoebe and use her to threaten sacred swordmaster Karel, causing Karel to not dare to act recklessly.

Behind Aubrey was a squadron of hundred soldiers as well as the Temple Knight who had the pattern of an olive branch on his chest. The fleeing Phoebe only had thirty guards with her. Even though Phoebe herself was a great swordmaster, there was no way she could prevail over these opponents.

As Aubrey spoke, he had already released a Spatial Rend, sending a shining sharp blade over. The guards beside Phoebe suddenly lost large chunks of flesh as the Spatial Rend took away a part of their body into a different space.

“Bang!” Phoebe who was withdrawing suddenly felt an invisible wall striking her back, her whole body actually shot forward a few steps.

“Aubrey, you still dare to appear at my Boozt Merchant Guild? Are you all crazy? You actually dare to disregard everything and kill so many servants and guards?” Phoebe clearly didn’t know that King Uhtred had died and just like Han Shuo at the beginning, her heart filled with extreme appall. She had never imagined that Ashburn would dare to be so brazen.

“Haha, we aren’t insane. After tonight, Ossen City and Lancelot Empire would both belong to His Highness Charles. Tonight, every hostile power would be eliminated.” Aubrey laughed savagely before replying.

“Less superfluous words. Capture this woman as quickly as possible. We still have other matters to handle.” the Temple Knight suddenly spoke.

Hearing the Temple Knight speak, Aubrey embarrassedly stopped laughing, nodding as he replied, “Lord Crespo, this woman is a great swordmaster. We will need to work together to capture her alive.”

“Make your move then!” The Temple Knight named Crespo didn’t say any useless words, raising his silver spear and headed toward Phoebe.

As he brandished the silver spear, a milky-white brilliance burst out from the spear point. A holy aura gradually spread from Crespo’s body. His silver armor suddenly burst into bright light, causing Crespo’s aura to rise tremendously.

Phoebe was startled, slightly retreating even before Crespo approached. Soon after, she brandished the divine weapon “Starry Sky”, suddenly launching a huge Cross Slash which reached Crespo in a flash.

Crespo snorted softly, lifting up his spear toward the middle of the arriving huge Cross Slash. The Cross Slash suddenly rose into the sky, slashing a tree branch the thickness of a bowl into two.

“Merely a recently advanced great swordmaster, you should just wait obediently to be captured.” Crespo said coldly, his body turning into a string of afterimages due to his high speed. The spear in his hand suddenly appeared to become several hundred as they stabbed toward Phoebe.

A ring of starry radiance suddenly burst out from the divine weapon “Starry Sky”. The specks of starlight proliferated outward, forming many Cross Slashes. They carried a terrifying force as they exploded all of a sudden. As the several hundred blurry silver spears were suddenly broken into dust, the explosive force spread out, causing Crespo to groan and hastily fall back a few steps.

“Good, very good. You are actually able to borrow the power of the divine weapon to unleash Karel’s Cross Slash to attack. No wonder that old fellow Karel thinks so highly of you!” Crespo retreated a few steps, seven to eight small holes appearing at the shoulder area of his silver armor, his expression cold as he spoke.

“Who would have expected that the Church of Light’s Temple Knight would actually become the dog of the Eldest Prince. Is this something your religious organization that transcended worldly power should be doing?” Phoebe similarly mocked him, her face filled with disdain.

“Miss, hurry up and leave, we’ll bring up the rear.” the head guard of Boozt Merchant Guild impatiently begged Phoebe.

Phoebe shook her head and said helplessly, “There’s no way to escape!”

Phoebe’s side didn’t have any formidable mages. Facing troops who possessed warhorses and were coordinating with mages and archers, escape wasn’t a sensible choice because the speed of mages who could fly greatly surpassed them.

“Aubrey, ask your men to act together. After we take down this woman, we still have to handle other matters. Don’t waste too much time.” Crespo shot a glance at Aubrey, frowning as he said coldly.

Aubrey nodded his head in agreement as he replied, “Alright then, we’ll act together.”

After nodding toward Aubrey, Crespo raised his spear once again and headed toward Phoebe. With a simple swivel of his spear, a burst of silver light suddenly shot out. At the same moment, Aubrey starting chanting an incantation, a space type magic shackles caused the surrounding space to fluctuate as it shot toward Phoebe.

The magi beside Aubrey chanted incantations one after another. Magic barriers of every major descended toward Phoebe. The archers from a distance away had also arrived, all of them drawing their bows and aiming toward Phoebe.


As Phoebe’s strike obstructed Crespo’s silver light, she suddenly felt a strong force and couldn’t help but fall back a couple of steps. These two steps caused Phoebe to fall into the path of the space magic shackles. All kinds of formless energy suddenly rushed forth, causing Phoebe to feel like she was being entangled within a myriad of ropes, unable to move the slightest.

“Bring her away. With Phoebe in our hands, that old bastard Karel will definitely know his place!” Aubrey laughed heartily in pride as he instructed a few knights behind him.

“Heh heh, this woman is really beautiful. Tsk tsk, her skin is extremely smooth. I have never seen a woman with such delicate skin.” A knight who came over had a lecherous smile, attempting to stroke Phoebe’s face as he used a rope to tie her up.

As Phoebe who couldn’t move and could speak saw the rough hand approaching her face, her eyes were filled with intense panic and ire. She uncontrollably thought of Han Shuo in this vulnerable moment, thinking, “How good will it be if you scoundrel is able to come and rescue me. As long as you appear, I might even forgive you. I don’t want anyone apart from you to touch me…”

When a woman was frightened, vulnerable and helpless, the first person she would think of would definitely be her man. Phoebe was no exception. When she saw the knight’s hand about to caress her face, as she lost her head out of fear, Phoebe called out for Han Shuo in her heart.


Just as the rough hand was about to touch Phoebe’s face, a noise suddenly sounded. Soon after, the knight was suddenly howling miserably. That coarse hand was chopped off at the wrist, dripping with blood as it fell by Phoebe’s feet.

“Who is that!” Crespo suddenly shouted loudly, on guard as he looked around in all directions. The silver spear in his hand flashed intermittently with silver light.


In the moonless night, a strand of black light flashed past, The knight who had his hand chopped off howled mournfully once again. Everyone took a look, realizing that the knight’s other hand had also been chopped off.

“Capture Phoebe, hurry!” Aubrey suddenly came to his senses, hastily instructed the knights who were still distracted.

The few of them immediately started to move, planning to first tie Phoebe up with the thick rope in their hands.

Swish, swish, swish!

The strand of black light appeared repeatedly, resembling black thread that weaved the curtain of night. The knights that attempted to approach Phoebe had their extended hands chopped off one after another. In a flash, more hands actually appeared by Phoebe’s feet.

Phoebe was shackled by magic and couldn’t move, but her eyes didn’t miss anything that occurred around her. She suddenly felt an intense happiness fill her heart. Without even needing to think, Phoebe knew that Han Shuo had arrived. With the current crisis resolved, Phoebe momentarily forgot Han Shuo’s bad points, only remembering that Han Shuo had assisted her time and time again.

“Bryan… Damn it, why have you only arrived now…” Phoebe shouted loudly in her heart. Her eyes were brimming with happiness and serenity. She was no longer worried about the surrounding danger as if with the existence of that strand of black light, there would no longer be any danger to her.

“Come out, you cowardly sneak attacker!” Crespo suddenly shouted loudly as he charged toward Phoebe.

“That person, that person has arrived!” Aubrey suddenly recovered from his shock and shouted to Crespo.

Crespo was distracted momentarily, before quickly coming to his senses and shouting at once, “That’s impossible. That fellow is powerless to defend himself, he shouldn’t be able to appear her that quickly!”

“According to who?” A chilling voice suddenly came from afar. As the voice sounded, a shadow already stood by Phoebe’s side.

Han Shuo glanced at Crespo, his left hand gently pressing on Phoebe’s back and suddenly erupted in violent energy. A string of crackling sounds rang in Phoebe’s surroundings. Several barriers and Aubrey’s shackles suddenly broke into many pieces.

Phoebe who was previously shackled and unable to move suddenly felt that she was able to move her whole body. Prior to Han Shuo’s arrival, Phoebe was continuously calling out for him in her heart, even thinking to herself that if Han Shuo saved her once again, she would forgive his fickleness. However, when Han Shuo really appeared and Phoebe’s danger was removed, she once again brooded over the previous matter, feeling that she shouldn’t forgive him that easily. Hence, she snorted softly but didn’t say anything.

“Heh heh, you even dare to touch my woman. Courting death!” After Han Shuo broke Phoebe’s shackles with a strike, he menacingly gazed at the people in front of him and said coldly.

“Bah! Who is your woman? You fickle scoundrel!” Phoebe was happy yet ashamed and couldn’t help but hatefully glare at Han Shuo, panting in rage as she said, “I still haven’t forgiven you for that matter. Please refrain from talking rubbish!”

“Of course Miss Phoebe is my woman. If you aren’t my woman, why would I travel all the way to the north of the city to save you?” Han Shuo grinned as he replied Phoebe.

“It’s really you. How is that possible, how did you manage to escape from Lord Kosse’s grasp?” Crespo’s expression changed, looking at Han Shuo in shock as he spoke.

“Kosse? Ha, in several fights, it seemed that the one who is always fleeing is that fellow?” Han Shuo said calmly to Crespo. As he spoke, Han Shuo had already taken out the skeletal staff, his expression gradually became colder.

“It is different this time. Apart from Lord Kosse, there’s also Lord Blount. How did you manage to escape?” Crespo was at a loss, retreating in fear.

Han Shuo’s evil reputation was currently extremely well-known in the Church of Light. Red Archbishop Kosse was repeatedly defeated by him. Han Shuo’s strength was also gradually acknowledged by the people within the Church of Light. Crespo still had self-awareness, knowing that with his strength, he definitely wasn’t Han Shuo’s match. The notion of retreating had appeared in his heart.

“Every single one of you will not leave here alive!” Han Shuo pronounced their fate, the skeletal staff beginning to summon undead creatures.

Red Archbishop Kosse who wielded the ‘Revelation’ divine artifact wasn’t here and there weren’t any light mages who could quickly purify undead creatures present. Han Shuo had complete confidence in swiftly killing all of them.