GDK 418 – Tripartite talks

“Get that brat Bryan out here!” A thin middle-aged man swore and shouted, dragging along a reluctant Fanny as they burst into the castle.

The guards stationed along the heavily-guarded pathway seemed to recognize this thin middle-aged man. Everyone frowned and was worried but surprisingly none of them dared to stop him.

Due to Han Shuo’s stunning ability during the last three days, he had gained an exquisitely high status. Even in Ossen City, it was exceedingly rare to find someone who dared to abuse a noble so unbridled. A few soldiers who couldn’t identify this man were extremely furious but suddenly quietened down after the veterans succinctly explained, their expression filled with hints of reverence when they looked at this man again.

The loud curses were clearly audible from the assembly room at the third-floor of the castle where Han Shuo and his party were gathered. Old Hahn, Boris, Eevee, sacred swordmaster Karel, sacred magus Sabakas as well as Amyes and the others from the Dark Mantle smiled bitterly when they heard that voice.

Lawrence, Amyes and those who knew what was going on, suddenly glanced at Han Shuo with glinting eyes. Emily was even more uncomfortable. No one knew what unpredictable outcome this madman’s arrival would bring.

“Why has this guy come over?” Old Hahn’s expression suddenly changed, and soon after looked flabbergasted at Han Shuo who was smiling wryly and asked probingly, “Why would you have animosity with him?”

Han Shuo awkwardly scratched his head, his face bitter as he explained, “I don’t have any animosity with him. Forget it, let’s deal with things as they happen. I’ll go take a look.”

“Bryan, this madman cannot be provoked, you must treat him with caution!” Just as Han Shuo stood up from his seat and was heading out, Lawrence suddenly spoke while having a queer expression.

“I’ll take note of that!” Han Shuo replied and directly headed towards the exit.

Lawrence was familiar with Han Shuo’s temperament, but he still didn’t feel completely assured, so he got up and followed him out. Those who sat around the table were all people of status. Some of them were somewhat well acquainted with Firenze. When they saw Lawrence getting up and leaving, they hesitated for a moment before following suit, leaving just space sacred magus Sabakas and sacred swordmasterKarel in the room.

In the whole Lancelot Empire, it could be said that the only person that Duke Ashburn and eldest Prince Charles was apprehensive about was the southern border’s war god, Firenze. In the entire Lancelot Empire, the one person who could defend the southern border from the bloodthirsty orcs was none other than this man.

The citizens within the dozens of cities at the southern border were extremely valiant. In the many years of battle with the Orc Empire, every soldier and knight have been tempered to become exceedingly strong and powerful. The strongest knight regiment and legion within the Lancelot Empire were all at the southern border. But without this man’s leadership, the vast southern border would have turned into the orc’s land and Lancelot Empire would also be invaded by the bestial Orcs.

It could be said that no matter who ultimately won the civil war, Firenze’s status at the southern border will not be affected. This was because, other than this madman, no one else could stabilize the situation at the southern border. Based on this, he had become the one who had the most freedom to act as he wanted.

While such a civil strife was going on, If this man wanted to, he could declare independence from the Lancelot Empire, and become the true monarch of the southern border.

“Where’s that little bastard, come out now!” Firenze shouted as he walked. Although there were numerous densely packed soldiers in the surroundings, no one dared to obstruct him and instead took the initiative to open a path for him.

“Father!” Fanny, who was being held by Firenze, was blushing as if she was embarrassed to have such a father.

“You stay out of this. This little bastard is a womanizer at such young age. I must definitely teach him a lesson today. I don’t care that he’s the city lord of Brettel City. If he pisses me off, I’ll declare war on him. Lancelot Empire is already in disorder anyways, it wouldn’t matter if I add some oil to the fire!” Firenze shouted in rage as he dragged Fanny to the second floor.

At the beginning, Firenze was quite pleased when Fanny was talked about Bryan’s status. He had also heard of some of Bryan’s achievements. He felt that Bryan met his expectations and was suitable. Fanny marrying him would also not disgrace himself.

However, Firenze was unhappy that Bryan stood him up multiple times. This time he had obviously come to Ossen City, but Bryan still did not take the initiative to pay his respects. This cause Firenze to feel angry. However, he was still able to accept it reluctantly as he understood that Ossen City wasn’t in a good situation. However, when he started using his own power to find out more about Han Shuo, he suddenly realized that Han Shuo was actually a couple with Boozt Merchant Alliance’s Phoebe.

This news was shocking to Firenze who was far away from Ossen City. When he was aware of this matter, Firenze immediately thought that Han Shuo had cheated his daughter’s feelings. He had nearly charged to Han Shuo’s mansion and cause a scene. However, he managed to resist the urge and instead went to interrogate Fanny.

He discovered that not only did Fanny know about Han Shuo’s sinful acts, she had actually still coyly say that she was fine with it. Fanny’s conformist thoughts almost caused Firenze to faint in anger. When Fanny courageously said that apart from Phoebe, Han Shuo still had another woman named Emily, Firenze truly exploded! Without saying a word, he immediately dragged Fanny along to find Han Shuo and make things clear.

“Uh, I’m Bryan.” An anxious but helpless Han Shuo stood on the stone steps that connected the second floor with the third floor as he looked at Firenze, whose complexion was red with anger.

“You still have the guts to come out, Not bad, not bad” Firenze gnashed his teeth, casually snatching a pike from a guard standing beside him and threw it toward Han Shuo.

The dazzling pike was like silver lightning and was in front of Han Shuo in the blink of an eye.

Firenze was an outstanding commander and was personally a Sky Rider. His strike was filled with fighting aura and it was not to be belittled.

Han Shuo knew Firenze will not let things go easily. He lifted his left hand and the Demonslayer Edge emerged from his palm and struck the tip of the pike with a clang, causing the pike to shatter into pieces. “Father! You said you’ll talk about it!” Fanny shouted as she tried to pull back Firenze with both her hands while looking helplessly at Han Shuo.

“Aren’t we talking now? Otherwise, why would I come here alone?! This guy can kill Leah Cain by himself and there are so many old farts here protecting him. If this is not called talking, I don’t know what is!” Firenze glared at Fanny and lightly scolded, “Lass, let go of me, I still have more things to talk with him!”

Old Hahn, Amyes and the rest had just reached Han Shuo’s side when they heard Firenze’s “so many old farts”. Old Hahn was furious, pointing at Firenze as he shouted angrily, “You lunatic, who are you calling old farts?”

“I didn’t say it was you!” Firenze snorted coldly.

Old Hahn face relaxed. Just when he decided not to pursue this further, he was driven mad by what Firenze said next.

“I’m addressing all of you! Including old fart Karel that’s still inside! Don’t think that I wouldn’t know you’re here just because you stay inside!“ Firenze sneered when he saw Old Hahn’s expression relax before resolutely continuing his sentence.

Han Shuo was stunned and stared blankly at Firenze. He thought in his heart that this man really had a unique personality. It seems that the person who dared to beat up Grand Duke Ashburn within the main hall was indeed not an ordinary person.

“Damn it, you mad dog, when did I ever offend you?” Old Hahn rarely became angry in his recent years. However, he was so angered as soon as he met with Firenze that he threw a vulgar remark.

“Your daughter-in-law seduced my daughter’s man! And Karel’s apprentice also snatched my daughter’s man! Damn it, are you all bully me because I’m far away at the southern border?!” Firenze was indeed a madman as Old Hahn described, cursing anyone he got his hands on.

When he said that, Emily’s pretty face turned deathly white. Han Shuo also trembled inwardly, thinking to himself that the situation was going downhill.

Sure enough, Old Hahn’s expression suddenly sank. He gave Firenze a cold, frosty gaze and asked, “What do you mean? Please make yourself clear! If you dare to randomly slander my family’s name and reputation, I’ll pursue this with my entire life”

Sacred swordmaster Karel and Sabakas had walked out at an unknown time and heard the conversation too. Karel glowered at Firenze and shouted loudly, “What the hell do you want? The empire is in chaos and we have no time for your nonsense!”

“This brat is in a relationship with Phoebe and Emily, but still dared to go after my daughter. Don’t you all know about it?” Firenze didn’t fear the rage of Old Hahn and Karel. He sneered as he paused, as though he had not cause enough chaos. He then added coldly, “I will definitely pursue this matter till the end. As long as it’s not settled, the civil strife within the empire has nothing to do with me. Do whatever you guys want, whoever lives or dies is none of my business. Hmph, even if Lancelot Empire was finished, I will not let anyone bully my daughter. If the few of you want to play, I’ll accompany you until the end!”

When he finished, everyone’s gaze was on Han Shuo, Fanny, Emily, and Phoebe. Old Hahn and Karel’s expressions turned ashen. On one hand, they were dumbfounded by the sudden revelation, and the other, they were shocked by Firenze’s reckless words.

To Old Hahn and Karel, their whole life had been dedicated to the Lancelot Empire. To them, the only thing they truly cared about was the future of Lancelot Empire. They could never be like the lunatic Firenze and disregard Lancelot Empire’s survival.

“Emily, is what he said true?” Old Hahn was somewhat embarrassed as he asked a pitiful looking Emily, who looked as though she was going to cry.