When Bollands heard that this circulation method could allow him to become stronger, he immediately focused his attention, not daring to relax the slightest.

Bollands’ body was filled with a great amount of killing intent. When it was pulled along by the demonic yuan energy to slowly circulate through his meridians, it gradually formed a perfect orbit. With the completion of every round of circulation, Bollands could feel as though there was something additional within his body. However, Bollands could only go all out in remembering the circulation method of this killing intent and couldn’t manipulate the circulation of the killing intent on his own.

“Pay attention, this is a section of mnemonic chant. As long as you remember this mnemonic chant and are able to understand how it’s used, you would be able to circulate the killing intent within your body without relying on the guidance of my demonic yuan energy!” Han Shuo said seriously to Bollands.

Bollands was startled and not daring to move as he waited for Han Shuo to narrate the mnemonic chant. Everything that Han Shuo did for him seemed so novel to Bollands and every word he said was profound and mysterious. Bollands knew nothing at all of this unknown martial technique but he had already witnessed the miracles produced by this martial technique from Han Shuo. Now that the opportunity to learn this martial technique was right in front of him, he didn’t dare to relax no matter what happened.

Han Shuo’s deep voice rang in Bollands’ ear. Bollands no longer indulged in flights of fancy. When Han Shuo started speaking again, he discarded all distracting thoughts and conscientiously listened to Han Shuo’s narration. Regardless of whether he could understand immediately, first of all, he had to commit the mnemonic chant to his memory.

Han Shuo repeated the mnemonic chant three times, and then slowly explained the basics of demonic arts. After all, as the demonic arts originated from another world and was different from all the martial techniques and magic within the Profound Continent, it definitely wouldn’t be easy for Bollands, as a native who had never been exposed to demonic arts, to fathom the true meaning behind the mnemonic chant.

Han Shuo took great pains in clarifying some of the general questions regarding demonic arts, and then explained in detail again on how to remember the mnemonic chant. He imparted everything he knew about God Slaying Devil Path to Bollands, regardless of whether Bollands could understand.

“Alright, I will leave a small portion of my demonic yuan energy within your body, so as to assist you in forming a vortex to absorb killing intent. You’ll have to figure out the rest on your own. If you encounter anything you don’t understand, note them down for now. When my matters are completed, I’ll clarify your doubts.” When Han Shuo felt that his explanations were good enough, he gave Bollands further instructions.

The few strands of demonic yuan energy that were in Bollands’ body suddenly changed their direction and converged at Bollands’ chest. The strands of demonic yuan energy slowly started to revolve in an arc, spurring the immense killing intent in his body, and gradually forming a vortex that others couldn’t see.

After this vortex took shape, a substantial-looking killing intent appeared from Bollands’ chest. The dense killing intent was like an unsheathed sharp sword which carried the desire for massacre and destruction. At this moment, the killing intent which was lingering everywhere suddenly converged towards Bollands’s chest, as though they were being attracted by the energy of common origin within Bollands.

Bollands was indescribably ecstatic. If it wasn’t that he couldn’t move his body, he would probably have kneeled in excitement and kowtowed to thank Han Shuo!

As the person who directly benefited from the killing intent, Bollands had never felt the circulation of killing intent as clearly as he did now. The vortex formed within his body was like an extremely mysterious force, slowly absorbing the killing intent that lingered around the northern city district. It gathered the killing intent within his chest before transforming it with the vortex into strands of ice-cold energy which disseminated through his body.

Bollands have yet to comprehend how to use this energy, but he clearly knew the fearsome destructive power contained within this energy. Once strands of this energy, which an ordinary person could never be able to absorb, entered his body, not only did it not damage his body, it instead gradually turned into an energy that was compatible with the killing intent within his body.

This feeling could not be sufficiently expressed with just the word “AWESOME”!

“Alright. You just stay over here. It would suffice if you simply comprehend what I just told you. Currently, your body has not been properly tempered. Your bones are not durable enough and many meridian channels are still not cleared. Therefore, the amount of killing intent you can absorb isn’t that much. When you feel that you can’t bear it anymore, you can exert some strength to slap your chest to disperse the vortex. That will stop the absorption.” Han Shuo silently let go of Bollands and instructed him. Without waiting for Bollands to reply, Han Shuo flew toward a roof which was at another remote part of the castle.

Brave, courageous soldiers were still constantly fighting, causing a large volume of energy that was useful to Han Shuo to linger in the sky above Ossen City. Bollands was able to absorb a small portion with Han Shuo help. Han Shuo, whose strength was advancing by leaps and bounds, was naturally able to absorb much more of this energy together with his Demonslayer Edge.

If Han Shuo stayed beside Bollands, once he started absorbing the lingering energy, all the energy would directly enter Han Shuo’s body, greatly affecting the killing intent Bollands would absorb. Not only would his absorption rate decrease, the quality of energy would also weaken greatly. Therefore, Han Shuo chose to stay away from Bollands.

As the demonic yuan energy within his body revolved frantically, an enormous vortex formed in the sky above Han Shuo. Compared to the vortex within Bollands’ body, Han Shuo’ vortex was a thousand times bigger. With demonic yuan energy as the foundation, the vortex slowly started to revolve.

All the various energy lingering within the northern city district were suddenly like rivers converging into the sea, rushing forth at high speed toward the vortex formed above Han Shuo. In an instant, the color of the sky above the castle changed. The ordinary citizens felt the pressure on their bodies slowly decreasing while the experts were terrified, their expressions grotesque as they raised their head to look at the sky.

Two spectacles appeared above the castle. One was the blood clouds formed by Demonslayer Edge, while the other was a monstrous black vortex. The Demonslayer Edge was in the center of the blood clouds, rapidly absorbing the mix of fear and hatred lingering within the northern city district. On the other hand, the huge bizarre black vortex was madly swallowing the soaring killing intent.

The sudden appearance of the two spectacles on the northern city sky, and the impact they had on the negative energy that enveloped the northern city district caused many experts to be flabbergasted!

“Lord Blount, can you sense that?“ Earth sacred magus Dempus asked the sacred knight gravely.

The sacred knight Blount creased his brows as he gazed at the two spectacles above the northern city district and said with a deep voice, “I can sense that a sinister energy is present there. I’m unfamiliar with that energy, which is filled with chaos, slaughter, and madness. This energy is vastly different from the energy of the Calamity Church. What the hell is going on!”

Dempus was somewhat appalled to learn that experienced sacred knight Blount didn’t know what was happening. He muttered to himself, “I can sense through my mental energy that this energy comes from the dead soldiers. However, doesn’t the energy from the soldiers rest between heaven and earth? How could they be drawn together by any forces? This, this is unbelievable!”

“Damnit. If Karel and Sabakas weren’t here, we could actually go over and investigate. However, all we could do now is watch from afar without knowing what’s going on!” Blount said resentfully but was also helpless to change the situation.

The spectacle in the sky appeared above the castle where the northern city guards were garrisoned. This clearly meant that it had something to do with someone within the castle. However, that area was currently heavily guarded, even having two sacred rank experts guarding it. Even Blount and Dempus didn’t dare to risk entering that area to investigate.

While Blount and Dempus were inexplicably horrified, the experts within the castle had similarly turned pale in fright. All of them looked upwards and stared blankly at the spectacle that appeared, not knowing what was going on.

The blood clouds emitted by the Demonslayer Edge were a bewitching blood red color under the illumination of the sun. The clouds enveloped the entire area surrounding the castle. With the obstruction of the blood clouds, the sunlight projected on the ground was completely blood red in color. Along with blood that was everywhere, the battlefield had completely become a world drenched with blood.

The glaring, bewitching blood red color seemed to possess the ability to ignite the endless hatred hidden deep within people’s hearts. Both sides of the battlefield became more reckless as if they had all become killing machines as they crazily unleashed savage attacks at the enemy, resulting in the losses on both sides to increase exponentially.

The enormous vortex formed by Han Shuo’s demonic yuan energy was like a crazy black abyss, rapidly devouring the killing intent that filled the sky in the northern city district. Some grand magi and great swordmasters could feel the fluctuation in energy, As sacred rank experts, Sabakas and Karel could sense the fluctuations even more clearly

Both of them had astonished expressions, still frightened by the spectacle in the sky. AS the changes appeared in the sky above the castle, both of them even assumed that it was a devastating strike by the enemy on the castle and were panicking and didn’t know what to do.

“You guys must immediately obliterate these two strange phenomenons, those must definitely be actions taken by the enemy against us!” Firenze too was somewhat confused. He had heard about the destructive power of some forbidden magic. If the two spectacles overhead were the prelude to two destructive forbidden magic spells, the people in this district would be in a terrible situation. No matter how good Firenze was at commanding troops, there’s no way he could evade from such a large-scale attack.

The two sacred rank experts glanced at Firenze while having a confused expression. Sabakas hesitated for a moment, and remarked suspiciously, “The energy that formed the two spectacles overhead is somewhat queer. I think that neither the Church of Light nor Dempus is capable of creating these spectacles. This energy is brimming with chaos and slaughter, which is poles apart from the energy those two people possess. Something isn’t quite right!”

“I feel that it’s different too. If Ashburn was assisted by someone from the Calamity Church, I might possibly be convinced that this is a terrifying magic attack against us. However, since this energy clearly contains an evil aura and the Calamity Church will definitely not work together with the Church of Light. Therefore we can eliminate that possibility. This is really somewhat odd.” Karel also had a doubtful expression as he slowly expressed his thoughts.

After listening to both of them, Amyes suddenly had a thought and said, “Could it really be Calamity Church and their target is Ashburn and his men? There is a sacred knight from the Church of Light on their side and the Calamity Church and the Church of Light are mortal enemies. Could it indeed be caused by them?“

There was actually another possibility in Amyes’ heart. As one of the three heavyweights of Dark Mantle, Amyes knew Han Shuo better than most people. He knew that Han Shuo seemed to have some connection with the Calamity Church. Generally, the Calamity Church will do their utmost to rope in the Church of Light’s mortal enemies. Since the Church of Light was so adamant in treating Han Shuo as a mortal enemy, the Calamity Church will surely strive to win over Han Shuo and to establish a good relationship with him.

However, saying that would damage Han Shuo’s reputation. To Amyes, Karel, and Sabakas, both the Calamity Church and the Church of Light were just regarded as just religions. They didn’t feel reverence or hatred toward these two organizations like ordinary people and hence wouldn’t have any prejudices against Han Shuo due to Amyes’ remarks.

However, the ordinary nobles of Lancelot Empire had a somewhat instinctively opposition toward the Calamity Church. As Amyes didn’t want them to have a bad impression of Han Shuo, he didn’t mention this reason.

Sabakas, Karel and the rest were startled when they heard Amyes’ interpretation. Soon after, the two of them glanced at each other and Karel said, “Oh, that’s possible too!”

“Hmph. But what if this is actually an impending attack against us? If you don’t take action to resolve this and a large-scale killing magic descends upon us, we simply don’t need to fight this war any longer and we’ll all be done for.” Not buying the explanation, Firenze shouted at the two experts.

Firenze’s words caused Karel and Sabakas hesitated and become unsure on how they should act. If they make the wrong decision, it will result in an unpredictable situation. That outcome was something even the two of them couldn’t bear.

While everyone was still hesitating, Emily had walked over from the second floor. When she overheard their conversation from afar, she hid her mouth as she chuckled and said, “These spectacles are definitely caused by Bryan, all of you don’t need to worry!”

Hearing her statement, everyone was stunned. Amyes immediately asked, “How can you be so sure?”

“Hehe, only he is able to manipulate this sort of energy, I have previously witnessed him doing so. There’s no need to worry, it’s definitely him. Apart from him, I had never met anyone who could manipulate the energy left behind between heaven and earth by the soldiers that died in battle. Relax, there won’t be any problems.” Emily who knew many of Han Shuo’s secrets, smiled as she explained to the crowd.

Seeing Emily being so confident, sacred swordmaster Karel suddenly came to his senses, laughing heartily as he said, “Right, right. It must be Bryan. Previously when I sparred with him, the energy he used is quite similar to the energy gathering in the sky. I only thought of it after you mentioned it. So that’s what going on!”

Karel’s words clearly had more weight than Emily’s. His remarks caused the crowd to suddenly calm down. Soon after, Sabakas suddenly flew up into the sky to observe the two spectacles more clearly. Within the huge black vortex, strands of bizarre energy were filtered and transformed by the vortex and entered Han Shuo who was on the roof of the castle little by little.

Seeing that, Sabakas completely understood what was going on. He calmly landed in front of everyone, smiling as he explained, “It is indeed caused by Bryan!”

“Yes, he mentioned previously that he had to train for a while and hastily left the lounge we were in. It looks like he is practicing his martial technique. There is nothing to worry about.” Emily explained.

With Emily’s further reassurance, the party turned to look at each other in amazement. They were shocked of the mysterious martial technique Han Shuo uses!

However, the subject of the crowd’s discussion currently encountered a thorny problem. He was gradually losing control over the changes of the various kinds of chaotic energy within the Demonslayer Edge.

As there was a massive death toll due to the civil strife, it caused too much energy from fear, hatred, and wrath to be present in Ossen City. The soldiers from both factions left behind their tenacious willpower after death. Due to there being too much chaotic energy which couldn’t be rapidly fused together, it caused the energy within the Demonslayer Edge to become extremely chaotic.

However, the Demonslayer Edge was still diligently absorbing the negative energy within Ossen City. The blood cloud became denser and denser, causing Han Shuo to feel that he was somewhat losing control.

When Han Shuo came to his senses, the vast amount of energy absorbed within the Demonslayer Edge was already becoming disorderly. This caused Han Shuo’s control over the Demonslayer Edge to become somewhat difficult. As the huge amount of negative energy could not be fused quickly due to the strong enmity, the original energy within the Demonslayer Edge was attempting to neutralize and coalesce them together.

As a result, it was extremely chaotic within the Demonslayer Edge. It was surging like a soaring dragon within the blood cloud. Dense, ruthless, and sinister aura gradually flowed into the blood cloud, affecting the soldiers of both sides who were still fighting the vigorous battle.