GDK 426 – Unstoppable

When the numerous experts on Ashburn’s side saw that Dempus had actually dragged Ashburn and Charles along and retreated, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

“Everyone withdraw!” The Church of Light’s sacred knight Blount suddenly shouted and immediately rushed in Dempus’ direction.

The Demonslayer Edge was entangled within the dense blood cloud and part of the chaotic negative energy within it rushed forth and interweaved with the energy within the blood cloud, causing an incomparably formidable force to strike downwards.

Dempus and Blount were aghast and couldn’t understand what was going on. This was especially true for Blount who had effortlessly inflicted heavy injuries onto Han Shuo just a few days ago. Although he knew that Han Shuo’s strength was out of the ordinary, it still wasn’t something he paid attention to. He could never have anticipated that within a few days, Han Shuo’s strength had unexpectedly reached such a frightening level.

Both of them had precisely felt the frightening energy contained this strike and immediately started to retreat. This was because even Blount and Dempus weren’t confident in being able to withstand such a powerful strike.

Seeing Dempus and Blount retreat, the rest of them were naturally alarmed and started fleeing from the area in panic in random directions. The figures of some powerful experts became indistinct as they left the area in the blink of an eye.

The terrifying strike had the force of a collapsing mountain, causing a loud rumble as it struck the the hundred people that had yet to leave the area.


Trembles and rumbles akin to Judgement Day erupted with that area as the epicenter. Dust storms swept wildly across the cracked earth as hurricanes carried the broken fragments in all directions. The various rays of blood-colored light exploded like fireworks as the sounds of ghosts wailing and wolves howling occurred again and again.

The soldiers who had not left were instantaneously turned into dregs by the strike. Flesh was mixed into the debris as they flew into the distance. From afar, a scene of desolation filled the eyes. When the dust settled, the area looked as though it had collapsed or encountered a great earthquake, leaving behind a deep oval crater that was ten meters in diameter.

The deep crater was obviously a result of the strike. Jet-black corpses laid within the crater, flowing with scarlet blood. Some of the clothes were scorched and still emitting black smoke. With the crater at the center, the earth seemed severely ravaged, as though a giant awl had bored a hole into it. The center of the crater was so deep the base couldn’t be seen and the area was filled with potholes.

The might of this strike shocked everyone present. Not only Ashburn and the others by his side who had just escaped were dumbstruck, the jaws of Karel, Sabakas, and the others who were observing the area through crystal ball had dropped, their expressions filled with disbelief.

By now, Fanny and Phoebe had also hurried over. “This… Bryan did this?” Fanny stared blankly as she murmured. She had never thought that Han Shuo was actually frightening.

Even sacred swordmaster Karel felt his lips become dry as he remarked, “Truly unbelievable. That strike did not contain any magic, yet a strike purely based on martial arts has caused the deaths of numerous people. He even made a deep crater with that terrifying strike. Even if I went all out, I won’t be able to produce such a terrifying strike. I truly have no idea how he achieved it!”

“No wonder Grace said he will bring about a new future to the Lancelot Empire. It seems that she was really far-sighted. If those people didn’t escape in time, that strike would cause the deaths of several hundred people. That’s absolutely terrifying. What’s more peculiar is that the strike didn’t contain any sort of magic and was achieved solely by his mystical martial arts. What a mystery-filled fellow. “ Sabakas stated his heartfelt admiration.

“Mas.. Master, that’s not possible. I know Bryan’s strength and it isn’t this terrifying. Are you saying that he’s stronger than you?” Phoebe was dumbfounded, feeling that what she had just seen within the crystal ball wasn’t real.

Phoebe had believed all along that her master, Karel, was the continent’s strongest person. In the years she has been by Karel’s side, she had witnessed Karel being challenged by countless experts, yet all the experts that dared to challenge Karel suffered crushing defeats in the end without exception.

Phoebe had seen many of such battles over the years. It left a strong impression in her heart that Karel was omnipotent. She always thought in her heart that Karel was the world’s most fearsome expert and no one could ever surpass him.

However, when she heard Karel’s current words, Phoebe sensed the hidden meaning within, that the dreadful scene caused by Han Shuo’s strike was something even her master couldn’t accomplish. This totally subverted Phoebe’s understanding and was extremely surreal to her.

“If Bryan can always maintain his strength at such a level, even I would honestly have to flee too!” Karel glanced at Phoebe who had an odd expression, sighing as he said, “I truly didn’t foresee that this brat would be so terrifying. Could it be that he had deliberately concealed his strength during our spar so as to let me save face?”

“This brat is so terrifying that even Dempus and Blount, two sacred-grade experts, have to immediately retreat. I can imagine how powerful that strike must have been. Otherwise, with Dempus and Blount’s arrogance and statures, they would never retreat when facing the younger generation.” Sabakas remarked.

Amyes was amazed, thinking to himself, “After the civil war is over, if Lawrence ascends to the throne, the brat’s standing in the empire will be as high as that of Grand Duke Ashburn. In that case, Emily’s relationship with him wouldn’t be considered as a disgrace to her. Hopefully, this man will genuinely treat Emily well.

While Amyes was sighing in his heart, Firenze was astonished, foolishly staring at Fanny as he asked, “Lass, this brat really used to be your student?”

“Yes, that’s right. Back when he was still in the academy, he was even bullied regularly.” Fanny smiled bitterly as she answered Firenze.

“This world is changing too fast. I’ve become old, I’m definitely old now, I feel that I’m too outdated!” Firenze had an odd expression, astonished by Han Shuo’s shocking performance at such young age.

“Look! He’s starting to move again!” The person who cried out this time was Lawrence, his tone brimming with excitement.

No one on this side could be happier than Lawrence. Seeing Ashburn, Charles, and the others cutting a sorry figure as they flee, Lawrence felt unspeakable joy. Ashburn and Charles had tried to act against him in secret multiple times, nearly succeeding in killing him on a few occasions. The hatred he had for the duo had long passed the point where he wouldn’t rest till they were dead.

Now that he saw Ashburn and Charles being humiliated, Lawrence naturally felt extremely overjoyed. Moreover, if the duo was killed at such a crucial moment, the whole Lancelot Empire will undoubtedly fall into his control. Lawrence’s heart palpitated with excitement as he imagined the scene where everyone pledged their allegiance to him.

When Lawrence cried out in surprise, everyone hastily turned their attention back to the crystal ball in Sabakas’ hand.

The scene within the crystal ball was still fixed on the heavily destroyed area. In the sky above the desolate land, a sinister looking Han Shou was roaring wildly. The thick blood clouds behind him emanated a heavy smell of blood, constantly rumbling as he roared.

A bolt of red lighting suddenly appeared from the bottomless crater and rapidly flew in front of Han Shuo. The blood-red eyed Han Shuo caught it at one go. It was precisely the lethal Demonslayer Edge that had caused the frightening attack.

When the vicious Demonslayer Edge entered his hand, a frightening might spread out. His scarlet red eyes scanned the area, and he immediately charged in sacred knight Blount’s direction. A hundred-meter long scarlet red sword light was suddenly shot out from the Demonslayer Edge. The scarlet sword light whistled and pulled along a portion of the blood cloud as if it had bizarre powers.

Han Shuo was like a demon that descended from another plane, his expression malevolent as he held the Demonslayer Edge and charged towards Blount. The Demonslayer Edge effortlessly destroyed everything in his path. As he flew onward, terrifying power spread out to the whole area.

Many of Ashburn’s troops that were within a hundred meters of Han Shuo were affected, all of them being sliced and diced into pieces in succession by the sword light, causing a bountiful rain of blood to fall. Along the path where Han Shuo flew, sand and stones were sent flying. As the sword light streaked across the area, it left many deep gorges.

“My two esteem sacred rank experts, what, what was going on?” Grand Duke Ashburn asked Blount and earth sacred magus Dempus with a trembling voice as he looked at the fiend-like Han Shuo charging at them imposingly.

Han Shuo’s current demeanor was really too terrifying and wild. Nothing could stop him along the way, and anyone who dared to obstruct him was obliterated under the hundred-meter-long sword light. In just a brief moment, five hundred elite soldiers under Ashburn were killed.

These elite soldiers had been protecting Ashburn, and didn’t participate in the ongoing battle. All of them were death soldiers that Ashburn had meticulously asked others to train, consuming a tremendous amount of Ashburn’s gold coins and manpower. Each of them was much stronger than the average soldier.

However, these elite soldiers that Ashburn relied on were sliced apart like paper when facing the crazed Han Shuo. Not a single one of them could actually survive an attack from Han Shuo.

“For some unknown reason, that wicked fellow’s strength suddenly rose sharply. It’s as though he could borrow the energy from the dead that had not dispersed. Every strike was filled with frightening negative energy. I truly have no idea how he did it!” Sacred knight Blount had a grave expression as he replied Ashburn.

“What should we do, what should we do now that he’s charging over?” Eldest prince Charles voice trembling as he shrieked. He was clearly intimidated by Han Shuo’s sinister appearance and frightening strength.

“There’s no other way, we could only retreat. Currently, no one in the entire Lancelot Empire can stop him!” Earth sacred magus Dempus immediately answered. Although this decision caused him to feel aggrieved, he really didn’t have any other ideas.

“What did the two of you say in the beginning? There’s no need to worry even if there was a sacred expert? But now you can’t even obstruct a young fellow? You guys are useless! Where else can I withdraw to? If I leave Ossen City, all our plans and efforts will be wasted!” Charles was obviously somewhat hysterical and even spoke incoherently as he was truly frightened.

“Charles, shut up! The judgment of the two esteemed sacred rank experts will not be wrong, you better calm down!” When Ashburn saw that the expressions of the two sacred rank experts turned ugly, he hastily berated Charles.

After getting scolded by Ashburn, Charles came to his senses and immediately became silent.

“My dearest esteem sacred rank experts, Charles is still young and momentarily forgot his manners. Please do not take it to heart. We will listen to your advice.” Ashburn chided Charles before immediately apologizing to Blount and Dempus.

Even though Ashburn was the Grand Duke of the Lancelot Empire, he still needed to treat these sacred rank experts with great caution, especially now when they needed to rely on the two sacred rank experts. It would further worsen their plight if they were to offend these two experts. Therefore, Ashburn had no choice but to humbly apologize.

Sacred knight Blount gave a frosty snort and glanced at the now silent Charles, “Next time be more careful when you speak. I came here to help you guys because of my good friend Kosse. Otherwise, I wouldn’t care less about whether you are dead or alive.”

Charles secretly cursed him in his heart, thinking that after he took power, he will teach him a lesson. However, he dared not to reveal any dissatisfaction at this moment, and could only nod and smile.

“Lord Blount, for the sake of spreading the glory and radiance of Church of Light all over Lancelot Empire, please forgive them.” Red Archbishop Kosse said to Blount with a smile.

“Forget it, everything is for the glory of the Church of Light!” Blount exclaimed before saying to Dempus, “Escort them away from this area. I will lead that fellow away. I sense that his primary target is me. It seems like he hates me for injuring him previously.”

“Thank you Mister Blount, take care!” Dempus stared blankly for a moment before he replied respectfully.

Ashburn and Charles glanced at each other. Charles was cursing in his heart again, thinking, “Since you knew that his target was you, why did you still stay together with us? Doesn’t this show that you obviously want to harm us? You old fart is sure enough up to no good!”

“Old friend Kosse, I’d have to trouble you to stay by my side. This fellow is a grand magus necromancer. Only with your divine weapon ‘Revelation’ would be able to nullify his undead army.” Blount said to Kosse.

“Of course.” Kosse nodded in agreement.