GDK 427 – One vs A Hundred

Once Blount finished speaking, Dempus led Grand Duke Ashburn, Charles, and the experts protecting them, withdrawing hurriedly.

Blount and Kosse formed a group with a few Temple Knights and white priests from the Church of Light and headed in the exact opposite direction of Dempus and the others.

Blount’s guess was absolutely correct. Currently, Han Shuo had firmly remembered the sacred aura on Blount’s body. The earth elite zombie getting injured was a sore point for Han Shuo. Before entering demonhood, he had deemed Blount as his target, not letting Blount out of his sights.

As expected, when Blount, Kosse, and the other members of Church of Light left, the fiend-like Han Shuo who was flying over was indeed targeting Blount and persevered in chasing after him.

Dempus and the others who originally planned to escape quickly suddenly realized that Han Shuo’s target was indeed Blount and immediately let out sighs of relief. Under Ashburn’s command, they changed directions again and circled back towards the center of the battlefield to continue directing their troops in the ongoing war.

Han Shuo, who had sunk into the state of demonhood, was like a pillar of lightning, spurring a frightening sound as he charged towards Blount, Kosse, and his party. He didn’t care about the fates of Ashburn and the others.

Firenze, who had been observing the crystal ball, gave a cold hmph and said, “Ashburn has returned to court death. Till this point, he actually still unable to tell the outcome of the battle.”

“It seems that Blount and the members of the Church of Light are in trouble!” Karel’s mood had calmed down, smiling as he said to Sabakas.

“Yes, that’s right. I was originally prepared to assist Bryan at any moment. I didn’t expect this brat to be so miraculous. It seems that we need not be concerned and just need to deal with Ashburn.” Sabakas similarly loosened his breath, his tone relaxed as he replied.

“Do you mean that Bryan shouldn’t be in any trouble?” Fanny was the most concerned about Han Shuo’s safety. She hesitated for a moment but still didn’t feel very reassured.

“Lass, it is those that were being chased by Bryan that should be worried. I think there’s no need for us to worry about that brat. Alright, be at ease, don’t worry about this and that the entire day.” Firenze consoled Fanny.

Emily and Phoebe had normal expressions, only feeling amazed by his extreme performance. Ever since they met Han Shuo, they never had seen him suffer losses. Han Shuo had always given them a powerful strength and hence they had indistinctly formed a blind confidence deep in their hearts.

Fanny was however different from them. Of the three, Fanny was the first to meet Han Shuo. When Han Shuo was still in the necromancy major and yet to become strong, she even had to step forward at times and help him resolve problems. This deeply-rooted impression wasn’t something that could be altered within a short time. Even though Han Shuo was currently so powerful, she would still worry for him.

While the crowd was looking upon Han Shuo with varying emotions, the fiend-like Han Shuo had actually already caught up to Blount and started to attack the followers of the Church of Light.

Standing tall within the blood cloud, Han Shuo lifted the Demonslayer Edge within the writhing blood cloud. It emitted a dragon-like sword light and every strike contained boundless might. The magi from the Church of Light continuously weaved layers of defensive barriers. Even sacred knight Blount dare not withstand the strikes by himself.

A long and narrow red lightning bombarded them from above. It was like the meandering, twisting body of a hundred-meter-long dragon, containing vast amounts of killing intent, directly striking the magic barrier deployed by Kosse and the group of magi.

A revolving screen of wind, sparkling and translucent ice shield, blazing firewall, and a magnificent holy shield of light took shape one after another over their heads, forming a variegated peculiar scene. Blount was in charge of the final layer of defense, as his fighting aura containing divine energy shot out from his golden pike in the form of dazzling light.

These followers of the Church of Light concentrated their attention on the sky above, as though they were in anticipation of a great enemy, exerting all their strength to meet the already unavoidable strike.

Finally, a powerful attack struck down loudly on the combined barriers deployed by the members of the Church of Light.

It shattered into small pieces, like the stars in the Milky Way, causing multi-colored lights to shoot in all directs with an eardrum-bursting loud sound. The enormous energy contained unmatched ruthlessness, easily destroying six barriers of multiple elements in a flash.

The magical barriers made with the full strength of those magi was like paper in the face of the destructive force. They seemed to be instantly demolished, simply causing the destructive strike to pause for a moment.

The relentless strike continued onward, causing another eight magical barriers to shatter into a variety of colored lights. Only when it reached the ‘Shield of Light’ deployed by Red Archbishop Kosse’s divine weapon ‘Revelation’, was there a frightening explosion and the force of the strike was truly diminished.

“Deng, deng, deng!”

Red Archbishop Kosse who had been strenuously concentrating his mental strength to deploy the Shield of Light, couldn’t resist falling backward by three steps before falling on his butt. His brain buzzed and he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

“Lord Blount, hurry!” Kosse took a breath and shouted, as his brain suddenly suffered a wave of pain again.

“Crack” With the crisp sound of an egg cracking, the Shield of Light that Kosse deployed ruptured, and the ferocious strike continued on its path downwards.

Sacred knight Blount shouted loudly, raising the shining golden spike towards the sky. Holy aura burst out from Blount’s body and fused with the golden spike in his hand, forming a golden lighting that shot out towards Han Shuo’s strike.


A series of muffled thunders could suddenly be heard from the clear sky as gold and red interweaved with each other, forming a spectacular sight. However, the terrifying energy transmitted from the two strikes burst out like a torrent, causing multiple spatial tears to appear.

Blount gave off a muffled groan as terrifying energy suddenly surged into his body. The golden armor on his body gave off a sweet-sounding jingling sound as he suddenly felt as though his internal organs were smashed by a huge hammer, causing him to stagger as blood flowed out of his mouth and nose.

“Blount’s injured! What a frightening attack!” Karel shouted, his expression filled with inexplicable joy.

Through the crystal ball on Sabakas’s hand, Lawrence and the others saw the situation clearly, especially how blood flowed from Blount’s mouth and nose. Those with sharp eyes even noticed Blount’s brief stagger.

In contrast to the battered and exhausted Blount, Han Shuo, who had just received the Demonslayer Edge in his palm, still carried a malevolent appearance. His scarlet pupils were filled with madness and his unfeeling expression made him appear like a machine sculpted for a massacre.

Apart from continuously breathing heavily, there were no changes to Han Shuo’s outward appearance. There were no signs of fatigue, only that the blood cloud and shrunk slightly, as though it was dispersed by the turbulent energy released during the battle.

“Insane, Bryan really is insane. He actually injured the Church of Light’s sacred knight!” Cecilia, one of the three heavyweights of Dark Mantle, had been silently monitoring the latest developments, but couldn’t resist shouting in excitement.

Cecilia who spent years carrying out missions in enemy countries was more familiar than anyone else about the sacred knight’s frightening strength. In the entire Profound Continent, the Church of Light’s sacred knight was always the most formidable existence. Cecilia who had roamed around many countries had heard many rumors about sacred knights and she knew just how formidable these experts who had obtained divine blessing were.

However, it was such an existence that disdained the experts of the various countries that was now injured by a young man!

If this matter was to spread, Han Shuo would immediately become a legend in the Profound Continent, easily topping the ranks of the finest experts within the continent.

To Cecilia, Han Shuo’s performance today could only be described as outrageous. It was also from that moment on that Cecilia thoroughly abandoned any intention of competing with Han Shuo.

Even though she’s Sabakas’s granddaughter, even though she’s one of the three heavyweights of Dark Mantle, even though she always believed that she’s inferior to any youngster.

However, Han Shou’s stunning performance at this moment completely overturned her thoughts and made her realize how powerless she was to compete with Han Shuo.

“Based on this strike, Bryan’s name will spread widely throughout the Profound Continent!” Space sacred magus Sabakas had a serene expression as he remarked definitively while looking at the unyielding Han Shuo within the crystal ball.

“Lord Blount, Lord Blount’s injured!” Contrary the surprise felt by Sabakas and the others, the followers of the Church of Light beside Blount were all enveloped in fear. These followers continuously repeated that sentence, as though Blount’s injury meant that the mission had completely failed.

Their morale, in the wake of those continuously repeated words, sank to its lowest!

“Shut up. Those who are alive continue deploying magical barriers. The next wave of attack is arriving. You fools, if you want to live, start moving immediately!” The usually unruffled Blount suddenly seemed to lose control, unable to restrain himself from shouting angrily.

The follows of the Church of Light had no time to think about the change in Blount’s tone at this moment as the thick blood cloud above their heads had started to churn wildly again.

It was clear in their hearts that this is the sign that the fiend above was taking action!

“Cough, cough!” Red Archbishop Kosse coughed violently for a short while before he tremblingly stood up, holding the divine weapon ‘Revelation’ as he continued his incantation. He was the first to re-deploy a magical barrier.

Kosse’s heart was filled with bitterness. Even with his outstanding wisdom and knowledge, he couldn’t figure out how Han Shuo’s strength could rise so dramatically in such a short period of time. Just a few days back, Blount was able to seriously injure Han Shuo. Yet, the strength he revealed today could not be simply described as terrifying. Kosse who originally thought that victory over Ossen City was assured now felt that not only was there no longer any certainty of success, his heart was also filled with a frightening sense of dispiritedness.

This fiend, I should have destroyed him when I first met him! Kosse sighed regretfully in his heart.

When Kosse began his incantation, the magi of the Church of Light who still had the strength to spare, similarly continued to chant incantations for the sake of their own survival, continuing to do what they were already doing.

Han Shuo’s terrifying speed when he flew over previously made them realize that if they didn’t work as one, they simply wouldn’t be able to escape from Han Shuo as his speed was faster than their levitation skills.

They didn’t know if their magical barriers would be of use like they did previously but in order to survive for a while longer, they didn’t have much choice but to do as Blount and Kosse ordered.

The facts proved that their actions were correct.

Han Shuo’s next strike arrived as expected, but its power was obviously much weaker than the previous strike. However, it still tore through the barriers deployed by these magi, once again knocking out Red Archbishop Kosse. Blount who was defending the same way he did previously was struck directly into the ground in the midst of shimmering golden lights.

Although the magnitude of this strike was much weaker, its lethality was greater than the previous strike.

The previous unparalleled attack didn’t kill any followers of the Church of Light as it was blocked by the barriers and Blount.

Yet, although Han Shuo’s second attack was weaker, the followers of the Church of Light were heavily injured by the first attack, causing the second set of barriers deployed to not be as sturdy and perfect as the first. This resulted in Red Archbishop Kosse being knocked out and Blount’s body being smashed into the ground.

In addition, over twenty Temple Knights and white priests were immediately cut into pieces by the blood-red sword light.

As the second attack was much weaker, the preparation time needed for the following attack was also much shorter. Before they could react, the blood-red sword light no longer gathered together and instead wound around the thick blood cloud, Quickly followed by the weaker hammering and before those men could react, forming a blood rain that rained downward, causing unceasing blood-curdling screams to be heard coming from below.

When everyone was fending for themselves, a blood-red light the thickness of an arm suddenly stabbed into the fainted Red Archbishop Kosse. The divine weapon ‘Revelation’ on his hand suddenly shone brightly, and a ruthless aura suddenly emanated from his body.

When the members of the Church of Light came to their senses, they suddenly noticed that Kosse was bleeding from his seven apertures and had lost all signs of life. The divine weapon ‘Revelation’ that he held tightly in his hand had also become dull and lackluster.