Under the depths of the Dead Sea in the netherworld, Han Shuo suddenly gone silent, and his body turned still and didn’t budge at all. It was as though he had sunk into the deepest sleep, with no signs of life.

Little Skeleton stared at the unmoving Han Shuo who was standing on Bone Devil’s body. In that moment, he had no clue what he should do. However, he could sense the strong presence of Han Shuo’s consciousness, which he understood that this meant Han Shuo was still alive.

“Master, what’s going on?” Bone Devil asked Little Skeleton.

The Bone Devil which was forged by Little Skeleton using tough and durable skeletal remains, had followed alongside Little Skeleton for a very long time. It intrinsically feared of Little Skeleton’s formidable strength. It understood that perhaps Little Skeleton had yet to become the most terrifying being in the netherworld, and yet, it also knew that Little Skeleton’s strength would constantly increase, and he will grow stronger and stronger. He will surpass more and more powerful creatures.

However, Bone Devil’s master, unexpectedly also has a mysterious father. Han Shuo, having originated from another plane of existence, made the Bone Devil felt extremely curious about it. It couldn’t understand how could a mighty existence like Little Skeleton would have Han Shuo as its father.

“This is not something you should ask!” Little Skeleton replied. He circled a few rounds around Han Shuo who was on Bone Devil’s body, while looking up and down at the motionless Han Shuo. He seemed to be studying what in the world Han Shuo was doing.

After a while, Little Skeleton gave Bone Devil a pat and instructed, “Alright. Just look after him for the time being. There’s no need to worry about other things.”

“I will, master!”

In the netherworld that has no concept of time, after some unknown amount of time, Han Shuo’s consciousness moved, and his soul traversed through a spacetime wormhole, and immediately arrived at the Cemetery of Death in the Profound Continent. But he still sat there upright, motionless.

Although his body was motionless, the consciousness and demonic yuan in his body was churning wildly. The enormous energy stored within his body was being unceasingly condensed where his demon infant was located. While the demonic yuan was being continuously condensed, the demon infant became more and more distinct. It was as though a magical brush was slowly painting a beautiful picture. Even its pores and fine hairs were clearly visible.

After a lengthy period of time, the demonic yuan in Han Shuo’s body was condensed by the demon infant. The speed at which it circulates in his body were similar to that of lightning. The minutest details of Han Shuo’s baby infant grew even sharper and more pronounced.

As Han Shuo had received enlightenment, the consciousness and demon infant in his body started to transform noiselessly. Breaking to the next realm would meant a dramatic rise in strength for Han Shuo, which’d meant that he’d process even more remarkable abilities, which implies that Han Shuo could realize even more of his wishes…..

After a really really long time, Han Shuo awakened from his deep meditative state. A pair of abstruse eyes sparkled with glistering lights. Whenever he focused his attention and gazed at something, his eyes would appear to be flowing with electric current. It would make people involuntarily feel a palpitating pressure.

Compared to the last time, Han Shuo’s body did not undergo many changes. Only Han Shuo himself understood where those changes came from. Without needing to rely on his mystical demons to survey the surroundings, with just his consciousness, not a thing within a radius of a few li around him could escape from his observation. Han Shuo and Gilbert’s connection grew clearer by tenfold. Han Shuo could also clearly feel that Little Skeleton was pleasantly surprised even though he was in another dimension. In an instant, Han Shuo discovered that his consciousness had a completely different sensation than it used to be. He joyously appreciated the extremely novel and odd sensation.

Han Shuo was happy to find that his body was not the same anymore. Now that he has entered the Carnal Realm, all kinds of desires rose from the innermost part of his heart, as though it was urging him to quickly achieve his desires, and let those cravings which were buried deep in his heart for many years to be liberated.

Again, Han Shuo spent some time to adapting to the new state of his body. And only after he succeeded in practicing a few secret demonic cultivation, he finally opened the boundary of the Cemetery of Death, so that the Black Dragon Gilbert could enter.

“Master! My great master, you have not summoned me for three years!” As soon as Black Dragon Gilbert entered the Cemetery of Death, he yelled loudly towards Han Shuo.

“What?! Three years?!!” Han Shuo was greatly shocked and yelled lightly.

“That’s right. In fact, it had been precisely three years and four months. Counting from the day you said you will begin practicing till today, was three whole years and four months. During that period, you did not once make contact with me. I couldn’t even feel your existence. Honorable master, what kind of martial skills were you practicing? How could it be that it felt as though you had vanished from this world, and even I couldn’t sense your presence?” Gilbert asked Han Shuo in astonishment.

Three years and four months! Han Shuo was flabbergasted by the long duration of time. He never thought that he had spent so damn long on this secluded training.

Han Shuo himself felt as though it’s only been a few months time, and never anticipated that time would unwittingly pass so quickly. Entering demonic stupor and the moment of enlightenment while entering Carnal Realm, it was during these two periods which Han Shuo couldn’t feel the tiniest bit of the passage of time.

However, what’s for sure was that, it was exactly those two periods which he had spent the most time on. Three years and four months time was like a snap of the fingers for Han Shuo. He didn’t feel that there was anything unusual about it, but he knew what it had meant for a regular person.

“Gilbert, how are you guys getting by during the three years?” Han Shuo hastily asked the Black Dragon.

“Be at ease, we have been very well. At present, the Valley of Sunshine already fell into the control of our Soul Destroyer mercenary band. Laureton of the Cairo mercenary band had been killed by Trunks, and a portion of their members defected to our mercenary band, and a group of berserkers left the Valley of Sunshine for good.

The House of Menlo and Rainbow Sickle mercenary band too were crushed by us. Only the orcs tribe and certain small tribes survived outside the Valley of Sunshine. However, tribal chief Katar of the orcs tribe had also expressed his allegiance to Trunks. At this present time, Trunks is already the one who maintains the order in the valley.

Surrounding the Valley of Sunshine, Janet’s bandit group held the greatest influence. Only with the existence of Janet’s bandit group, the merchants in the Valley of Sunshine would rely on Trunks even more, and our business grew bigger and bigger too. Nowadays, Trunks and Janet are planning in secret, getting prepared to deal with that Grand Duke from Kasi Empire,” Black Dragon Gilbert explained to Han Shuo.

After Black Dragon Gilbert stated his account, Han Shuo was pleasantly surprised at first. But shortly after he thought for a moment, he felt that the development rate of Trunks’ Soul Destroyer mercenary band was somewhat inconceivable. He couldn’t help but creased his brows and asked, “Originally, just Laureton’s Cairo mercenary band alone was at least as rich and powerful as the Soul Destroyer mercenary band. In addition to this, there were House of Menlo and the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band. How could Trunks take control of the Valley of Sunshine so rapidly?”

“Oh, there’s lots of reason for this. All I know was that Miss Phoebe invested a lot of gold coins into Soul Destroyer mercenary band. In addition, Brettel City had previously sent people to assist Trunks during crucial moments. Other than that, that Dark Grand Magus from Calamity Church always helped us in the dark without seeking our approval. Furthermore, Emily provided a lot of intelligence. And owing to your triumph over the sacred knight of the Church of Light, countless mercenaries who have non-ordinary abilities all joined us. Regardless of timing or geographical conditions, the Soul Destroyer mercenary band was dealt with a favorable hand. Trunks too, was a leader with brains and courage. He seized control of the Valley of Sunshine in just three years.”

After listening to his explanation, Han Shuo suddenly noticed that Trunks indeed held all the advantageous factors. On top of that, Trunks went through a near death experience, which caused him to become even more ruthless and unflustered. There was indeed a fair explanation for how he could wipe out every enemy factions and power from the Valley of Sunshine in three years time.

“Not bad. Trunks did well. Oh right, how’s the current situation in Lancelot Empire?” Han Shuo immediately asked about the current state of the Lancelot Empire after praising Trunks.

“Lawrence became the new king to the Lancelot Empire. He’s a fantastic king. Under his rule, armed rebellion in Lancelot Empire were quickly resolved. Before any foreign nations could invade the Lancelot Empire, Lawrence stabilized the internal affairs, and intensified the strength of the military.

Oh, right, Lawrence was very attentive of the Brettel City. As the Brettel City nowadays has its own magical transportation matrix, an unending stream of supplies from various cities moves into the city. Numerous residents too willingly live in the city. The war lunatic named Dorcas, was currently the hottest general in the empire. During these three years, Dorcas had been restless, and constantly conduct arson, murder, and looting against the seven grand duchies. He has sought countless riches for the Brettel City.

He’s the same as Firenze, a battle lunatic. There was never a day which he did not infringe on the seven grand duchies. However, this fella was extraordinary in controlling the attack strength. Even till now, the seven grand duchies have no plans to unite and attack Brettel City…..”

After listening to GIlbert’s presentation, Han Shuo understood the current situation of the Lancelot Empire to some extent. From Black Dragon Gilbert’s words, Han Shuo knew that all the people and forces who allied with him, were put into important positions thanks to Lawrence’s wield of political power. Lawrence deeply valued Han Shuo existence. He did not treat Han Shuo’s people unfairly because of his absence, but roped them in with great effort.