Three years’ time is neither long nor short, but it is enough for a city to transform a lot. The originally poor Brettel City had long turned into a prosperous city residing in the eastern part of the Lancelot Empire.

With Brettel City as their center, the five surrounding mines founded many weaponry and protection gear workshops. Various kinds of civilian and military weapons were forged from those five mines. Not only was the production more than enough to meet the demand for soldiers and civilians in Brettel, they were further exported to the seven grand duchies and every major city in the Lancelot Empire.

While walking along the streets of Brettel City with Gilbert, Han Shuo gazed at the unending flow of people and the dazzling lineup of shops which were packed throughout both sides of street. He found it difficult to imagine that this was the dilapidated city not too long ago.

This time when Han Shuo and Gilbert returned to Brettel City, they did not utilize the transportation matrix in the Cemetery of Death. Instead, they went there through the transportation matrix in Zajoski City. Han Shuo wanted to try out the transportation matrix in Brettel City and check if it were any good. As for the results - Han Shuo was very satisfied.

“Master, the magical transportation matrix just now, space sacred magus Sabakas personally came to Brettel City to deploy that. It can connect to any city within the Lancelot Empire. Rightfully, we could use the transportation matrix in Cemetery of Death to come to Brettel City. But why must you take the longer route?” Black Dragon Gilbert asked Han Shuo.

“Nothing much. It’s just, I know how important a large-scale magical transportation matrix is to Brettel City, and so I wanted to personal check out this magical transportation matrix. Hehe, I know Brettel City’s rapid growth was inseparable with the existence of this transportation matrix,” Han Shuo replied with a faint smile.

“Master, you are very right in that regard. This transportation matrix really made a huge difference. After His Majesty the King’s vigorous assistance and backing from Miss Phoebe’s merchant guild, all sorts of talents have been pouring into Brettel City through it. The soldiers within the city are all able-bodied and strong. Whenever any group from the seven grand duchies tried to invade us, they would be defeated by the forces in Brettel every single time. The security here has been guaranteed,” Black Dragon Gilbert explained slowly to Han Shuo beside him.

After reaching at the Brettel City, Han Shuo released the twelve Mystical Demons, and had them moved around the whole Brettel City, taking in the whole scene of the current Brettel City at once. He had a completely new understanding of Brettel City three years later.

The four sides of the city wall were erected with magic crystal cannons, along with all kinds of large-scale destructive equipments which were clearly visible everywhere. The moat surrounding the city gates had been deepened, and could defend against a cavalry regiment’s assault. Some sharp fences were set up on top of the city wall. It wouldn’t be easy for anyone to intrude.

A few pointy magic towers stood tall on the city walls. Dense and thick magical elements constantly lingered around the spire of the tower. This kind of magic tower could be powered directly by a magical creature’s core, and can also be operated by a magus’ mental strength, taking in the magical element found everywhere in the continent and use it as an attack.

Compared to magic crystal cannons, these magic towers were a class better when it came to flexibility and destructive power. Now that two magic towers were set up for each and every one of the four city’s gates, Han Shuo could nearly imagine the expression on the invaders’ faces when they saw the magic towers.

On top of the four city gates were soldiers with shining armor and weapons. Han Shuo could tell that they were not ordinary just from the brightness of their weapons and armor. The fully equipped soldiers carried a steady look, obviously warriors with blood of iron that had been nurtured by war. The demeanor they gave told that there must had been many who had died by their hands.

After the mystical creatures made a few rounds, the scenes of a few city districts all fell onto Han Shuo’s eyes. He walked shoulder to shoulder with Gilbert all the way to the city lord’s mansion. While listening to Gilberts descriptions, Han Shuo had a tranquil and calm smiling expression on his face as he was very satisfied with the current situation in Brettel.

And finally they arrived at the city’s lord mansion. The grand and wonderful mansion was brimming with prestigious grandeur as compared to its previous state. The mansion’s walls had been broadened and erected much higher than before. Han Shuo only took one look, and it was clear to him that the present day city lord’s mansion had been rebuilt once more. It seems that countless gold coins must have had been consumed.

Although the city lord’s mansion had increased in size, the guards keeping watch of the mansion’s front door were still the same familiar faces. Two arrogant and energetic looking guards, with their heads high, vigilantly scanned all around with their eyes. By the time Han Shuo walked towards the entrance with a smile, one of the guards suddenly trembled, and he stared blankly at Han Shuo.

The guard stared blankly for a while, and out of nowhere, he kneeled towards Han Shuo with one knee and bowed in salute. With an extremely emotional tone, he shouted, “Lord Marquis, you have completed your training?”

“Lor…..Lord Marquis, oh my! Lord Marquis have returned to the city!” The other guard also recognized Han Shuo. When he heard his colleague's words, he couldn’t help but turn his head to take a glance, and discovered Han Shuo had really appeared. He shrieked wildly with joy on the spot.

With a smile on his face, Han Shuo nodded and said, “Yes, Drucker. I’m back.”

The guard who was named Drucker was originally from the first batch of soldiers in Brettel City. At that time, he was extremely self-abased and as thin as a bamboo. But now, his body was tall and sturdy, filled with an imposing, solemn quality from head to toe. He was a different person compared to what he used to be, regardless of how you viewed it.

“Lord Marquis, you actually still remember my name! Oh my! I’m too emotional now. My Lord, you truly are a brilliant and awesome Lord!” When Drucker heard that Han Shuo correctly pronounced his name, he got so emotional that he started to talk incoherently.

“Alright alright, I’m going in!” After Han Shuo saw that Drucker’s voice became louder and louder as he felt more emotional, Han Shuo waved his hand and walked into the mansion house.

“Lord Marquis is back!, Lord Marquis is home!” Another guard immediately gave a loud yell as soon as he saw Han Shuo step foot into the mansion.

After this guard’s announcement, the whole city lord’s mansion suddenly turned frantic. All kinds of clamoring sounds could be heard from within the mansion. Outside of the house, a few horses suddenly darted out, heading towards few separate directions in great hurry. Inside the mansion, old butler Kallas hurriedly came out to greet Han Shuo. He seemed rather emotional as well.

Last time during the civil unrest in Ossen City, Han Shuo notified Kallas the butler beforehand, and so he brought a group of servants to escape from the heat. By the time tranquility had been reinstated in Ossen City, Kallas did not continue to stay in Ossen City, but came to Brettel City without hesitation, and began to take care of everything for Han Shuo in the city lord’s mansion.

After a moment, Kallas the old butler arrived in the front of the door. As soon as he got there, he bowed in salute towards Han Shuo and greeted, “Welcome home, Lord Marquis.”

“Hehe. Alright, alright. Let’s talk inside,” Han Shuo replied with a smile.

While on the way inside, Kallas the old butler unceasingly arranged those servants to have them prepare everything needed for a banquet. In passing, he explained to Han Shuo, ”My Lord, during the three years you were away for practice, Lord Jack became a Viscount, Lord Dorcas became a Count, and a few others were also bestowed with nobility. The few lords who originally temporarily stayed at the city lord’s mansion, were all granted mansion houses by His Majesty as they were all nobles. However the few lords’ mansions are not far from the city lord’s mansion. I have instructed people to invite them here. I reckon they will all be here in abit.”

Three years time can change a lot of things. Lawrence obviously knew how to curry favor from Han Shuo. Thus, Jack, Dorcas, and a few other who have close relations with Han Shuo, each got bestowed with nobility. With that, because of their nobility, they naturally need not continue staying in the city lord’s mansion. Besides, these people have parents and families of their own too.

Han Shuo nodded and smiled as he replied, “His Majesty indeed treats us very well.”

“Yes. Brettel City could develop so rapidly was all because of His Majesty’s utmost support. But with that said, Lord Jack and Lord Dorcas’ governance were also inseparable. The two Lords are both great characters. Only with the two in charge of military and administrations, Brettel City could happily enjoy triumphant progress all the way.” Kallas did not forget to praise Jack and Dorcas.

Han Shuo had learned all these from Gilbert’s mouth, and he had some knowledge of Jack and Dorcas’ achievements. With the two wielding the authority in Brettel City, one in literary and another in military,

Jack’s handing of the government affairs and finances made Brettel City’s economy and all sectors grew more and more prosperous. And Dorcas, wielding the military power, not only did he arranged Brettel City to be invulnerable to attacks, he even vigorously went on the offensive against the seven grand duchies, and looted much goods from them.

Of course, before he officially began training, Han Shuo told Dorcas certain things about seven grand duchies through Jack. With regards to Helen Tina of Helon Duchy and Burt Zili of Boulet Duchy, the latter which Calamity Church secretly controls, Dorcas knew what was going on.

It was also because Helen Tina and Burt Zili’s assistance in the dark, that Dorcas could so skillfully and easily attack the seven grand duchies. Not forgetting that he could leave so easily after looting.

The existence of the two who harbor malicious intents, made the seven grand duchies unable to truly form an alliance, and they only could look on helplessly as Brettel City grew more and more powerful. The warhorses purchased from two countries made Brettel City possessed a real knight regiment. Outfitted with finely made weapons, armor, and protection gear, the knight regiment lead by Dorcas became the most terrifying troops amongst the seven grand duchies.

The duo, Jack and Dorcas, one in literary and another in military, tightly held together the power over Brettel City. In addition, Dick from the Dark Mantle, with the backing of huge fundings, lead the forces of the Dark Mantle to cover the whole of the seven grand duchies like a web of spiders. He provided accurate and vast intelligence for the duo. With the three working together, not only was Brettel City invulnerable to attacks while constantly expanding, it became a truly secure and formidable mega city.

“Through Brettel City, many goods from the seven grand duchies circulated to the Lancelot Empire, while a certain goods from the Lancelot Empire also made their way into the seven grand duchies. A lot of aristocrats in the seven grand duchies endorsed the culture of our Lancelot Empire.

Hehe, although we are a hostile enemy with the seven grand duchies, the merchants, however, place profit before everything else. Brettel City always treat merchants with open arms, therefore many merchants from the seven grand duchies simply don’t care about their Grand Duke’s constraints, and keep continuously working together with us to circulate commodities and supplies…..” Kallas’ explanations and understanding of the situation was different from Gilbert’s emphasis on main points, and he further explained about the economics and politics in detail for Han Shuo.

“Haha, Bryan! This damned scoundrel finally returned!” a loud and clear shouting came from the outside. Jack chucked while carrying a shy young lady as he walked inside with ample vigor.

Three years had passed, and little fatty Jack turned into big fatty Jack. His weight increased in parallel to his grandeur. Owing to his grasping the power over Brettel City and being thought highly of by His Majesty the King, that cowardice and timid Jack had long vanished. The Jack now has an imposing aura on his body, characteristics of people who occupy leading positions.

Han Shuo had been friends with Jack for many years. As soon as he heard the familiar laughing of Jack’s voice, a comfortably warm feeling rose in his heart, and welcomingly walked towards Jack. While looking at his suit of well tailored nobility clothing, Han Shuo smilingly yelled at him, “Hehe, little fatty now turned into big fatty! Not bad at all. It seems that you certainly ate well for the last three years!”

“Get lost! You brat, how could you stand aside and do nothing for your own city, and handed over all the things to do to us, and got me so exhausted! Now that you are back, not only did you not console me, you even said that I got fatter. Where’s your humanity?!” Jack cursed smilingly after he gave an angry glance at Han Shuo.

“Who’s this?” Han Shuo asked with a smile after shooting a glance at the shy, young girl beside Jack.

“This is Jessica. I’ve mentioned about her to you before!” Jack proudly introduced her and winked at Han Shuo.

“Oh! I remember it now! Hehe, nice to meet you!” Han Shuo recalled that the reason Jack wanted to stay in Brettel City, was because of this girl named Jessica. Now that Han Shuo saw that Jack got the beauty he wanted, he truly felt happy for Jack.

When Jessica faced Han Shuo, she obviously was somewhat reserved. She shyly and respectfully saluted Han Shuo, and in a somewhat dreaded voice said, “Greetings to Lord Marquis!”

“My Lord, you have finally returned!” Dorcas walked towards him from the outside. There wasn’t much changes compared to the younger Dorcas, it’s just that even more mark of hardships could be seen on his face, and it was obvious that he was more steady and experienced.

Dick, Faulke, and a few leaders from the mountainous region arrived in succession, and everyone assembled together. With butler Kallas taking care of them, they went into the banquet hall and drank as much as they liked. The few characters who were in charge of everything in Brettel City, explained the situation for Han Shuo once again.