Two days later, in one of the seven grand duchies, Bisli Duchy, Grand Duke Nehem Beige was praying in the largest church of the Church of Light within his dukedom.

This church was also the largest church found in Bisli Duchy, and it possesses a few thousand white priests and knights from the Church of Light. Around the grand hall, numerous disciples of the Church of Light were carefully guarding, protecting the safety of Nehem Beige who was praying inside.

As the Grand Duke of the Bisli Duchy, Nehem Beige had a majestic statue. After weiding the power of Bisli Duchy, Nehem Beige, who had been a follower of the Church of Light from the beginning, vigorously advocated the Church of Light in his dukedom, and made the people and nobles in the country believe in the God of Light, and to offer the God of Light their sincere beliefs.

As a Sky Rider himself, Nehem Beige’s strength was out of the ordinary. Church of Light also dispatched numerous experts to protect him, while spreading the footprints of the Church of Light to every city in the Bisli Duchy. This made the populace of the Bisli Duchy more accepting of the good fortune from the God Of Light.

Nehem Beige was also one of the Temple Knights of the Church of Light, and had a fanatical faith in the God of Light. Every few days, he will come to this church in Bisli Duchy to pray, to feel the presence of the God of Light in this holy place, and to gain those divine energy he could personally feel.

Facing a statue as he piously kowtowed, Nehem Beige could feel the divine energy contained in his body to slowly flow. That kind of holy energy made him feel very comfortable. His zealousness towards the God of Light made him feel as though he possessed boundless energy.
All of a sudden, a strange noise entered Nehem Beige’s ears. As he was carefully experiencing the God of Light’s sacred energy, Nehem Beige could keenly sense that a wicked energy was approaching. He immediately creased his brows and stood up from ground, and said to Red Bishop Katos some distance from him, “What’s happening? It feels as though a wicked energy is approaching here.”

Katos was sent by the Church of Light to Bisli Duchy to promote the mysterious teachings of the church. Katos was a very devout follower of the Church of Light, and a priest with extraordinary strength. But his expertise is in comprehending the teaching of the Church of Light. Like Nehem Beige, he too had a feverish dedication to the God of Light.

“That’s right. Who the hell is the reckless heathen? So daring and headless to come here to throw away its’ life!” Katos could also feel that a wicked presence was getting closer. However, Katos knew that the church has countless rigid defense capabilities, and therefore paid no attention to that puff of evil aura.

“Oh yes that’s right. Even for someone from Calamity Church, wouldn’t dare to plainly infringe on my Bisli Duchy. Any ordinary pagan who dares coming here will be met their own death!” Nehem Beige faintly smiled and agreed with Katos’ statement. “Hehe, the church is very pleased with our accomplishments here in the Bisli Duchy. Next time when we return to the head church, we will be able to get even closer to the God of Light, and appreciate the boundless presence of the God of Light, and obtain even more divine power!” Katos said to Nehem Beige with a faint smile.

Although Nehem Beigh was the Grand Duke of Bisli Duchy, but privately at the Church of Light, his status is below that of Katos. Therefore, Katos doesn’t show much respect towards Nehem Beige, and was very casual in his speech with him.

“Oh yes. Whenever I thought of holy energy filling my body, I will be very excited. It seems that we need to work even harder. Ai. What a pity that the big heathen named Bryan disappeared for a long time. Otherwise if we could kill him, our contribution will be enough for us to obtain even more divine power and holy water!” Nehem Beige replied to Katos.

Katos forced a smile, shook his head, and said,”I think you better stop letting your imagination run wild. Even Lord Blount couldn’t match that fella, so how could we handle him? This contribution is not something that we could obtain.”

“Well, you can’t say that for sure. Lord Blount is indeed powerful, but he was by himself after all, without company. Although our strength is not as powerful as that of Lord Blount, we still have Bisli Duchy on our side. Sometimes, the strength of a sea of people is greater than that of one Sacred Knight. I believe that if we knew where that heretic was, we might really stand a chance,” Nehem Beige said ambitiously.

“Bang Bang…..” Violent sounds suddenly came from the outside, as though the rumbling sound of thunders.

“Aaa…..aoo…..” Miserable bawlings suddenly came from outside the door. Accompanied by the endless miserable shrieks that were shaking the boundary surrounding the grand hall.

Negem Beige and Katos gave a glance at each other, they both put on an expression overwhelmed with shock at the same time. The two knew just how many experts were present outside the grand hall, and also understood how incredibly hard was the boundary in that hall. With each wailing sound they heard, they could feel the light barrier, personally deployed by light Sacred magus Bordeaux from the Church of Light, was shaking. Their hearts were crammed with intense fear.

“Who the hell is that! This light barrier was personally deployed by Lord Bordeaux himself, who could make the barrier tremble that hard?” Katos said to Grand Duke Nehem Beige as his body trembled along with the surroundings.

“I have no idea. Our people are being massacred. We need to rescue them. The enemy must be very terrifying,” Nehem Beigh replied and took out some discoloured armour from his space right. In a grave expression, he began to put them on.


A crisp fracturing sound suddenly came from the very peak of the tall great hall. It sounded as though a drinking glass were smashed onto a rock surface and shattered into pieces.

When Nehem Beige and Katos heard this crisp sound, an intense feeling of dread suddenly flooded their hearts. Nehem Beige, who was wearing the complete set of knight armour, suddenly yelled softly, “Good gracious! The defense barrier deployed by Lord Bordeaux was breached!”

“What to do? What should we do? The one who came has pretty much around the same strength as Lord Bordeaux. I’m afraid that the two of us cannot deal with this person!” Katos said to Nehem Beige in an incomparably frenetic voice. His face had turned pale in fright.

“For now we can only evacuate!” Nehem Beige was rather calm. When we finished his words, he stopped putting on knight’s armour, but hastily went towards a side door.

When Katos saw Nehem Beige was leaving, without the slightest bit of hesitation, he hurriedly followed behind Nehem Beige, wanting to rapidly leave the area through the side door. He had long forgotten about rescuing those disciples being mercilessly killed outside of the great hall.

A ‘Whoosh’ sound was heard, and a man’s shadow stopped at that side door just in time. He was looking at the two with a wide, gloomy, cold smile.

“You, who are you?” Nehem Beige stiffly paused his steps, looked at the imposing Han Shuo, and asked somewhat panicaly.

Nehem Beige had wielded the power of Bisli Duchy for many years, and had experienced countless large and small military campaigns. Given that basis, he shouldn’t had so humiliatingly lost his self-control. But this time when Han Shuo came over, those mournful, miserable shrieks never stopped sounding. Even the renowned barrier of the light Sacred Magus Bordeaux from Church of Light was broken. That really gave him a huge shock, and therefore he had forgotten himself.

“He’s Bryan. I’ve saw his picture before. He is that big heathen!” Behind Nehem Beige, Red Bishop Katos of the Church of Light, suddenly pointed his finger at Han Shuo and shrieked.

“That’s right. Hehe. I think that I heard someone said just now that he wanted to kill me to gain divine power. This is very interesting.” Han Shuo sneered and looked at Nemem Beige, and said, ”Where is Blount? As long as you tell me where Blount is located, I will let you die comfortably!”

“Guards! Guards! Kill this heathen!” Nehem Beige suddenly shouted loudly. A shining long sword was suddenly pulled out by him. The shiny bright silver fighting aura violently shot out like he had well practiced it. Included among his fighting aura, it carried a divine energy. His demeanor seemed to be very much astonishing.

On the corner of his mouth, Han Shuo revealed a trace of cruel smile. He blankly looked at Nehem Beige as he charged forward right until he was right in front of him. Only then did Han Shuo not-so-urgently threw a punch.

The berserk energy burst forth, and a heavy pressure that was like a mountain enveloped the whole area. Even Katos who was far away felt heavy in his heart, with a feeling of wanting to vomit.


This punch from Han Shuo made Nehem Beige’s fighting aura immediately scatter. The long sword was bent into an arch and fell onto the floor. The remaining might entered into Nehem Beige’s body. A series of crackle and rattle sounds emitted from his body. After the sound stopped, the bones all over in Nehem Beige’s body shattered, but his internal organs remained intact and undamaged.

Han Shuo grinned as he arrived before Nehem Beige, with one leg stepping on Nehem Beige’s chest, he unenthusiastically asked, “Speak, where is Sacred Knight Blount?”

“Pei! Heretic, I….”

“Krrrack!” Without waiting for Nehem Beige to complete his sentence, Han Shuo stomped him with one foot. His mighty leg directly penetrated Nehem Beige’s chest which had silver armor on it. By the time Han Shuo withdrew his right leg, Nehem Beige had stopped breathing.