What a shame for sacred knight Blount. He had hoped that his three years of painstaking cultivation would allow him to exact his revenge on Han Shuo and finally clear that grudge. That he would, nonetheless, wind up even more pathetic than the last time was anyone’s guess.

If not for the golden armour and divine energy protecting his body, sacred knight Blount would perhaps not have had to suffer so much pain. After all, any ordinary man who had been trampled by an earth elite zombie would indeed have died instantly, with considerably less pain.

Blount, however, was protected by the armour on his body, in addition to his fighting aura and sacred energy. Therefore, he did not immediately die when the earth elite zombie stomped on him repeatedly, but instead, let out harrowing squeals as he died. With the pain of both his physical body and spirit dejected and shrouding him at the same time, Blount hadn’t even the strength to kill himself.

It was at this moment that the wrinkly old woman rushed towards him in excitement. With fear in Blount’s eyes, Elizabeth pounced on him like a malevolent spirit, her sharp fingers directly piercing into Blount’s neck, exposed and unarmoured.

All the divine energy, which Blount had received in exchange for his devout conviction, gushed from his body like water from a collapsed dam into that of the sinister Elizabeth. Elizabeth, who had earlier been beaten to the bone by Han Shuo, was restored of all energy.

Streaks of green smoke once again slithered in and out of Elizabeth’s seven apertures like slender green snakes. Her green eyes glittered with wicked vigor, and a vicious look adorned her face, like a mentally deranged prison inmate. Her internal organs, which were unlike those of a regular person, ran like a brand new machine at maximum speed, absorbing and breaking down the divine energy from sacred knight Blount’s body, and converting it into a strange energy that she could readily utilize.

While Elizabeth, deranged and thrilled, took in the divine energy, Han Shuo appeared behind Elizabeth without warning. With one thought, his consciousness targeted on Elizabeth’s body, taking a clear glimpse into its every minute movement.

Elizabeth’s body composition was as different as could be compared to that of a regular person. If not for her human appearance, with an aura and body structure like that, Han Shuo would have never considered her human. In addition to the differences in skeletal structure and meridians, there were five fist-sized cyclones in her body. As Elizabeth digested the divine energy from Blount’s body, these five cyclones revolved rapidly. They must play a crucial role in the process.

Thanks to the existence of these five cyclones, Elizabeth could absorb the divine energy in sacred knight Blount’s body. But as for Blount’s painstakingly cultivated fighting aura, the five cyclones had no effect whatsoever. It seemed that the only thing they did was act on the divine power in Blount, which he had apparently obtained through piety to the God of Light.

Han Shuo was very curious in his heart as he had never heard of a body of divine favor that could digest sacred power. It was no wonder the Church of Light wanted her killed. Han Shuo vaguely believed that this gifted body of hers was rather different from any ordinary body of divine favor. Perhaps there were some secrets hidden within Elizabeth the even she herself did not understand.

And soon, the divine energy was completely drained from the body of sacred knight Blount. With such might, even after having lost all his sacred energy, Blount would simply not die. His face was a grim, gravestone shade of grey as he stared blankly, awaiting death.

Elizabeth laughed in maniacal satisfaction. Pulling away her two hands from Blount’s neck and dripping with blood, she gestured towards Han Shuo and thanked him, “Thank you, thank you!”

“You’re welcome!” Han Shuo smiled grotesquely. He approached Elizabeth from the back, and extended his right hand. His middle finger stabbed into the back of her head. At the tip his finger, a drop of dark red blood essence cracked through his skin and shot into the blood vessels in the back of her head. Elizabeth shrieked as the blood essence of Han Shuo’s demonic infant made its way into her brain.

His unoccupied left hand pressed gently on Elizabeth’s back. A gust of wicked force of attraction was released. The strands of energy that had just purified through her five cyclones a moment ago gushed from her back. Not a moment later, Han Shuo had absorbed more than half of it.

“Master, I am your devout servant. Please, spare my life!” Her voice diminished as she begged. She was terrified. The energy she had absorbed from the members of the Church of Light were meant to enhance herself. It had never crossed her mind that that same sinister energy in her body could be absorbed by another. There was no way she could suppress the dread in her heart.

Much to her surprise, all that begging for mercy may have had some effect. After Han Shuo extracted a portion of energy that had been partially converted by the five cyclones, he began to shriek, and let go and ceased to touch her.

After removing his fingertip from the back of Elizabeth’s head, Han Shuo patted her forehead, and said with a faint smile, “Human and magical beasts can form a master-slave contract, but between humans, it’s somewhat inconvenient. Hahaha, you must have felt a little something extra in your brain, haven’t you?”

“Yes….yes, master. What have you done to me?” The biggest heretic on Profound Continent had endless tricks up his sleeves. Who knew if this being was actually human or the devil. He was undefeatable.

“It’s nothing, really. Just like the binding power of certain contracts, so long as you do not attempt to betray me, you need not worry about that thing in your brain. However, if you do have such thoughts, haha, your brain will end up just like his!” Han Shuo smiled wickedly, and his feet stomped on sacred knight Blount’s head.

Pak! Like a blown up watermelon, fresh dark red blood exploded onto the ground, mixed with brain fluids, white and red.

“Master, your most humble servant would never do anything to betray you. You will witness your servant’s loyalty. I swear!” As she stared at the ruptured head of the sacred knight, she seemed to have seen her own inhuman state after crossing him. Without the slightest doubt of the validity of this wicked young man’s words, she kneeled before Han Shuo and submitted to him with no objections. She paid no heed to the red and white matter that smeared the ground.

“Very well. I see you understand,” Han Shuo said in satisfaction. After a short pause, he continued, “You can absorb divine energy from members of the Church of Light. This is very good.” He smirked. “As long as you follow me, I believe that your strength will definitely progress at an ever higher speed.”

“This old slave will remember her master’s kindness for the rest of her life!” Elizabeth professed.

“Alright, get up. There are still a few followers of the Church of Light over there that have yet to die. You may go and absorb all the holy energy in their bodies as well!” Han Shuo instructed Elizabeth, and began speaking to her in a gentle manner.

Without another word, Elizabeth bolted from Han Shuo’s feet like lightning. Strands of monstrous green energy flowed from her orifices, and she set out to deal with the Church of Light members who had yet to die.

Seeing Elizabeth’s conscientious work ethics, Han Shuo felt reassured. After diffusing a drop of his demonic blood in her body, if Elizabeth had any thought of betraying him, Han Shuo would be the first to know, and he would then mobilize the demonic blood in her brain to instantly kill her.

Furthermore, Han Shuo, who was able to absorb the energy from Elizabeth’s body directly, would naturally not allow any chance for her to possess a level of strength that surpassed his own. Such a dependable slave, and nevertheless an interesting body of divine favor, was of much use to Han Shuo. The earth elite zombie looked at the pile of mush that had once been the brain of sacred knight Blount, and blankly transmitted to Han Shuo, “Father, is he dead?”

“Yes. He is indeed dead. However there remains energy in his soul, power that will prove useful to me!” Han Shuo answered. Shortly after, at a single thought, the Demonslayer Edge flew out from his nape. Blount’s soul, which had yet to dissipate, and which any ordinary person couldn’t sense, was suddenly sucked into the Demonslayer Edge.

During the last armed rebellion in Ossen City, the Demonslayer Edge had absorbed too much negative energy. Even then it could have been considered as being in hibernation stage, and had yet to fully pacify the negative energy. However, Han Shuo understood in his heart that this was crucial for the Demonslayer Edge. As to whether or not it could become an exceptional murder weapon, that depended on whether it could completely digest energy and form a ferocious soul.

Perhaps Blount’s powerful soul, after entering the Demonslayer Edge, would act as the main soul, and help the Demonslayer Edge speed up to evolve a ferocious soul.

After Blount’s soul was ingested by the Demonslayer Edge, it again concealed itself in Han Shuo’s body. Soon after, Han Shuo’s attention turned to the armour on Blount’s body, the weapon in his hand, and his space ring. A sacred knight of the Church of Light must have plenty of expensive treasure on him, right? Han Shuo thought.

Without the slightest respect, Han Shuo snatched the armour and golden spear from Blount’s body and placed it in his own space ring. The two pieces of equipment were the works of top-notch alchemists from the Church of Light, and one must have divine energy to use them to their greatest effect. Of course, Han Shuo did not have any allies in the Church of Light, but if he were to sell these items, he would without a doubt receive a good trade.

Blount’s space ring had been forcibly broken into by Han Shuo. Inside were several chunky books from the Church of Light, some loose gold coins, a couple of low-grade weapons, two simple, unadorned magic scrolls, and some thin yellow paper.

When he finished rummaging through Blount’s belongings, and saw the contents of the thin yellow paper, Han Shuo’s expression flipped.