“Then, do you know why the Cemetery of Death and the skeletal staff disappeared altogether?” With Gilges’s explanations, Han Shuo easily figured out the rest of the stories. Now the only thing that Han Shuo couldn’t understand was how the skeletal staff could be lost from the hands of Calamity Church.

“I haven’t a clue either. Ever since the encirclement and extirpation campaign against the ancient necromancers started, the Cemetery of Death disappeared along with them. Even later when the Calamity Church was founded, the Cemetery of Death had never once reappeared. But now, with you obtaining the skeletal staff, gaining the ability to freely enter and exit, after thousands of years, did the Cemetery of Death once more emerge!” Patriarch of dark dragons Gilges shook his head. He didn’t seem very clear about what happened behind the scenes.

Han Shuo then continued to inquire a certain matter about Calamity Church and Cemetery of Death. But this time, Gilges couldn’t seem to answer those questions either. That was all he knew.

“Oh right, do you all still want to stay here?” When Han Shuo could no longer get any more useful information from Gilges, he planned of leaving.

“We still need to discuss a few things. Furthermore, we want to bury our children’s bodies!” when this topic was raised, Gilges again appeared very sorrowful.

“Master, I also need to bury my father. From today onwards, as long as I, Gilbert, am alive, I vow to wipe the Shine of Ice off the face of the continent!” Gilbert said with a staunch look. He seemed to have taken the Shine of Ice as his arch nemesis.

Han Shuo creased his brows. He, on the contrary, was eager to leave as soon as possible. After all, there were still plenty of things to deal with in the world above ground. However, he couldn’t be sure if those from the Shine of Ice would be returning. If by any chance, they did come back and he wasn’t there, then the dark dragons would never be able to escape a tragedy.

After thinking for a moment, Han Shuo said, “Settle everything you need to here. After that, everyone leaves this place.”

Han Shuo summoned the earth elite zombie and a bunch of zombie warriors. After issuing a command to the earth elite zombie, Han Shuo said to Gilbert, “Let them help you. Start by burying your father’s corpse. I will wait here with you for a few days. Then, when it’s all over and done with, you will carry the cage and we shall all leave!”

“Thank you, master!” Gilbert replied.

Hence, Han Shuo temporarily stayed at this great canyon. With the instruction of Gilbert’s grandpa, Gilbert buried the dead bodies in accordance with the rites of the dark dragon race. The dark dragons in the cage then discussed the paths they wished to take in the future.

Han Shuo also remained there but kept some distance away from Gilbert and the others, assiduously researching the mysteries of the three necromancy boundaries that he obtained the last time. After Han Shuo successfully released the Boundary of Weakness, he easily picked up the knack of deploying the Boundary of Fear. In the short span of two days, he could proficiently release the Boundary of Fear.

The Boundary of Weakness and Boundary of Fear were virtually the same, therefore Han Shuo did need to spend much time to master the latter. But regarding the Boundary of Aging, he was rather perplexed. In the following three days, Han Shuo constantly bore into the method of releasing the Boundary of Aging. Although he attempted many times, not once could he form the Boundary of Aging.

After five days, with the assistance of earth elite zombie, all the dead dark dragons had been properly buried. In those five days, Gilbert finally brought order to his chaotic frame of mind. His grandfather Gilges also decided to leave temporarily, as to open up the cage and so that they would be safe if those of the Shrine of Ice were to return.

Perhaps it was because the dark dragons weighed as much as humans when they transformed into human form, or maybe it was the unique structure of the cage, but dark dragon Gilbert alone could carry that huge cage on his shoulder, totally disproportionate to his own size. Following behind Han Shuo, they went back to the first layer through the same path that they came from.

Before arriving at the first layer, Han Shuo suddenly felt some aura fluctuations of several weak presences from the entrance above them. This set Han Shuo on edge. However, those presences couldn’t possibly pose any threat to Han Shuo, so he wasn’t too worried.

When Han Shuo and dark dragon Gilbert walked out through the tunnel, he finally realized who was actually guarding the cave mouth.

The five mature, sophisticated-looking female dark elves that once had an orgy with Han Shuo brought a group of dark elves to wait at the exit. Standing gracefully among them, Shialan smiled as soon as she saw Han Shuo. In a most licentious tone, she exclaimed, “Hey! It really was you! What a rare occasion to have you here. Why didn’t you visit our tribe? Is it that you despise us dark elves?” Ever since Han Shuo killed Adele, the five became her successor as the new leaders of the dark elves. Initially, Han Shuo had maintained contact with the underground world. But later, after Trunks gained control of the Valley of Sunshine, Trunks’ men began to gradually trade certain things with the dark elves.

The underground world is abundant with certain crystals and unusual ores. There were even some uncommon treasures that couldn’t be found above ground. Being the transaction point between a few countries, in the Valley of Sunshine, goods for the function of enjoyment and pleasure could surely be found in excess. Incidentally, the dark elves was a race that constantly seeked the pleasures of life. Hence, during those few years, Trunks had gained more gold coins trading with the underground world than he ever could as a mercenary.

“How did you know I was here?” Han Shuo asked puzzled with creased brows as he looked at this dark elf.

“Hahah, ever since you entered the underground world, you have been constantly rushing all along the way. Therefore, plenty of batmen and goblins have spotted the two of you. Those filthy things now exchange food with us for any information about strangers that pass through. Right after you entered the tunnel to the second layer, I was already informed of your whereabouts!” Shialan explained. Shortly after, she giggled lovably and said, “Although these years you rarely come down to the underground world, without your help, we wouldn’t have been able to obtain so many rare playthings from Trunks. Since you have now came to the underground world, we as the hosts must show our hospitality!”

“So that explains it!” Han Shuo laughed. He then politely said, “I truly appreciate it, but this time I’m rather busy and don’t have much time. Next time I visit the underground world again, I will definitely pay you all a visit!”

Gilbert, dragging such a huge cage in his human form, appeared monstrous and strange, looking as though he were carrying a mountain on his shoulder. His face expressed disgust at his first glance at the dark elves.

If it wasn’t for his father’s recent passing, given the lewd personality of the dark dragon race, the dark elves would likely still have been his prey. However, Gilbert hadn’t been in a good mood. And now that Shialan and her party were delaying the dark dragons break from their shackles, he naturally couldn’t put on an amicable face.

“It’s him, that dark dragon!” Behind Shialan, a dark elf that had seen Gilbert before hastily whispered to Shialan.

Shialan again gave Gilbert a once over before shifting her glittering eyes to the few caged dark dragons for several more glances, wearing a pensive expression.

After a short while, a beautiful, pure, young dark elf beside Shialan coughed lightly. Shialan was startled. She couldn’t help but turn to look at this young beautiful dark elf with rather complicated emotions in her eyes. But she then returned to normal in an instant.

“Alright then. But since it’s such a rare occasion to have you come down to the underground world, we must not let you leave empty handed!” When Shialan took a quick look at that young dark elf, she seemed to have received some kind of directive. All smiles, she pointed at the young lady and said to Han Shuo, “This is the most beautiful girl currently among our race. Hehe, she is still unsullied! As our best friend, I now give her to you as a present. How ever you wish to treat her, as servant or slave, it’s all up to you, but you must accept this gift. Or else, you will be looking down upon the race of dark elves!”

Beyond Han Shuo’s expectations, after Shialan took one glance at the beautiful, pure young dark elf lady, she insisted on giving her to Han Shuo.

While Han Shuo was startled, he also couldn’t help but carefully size up this beautiful dark elf. With just one quick look, he noticed that this dark elf was indeed extremely beautiful. Standing in the middle of Shialan and the other four gorgeous women, the pure, youthful aura she emitted was even more alluring.

Not alike the ordinary dark elves, there seemed to be some kind of very clean aura coming off from her body. Indicating that she genuinely had not been tainted by the lascivious culture of the dark elves. When she looked timidly at Han Shuo, she gave people a lovely, pitiful feeling for her.

Han Shuo looked this youthful dark elf up and down deeply and, in his heart, a very familiar feeling struck him, as though he had long been acquainted with this young lady. It was a wonderful feeling. Han Shuo thought carefully for a moment. He was certain that he had never met this young lady during the many times he entered and exited the underground world. He was absolutely puzzled.

Could there be such a thing as familiarity at first sight? Han Shuo thought to himself. He couldn’t help but continue sizing up this lady even more oddly.

“You must accept. If you don’t, you re looking down upon us dark elves!” There was no telling what Shialan’s problem was, absolutely insisting on handing this young lady to Han Shuo. It was as though if Han Shuo wouldn’t receive this girl, he would thenceforth be treated as an enemy to her race.

“Okay. You, come with me!” If the worst came to worst, there would just be one more servant in the city lord’s mansion in Brettel City. Furthermore, it was not worthwhile to cause Trunks trouble for such a matter, and so he plainly agreed.

With that, Shialan and the others no longer obstructed Han Shuo but talked cheerfully and wittily with him, seeing him all the way to the exit.