“Hehe, this is why I say, those who know what’s what could obtain good stuff from a place like this!” Han Shuo said smilingly.

“Let’s go. Take me shopping with you. You seem like a person who does know what’s what!” Sophie said in high spirits. She grasped firmly onto the corner of Han Shuo’s shirt and pulled him towards an area bustling with activities.

Han Shuo helplessly followed along. He thought to himself, Wasn’t it you who first said that as the host, you must properly receive me? How did it become me that has to keep you company instead? It seems that words that come out of a woman’s mouth definitely cannot be trusted.

Seeing that Sophie was in high spirits, Han Shuo did not throw cold water on her. He accompanied her cramming through a congested crowd and visited various vendors’ booths. By utilizing his accurate senses for substances, Han Shuo found several worthy items suitable for her.

“Han, you are amazing! How do you know so much?” Sophie said excitedly to Han Shuo as she firmly held onto a jade bracelet of coarse workmanship.

The jade bracelet was also one of the things that Han Shuo helped Sophie select. After wearing this jade bracelet, she could sense the effect of the jade bracelet in relieving fatigueness. After listening to an entire lecture about the efficacy of jade bracelets from Han Shuo once through, Sophie truly felt utmost admiration for Han Shuo, almost prostrating herself before Han Shuo in adulation.

“It’s almost afternoon now. Let’s visit the auction sale as well,” Han Shuo suggested as he smilingly looked at Sophie.

“There’s nothing interesting about that place, might as well stay here and continue strolling around,” Sophie replied with her lips curled. She clearly had no good opinion of the auction place.

“Inside this auction which is held only once every three years in Kasi Empire, there will certainly be many interesting people and objects. Since I have already come to Kasi Empire, it is inexcusable to not experience it. And you, as the hostess, perhaps it is time for you to do the honors?” Although the stalls outside on the streets definitely proved useful, there must be even more precious treasures at the auction. Not only that, those items put up for auction had been well appraised. It was for these reasons that Han Shuo made such a proposal.

“Fine. Since you are being so insisting, I shall go there with you,” Sophie grudgingly agreed to Han Shuo’s request. Following behind Han Shuo, they headed towards the auction place.

The auction was located in an enormous building with a squadron of knights in shining armour sturdily guarding the entrance. When Han Shuo and Sophie over, they witnessed these knights in the doorway standing refined and courteous. Although these knights could still be considered as friendly in attitude, they no doubt obstructed the two in their path.

“Lady, gentleman, no entrance without an invitation letter,” one of the knights reminded smilingly.

Given Han Shuo and Sophie’s current ordinary appearance, along with the very ordinary clothing on them, after putting away their space rings, there was not one exceptional feature on them. Obviously, characters in commoner’s dressing should not be appearing in such a five-star premier venue where the privileged classes congregated.

Han Shuo let out a cold scoff, inwardly thinking that this kind of people could definitely be found in whichever region. Don’t get fooled by this knight’s urbane manner on the surface, the ridicule and despise showing in his eye were hardly concealed. Han Shuo could tell the disdain in his heart with just one look.

“There, this is the invitation letter. Can we go in now?” Sophie casually took out two invitation letters and handed them to the knight with a light groan. The knight was astonished. He clearly never expected that someone like Han Shuo and Sophie actually had the qualifications to receive the invitation. He foolishly stared at Sophie and Han Shuo, and briefly forgot how to speak.

“Can we go in?” Sophie questioned once more in a slightly louder voice.

“Of course, of course!” the knight was suddenly roused and he hastily replied. He then stepped aside and executed a bow. In a courteous manner, he said, “Please come inside!”

“Humph!” Han Shuo shot a cold glance at this knight before marching inside in large strides along with Sophie.

As soon as they crossed the entrance, they saw a splendidly decorated beautiful scene with glorious lightings. Further inside was an incredibly spacious hall, with rows and rows of gorgeous, glittering crystal lanterns suspended high up above. The ground was overlaid with soft red carpet. The hall had tiered seating similar to that of a luxurious movie theater. Exquisite pastries and fruits were neatly laid out on each table.

Straight ahead, an auctioneer suited in evening dress was cheerfully giving a presentation about an item. Colourful stage lighting casted down on a delicate staff embedded with a rhombus-shaped gemstone water-blue in colour. Under the illumination of the lights, this staff appeared even more beautifully dazzling. For some water magi who took pleasure in beholding the beautiful, this magical staff possessed a deadly temptation.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this delicate magical staff was assembled by Master Faler of the elf race. This reverie-blue magical staff can triple the power of water element magical spells, and allow for greater recovery speed of mental strength. As for its design, perhaps only the word ‘perfection’ could describe it. The pieces of Master Faler are all astonishingly refined with not one exception…” On stage, the presenter was promoting the magical staff in a most provocative manner.

Han Shuo carefully observed for a moment. He discovered that this magical staff was indeed not bad, but what a shame that it was somewhat overly ornate. Its extremely artistic design was in fact not especially suitable for a magus to grasp it well. That Master Faler clearly cut down on practicality in his pursuit for perfection.

Given Han Shuo’s temperament, there was no way he would select a weapon like that. However, its beauty aroused the crazy pursuit of female magi. In Kasi Empire, thanks to the presence of the Shrine of Ice, most magi majored in water element magic. When the auctioneer finished his words, the crowd immediately started to flare up.

“Ladies, gentlemen, please come with me!” while Han Shuo and Sophie stared fixedly at the stage, a male waiter said to them smilingly.

“Is there any private room that is still available?” Sophie turned to this waiter and asked indifferently.

The waiter stared blankly and looked Sophie up and down. Only then did he smilingly reply, “I’m sorry. They were all fully booked long ago.”

Han Shuo understood that in this kind of high-class auction sale, there were rooms specially prepared for those true bigwigs a few stories upstairs, away from the grand hall with tiered seating. Those characters with great status would usually book ahead a private room for themselves.

If Sophie had come over together with Braque as originally planned, she would have been in one of those VIP rooms. But as she was currently with Han Shuo, all she could do was get over it.

“Nevermind then. Lead the way,” Sophie casually replied. With the waiter's guidance, Han Shuo and Sophie arrived at their seating near the back row. A magical console was arranged in front of the delicate pastries. One could input an exact amount of gold coins on that console.