As the man continued to approach, an instinctive feeling of loathing rose from the bottom of Han Shuo’s heart. The air around him filled with a repulsive stench. After carefully sensing, Han Shuo was shocked to discover that the smell was disseminating from this sickly man.

This man was mounted on a mammoth, demon-faced spider, and looked rather different from Hemanna and Sylph. He seemed to have no skeleton, and gave off a feeble aura. His waist was slimmer than that of a woman. His green face was covered with spots. Difficult on the eyes indeed.

He wore a medal of black iron embossed with a demon. It was holding two bloody skulls of monsters with its mouth, vivid, lifelike, and would give any observer goosebumps and a wicked vibe.

Thanks to Hemanna and Sylph, Han Shuo now had some understanding of the division of strength in the Abyss realm. There were all kinds of abyssal creatures at various levels of strength. Those low-level ones would eternally be treated as cannon fodders and saddle horses, and would never be qualified to enjoy any privileges that high-level creatures received.

Aside from the low-level creatures, average high-level creatures were divided into Abyssal troopers, Destroyers, Rakshas, and Demons, with each class further divided into three levels. Advanced abyssal creatures with rights to live in a city or that were enlisted soldiers for a powerhouse were level one Abyssal troopers or higher.

Every expert gradually advanced through constant massacre. The more enemies they killed, the higher they climbed. Both Hemanna and Sylph were level one Destroyers, while Nambrough was a level three Destroyer.

Higher up the ladder, experts who could possess their own territories within a city or a region were known as Rakshas. They were allowed their own guards. For example, this man before Han Shuo had a Raksha drawn onto the medallion on his chest. The two bloody skulls in the mouth of the Raksha indicated that he was a level-two Raksha!

Above Rakshas were Demons. They were the true influential figures for those powerhouses. For example, Crosius of War Demon Valley and General Yeki of Venomfang Castle, they were level one Demons. Every Demon cultivated elemental energy to fill every cell in their bodies, even in the brain.

Above the Demons were the mightiest of the whole of Abyss realm - the five great demon kings. They were like mountains that could not be scaled. Billions of abyssal creatures had to bow and prostrate themselves before them. They were the true masters of the Abyss realm!

As Hemanna and Sylph were just level one Destroyers, when compared to this level two Raksha, whatever their strengths or positions were, they were far, far behind. In the Abyss realm where the strong preyed on the weak, the one with the biggest fists was king. If it weren’t for the fact that Hemanna and Sylph were war demon sergeants under Crosius, they might have long been snatched by this ugly man.

However, Crosius, being the master of War Demon Valley, thought highly of true experts and would give special treatment to Rakshas. There were only six Rakshas in this War Demon Valley. In every great battle, the six would be the main firepowers of War Demon Valley. In the Abyss Realm, experts were by leaps more important than mere women. Therefore, Crosius had long tacitly approved of certain words of this Raksha.

“Han Shuo, he is Brakyah,” Sylph reminded Han Shuo.

By then, Han Shuo had learned of the names and positions of some experts in War Demon Valley. He knew about the past achievements of this Brakyah and that he was one of the six Rakshas in War Demon Valley. During the journey back, Nambrough had, by himself, told Han Shuo that Brakyah had been coveting for Hemanna and Sylph, and that he should be careful when he met with Brakyah at War Demon Valley.

Nambrough told Han Shuo that this Brakyah had extraordinary strength, and he’d better take the initiative to give up on Hemanna and Sylph if he had no confidence in dealing Brakyah, lest he got killed. But Nambrough also mentioned that if he had the confidence to take on Brakyah, he might as well duel with him. As long he didn’t die in the battle, he would gain a place in War Demon Valley immediately.

The Abyss realm is a place where only strength mattered. Regardless of age and experience, as long as one displayed the strength, he could easily and quickly gain wealth, women, or whatever he desired by fighting.

“You two women, come with me. As for that guy, finish him,” Brakyah said coldly after he gazed at the three of them for a while with his brows furrowed. Just as he finished, he turned around and left, not even considering Han Shuo as anything.

Carried by a dozen meter wide demon-faced spider, Brakyah turned and left very gracefully. Just as he was leaving, a well-built expert with six arms suddenly shot out from behind him. This person was of slightly greater strength than Hemanna and Sylph. He was a grade two Destroyer.

Being a Raksha, Brakyah could raise his own subordinates and personal servants independent of War Demon Valley. When he left, Han Shuo saw there were a dozen or more oddly shaped high-level abyssal creatures following behind him. They happened to be Destroyer-class experts, probably Brakyah’s own bodyguards.

To reach instant success in this world, Han Shuo was required to climb over the skulls of other experts. To Han Shuo, it was a wonderful gift that Brakyah had so willingly wandered into his midst.

“Hemanna, Sylph, stand right there. You two are going nowhere,” Han Shuo groaned when he saw Hemanna and Sylph cowering from Brakyah, considering leaving with him.

The next moment, without waiting for the six-armed Destroyer to arrive, Han Shuo took the initiative and attacked. Mystical Glacial Spellfire erupted from his two hands as he shot out and turned into a streak of lightning, leaving two long trails of purple blazes like the brilliant tail of a shooting star.

Before the Destroyer could strike, Han Shuo had finished him, sparing him not even a chance to strike back. During the split second Han Shuo swooshed past him, two trails of bewitching spellfire entered his body.

Soon after, a miserable cry broke from the mouth of this Destroyer. Han Shuo did not even turn back for a glance but headed directly towards the grade two Raksha who gave Han Shuo the cold-shoulder.

“What the?!” Brakyah couldn’t help but let out a gently cry of surprise when he heard the miserable scream of his underling. He turned to look behind him and saw the charred body of his minion, as well as Han Shuo who displayed the qualities of an evil monster.

Brakyah gently tapped on the back of the spider and it was docile in stopping and turning around. Brakyah turned his cold gaze onto the few personal bodyguards, licked his tongue, and instructed with a merciless smile, “Go on, don’t just stand there like trash cans!”

Upon hearing those words, the six Destroyers, who had gone through countless butcherings in the Abyss realm, immediately made a move. Each of them possessed strength equivalent to a sacred-grade expert of Profound Continent. The six jointly unleashed their respective brilliant skills of spurting acidic poisons, slashing with sharp blades, and attacking with claws and bare fangs.

“Hehe, I can incidentally rise by stepping on your bodies. How delightful!” Han Shuo laughed. For some reason, every time Han Shuo let go of his fetters and did as he pleased, he would get a most refreshing feeling as he unleashed his demonic ability.

When the six Destroyer-class experts came directly at Han Shuo all at once, this wonderful feeling became even more intense. His Demonic Blades suddenly erupted, sending out the Bloody Radiance of Ten Thousand Cuts in a spiky ball made of bloody light. Thereupon, an intense reeking of blood spread out. The sinister killing intent was released with no holds barred.

It was the gateway to the War Demon Valley. The crowds that come and went were all high-level abyssal experts, and therefore were none too nervous when they saw that there were people fighting. Instead, they revelled with excitement, some even moving closer to observe the fight. It appeared that in this realm death was not a thing to be feared.

The Bloody Radiance of Ten Thousand Cuts was stirring and roiling as it released killing intent seemingly made of pure evil. The six minions could sense the terrifying power of the Bloody Radiance of Ten Thousand Cuts and hastily turned away from the direction of Han Shuo, dispersing.

Like a flower blossoming, the Bloody Radiance of Ten Thousand Cuts suddenly blew up, sending out hundreds upon thousands of hedgehog-like, spiky, bloody spears. The spines appeared to be sentient as they shot themselves towards the six Destroyer-class experts of Brakyah’s. The six strange-looking Destroyers had a hard time defending themselves. The four experts further away from the Bloody Radiance were barely able to resist the attack.

The other two closer to the Bloody Radiance, however, were instantly punctured by tens of thousands of bloody awls, paving way for a rain of blood.

Han Shuo let out a mischievous laugh and approached the other four Destroyers like a ghost. He was so fast that one could only see a blurred trail of him. One of the four Destroyers seemed to have yet to come to his senses, and opened his mouth wide like he was preparing to spit poison.

Han Shuo threw a punch that, like a momentous javelin, entered the Destroyer’s open mouth and went right through its neck. His terror-filled eyes were wide open before he ultimately lost all sign of life.

Han Shuo revealed a callous smile that would send chills down anyone’s spine. With a jolt of his arm, the skull of the Destroyer hanging on his arm exploded. His juiced brain mixed with fresh blood sprayed all over.

“Delightful, how delightful!” Han Shuo let out a belly laugh. He felt that when he eased his mind, his demonic arts were more willing to elevate to a wonderful realm. Not only was the demonic yuan flowing extremely smoothly, but it also provided a seemingly unending supply of energy. Even his demonic infant seemed to be trembling with happiness.

If I follow my heart’s desires and do as I please, conducting myself with the ideal mental state of the Carnal Realm, then, I can definitely achieve a breakthrough while in this Abyss, Han Shuo suddenly had such a self-confidence.

“Brakyah, stop sending your minions to death. Come and fight me yourself!” Han Shuo no longer cared about the remaining Destroyers. With an evil grin, he charged straight at Brakyah.

Han Shuo immediately obtained the approval of the all the observers after displaying such brashness and ferocity. They nodded and praised and chanted, admiring Han Shuo’s might. As for girls like Hemanna and Sylph, their eyes glimmered with infatuation at the demon-god-like Han Shuo, somewhat smitten by him.

The Demonic Blades in Han Shuo’s two hands reflected dazzling light. The Demonic Blades, made of fingernails, might have appeared rather bizarre for people back on Profound Continent. In this Abyss realm, however, it seemed completely ordinary.

The grade-two Raksha, Brakyah, atop the demon-faced spider, had water element in every cell of his body. He obviously had formed a Body of Water Element. As he witnessed Han Shuo charging at him while howling with laughter, Brakyah’s expression of disdain immediately vanished and was replaced with a grave expression.

After Han Shuo killed three of his underlings in succession with terrifying methods, Brakyah had some idea as to how terrifying amount of strength Han Shuo must possess. As he puzzled over the sudden appearance of such an expert in War Demon Valley, he began to congeal the water element in his body. Han Shuo suddenly found Brakyah soaring into the sky like a water snake. Because every cell in Brakyah’s humanoid body was filled with the water element, his body was exceptionally soft and flexible. He wriggled and twisted like a python before Han Shuo.

The Demonic Blades, giving off brilliant spellfire, whooshed and landed directly on Brakyah’s body. Much to Han Shuo’s amazement, despite Brakyah’s body having been sliced by the Demonic Blades, not a single limb had been severed.

Brakyah took advantage of the time to stick himself closer to Han Shuo. He even had leisure time to tease Han Shuo. In a disdaining voice, he said, “Where did this low-level race come from? To think he actually tried this silly method on me. How impossibly foolish!”

The Demonic Blades’ attack on Brakyah was akin to swords slashing and stabbing at water. With water element filling every cell in his body, Brakyah had obtained the extreme flexibility of water. To be unafraid of such a physical attack was completely unexpected by Han Shuo.

“Alright then, I shall deal you something painful!” Han Shuo chuckled, ignoring Brakyah’s advances. He already had a countermeasure in mind.