As the crowd watched on, Qunoa led Han Shuo towards the most magnificent building in War Demon Valley. Hemanna and Sylph were flushed with happiness when they saw Han Shuo being invited to meet Crosius by Qunoa, a highly influential character in War Demon Valley.

When Han Shuo walked past Sylph, he smirked and shot a somewhat amorous wink at her before saying, “Remember, both you and Hemanna are my women. Wait for me!”

Sylph was not upset by the fact that Han Shuo had said this in front of all those watching eyes. She bashfully nodded and replied in a soft voice, “Okay.”

Han Shuo laughed with great satisfaction, “Good, I like that!” 

“Our friend here is indeed a romantic. As long as you are willing to stay in our War Demon Valley, you could easily obtain any woman you wanted, even Lord Crosius’ beloved daughter would not be difficult.” Qunoa laughed then teased, “I think she already approves of it!”

“Uncle, cut it out! That’s nonsense!” a young lady with a pair of white wings and a face as beautiful as that of an angel’s bashfully denied. She stood in the crowd behind Han Shuo.

Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment before turning to look at the beautiful lady floating among the crowd. He was not expecting the lady to actually be the daughter of Crosius. He recalled the warning she had given earlier and tried performing the etiquette of the Abyss realm but did so in a very awkward manner, revealed a brilliant smile, and said, “Thank you for the warning back there.”

“You’re welcome. If you choose to stay in War Demon Valley, I do hope that you could give me some guidance in martial arts. From the battle just now, I witnessed many magical techniques. They truly were amazing!” said the angelic lady.

“Haha, War Demon Valley is a great place. If nothing unexpected comes my way, I believe that I will be staying here. You may look for me whenever you have the time,” Han Shuo invited. He finally turned to look at Brakyah who was still paralyzed on the ground, as his expression turned completely grim in a split second, saying, “Brakyah, you are no match against me. Let me suggest this - know your place, otherwise you will end up dead!”

The moment he finished his sentence, he turned away from Brakyah’s ugly looking face, and softly said to Qunoa, “Sorry to keep you waiting. Let’s go.”

“Don’t fret it! Let’s go!” Qunoa replied with a smile. He proceeded to lead Han Shuo towards the grandest structure within War Demon Valley.

After a few steps, Qunoa turned his head and shot a glance at Brakyah who had finally reassembled his body. When their gazes meet, Qunoa faintly shook his head, seeming to indicate to Brakyah to give up any thoughts he had of retaliation against Han Shuo.

Brakyah regained his footing, and stared at Han Shuo with his cold eyes as he drew further and further away, then glanced at Hemanna and Sylph for a while. In a deep voice, he said to his underlings, “We shall leave.”

When Han Shuo left, Hemanna and Sylph, the two ladies felt a sense of insecurity in their hearts. However, when they thought of Han Shuo’s mighty display earlier they, along with the many others that were watching, realized that Brakyah wouldn’t do anything to them in this place.

Moreover, as long as Han Shuo remained alive, Brakyah wouldn’t dare harm either of them. If Brakyah were to provoke Han Shuo any further, there would certainly be no way he would make it out alive with what little strength he had left. So, even though the ladies felt discomfort when the sinister gaze of Brakyah landed on them, they weren’t too afraid. They both put on arrogant faces and didn't look Brakyah in the eyes.

“Hmph! I’m going to kill you two bitches sooner or later!” Brakyah shouted menacingly before turning around to leap on his giant demon-faced spider, leaving the area along with his few remaining underlings.

All those in his path spontaneously stepped aside to make way. They didn’t dare show gazes of despise or mockery, on the contrary, they somewhat fearfully bowed their heads in silence. They would only ridicule Brakyah’s incompetence in their hearts but not aloud. 

A Raksha who had lost in a battle was still a Raksha! In the Abyss realm where life could be taken at the slightest pretext, without adequate strength, one must by all means not provoke the other. Otherwise, they would have just courted death!

With all the action having dissipated, the crowd gradually dispersed. After such an affair, the hostility between Hemanna and Sylph was mostly gone. The two exchanged glances with somewhat complicated looks on their faces before mixing themselves in the crowd and leaving. 

Over on the upper level of the grandest building in the center of War Demon Valley, stood a muscular man with sharp thorns protruding from his head to toes, wearing a boorish but determined appearance. He had a pair of deep grey eyes, which were in contrast to his tough demeanor.

This seemingly unshakable man was overlooking the populace down beneath him. Behind him, Nambrough, the commander of Shero regiment, was kneeling on the ground on one knee, he dared not to move a muscle.

“Are you certain that he is not a spy of Venomfang Castle?” the brawny man said in a deep voice without turning his head. His voice was deep, powerful, and resounding.

“My Lord, he killed hundreds of men of Venomfang Castle. I believe him not to be a spy sent by Venomfang Castle. In addition, this man practices unique martial techniques, entirely foreign to all the known cultivation methods. Perhaps, as he said, he really had come out from some ancient race that had been shunned by the world,” Nambrough replied prudently with his head at the level of his knees. He dared not raise his head to look at this muscular man.

“Ancient race that has been shunned by the world? Haha, how many ancient and secluded races are there? With the sudden appearance of some miraculous spacetime tunnel at the Venomfang Castle, numerous experts went to catch a glimpse of it. Now, this person suddenly shows up, and even possesses extraordinary strength. It’d be a wonder if nothing’s wrong with him!” the brawny man coldly groaned. His deep eyes gradually turned towards Han Shuo who appeared from among the crowd, and revealed a pensive expression.

“Your Lordship, then, how about, we capture him first!” Nambrough, who had been very friendly to Han Shuo, suddenly suggested.

“Imbecile!” the burly man groaned before continuing in a deep voice, “Other than the fact that I have yet to make clear of his origins, so what if he is a spy from Venomfang Castle? You think that he alone he can flip over War Demon Valley?”

“Your Lordship is indeed wiser! Much wiser!” the terrified Nambrough said with his heart thrashing like a storm at sea and his head down. He dared not make any more moronic proposals.

“Hmph, if he truly is a capable talent, and is willing to stay in War Demon Valley, then, I will not look into your failed expedition this time. If not, dismember one of your arms yourself for atonement!” The muscular man waved his hand and, without even turning his head, said, “You’re dismissed!”

Nambrough again respectfully performed a bow. He stepped backwards with his head hung, and only turned around when he arrived right before the door. Immediately after he stepped out from the gigantic black stone doors, Nambrough immediately exhaled. He discovered that his whole body was drenched in a cold sweat.

“Mister Han Shuo, where does your race reside currently? Your martial techniques are exceptional. I truly wonder what kind of place it is that could produce an expert as mighty as you are!” When they headed towards the building at the center of War Demon Valley shoulder to shoulder, Qunoa, a level-three Raksha, began to question Han Shuo with a smile.

All throughout the way, Han Shuo only glanced around smiling, never directly answering any of Qunoa’s questions. He would only respond with excuses and beat around the bush. As he did that, his consciousness suddenly sensed an expert at the top of the magnificent building gazing at him.

The master of War Demon Valley, Crosius, had successfully molded a Body of Element. With the help of great demon king Manticole, he also managed to form a Soul of Element. This made his presence so incredibly large that even though there were a few thousand meters separating him and Han Shuo, Han Shuo’s consciousness could still clearly sense him.

Han Shuo raised his head to look at Crosius inside the building before him. The arrogance which most demonic arts cultivators possessed suddenly erupted. For some reason, after entering the Carnal Realm, Han Shuo was extremely displeased when any living being looked at him with such a gaze.

Even if the existence was mightier than he was!

After sensing that belittling gaze coming from Crosius, Han Shuo no longer responded to Qunoa’s inquiries. Han Shuo abruptly activated the Art of the Demonic Ninth Heavens and shot into the sky. After a short moment, he had left Qunoa much farther behind him, and was standing proudly at the top of the building, face-to-face with that man with the muscular body and deep eyes.

“You are Han Shuo?” Crosius looked at Han Shuo somewhat strangely, seemingly surprised at his impudent and brazen conduct. Crosius then continued, “Other than Lord Manticole himself, any expert who steps into my War Demon Valley, no matter their strength, is required to walk here all the way up, step by step. This is my rule, were you unaware?”

“I don’t give a damn about your rules!  I don’t like having people stare me down from high above. I won’t allow that, not even if you are stronger than I am!” Han Shuo said resolutely without the slightest sign of fear. Even though he would not be able to defeat Crosius in a battle, he had full confidence that he could at least escape unscathed, hence his cockiness.

Crosius’ stare was fixed on Han Shuo. His cold, detached, and arrogant gaze this time showed a trace of amusement. He nodded his head and revealed an awkward faint smile, and said, “Courageous! A fine youngster!”