Han Shuo, Hemanna, and Sylph were moved into a manor in the southern part of War Demon Valley. This new mansion was far more luxurious compared to that three-storey building. Abyssal beauties of all races, at Crosius’ command, were arranged to serve and attend to Han Shuo’s every need.

For so many years, Han Shuo had never before been so relaxed and enjoyed life so much. Not even his high position in Brettel City could excuse him from painstakingly studying magic and demonic arts, not a waking minute spared on such luxuries as joie de vivre. However, Han Shuo took advantage of his time in this Abyss realm to completely let himself go in conformance with the principle of the Carnal realm to live an unrestrained and hedonistic life.

As Han Shuo’s stature in War Demon Valley grew larger and larger, Hemanna and Sylph’s admiration and adoration for Han Shuo had raised to the point where they could not bear to take one step away from him. They would feel as though something was lacking if Han Shuo went out of their sights for even a moment.

It is also worth mentioning that Han Shuo was rather astonished by just how long the alien ladies could endure when it comes to doing a certain activity. Perhaps it had something to do with their distinctive internal body structures. Back on Profound Continent, even Phoebe, someone who had cultivated to the heights of a great swordmaster, could not endure Han Shuo’s conquest in the room for any lengthy period of time. Yet, these two coquettish ladies were much more outstanding than Phoebe when it comes to endurance. Their outstanding bodies could more often than not bring Han Shuo unimaginable indulgence, pleasure, and joy.

However, Han Shuo’s stamina and endurance were far, far mightier than the two ladies’ imagination. Every time they pleased Han Shuo, even when they joined forces and went as wild as they possibly could, they would always be beaten by Han Shuo in the end. They would always be tormented by him until every last bit of their strength was exhausted.

Each time he was finished with the two, Han Shuo would still have spare time to head outside War Demon Valley with Jasper. Using the material he found in War Demon Valley, he spent the time setting up a Shura Soul Formation just like the one he once deployed at the place of extreme water in Sunshine Valley. Compared to then, his strength now was more than a cut above. As the materials Crosius supplied were plentiful, Han Shuo even had excess to deploy some other additional magical matrixes.

The two avatars of Han Shuo’s possessed an outstanding understanding of the element of death and the edict of destruction. During the past several days, Han Shuo had even fused some necromancy magical matrices and some essence of the edict of destruction within this Shura Soul Formation.

Just how powerful would the final result of this ‘Shura Soul Formation’ be? Even Han Shuo himself got somewhat excited and was looking forward to finding out. During the several days, Jasper had always been helping Han Shuo with all of her heart, helping Han Shuo to acquire the materials he needed, as well as organizing the War Demon Guards to help deploy the magical formation...

During the few days, Han Shuo did not slack in taking advantage of Jasper, either. The two were like lovebirds, openly teasing each other. As the master of War Demon Valley, Crosius had clearly seen how the two interacted. He did not obstruct Han Shuo’s invasion of his treasured daughter, but on the contrary, he deliberately provided opportunities for the two, as though he was itching to shove Jasper into Han Shuo’s embrace.

Just as that War Demon Guard had gossiped, given the strength that Han Shuo displayed right now, he could snatch an honorable and high position from any of the five great demon kings. What’s more, War Demon Valley was currently in a critical period. Crosius of course had to spend some effort and money if he wanted to make Han Shuo stay.

Han Shuo had displayed outstanding performances since he first stepped into War Demon Valley. Crosius was going to have to do better than just material incentives if he hoped to keep Han Shuo in his valley. Jasper, the most beautiful lady of War Demon Valley, was precisely the biggest chip Crosius had.

“Mister Han Shuo, so this is a magical matrix? Could you please teach me? So magical…” Brayshaw the two-faced person, as Han Shuo’s assistant, had been following Han Shuo all the while with who knew what intentions. She kept talking with that coy and disgusting tone of his, jabbering on and on beside Han Shuo’s ear, causing Han Shuo annoyance.

As soon as he heard Brayshaw’s voice, Han Shuo’s face turned unsightly. He shot a warning glare at Brayshaw and threatened, “Cut out the chatter. Have you completed your task today?”

“Of course. How would me dare to not earnestly complete tasks that you have assigned me?” In her interaction with Han Shuo during the past two days, she discovered that Han Shuo really wasn’t as fierce as she imagined. As long as she refrained from intentionally provoking Han Shuo, he wouldn’t take anything too far.

This two-faced being, whose position and limelight was robbed away by Han Shuo, did not resent Han Shuo for it. On the contrary, she was rather too passionate and worked very hard to help Han Shuo in manpower and physical resources. Although Han Shuo couldn’t make out what intentions this fella was actually harboring, her actions had indeed saved Han Shuo quite some time and effort. Therefore, although Han Shuo felt extremely irritated by her constant coy talk, he did not do anything to her.

“Ugh forget about it. Freaking ladyboy, I don’t feel like talking to you,” Han Shuo said impatiently. He then turned to Jasper beside him who was secretly laughing, and said, “Alright! The project can be completed by tomorrow. After that, all we've got to do is wait for the Venomfang Castle to make their way over so we can try it out on them.”

“Han Shuo, Uncle Brayshaw is actually a good person. He is, at least, much more upfront than that Brakyah,” during the journey back to War Demon Valley, Jasper suddenly started to talk to Han Shuo. There were some faint traces of worry in her eyes.

Han Shuo was slightly bothered by the statement and asked, “What’s the matter with that Brayshaw, anyway?”

“Uncle Brayshaw came from a eccentric race that lived far from civilization. People of their kind all looked like that. When he first came to War Demon Valley, Uncle Brayshaw was discriminated by many. However, under my father’s protection, and his own powerful strength, he gradually gained a footing in War Demon Valley.

Uncle Brayshaw even regularly played with me when I was little. He’s a modest and approachable person. It’s just that his voice sometimes alternates between male and female. He's certainly not someone like Brakyah who would seek revenge for the smallest grievance. I truly hope you do no harm to Uncle Brayshaw over some small matter,” Jasper said those words of persuasion to Han Shuo for fear that he would dispose of Brayshaw with any random excuse that arose. She seemed to care a lot for Brayshaw.

Han Shuo nodded with creased brows and replied, “I see. Not to worry. As long as he doesn’t try to provoke me, I wouldn’t do a thing to him.”

With Han Shuo’s reassurance, Jasper’s heart loosened up. She put on a smile and mentioned the task that Han Shuo had given her two days prior, “Oh, by the way, about that bone tablet you asked me to check, I have found its origins. ”

Han Shuo’s look jolted. He hastily asked, “So what did you find?”

“You might really need to take a trip to Black Jade City. This bone tablet was obtained from Lord Manticole. Back then at Black Jade City, my father managed to advance to the level of Demon with the assistance of Great Demon King Manticole. Lord Manticole was delighted with him and let my father choose anything he liked from his weaponry depot. This bone tablet was one of the items that he selected. My father later found out that this bone tablet served no function and just threw it into the depot,” explained Jasper.

“Manticole… From the looks of it, he definitely knows about it…” Han Shuo mumbled to himself and turned to Jasper, “Alright. Why don’t you go home and continue meditating? I reckon that in just a few days, you will be able to sense the presence of mental strength.”

After having interacted with Han Shuo for the days now, Jasper had grown the utmost respect for the mysterious Han Shuo. Therefore, upon hearing Han Shuo’s words, she put on a smile, nodded, and left without saying another word. However, she mumbled to herself as she left, “Hmph, I know he's rushing back to his manor for Hemanna and Sylph, those the two little vixens…”

Han Shuo’s sharp ears managed to pick up with total clarity those soft mutterings of Jasper’s. He couldn’t help but laugh, and thought to himself, It seems that it’s time to find a chance and pluck down Jasper. Otherwise she'll just keep cursing me behind my back.

Han Shuo was welcomed back to his own manor by the two tender and beautiful ladies, none other than Hemanna and Sylph. All smiles, they each took one of Han Shuo’s arms and lead Han Shuo straight to the room. Their eyes revealed strong indications of love.

“We will postpone it for today. I need to cultivate for a while in the secret chamber,” Han Shuo apologetically explained to the two as they walked inside. Afterwards, he entered the secret chamber exclusively found in this manor all alone. Once inside, he went deep underground, and finally withdrew the ring that contained Gilbert’s soul.

Han Shuo had been communicating with Gilbert these days and Gilbert was aware of the environment they were in. Now that Han Shuo had sufficient materials and Gilbert’s soul was mighty enough, he said to Gilbert, “Gilbert, I have gathered all the materials needed to refine you a body. Even without your original skeleton, I can forge you a pretty good physical body. Would you like to try?”

“Nevermind, master. I can wait a little longer and I much prefer my original body. I’d rather wait until we have returned to Profound Continent, and forge a new one with my original body as the foundation.” After having cultivated his soul for so long, Gilbert now possessed an extremely tenacious soul. Han Shuo believed that if Gilbert had a new physical body, he would be able to make leaps and bounds.

“Alright, then. We shall wait a little longer. But don’t you worry, it won’t be too long. I have already made some progress. After the matter of these two days are over, we will head to Black Jade City right away and look for an interplanar transportation array.” Han Shuo knew that Gilbert had gotten somewhat anxious, especially when he informed Gilbert the little lewd dragon of the brilliance of alien abyssal ladies. He was beginning to grow restless.

After consoling Gilbert, Han Shuo chanted an incantation and summoned the Little Skeleton with the intention of transferring necromancy memories to him.

But when Little Skeleton traveled across planes from the netherworld and stepped onto the Abyss realm, Han Shuo was immediately shocked by the Little Skeleton he saw.