GDK 547: Triumphant

Inside the War Demon Grand Hall, a middle-aged married couple, a husband and a wife, wore solemn expressions as they listened to Crosius depict the battle that went on.

“Just as your Lordships can see, Venomfang Castle is absolutely doomed this time. As we speak, a group of our fighters led by Qunoa is heading for Venomfang Castle. If it all goes to plan, Venomfang Castle will be captured by our forces in no time!”

The middle-aged married couple wore a reserved and grave expression as they listened. After Crosius finally finished with the course of events, the man asked in a deep voice, “The one called Han Shuo, did you say that he killed three Shadow Warriors, including Zajya, all by himself?”

Crosius nodded. He seemed to have yet to calm down. He took a deep breath and reaffirmed, “You heard me right. He killed General Zajya, Scarletfiend Warrior, and Ironstone Warrior, alone. What’s even more terrifying is, that so-called magical matrix he constructed in front of our city wall, exterminated nearly ten thousand experts of Venomfang Castle in just an instant!”

“That’s truly frightening!” the charming woman gasped, shock written on her face.

The man also wore a face of disbelief. He questioned Crosius eagerly, “That chap, what're his origins? Since when has the Abyss had such a terrifying existence?”

“Lord Bord, Lord Zinia, truth be told, Han Shuo claims that he came from that destroyed interplanar portal within Venomfang Castle’s territory!” Crosius said unflinchingly.

“What?” the duo cried out in surprise simultaneously. They glanced at each other, “He’s from another plane??”

Crosius nodded in affirmation. He forced a smile and explained, “I believe that his words are true. During the great battle, the second brother of Venomfang Castle’s Yeki, Yeti, verified this information in his own words!”

Bord and Zinia stared blankly for a while. But soon after, their gazes turned to glisten as they stared at Crosius. Bord said, “Crosius, you have made a great achievement!” 

Crosius already knew that long ago. He turned a delighted expression and grinned, “Right from the beginning when he first came to War Demon Valley, I could tell there was something extraordinary about him. Therefore, I’ve been meticulously ingratiating him all along. It was all thanks to his existence that the army of Venomfang Castle could be completely wiped out, saving our War Demon Valley and turning around the crisis. He is now requesting to meet Lord Manticole. I believe that as long as His Lordship satisfies some of his harmless demands, our side will definitely have the upper hand in the five-way war!”

“That’s right. Therefore, the Lord will definitely reward you well this time,” Bord said with a gratified look on his face. He continued, “I heard that you have even bestowed your daughter Jasper upon him? Very well done. The guidance that the Lord has provided you has not been in vain!”

“Lord Bord is overpraising me,” Crosius tried to play down his delight. He was glad about his very wise decision days before.

“Alright. Crosius, how about you bring us for a look at that so-called magical matrix? We are very interested in that matrix which can exterminate ten of thousands of lives in an instant!” Zinia smilingly suggested to Crosius.


When Han Shuo and Jasper returned to the battlefield together, they found out that the battle was over. All along the way, they would find strangely-shaped, massive, and low-intelligence abyssal creatures peacefully munching on carcasses that covered every inch of the land.

Looking ahead, Han Shuo discovered everyone in War Demon Valley wearing the happiest faces. They were inspired by the bloody round of battle. When those people then saw Han Shuo emerging with Jasper, they began to chant Han Shuo’s name. They cheered with reverence that came from the bottom of their hearts, and for a moment, his name echoed through the entire valley.

Those forces that remained in War Demon Valley were not the main firepowers. They were merely some low-level War Demon Guards in charge of guarding the safety of the Valley and cleaning up the battlefield. However, the cheering that simultaneously came from every direction was still an extremely impressive scene, and it gave Han Shuo a shock.

“Han Shuo, look, they adore you!” Jasper exclaimed, pointing at the War Demon Guards scattered everywhere.

Han Shuo scanned through the crowd and could immediately tell from their eyes that Jasper was indeed right. These fighters who respected the mighty would only adore true experts. Although that Great Demon King Manticole was their actual spiritual leader, it was a shame that not many had personally seen him with their own eyes. But Han Shuo, a new outsider to War Demon Valley, turned the entire battlefield around with merely his own strength right before their very eyes!

Han Shuo repeatedly nodded his head as he towed Jasper alongside him, flying straight towards the outer circle of War Demon Valley. When Han Shuo saw that Jasper seemed to very much enjoy this feeling, finding it funny, he asked, “What are you relishing about?”

“Every woman in the Abyss would feel happy that their man is worshipped and adored! Hehe, when I see them looking at you with veneration, as though they saw a Demon God, I feel that my choice was right. In the Abyss, beautiful women would rather be toys to a Demon than to be worshipped like a goddess by a low-level Abyssal Trooper!” Jasper explained.

“Oh?” Han Shuo found that explanation of Jasper to be fresh and extremely interesting. When he recalled the cruelty of the Abyss realm, he had to admit that such a practice was correct. They would at least be able to safely live on by becoming toys to a Demon. But as the goddess of an Abyssal Trooper, however, they might very well be killed at any moment for perhaps no reason. Only death was the most terrifying thing in the Abyss realm. When he thought of it this way, he found Jasper’s saying to be quite logical.

Han Shuo did not remain motionless as he pondered the meaning in Jasper’s words. In the blink of an eye, they had arrived at the city wall of War Demon Valley. Han Shuo looked ahead into the distance at those bloody shadows fluttering about in the stone forest, and gazed at the three demon-grade experts hovering above the stone forest. The corners of his lips curved to reveal a playful smile. Then, with one thought, the Demonslayer Edge suddenly whizzed out from within his body.

A flash of black lightning struck the stone forest like a whiplash. Suddenly, the ten of thousands of bloody shadows that wandered across the stone forest seemed to have picked up on a distinctive scent as they began to gravitate towards the Demonslayer Edge floating there in the middle. The Demonslayer Edge, a weapon forged and refined with demonic arts, was designed to draw and absorb millions of souls from the start. Even though it had now turned into a destruction lowgod avatar, that characteristic remained the same as before.

The bloody shadows streaked into the Demonslayer Edge in the tens of thousands. It was just like a demon gobbling up wicked beings. Each and every bloody shadow within the stone forest that craved to devour all living things were sucked into the weapon. The scene of bloody shadows entering the Demonslayer Edge appeared exceptionally sinister, causing a great scare to the three demons up above that were examining the stone forest with gaping holes in what little hearts they had.

Within a short period of time, those wicked bloody shadows were vacuumed into this exceptional murder weapon. All of a sudden, dense bloody mist began emanating from within the Demonslayer Edge. By the time it spread to the point where the three above couldn’t see a thing in the space below, the Demonslayer Edge had transformed into Han Shuo’s avatar. Under the cover of the bloody mist, it began to dart about in the stone forest at lightning speed.

This great formation that Han Shuo had spent so much effort in building had now successfully served its purpose. Although a certain stela that was extremely wide couldn’t be easily withdrawn, those smaller formations that Han Shuo deployed had in fact been altered in some ways beforehand. Wherever the Demonslayer Edge avatar passed by, all kinds of scattered objects, especially those big and colourful banners, would vanish into thin air.

It didn’t take long before the stone forest that had initially been decorated with all kinds of strange and exotic objects turned into nothing more than just a stone forest. Those materials used for the magical matrices, especially those useful for other demonic applications, were all collected away by the Demonslayer Edge avatar. Gradually, the blood mist began to dilute. From what the three demons above saw, the Demonslayer Edge had planted itself firmly on the same spot the whole time. Later, when the blood mist completely vanished, the Demonslayer Edge flew out from the stone forest as if it had a mind of its own. It whizzed back to Han Shuo who was standing on the city wall with a smile.

“What a miraculous weapon!” Zinia shouted. Brilliant rays burst out from her eyes that were firmly fixed to the Demonslayer Edge.

Seeing that all kinds of strange energies within the stone forest under him had vanished soon after Han Shuo’s weapon had fallen into it, Crosius forced a smile and softly said, “Well, it appears that this so-called magical matrix has been stripped of any magical power!”

Bord nodded and said, “Yea, that Han Shuo must have done something to it. It seems that we won’t be able to learn anything from the stone forest.”

“It doesn’t matter. As long as the person is here, all other things are secondary!” Zinia was a rather intelligent one. She gazed at Han Shuo standing in the distance and continued, “What we really should do now, is to try every means possible to rope him in. As long as he is with us, we will have everything!”

“You are right!” Bord immediate agreed and indicated to Crosius, “Let’s go, it’s time to have a good chat with him!”

Crosius nodded and without saying another word, the trio began flying towards Han Shuo. Before they got close, looking at Jasper from a distance, from that infinitely bashful appearance of Jasper’s, Crosius knew that his treasured daughter had transformed from a girl to a woman!

“Those bloody shadows could harm our foes but it could also harm our friends, therefore I kept them away. Lord Crosius, would you take offense to that?” Han Shuo explained plainly.

“No! Of course not!” Crosius immediately replied with a smile. Crosius now needed to curry favor with Han Shuo, so how would he dare offend Han Shuo?