“Mister Han Shuo, I, on behalf of Lord Manticole, thank you for assisting War Demon Valley!” As soon as Bord met Han Shuo, he performed the proper abyssal etiquette in extending his gratitude towards Han Shuo. He was extremely friendly in his approach.

With the intention of locating the interplanar portal of this realm through Manticole, a Demon King of the Abyss realm, Han Shuo returned the pleasure with a smile and said, “You’re welcome. For Lord Crosius to have provided me with such warm hospitality, as a Visiting Advisor to War Demon Valley, it was only fair that I resolved the crisis faced by War Demon Valley!”

“Mister Han Shuo is too polite,” Zinia said with a smile. She shot a glare at Crosius before she continued to Han Shuo, “Given Mister Han Shuo’s strength, to be merely a Visiting Advisor in War Demon Valley is a great insult to your extraordinary talent. Therefore, Bord and I will immediately recommend Mister Han Shuo to the Lord. With the Lord’s generosity towards his friends, I believe that he will certainly provide you the answers to all the questions you have about the interplanar portal.”

“Many thanks then. Hmm, now that War Demon Valley’s crisis has pretty much been resolved, I see no point in sticking around in War Demon Valley any longer. Lord Crosius, if you don’t mind, I’m heading to Black Jade City with the two Lords,” announced Han Shuo.

“Of course I wouldn’t mind. For a being like Mister Han Shuo to stay in my War Demon Valley as a Visiting Advisor really is an injustice to you. Besides, Mister Han Shuo still has important matters to attend to. As your friend, I must not hold you back from doing greater things.” Crosius clearly understood that War Demon Valley couldn’t possibly offer enough for an existence who could slay three Shadow Warriors without breaking a sweat. When such a character arrived at Black Jade City, glory, honor, riches and beauties would all be within an arm’s reach. Perhaps, he could even need to rely on Han Shuo’s help in the future. As the one that wielded War Demon Valley, Crosius was not oblivious to the importance of maintaining a good relationship with Han Shuo.

“Then, many thanks to Lord Crosius,” Han Shuo grinned. But soon enough, the brows on his face bunched towards the center when the thought of Jasper flooded his memory. He turned to her and asked, “Jasper, erm, about this, what are you going to do?”

Han Shuo suddenly recalled that Jasper, Hemanna, and Sylph, all three ladies had had sexual relations with him, and were all his women. When Han Shuo was still in the Carnal Realm, he was rash with his actions and paid little regards to possible consequences in the future. But now that his heart had been pacified, he had no choice but to take the three ladies into consideration.

In any case, this Abyss realm would never be Han Shuo’s home. He would return to Profound Continent sooner or later. Han Shuo didn’t mind taking the three alien ladies back to Profound Continent. However, as the three ladies were born and bred in the Abyss realm, as to whether or not they would even think about leaving their native land and follow Han Shuo to a completely unfamiliar world, he really wasn’t so sure.

“You are my man! Wherever you go, I’ll follow!” Jasper said with utmost resolution and not a second of hesitation, shattering Han Shuo’s expectations.

“Jasper, you need to think about this carefully. I did not originate from the Abyss realm. The reason I am departing to Black Jade City is to find a way to leave the Abyss realm. If you were to follow me, you might never to return here. Are you sure that you will follow beside me?” Han Shuo asked, astonished at Jasper’s conviction.

“Jass!” Before Jasper could open her mouth, Crosius, who had been thinking of how to curry favor with Han Shuo all the while, suddenly turned dull and called out Jasper’s pet name. He was visibly reluctant to part with Jasper, but he stammered and couldn’t say a word as he stared at her.

Although he had entrusted Jasper to Han Shuo, as her father, Crosius was in no way keen on never being able to see his daughter ever again. In the beginning, Crosius had only been thinking about fawning on Han Shuo and did not actually think of this as a potential issue. But now, having heard Han Shuo’s words and recalling Han Shuo’s miraculousness, Crosius suddenly felt as though he was about to lose his only daughter, setting his heart in great disarray.

“My honored father, please forgive me. I choose to follow him. It is only with him that I can truly know what happiness is. Father, please forgive your daughter for being unfilial!” Jasper was no fool. From the moment she learned of Han Shuo’s identity and his intention of entering War Demon Valley, she knew that once she got together with Han Shuo, she would need to decide sooner or later. In fact, she had made up her mind right when she accepted Han Shuo. Therefore, Jasper did not hesitate for long before she said these words. Her eyes, however, we're still wet with the sadness and sorrow of parting.

Crosius shook his head and let out a sigh before squeezing out an unsightly smile. He looked at his child, who had just transformed from a girl to a woman, and said, “I understand. It’s okay. Daddy won’t stop you. I only hope that, if you really leave for Han Shuo’s world, you will find some time to come back and pay your old man a visit!”

“Understood. As long as the possibility exists, I will come back to see you, father.” At these words, her eyes reddened. Although she had made this decision long ago, when it came time to actually leave the only family member she had, she couldn’t quite maintain a peaceful heart.

Just like Jasper, the white of Crosius’ eyes were tinted pink. He stared deeply and fixedly at Jasper with a helpless smile, as though he was trying to imprint the image of Jasper’s face deep within his memory forever.

“If I can find the way back to my world, then I should be able to come back here as well. Don’t worry, if it’s possible, I will return to this Abyss realm. This place seems to suit me alot,” Han Shuo soothed the two when he suddenly thought of his Cemetery of Death.

“Alright, alright, if Mister Han Shuo does not mind, please set off with us right away. The journey from here to Black Jade City will require some time. I believe that the Lord will definitely be very interested in Mister Han Shuo,” Bord said smilingly.

“Hang on, there are two more women. I will take a trip to my manor and ask for their opinions,” Han Shuo said apologetically. When he thought of Hemanna and Sylph, his heart instantly filled with some warmth. The two gifted ladies could bring Han Shuo pleasure and joy that he had never experienced before. Han Shuo really was rather reluctant to part with them.

“No problem. We will just go there with you. Once you have settled the matter, we will set out together right there,” Zinia said smilingly. She thought to herself, This chap is quite the womanizer. He has only been in War Demon Valley for several days, and he has already fooled around with three beautiful ladies. It seems that I must inform the Lord at Black Jade City about this personality of his. If we were to put some effort into this aspect, this guy might be so indulged in pleasure that he would stay in Black Jade City forever.

Han Shuo could tell how much Bord and Zinia valued him just from their attitude. He nodded with a smile on his face and turned to look at Crosius. After thinking for a moment, he took out a space ring, handed it Crosius, and said, “This space ring is for you. It can hold a lot of items. Also, inside the space ring, there’s a staff that can amplify earth element. As you are cultivating the earth element energy, you can try using it. It might even provide you with some revelation in your cultivation.”

Afterward, Han Shuo gave a short once through on how to operate the space ring. As an expert in the realm of basegod, Crosius’ body and soul had completely become one with the element of earth, and he only needed a slight bit of reminder from Han Shuo before immediately sensing the faint mental strength he had. With that, he very easily unlocked the space ring.

“What a large space! This ring is truly miraculous!” Although Crosius’ mental strength was feeble, but once it entered the space ring, he immediately understood the wonderful ability of the space ring. He gasped.

“That mental strength you felt, as long as you take the time and effort to carefully meditate and comprehend it, it will form wonderful bond with your soul, allowing you to use the element of earth in a special way,” Han Shuo reminded Crosius.

Crosius had been, afterall, very generous and lavish during the days Han Shuo stayed at War Demon Valley, giving Han Shuo the best treatment. In the end, even his only daughter, Jasper, was gifted to Han Shuo so willingly - as willingly as anyone could have let go of their prized daughter, anyway. Hence, Han Shuo felt somewhat apologetic, and decided to return a bit of the favor.

“Magical ring! That’s a magical ring!” Bord cried out as he stared at Crosius’s space ring in disbelief.

“Oh?” Han Shuo stared impressed for a moment before asking, “You know about the functions of a space ring?”

“Of course. Lord Manticole has a magical ring as well. It can store many things. His Lordship would always wear it and treat it like a precious treasure. There’s no mistake about it!” Bord explained as he looked at Crosius with envy.

Although Bord referred to it differently, Han Shuo could tell that he indeed understood the uses of a space ring. Manufacturing a space ring required not just a deep understanding of the edict of space but also some knowledge of alchemy as well as some unique materials.

Although the Abyss realm was huge, the term ‘alchemy’ had never been heard there before. In addition, those materials required to construct a space ring did not seem to exist in this world. Thus, even if there were existences in the Abyss realm that cultivated in the edict of space, it would be extremely difficult or even impossible to fabricate a space ring. To hear that Manticole, this Demon King, was actually in possession of a space ring, immediately gave Han Shuo some ideas.

“Thank you!” Crosius hastily expressed his gratitude after learning of the wonderful abilities of a space ring.

“You’re welcome!” Han Shuo looked at Crosius one last time, nodded his head, and left with Bord, Zinia, and Jasper.

Hemanna and Sylph, just like Jasper, were absolutely determined to follow beside Han Shuo and leave War Demon Valley with him.