“The Void? What kind of a place is that?” Han Shuo was flabbergasted. What kind of terrible dangers and threats could lurk in a place that even the five Great Demon Kings had to enter with fear?

“It is the root of our material plane. There are all kinds of devastating chaotic energies inside, as well as all kinds of naturally formed offensive boundaries and peculiar scenes. It is extraordinarily frightening,” Manticole wore a grave expression when he mentioned this ‘Void’, seemingly uneasy about this unusual location.

Han Shuo really didn’t care if the ‘Void’ was frightening or not. He did not have any desire or plan to explore the place. All that he wanted was to leave the Abyss realm. After thinking for a moment, from his space ring Han Shuo withdrew the bone tablet he obtained from War Demon Valley’s weaponry depot. He raised it in his hand and asked Manticole, “This bone tablet, Crosius told me that he obtained this from your place. Can you tell me where you procured this bone tablet?”

A bone tablet that still had its imprint on it was the key to activating a Cemetery of Death. If a bone tablet showed up in such a place, then a Cemetery of Death has to be close by as well. If Han Shuo could figure out the origins of the bone tablet from Manticole, he might very well find the location of an another Cemetery of Death. In that case, Han Shuo could then use the planar coordinates and teleport directly to the transportation matrix at the center of his Cemetery of Death back at Profound Continent. He could skip finding another interplanar transportation matrix inside this plane.

“Oh! This thing!” Manticole smiled, looking deeply at Han Shuo, and said, “That little tablet, I obtained from the Void the last time I entered. This magical ring of mine included, it all came from inside the Void. Hehe, honestly speaking, it is only in that place that you may obtain certain unusual items that the Abyss realm lacks.”

Han Shuo was stunned at those words. He stared fixedly at Manticole with glistening eyes and thought, Could this Manticole be deliberately making up things to deceive me? From Manticole’s manner of speaking, Han Shuo noticed that Manticole seemed to be luring him into the Void to check things out for himself. Perhaps Manticole made out that he wasn’t quite interested in that place, and therefore told him an untruth?

After carefully observing Manticole’s expression for quite a while, Han Shuo saw that he had on only a composed expression and he couldn’t find any clues from his face. He couldn’t help but question puzzlingly, “Could it be that the Void is a hub that connects to another plane? Otherwise, how would there be so many unusual things present there?”

Manticole shook his head with a bitter smile and said, “How did the Void form? Is it a hub that connects to other planes? I have no idea. But what I do know is that the Void is the most mysterious place of our material plane. According to legends, the interplanar transportation array is at the center of the Void. I have only been to the Void twice, and have definitely picked up my fair share of enigmatic finds. I personally think that it was a battlefield. Because, in there, I have discovered Divine Weapon, Divine Essence, and Divine Soul that was without consciousness and left with purely the memories.”

“Divine Weapon! Divine Essence! Divine Soul!” Han Shuo was jolted. With his jaw to the floor, he shrieked, “How is that possible?!”

Divine weapons are weapons forged by gods that they could pour their divine energy directly into. Gods of different grades would forge divine weapons of their corresponding grades. A high-grade divine weapon could fully bring out the divine energy of its owner, and might even have the miraculous ability to amplify their divine energy. The Divine Essence was also an extremely miraculous item. They were exotic substances and no one knew how they were formed. There were twelve different types of Divine Essences for each and every one of the twelve fundamental forces. Gods could absorb the energy inside Divine Essence to advance their divine power, provided that they were of the same energy type.

Therefore, Divine Essences were extremely precious!

Divine Essence was precious on any material plane where there were gods. They were so rare and scarce that no one would carry the hope of finding any. Han Shuo had never ever expected that Divine Essence would actually present inside the Void.

Divine Soul, made up purely of memories that were ridden of consciousness, was formed when a god dies in an unusual way. After death, their souls would enter a mysterious state and would not dissipate between heaven and earth for some time. They were harmless. All that was left of them was their understanding and comprehension of the elemental energy or edictal force they cultivated in. They were stranded in a strange state of matter that contained all the memories of a being while it was still alive, minus any autonomy or awareness. The most important thing was that they could be assimilated by the soul.

Compared to a divine weapon and Divine Essence, a Divine Soul without a consciousness was much rarer and more precious. The reason being that, to gods, the most elementary determinant of their strength was rank. Just imagine, if a lowgod were to obtain the memories of a midgod cultivating in the same energy, gaining a whole new level of cultivation experiences, just how many winding roads would he have saved himself?

In fact, every god had a Divine Soul. However, one that was without awareness and consciousness, instead only their memories and comprehension of their elemental energy or edictal force, that would be rare and wasn’t something that could be created artificially. According to legends, it was only in an extremely bizarre, chaotic space - a god dying of all kinds of unnatural causes, perhaps - that even the slightest probability would arise for a soul to transform into a Divine Soul left with only memories.

Divine weapon, Divine Essence, and Divine Soul. Three Treasures. Each more precious than the last. When Han Shuo heard Manticole say that the Void actually contained these three items, he was dumbstruck. He lost self-control and let out a cry of surprise in front of Manticole!

“I didn’t believe it at first. But between the two times that I entered the Void, I have seen all three of these divine objects. Those things inside there obviously did not originate from our Abyss realm. Yes, this magical ring, for example, there are no materials in the Abyss that could forge this,” Manticole explained gravely.

Upon hearing Manticole’s words, Han Shuo’s heart turned greedy. Divine weapon, Divine Essence, and Divine Soul, these three treasures had great, vital uses to a god. For Han Shuo, a god who was without solid foundation in his cultivation to say the least, if he could obtain a Divine Essence or a Divine Soul, then he would immediately gain a giant leap in strength. How could he be anything but aroused?

“Erm, what did you mean when you said you have to wait for it to be opened?” Han Shuo asked the important question with a heart bloated with desire.

“Around the Void, there is a layer of naturally formed stardust current. That thing can corrode our Divine Souls just like that. As long as the stardust current flows, we have absolutely no way to enter! However, ever so often, that stardust current will change its direction and flow elsewhere. Then, we will have the opportunity to enter the Void. Based on the regular rhythm, it would take another two hundred years before the stardust current flows to another place. However, several spacetime discontinuum regions that suddenly appeared in the Abyss some time before seemed to have stirred up the flow of the stardust current and altered its course. I’ve received news just a few days ago that based on the current trajectory, it won’t take long before the Void is accessible once again.” Manticole was excited as well. It seemed that he too was extremely thirsty for those three divine items inside the Void!

“So, you mean to have me enter there with you?” Han Shuo asked as he looked at Demon King Manticole.

Manticole nodded with a smile and flatly admitted, “Yep. Of the five Great Demon Kings of the Abyss, Leviathan and I are in a close relationship. Golander and Cecrops have rather friendly relations that run deep. While Bechymos, he’s a lone wolf. Whenever the Void is open, the five of us usually wind up there together. We would frequently engage in combat over the prizes. With you on board, I believe that we would have a greater certainty on our side this time.”

“Oh?” Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment. After thinking for just a short while, he had more or less understood the whole story. He smilingly said, “All five of you are lowgods, mighty experts possessing Domains of Divinity. If I were to take part in it, will there be a chance for me to survive?”

“Mister Han Shuo must be joking,” Manticole said mildly. “To be able to slaughter three Shadow Warriors in no time, this has amply proven that your strength far exceeds that of a Demon. Besides, I sensed an intense aura of destruction from your body. Although you cannot form a Domain of Divinity yet, you definitely must have attained to the realm of lowgod in your cultivation of the edict of destruction. Hehe, merely on this basis, you have the strength to defend yourself. What’s more, with Leviathan and me in the same group with you, we can look after one another. So there shouldn’t be any big issues. Divine weapon, Divine Essence, and Divine Soul - I believe you would be very clear as to just how significant those things mean to us. Let alone that the interplanar portal is also inside there. There’s only one chance. I believe you know what’s best for yourself.”

Han Shuo basically had no second option. To say nothing of Han Shuo’s covet for those three treasures, merely the fact that the interplanar transportation matrix was inside the Void would mean that Han Shuo had no choice but to venture within.

Nodding with a forced smile, Han Shuo said, “It appears that I have no reason to decline.”

“Alright. Let’s not talk about other matters for the moment. I will arrange for Mister Han Shuo to take a good rest. You may make do with your time to digest what I’ve told you. Indeed, I myself need to look for Leviathan to begin discussions. I will contact you again when the Void is about to open,” Manticole knew that Han Shuo had basically agreed to his proposal, and he no longer continued to be verbose.

“Alright. I really need to think about this carefully,” Han Shuo replied. Subsequently, as per Manticole’s arrangement, he stayed at Black Jade City for the time being.

The news that the three divine objects could be found inside the most mysterious Void gave Han Shuo a tremendous shock. He really needed time to carefully think through the matter, as well as to get to understand the relationships between the five Great Demon Kings, lest he be used by Manticole as a tool after entering the Void.