After Han Shuo withdrew his soul from the Netherworld, he had been staying inside a secret chamber, constantly cultivating. He did not indulge in sensual pleasures.

As his realm state had been trending to be stable, he seemed to have gotten the inexhaustible cravings in his heart under control. Han Shuo faintly understood that he was on the verge of a breakthrough. However, even though he made it past this hurdle that was his realm state, the demonic yuan inside his body wasn’t plenty enough to reach the critical mass for the breakthrough transformation to occur. In this aspect, he needed to accumulate demonic yuan bit by bit through painstaking cultivation day by day.

Han Shuo knew that raising the amount of demonic yuan purely through cultivation would take an enormous amount of time. However, he couldn’t think of an alternative for the moment.

Then, one day, while assiduously cultivating in his secret chamber, Han Shuo suddenly sensed the arrival of Bord and Zinia. From the couple’s abnormal expressions, Han Shuo surmised that perhaps Manticole had completed his preparations. With one thought, his two avatars, one on his left and another on his right, transformed back to their original forms of skeletal staff and Demonslayer Edge. Whoosh Whoosh They concealed themselves inside Han Shuo’s body.

After doing some stretching, Han Shuo unhurriedly walked out from the secret chamber that earth elite zombie excavated deep underground, and headed towards the parlor where Bord and Zinia stood.

At the parlor, a few maids were carrying light refreshments and fruits and laying them on the table before Bord and Zinia. Jasper, who could be considered a mistress, was smilingly discussing something with the two Black Jade Guards with an adorably giggly voice.

Upon arriving at Black Jade City, riding on Han Shuo’s coattails, Jasper had received the hospitality of a distinguished guest. During those days, Jasper, Hemanna, and Sylph did not miss out on sightseeing around this city which was one of the most flourishing cities in the Abyss realm. With several Black Jade Guards arranged by Bord to keep them occupied, the ladies enjoyed all the gazes of envy and admiration, giving them great satisfaction.

It was also precisely so that the three ladies became more and more reliant on Han Shuo. During the many days that Han Shuo cultivated in seclusion and ceased engagement in any debaucheries, the three ladies were restless, as though they were missing something in themselves.

“Ahem…” Han Shuo walked to the parlor and saw Jasper chatting with Bord and Zinia tenderly. As he carefully observed Jasper, he discovered that the mental strength within Jasper’s brain had grown more powerful. It appeared that during his days of secluded cultivation, Jasper did not slack off in her cultivation either.

“Huh? Han, you have come out!” Jasper immediately turned around to look when she heard Han Shuo’s gentle cough. Her beautiful eyes were filled with longing and joyousness. After having received Han Shuo’s nourishment for a period of time, Jasper’s skin was as beautiful as jade. Faint fragrance would float off her body. She appeared extremely attractive.

“It appears you have not been goofing off!” Han Shuo said smilingly as he looked at Jasper. Shortly after, he got in front of Bord and Zinia, and asked, “Has Demon King Manticole made all the appropriate preparations, and have you two come here to invite me over?”

The couple nodded simultaneously. Bord respectfully replied, “That’s right. The Void is about to open. The Lord has made arrangements for Black Jade City. He has asked the two of us to notify Mister Han Shuo, and to head towards the Void with Him.”

“Very well. I need a short moment for my own preparations. Then I will leave with you two right away,” Han Shuo answered casually. He then unfolded his consciousness. Sanguis, Hemanna, and Sylph, who were cultivating in seclusion, simultaneously received Han Shuo’s message within their minds.

During the time Han Shuo spent cultivating, he learned to more skillfully put his consciousness to use. Affecting the minds of those without a mighty enough soul using his consciousness from a short distance away was one of the wonderful abilities of his consciousness.

When Sanguis, Hemanna, and Sylph, suddenly sensed a chunk of message in their minds that they could clearly feel originated from Han Shuo, they were aghast. The three of them immediately awoke from their cultivation and gathered at the parlor in accordance with the message Han Shuo sent.

“Master, is it you who transmitted into our brains?” Sanguis immediately asked in amazement upon arriving.

Han Shuo smiled and answered, “Yep. I’m going to leave Black Jade City very soon and head to the Void. I called you all here to inform you about that. Additionally, if you are met with any difficult challenges in your cultivation, better take this opportunity to seek clarification from me. It might take some time before I can return.”

“That’s, that’s amazing! Even from so far away, you can leave messages in our brains. Truly inconceivable!” Sylph cried out in astonishment after arriving and hearing Han Shuo’s affirmation.

Bord and Zinia turned to look at each other and simultaneously forced a smile and shook their heads, gasping in admiration of the mysterious capabilities of Han Shuo’s.

“Master, why don’t you bring us to the Void with you?” Sanguis asked.

“None of you possess enough strength for the moment. That includes you, Sanguis. Although you have been making progress at an incredible pace, you currently only possess the strength of a Destroyer. From my understanding of the Void, without the strength of a Demon, it is not only pointless, but you will also become a burden. You all just stay here for the time being, cultivate well, and wait for my return from the Void. If I find a transportation array, we shall all leave for my world,” Han Shuo explained.

After listening to Han Shuo’s words, Sanguis sustained a great blow to his ego. Dispirited, he mumbled, “So in master’s eyes, I’m still a burden…”

Han Shuo smiled and consoled, “Although you are very gifted, just how long ago did you start your cultivation? Having risen to the rank of a Destroyer from a feeble and frail nobody within such a short time, that is more than enough to prove your potential. If you could be a Demon in just that time, then master can retire in no time. Haha, don’t feel discouraged. Give yourself a little more time. It won’t take long before you become an expert with the strength of Demon.”

Sanguis felt a little better after listening to Han Shuo. He thought for a moment and quickly inquired with Han Shuo about some difficult problems he had met in his cultivation in the past few days.

When Bord and Zinia saw Sanguis consulting Han Shuo, they began to awkwardly step away. No matter what world they were in, when a master was teaching his apprentice, outsiders were not allowed to listen in. Bord and Zinia obviously understood this and consciously withdrew themselves.

Han Shuo held up his hand and said with a smile, “No need to keep away from us. You may stay,” Bord and Zinia were pleasantly surprised. They exchanged glances and respectfully stood aside, listening to Han Shuo’s teachings with all ears. However, the demonic arts that Han Shuo was teaching was entirely different from the cultivation methods of this world. What’s more, the Bloodgod Mantra was a particularly strange cultivation technique. It would be a wonder if Bord and Zinia could understand it.

Han Shuo, unconcerned with the couple standing near him, began answering the issues that Sanguis put forth. Sanguis would frequently nod his head enthusiastically as he listened, having grasped the concepts intuitively. Bord and Zinia, however, were bewildered. They were incredibly confused with unfamiliar terms such as meridians and chakras, and had absolutely not a clue what Han Shuo was talking about.

After Han Shuo was done with his explanation, Sanguis said excitedly, “Thank you master. After listening to master’s explanation, all those things that I was confused about have all become clear to me.”

Bord and Zinia gazed at each other in speechless dismay. They were disappointed and disheartened by Sanguis’ words. Bord forced a smile and exclaimed in admiration, “Mister Han Shuo is indeed a master of his art. Even your words are so profound. Unfortunately for us, we don’t have enough aptitude. It seems that we won’t be able to understand anything.”

Han Shuo inwardly laughed and thought, It’d be a wonder if you could understand me! Without explaining to the duo, Han Shuo turned to Jasper, Hemanna, and Sylph, instructing them on a certain matter that they should pay attention to, and told them to stay back there and cultivate well. After that, he followed Bord and Zinia to the Demon King’s Palace.

When Demon King Manticole, at the summit of the Demon King’s Palace, saw that Han Shuo had arrived, he said with a warm smile, “We have been waiting for you for a while. It won’t be long before the Void opens. I have made all the necessary preparations on my side. If Mister Han Shuo have is ready, we may set out right away.”

In this unadorned stone chamber, besides Manticole, there were fifteen experts all of Demon strength without exception. Based on their attires, they were clearly Black Jade Guards directly answering to Manticole. It seemed that Manticole was taking the group of Black Jade Guards along to the Void.

From the words of Bord and Zinia, Han Shuo guessed that during critical moments, these Black Jade Guards would be used as cannon fodders. If faced with unknown danger, Manticole would send these Black Jade Guards forward to figure out the situation, and only personally proceed after making sure they were out of harm's way.

In the Abyss realm, demon-grade experts were second only to the five Great Demon Kings. Every Demon King had guards directly under their command. These men were all infamous and had outstanding reputations. However, when it came to the moment that the Void opened, these dazzling and glorious Demons were merely pawns for the five Great Demon Kings, absolutely expendable for the purpose of achieving their own goals.

It wasn’t easy bringing up a Demon, but still, it wasn’t that difficult of a thing to do for the five Great Demon Kings. In their eyes, these Demons that they brought about with their own hands were nothing more than servant dogs. To sacrifice their lives for them when the moment arrived was really their honor.

The Abyss realm was just this cruel. Although those Demons were aware of the destiny that lay before them in their hearts, having handed over their faith, they followed behind their masters without taking a glance back as before, ready to offer their all to their masters at any moment.

Han Shuo, knowing this open secret, had other thoughts in his mind. There was no chance he was about to serve as a cannon fodder for Manticole at any moment, regardless of how critical.

“Eh? Where’s the other Demon King? Didn’t you say that the two of you were allied?” Han Shuo asked after looking all around him.

“We will join him at the entrance of the Void. By now, he should be on his way. We should set off too,” Manticole explained.

“Oh. I have no issues. Let’s go then,” Han Shuo replied.

Manticole nodded smilingly and without another word, took to the sky, leading the way for the party. Han Shuo, along with the group of Black Jade Guards, closely followed behind Manticole. Their destination: the Void!