The stardust current that covered the entire sky was like a gigantic, moving, colorful oil painting. Han Shuo's heart grew calm. He raised his head, and slowly expanded his consciousness outwards…

There was a lowgod that cultivated in the edict of destruction just like himself. This aura of destruction that originated from the northwest part was extremely frightening. Even the slightest contact with his consciousness would immediately trigger the corrosive power of the energy of destruction. Han Shuo hastily avoided him. He understood that the Demon King taking that position ought to be Bechymos.

Han Shuo continued to expand his consciousness outwards after keeping a distance from Bechymos. He then came to discover an area where the element of water and fire gathered in high concentration. With just one thought, Han Shuo immediately knew that the person ought to be Cecrops and Golander. The duo of Cecrops and Golander cultivated in the element of water and the element of fire respectively. The common saying goes that fire and water don’t mix. But these two Demon Kings got along surprisingly well and enjoyed great friendly relations.

Over on Cecrops and Golander’s side, Han Shuo sensed the presence of a ton of Demons. He was certain that Cecrops and Golander had brought their personal guards along.

After stealthily withdrawing his consciousness, Han Shuo took a deep breath. His consciousness sank into a state of emptiness, as he calmly and patiently waited for the moment that the stardust current disappears.

After an unknown amount of time, the colourful and brightly coloured space, like a pond that had a huge boulder thrown into it, an immense ripple suddenly surged through it. Magnificent and splendid colours shot out, interweaving. Brilliant rays of all colours streaked through the space like shooting stars.

After a round of that dazzling display of radiance, the stardust current drifted into the distance. Abruptly, in midair, a taupe-coloured entrance taking the form of a whirlpool made up of all kinds of energies came into view. That whirlpool was gargantuan and seemed to be sucking in and engulfing matter with tremendous force. It would leave any observer pondering its unfathomable mysteriousness.

While Han Shuo was staring at the whirlpool in amazement, contemplating its profound mysteries, Manticole suddenly put on a delighted expression and lightly yelled, “The stardust current has passed. We can go inside now.”

“Get ready,” Leviathan, in a grave expression and a deep voice, instructed, “Stick closely behind us. Do not leave one step away from us.”

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh…

While Manticole and Leviathan were talking, a few dozen shadows suddenly entered the whirlpool. Based on their aura and location, Han Shuo made out that those ought to be Cecrops, Golander, and their forces.

“Hey hey, those two fellas must really be rushing huh,” Leviathan chuckled. He signaled with his hand to temporarily halt the party’s movement. It was only after Golander and his faction had all entered into the Void that he finally said, “Let’s move.”

“Bechymos has yet to enter,” Han Shuo, following behind Leviathan as they flew directly towards the whirlpool, uttered as though by accident.

Leviathan, who was flying towards the Void, looked at Han Shuo with a somewhat astonished expression on his face. As though completely astounded that Han Shuo could figure out Bechymos’ tracks, he said, “Bechymos has always been a lone wolf. Every time he enters the Void, he doesn't bring a single subordinate along. Even the four of us Demon Kings combined would be less familiar with the Void than he is. Plus, his whereabouts are the hardest to spot. Do you know where he is?”

Han Shuo pointed at a piece of land in the northwest that grew with lush shrubbery, and said in a natural voice, “Right underneath there. He cultivates in the edict of destruction just as I do. I can sense it.”

When Han Shuo said this, Manticole too took a small shock. He said in a rather amazed manner, “Mister Han Shuo is indeed out of the ordinary. Even the two of us couldn’t detect Bechymos’s location. But you could.”

Leviathan nodded. He was rather amazed by it as well. However, the two did not mind too much about this. As they spoke, the entrance to the Void entered their sights. With one thought, a protective shield as thin as a cicada’s wing moulded around Han Shuo’s entire body. With a flash of black light, Han Shuo’s body fell into the Void.

It was as though he had suddenly fallen into a strange dimension. Pure elemental energies of extreme intensity could be found in every corner. When he inhaled, the elements would naturally enter his body through his breath, giving him a wonderfully refreshing sensation.

There was a turbulent, grayish air blowing all around. When Han Shuo concentrated his attention to look all around, he discovered that he had indeed entered another dimension. Huge, colourful rocks were suspended in midair as far as the eye could see. They looked like meteorites floating in the air that constantly sparkled with splendid lights. This enchanting lightshow gave its observers a feeling that they were inside an absurd dreamscape.

Right ahead was a system of tunnels made of air streams, constantly radiating strange lights. Gust after gust of violent wind whooshed from their sides. The wind blew so violently that even the giant rocks were swaying.

“Follow us! Move!” Manticole yelled at the top of his lungs. The sound that reached Han Shuo’s ears, however, was as though it had been muffled through layers of concrete, and was as soft as the voice of an ant.

Han Shuo creased his brows and turned to look at Manticole who was within an arm’s reach. He realized that the Void really was miraculous. Manticole, a being with the strength of a lowgod, shouted at the top of his lungs from such a short distance away, yet the voice propagated was only this faint.

Han Shuo activated his consciousness. Immediately, he sensed the presence of all kinds of energies at this entrance into the Void, namely, the eight elemental energies, four edictal forces, as well as some rather uncommon energies like fear and hatred.

“These energies were left by those experts whose souls perished inside the Void, formed from the remnant energies inside their bodies. Do not ever attempt to absorb these energies. They have drifted about in the Void for countless years, and are contaminated with some kind of unknown aura. Just like the stardust current, it had an intense corrosive power on the soul,” Leviathan hastily said.

Both Manticole and Leviathan appeared apprehensive and uneasy after arriving outside the Void. They constantly passed on words of caution to their minions beside them. After saying those words, Leviathan proceeded forward cautiously. A spiderweb-like structure made of the energy of lightning rapidly took shape in their path ahead. It completely cleansed off intense energies at the front of the party. Meanwhile, Manticole took charge of the rear, and formed a zone of absolute darkness in the area behind them. With the two Demon Kings working together, utilizing the energies of darkness and lightning, every inch of the space within their protections was isolated and invulnerable to the plethora of energies around them. Not a single one of those Demons received the slightest harm.

Han Shuo, who stood between Manticole and Leviathan, unfolded his consciousness after entering. He immediately sensed the chaotic mixture of all kinds of energies. A large part of that energy was left behind by experts who had yet to possess divine energy that previously entered the Void. They were mixed together with some terrifying and strange energies inside the Void, causing them to adopt extremely corrosive properties towards the soul. Perhaps it was due to the strangeness of the Void that they did not dissipate and vanish between heaven and earth!

All of a sudden, Han Shuo’s demonic infant became restless. Towards the various sorts of chaotic energies found in this place, the demonic infant was like a hungry and thirsty child, and it instinctively craved to devour them. With one thought, the demonic infant began revolving at high speed. Black electrical sparks suddenly covered the space between Han Shuo and his protective shield. Demonic yuan attached to his protective shield like sinister fluids.

In an instant, Han Shuo seemed to turn into a giant magnet. All kinds of negative energies that flooded the entrance to the Void such as death, destruction, hatred, fear, and so on, abruptly and wildly gravitated towards Han Shuo like runaway horses.

“Mis- Mister Han Shuo, what is this are you doing?” Leviathan’s face jolted. When he discovered that the abnormalities with the energies around him were caused by Han Shuo, his heart turned furious, and so he scolded.

“Han Shuo, stop this right now! Do you want to kill us all?” Manticole was greatly shocked as well. He began to grow anxious of Han Shuo’s actions.

This entrance to the Void had always been filled with all kinds of energies. Had it been just a cluster or even a few clusters of these energies that were rushing to them, Leviathan and Manticole wouldn’t have minded. But there were a few hundred clusters of them simultaneously gushing towards them, and even with their strength, it would be a pain in the ass. Although they could purge those energies with their divine energy, that however would exhaust a great amount of their divine energy.

They were merely at the entrance to the Void. There were still various unknown dangers waiting for them inside. If they wasted a big portion of their divine energy before even entering the Void, then, when they actually entered the Void, they would have to be extremely passive. Hence, when they saw a few hundred clusters of negative energy simultaneously converging towards them, the duo urgently shrieked at once.

“Don’t worry, I will handle them!” Han Shuo calmly shouted in a deep voice. The demonic infant became a bottomless black hole, emanating the sinister and terrifying power of absorption.

The few hundred clusters of negative energies that suddenly rushed over, when accelerating to great speeds, turned into colorful and dazzling light rays, which completely cast onto Han Shuo’s body. Han Shuo revealed a pleasantly surprised expression and operated the demonic yuan to its maximum. It was at this moment that he realized what those shooting-star-like rays that he saw before entering were - they were actually formed as the energies flowed at high speeds.

All kinds of negative energy, drawn by the suction of the demonic infant, rapidly shone on Han Shuo’s body before they dissolved into Han Shuo’s body at an even greater speed. Han Shuo’s demonic infant had basically turned into extremely sophisticated machinery, rapidly operating, converting the negative energy into demonic yuan that flowed into every one of Han Shuo’s limbs, bones, and organs…

The duo of Leviathan and Manticole was about to shout and quarrel, until they suddenly discovered the abnormality inside Han Shuo’s body, and immediately shut their mouths. Their faces were aghast as they stared at Han Shuo, who had seemingly transformed into the fountainhead of evil!