No one else besides Han Shuo, he who made and deployed the formation, could be more familiar with the mechanisms within. As Little Skeleton and Han Shuo were mentally connected with each other, by following Han Shuo’s instructions, Little Skeleton naturally wouldn’t receive the negative effects of the formation. As soon as they entered the formation, they flew towards Leviathan’s location. Leviathan, lightning bolts sparking from his head to toe and the sound of thunder rumbling from his body, was circling ten or so towering stelae, resisting the disorderly attacks coming from the surroundings using his divine energy.

He was inside a small-scale formation of hallucination. Any uninformed, reckless intruder would sink deep into a land of fantasy. Although Leviathan was a lowgod, he knew nothing about the demonic arts that originated from another dimension. Inside the land of fantasy, all kinds of scenes and scenarios played on repeat in his mind.

Illusions could cause confusion to the mind. Leviathan saw countless characters that he had previously murdered charging towards him with threatening gestures. Those events that were etched in his memory, as well as frightening events he deliberately tried to forget, at this moment, replayed in his mind with incredible clarity. It was constant torment, ravaging his mind.

All those existences who could become a Demon King were cold-blooded, merciless characters with incredibly staunch hearts. Had it been an ordinary person who repeatedly experienced such negative scenes played and replayed, they would have lost their minds long ago. Leviathan, however, had countless experiences under his belt and wasn’t as feeble as an ordinary person. He could still hold firmly on to his mind. As long as there was divine energy in his body, he felt as though he had boundless energy. With his own willpower, he forcibly shattered scene after scene.

Leviathan, a lowgod, obviously wasn’t particularly affected by the formation. Should this trend continue, as long as he walked through all those scenes and continued to shatter them rapidly, he would be able to walk out from the land of fantasy unharmed very soon.

Han Shuo inwardly lamented the might of lowgods. Then, he dove into the formation together with Little Skeleton. Through the mental connection between him and Little Skeleton, Little Skeleton managed to completely avoid the effects of the formation.

The two with perfect rapport unhurriedly approached towards Leviathan. Han Shuo’s avatar transformed back into the Demonslayer Edge and was once again in Han Shuo’s hands. Little Skeleton wielded an enormous bone spur and concealed his Domain of Divinity. He stealthily surrounded Leviathan along with Han Shuo.

As the distance between them slowly grew closer and closer, Leviathan was sending out bursts of undirected divine energy while facing against his hallucinations. Before both Han Shuo and Little Skeleton even got close, he suddenly sensed an intense aura of death approaching him. Out of nowhere, a scene abruptly replayed in his mind: An Abyssal expert possessing enormous elemental energy of death that he had slain many years ago was recklessly launching a final finishing blow at him. That battle had a profound influence on Leviathan. Therefore, when the aura of death appeared, his mind very naturally replayed this scene of what happened back then. Although Leviathan was unaware that he was deep inside a hallucination, he still had one thought on his mind - I shall kill anyone that gets in my way!

This was the principle he had based his life on for countless years!

Leviathan skillfully deployed a lightning bolt around a dozen meters in length with the girth of an arm. This lightning that shot out from his palm looked akin to a crystal dragon. It gave off dazzling and glistening radiance. Although its tail was connected to Leviathan’s palm, this dragon was nonetheless extremely agile. With divine energy pouring into the lightning bolt, the dragon soared into the sky before it violently charged at Little Skeleton.

Han Shuo was shocked as he did not expect that Leviathan would discover Little Skeleton’s tracks so quickly. He remarked, Little Skeleton may have cultivated to be a lowgod of death and possess a Domain of Divinity, but his lack of focus in cultivating demonic arts has rendered him vulnerable when it comes to hiding his own tracks and concealing his presence. He is nowhere near as good as I am.

While thinking to himself, Han Shuo’s movement did not slow down one bit. When Little Skeleton began assailing with his long and narrow bone spur, Han Shuo quickly got near to Leviathan. Ominous glint radiated from the Demonslayer Edge. The energy of destruction that he had been concealing was sent erupting outwards.

Although Leviathan was inside the land of fantasy and wasn’t clear-headed, he still kept the instinct to strike back. At that instance, yet another scene began to take form in his brain. He traveled back to the time when he had ventured alone to the extreme north of the Abyss realm to challenge the first Demon King of the Abyss - Bechymos. The scene of the battle replayed in his head.

He suffered a crushing defeat in this battle!

Never, ever had Leviathan felt so helpless and cowardly in a battle. This challenger was full of confidence at first. But when the confrontation against the oldest Demon King of the Abyss actually started, Leviathan did not even have enough strength to strike back once throughout the battle. Using the edict of destruction and wearing a sinister mask, Bechymos most straightforwardly and easily defeated Leviathan.

Of all those scenes that flashed before his eyes, this was the only one in which Leviathan ended up in a defeat. It was buried in the depths of his heart as he deliberately tried to forget this painful memory. This was the scene that he was most unwilling to recall!

When the energy suddenly erupted from the lowgod of destruction within the Demonslayer Edge, the delirious Leviathan once more returned to the middle of that humiliating battle.

The feeling of helplessness and dispiritment once again penetrated Leviathan’s heart after many years. Even after so many years had passed, that feeling was still impossible to get rid of. When this image of the past reemerged, Leviathan, who managed to advance bravely and smash all the illusions so far, finally had his determination compromised. For a split second, his strength and divine energy were weakened.

Han Shuo, whose attention was fully focused on the battle, immediately discovered the abnormality on Leviathan through the mighty consciousness he possessed. Although Han Shuo didn’t know why it would have such a drastic effect on Leviathan so suddenly, it was plain to see based on his observations and his confidence in the formation he deployed that Leviathan’s strength was waning severely.

In other words, at this very moment, Leviathan’s strength and divine energy were at their weakest!

Without the slightest hesitation, Han Shuo injected even more energy into that strike shooting towards Leviathan. At this moment, Han Shuo abandoned all thoughts and ignored all distractions, not even paying heed to whether or not Little Skeleton would be in any danger. He locked firmly on Leviathan with his consciousness and erupted the energy within Demonslayer Edge to the fullest. Together with his main body, Han Shuo threw a forceful strike.

Dong… The sound of thunder and explosions rumbled. Divine energies shot all around violently.

The unstoppable Demonslayer Edge made contact with Leviathan’s right hand that was raised up. He wore a boxing glove on that hand. It was made of some unknown material and contained incomparably formidable energy of lighting. In just an instant, those energies collided with several bursts of energies that came from Demonslayer Edge.

Crack! Crack!

The boxing glove, which Leviathan had obtained during his last excursion to the Void, couldn’t withstand Han Shuo’s all-out strike. It pulverized and vanished within the bursts of electrical sparks.

After destroying the boxing glove, the incisive edge of Demonslayer Edge chopped through Leviathan’s fist using its remaining energy. Fresh blood gushed out in an instant.

The shock wave formed when the terrifying energies collided spread out with the point between the two as the center. Several stone pillars in the surrounding couldn’t withstand the blast and shattered in the blink of an eye. At this moment, this small-scale formation of illusion that surrounded Leviathan finally lost its miraculous ability to inflict hallucinations upon those trapped within.

At the next moment, lightning bolts again shone in Leviathan’s perplexed eyes. He regained his soberness in seemingly just an instant and immediately realized what had just happened. With miserable pain spreading from his right fist, Leviathan, who had not suffered an injury in years, suddenly flew into a fit of rage. The divine energy within his body wildly converged towards his right fist.

Han Shuo immediately sensed the sudden increase in divine energy from the Demonslayer Edge. When he raised his head and saw that Leviathan’s eyes were filled with fury, Han Shuo right away concluded that Leviathan was awake.

At this moment, Han Shuo did not bother to inspect the surrounding conditions. He pressed his unoccupied left hand on the hilt of the Demonslayer Edge. His powerful physical strength, the enigmatic demonic yuan, the violent divine energy of destruction, the eerie and sinister energies of fierce souls within the Demonslayer Edge simultaneously erupted in that instance.

Before Leviathan could gather his divine energy, a crisp creak sounded. Leviathan’s fist was chopped into two with his fingers completely fragmented. After that strike, Han Shuo’s proceeded with making an upward stroke. The Demonslayer Edge traveled in an arc and slashed Leviathan’s neck.

Arhh… Leviathan shrieked in unbearable pain. The emotion of fear suddenly appeared in his eyes. He hastily flew backward to retreat.

Suddenly, an intense energy of death creeped up from behind him. Judging by how frightening the energy was, Leviathan understood that a lowgod cultivating in the element of death was present behind him.

Leviathan was unaware of Little Skeleton’s existence. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising that he would take Little Skeleton mounting an attack from behind to be another Han Shuo who was on the verge of becoming a lowgod. His heart trembled. He knew that everything in this battle pointed to a disaster befalling him. Perhaps he had again recalled that dream in which he faced Bechymos, as his scar and post-traumatic stress seemed to affect him yet again instilling in him a feeling of timidity and helplessness.

With Little Skeleton mounting a sneak attack from behind and Han Shuo’s assault from the front, Leviathan’s front and rear had been blocked out. He could only retreat by moving sideways. Leviathan leaned to one side. When he nearly transformed into a lighting bolt and ran out from Han Shuo’s range of attack, Han Shuo’s two arms bizarrely extended at high-speed. The Demonslayer Edge that was already whooshing towards his neck at high speed moved ever faster thanks to Han Shuo’s arms rapidly extending. Leviathan simply could not dodge it.

When horror had finally filled Leviathan’s mind, the Demonslayer Edge lashed at Leviathan’s neck with precision. Swish! The Demonslayer Edge proceeded to skewer straight through Leviathan’s neck. Crack! Immediately after, as Leviathan’s energy declined in a split second, Little Skeleton’s sneak attack with his bone spur managed to pierce through Leviathan’s body.

“What does it taste like?” Han Shuo had an undisturbed face but his eyes were filled with chilling emotions. In the terrified gaze of Leviathan, Han Shuo flexed the muscles on his right arm and cast Leviathan’s blood-drenched torso far into the distance.