Han Shuo had underestimated the true strength of a lowgod, or maybe he had underestimated the resilience of abyssal creatures as, even though Leviathan’s neck was cut open by Han Shuo’s Demonslayer Edge and his body penetrated from behind by Little Skeleton’s bone lance, Leviathan did not die as a result of the traumatic injuries.

Manticole somehow managed to make contact with Leviathan. Manticole, who had been in hiding all the while, resisted the attack of bloody shadows around him and zoomed towards where Leviathan was tossed.

Leviathan, who was supposed to be powerless, stubbornly pulled himself together. The cut on his neck and puncture wound on his back afflicted by Han Shuo and Little Skeleton started to fill with lightning bolts. The brilliant sparkling bolts of thunder, as though tenacious meridians, reconnected his severed body tissue.

Han Shuo was jolted as his consciousness that was firmly locked onto Leviathan sensed that his vitality was being rapidly rejuvenated. Not only did Leviathan’s soul did not sustain the slightest harm, it was tenaciously activating the divine energy inside his body. However, the coverage area of his Domain of Divinity was rapidly shrinking.

A shadow suddenly flew to Leviathan’s side. A Domain of Divinity of Darkness immediately intersected with Leviathan’s Domain of Divinity perfectly like a lock and key.

Manticole was gobsmacked. Staring at Leviathan, whose divine body had suffered serious injuries, he anxiously said, “How were you wounded?”

“Better watch out, his lowgod of death is complete,” as Leviathan’s neck was seriously injured, his voice was like an air blower droning.

With a wave of his hand, Manticole moved his Domain of Divinity. With Manticole at the center, an absolute darkness consumed everything. A dozen or so bloody shadows flew over but were stopped by the energy of absolute darkness.

“Impossible!” Manticole had astonishment painted across his face. He proclaimed, “He has just started to absorb the element of death. It’s impossible for him to form a divine soul and divine body so rapidly. We have gone through this process ourselves. You should understand that the time required for the process to complete cannot be this short!”

“If I’ve said that there’s another lowgod of death, then there’s definitely one out there! Otherwise, how would it be possible for that kid to maim me so?” Leviathan said coldly as he covered his neck with his hand to stop the blood from gushing out. He was rather annoyed with Manticole for being skeptical.

Upon hearing Leviathan’s words, Manticole carefully recalled of the circumstances and sensed the turmoil of all kinds of energies all around. When he was about to give a few words to soothe Leviathan, his face suddenly turned grave, and said, “Sorry for doubting you. It appears that there really is another lowgod of death, and he’s coming our way!”

“Of course there is!” Leviathan coldly groaned. With his left hand holding his neck, divine energy was released from his palm as electrical sparks. He seemed to be healing the injuries on his body using this method.

With Han Shuo leading Little Skeleton, the father and son slowly marched ahead to the two Demon Kings. Han Shuo gazed into the absolute darkness, deathly and still, and sensed the layers and layers of defensive powers set up using Manticole’s energy of darkness. He realized that the instinctive idea of forcibly breaking away those defensive energies wouldn’t work.

“Father, let’s charge in. One of them is seriously injured. Our powers combined is sufficient to take care of them!” Little Skeleton transmitted.

Han Shuo forced a smile, shook his head, and transmitted, “If we were to do that, both sides would suffer great losses. Moreover, outside the formation, there are two more of them about to recover. If we don't get rid of these two before the other two completely eliminate the corrosive energy of the Soulpiercers, we won’t stand a chance.”

After listening to Han Shuo’s explanation, Little Skeleton remained silent for a moment before he transmitted, “Summon my five brothers and ask them to deploy that formation. We still have a chance.”

Han Shuo was stunned at those words. He looked at Little Skeleton with astonishment in his eyes and asked in a somewhat unconvinced manner, “The Penta-elemental Undead Formation that the five of them shaped, is it really useful against these experts of lowgod strength?”

“I believe there won’t be a problem. Back then, even with just three out of five energies combined, I had great trouble defending against it. Although my strength has advanced further since, the other two energies can now completely fuse with the rest. The formidable might of the formation can now be released to the fullest. It ought to be able to pose a threat to them,” Little Skeleton explained.

“Really?” Han Shuo gently cried in disbelief.

“Really!” Little Skeleton replied bluntly.

Han Shuo understood that Little Skeleton was not one for nonsense or untrue words. With Little Skeleton’s assurance, Han Shuo looked forward to the Penta-elemental Undead Formation even more. He took a few steps backward and retreated to another region before summoning the five elite zombies.

Han Shuo’s main body that focused on cultivating demonic arts could release necromancy magic as well. But, of course, as most of the energy of death in his main body had been transferred to his avatar, he couldn’t deploy necromancy magic as smoothly and skillfully as that avatar cultivating in the element of death. But a few simple summoning incantations wouldn't be a problem.

Following the incantation, the five elite zombies appeared before Han Shuo. Now that he was in this critical moment, he wasted no time on unnecessary words. As soon as the five elite zombies appeared, Han Shuo commanded them to arrange themselves in accordance with the Penta-elemental Undead Formation.

In fact, Han Shuo had secured a connection with the Netherworld as early as when he discovered that Leviathan had ruthlessly killed that follower of his. Therefore, Little Skeleton had prepared a countermeasure strategy ahead of time. The five elite zombies were obviously aware of the situation long ago too.

Without another word, the five zombies dispersed in a well-coordinated manner. They assumed their own positions in the Penta-elemental Undead Formation, taking the shape of a circular arc, and concealed themselves.

With the five elite zombies ready, all that Han Shuo needed to do was bait the two Demon Kings into the formation. He communicated with Little Skeleton before heading to that land of absolute darkness by himself. He planned on using the superior speed of his demonic arts and his familiarity with the formation to rope these two Demon Kings into his trap.

Han Shuo had only started moving before he suddenly heard an explosion sound off in the distance. Immediately, the Domains of Divinity of fire and water registered in Han Shuo’s consciousness.

Han Shuo was stunned. He hastily turned his attention and consciousness to probe into that area, and sensed the auras of Golander and Cecrops. This time, he really was rather flustered.

From their aurae, Han Shuo could be certain that Cecrops and Golander had recovered. Indeed, lowgods were not to be belittled. Han Shuo had a clear understanding of the corrosiveness of a Soulpiercer. Although Han Shuo had a premonition, he truly did not anticipate that the two would recover so rapidly.

With this, Han Shuo could very possibly need to face off against all four Great Demon Kings as they inevitably joined forces. Han Shuo did not even have complete certainty of victory by joining forces with Little Skeleton against Leviathan and Manticole. Now that Cecrops and Golander had regained their fighting capabilities, Han Shuo was in even greater danger.

The situation was developing in the direction that was the last thing Han Shuo wished to see. He saw that the duo who had eliminated the Soulpiercers from their souls were charging over with their hearts filled with fury. As the boundaries on that region had been destroyed, the duo had no more reservations with their divine energies. Scorching hot and ice-cold divine energies assumed the shape of swords and bombarded the formation that Han Shuo was located in.

In just a short moment, towering stelae exploded and shattered, while colourful banners, unable to withstand the heat of the divine energy, started to ignite and burn.

Han Shuo, who was preparing to draw Leviathan and Manticole towards the center of the Penta-elemental Undead Formation, understood the intentions of those two Demon Kings fiercely bombarding the formation from the outside - they wished to completely destroy the formation! At this moment, without thinking much, instead of baiting Leviathan and Manticole, Han Shuo rushed to put away the most fundamental but costly item of the formation - the banners.

All those banners were manufactured piece by piece by Han Shuo, a process which consumed a ton of precious materials, countless hours of effort and sweat. Those banners were the basis for the entire formation. They weren’t easy to obtain. Therefore, when he saw that the fruits of his hard work were being destroyed by fire, Han Shuo didn’t stop to think. He immediately collected as many of those banners as he could to reduce his losses.

The bloody shadows and all kinds of chaotic energies turned into threads and flew back into those huge banners. It didn’t take long before Han Shuo had withdrawn all those banners into his space ring. With the most fundamental piece of the formation taken out of the equation, the Shura Soul Formation completely lost its functions.

Finally, Leviathan and Manticole, who didn’t dare step an inch away from each other, suddenly sensed that the strange energy around them had disappeared. Cecrops and Golander discovered that the hazy stone forest was gradually clearing up.

In the center of a few isolated stelae, Han Shuo and Little Skeleton were wielding their weapons and vigilantly observing their surroundings.

“What is that thing?” Cecrops asked in bewilderment as he looked at Little Skeleton and sensed the lowgod energy of death on him.

“Could something have gone wrong in his process of becoming god?” Golander was very much puzzled as well. As the two had been busy clearing away the Soulpiercers in their souls, in addition to the formation blocking their sights, they failed to understand what was going on.

“Whatever it is, to kill the both of them is the right choice,” Cecrops coldly groaned. He suddenly shot a glance at Leviathan. Seeing the injuries clearly visible on Leviathan immediately made Cecrops’ mood slightly better. Rejoicing in others’ misfortunes, Cecrops laughed out loud and said, “Leviathan, really didn’t expect you to injure so easily, plus, your injuries weren’t minor either. Haha, very good! Very good!”

“Hmph! I will slowly straighten things out with you in the future,” Leviathan had an unsightly expression. Without paying further attention at Cecrops, Leviathan glared at Han Shuo with resentful eyes, saying, “So, what malicious ruse are you going to play this time?”

The corners of Han Shuo’s lips pulled to make a sneer. He did not utter a word but raised his Demonslayer Edge at Leviathan and made an upward stroke motion. It was the same move Han Shuo used to cut open Leviathan’s neck.

Leviathan was infuriated. He let out a wild roar and charged recklessly at Han Shuo. At the same time, as though having reached an agreement in silence, the other three Demon Kings almost simultaneously took action and flew towards Han Shuo.