The Domains of Divinity of water, fire, lightning, and darkness were simultaneously deployed. All four Demon Kings charged at Han Shuo together with their Domains of Divinity fused.

When they finally got near to Han Shuo and Little Skeleton, the Domain of Divinity of death released by Little Skeleton combined with the mixture of the four Domains. All of a sudden, energies of five different elements converged together, forming a terrifying burst of air that spread in every direction.

A deafening explosion suddenly rumbled around Han Shuo and Little Skeleton.

In just a short while, the remnants of magical matrices around the duo were obliterated completely in this explosion! All those towering stelae were pulverized into dust that filled the air. Sparkling and translucent magical crystal ores that couldn’t withstand the tremendous pressure melted into liquid. The mounds deployed in accordance with the principles of Shura Soul Formation turned into potholes in the loud explosion…

Everything on this piece of land, at the moment the five Domains of Divinity intersected, was cleansed to emptiness!

After the rumble, not a single piece of stone within the hundred meter radius around Han Shuo and Little Skeleton were intact. It was a scene of desolation and devastation. Other than Han Shuo and Little Skeleton standing proudly in the center, everything around them was razed to the ground, leaving not a trace of the magical matrices that had stood there.

With four Demon Kings of the Abyss realm attacking together, the formation which had lost its function was now reduced to the point where not even an ounce of debris could be found. Little Skeleton and Han Shuo, one wielding a bone spur and the other tightly clenching the Demonslayer Edge, waited for the arrival of the ultimate great battle.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Four figures flew over. All four of Demon Kings concurrently sent forth their attacks without any reservations. Thunderbolts rolled. Darkness enveloped the sky. Ice covered the surroundings and fire scorched the earth.

The scene at this moment looked as one might expect to see on Doomsday. The combined assault of the four Demon Kings was like a final judgment handed to this unpardonable sinner known as Han Shuo.

“Die!!!” the heavily injured Leviathan sternly and loudly shouted. The bolts of thunder wriggled towards Han Shuo as rumbling sounds accompanied.

Leviathan hated Han Shuo to the extreme. For many years, after Bechymos, this was only the second time he had been injured by anyone. These injuries caused him a great psychological impact. The energy of destruction and the elemental energy of death that originated from Han Shuo and Little Skeleton continued to wreak havoc inside his body. It was impossible for him to regain his former might without spending a long period of time to recuperate from his injuries.

The Abyss realm was filled with selfish people. It goes without saying that the four Demon Kings were among those. Leviathan, who could murder his most loyal and devoted subordinates without the slightest hesitation, would not allow Han Shuo to become yet another psychological trauma in his brain. This was because it was very clear to him as to the kind of impact this trauma of failure would do to his cultivation in the future.

It was only by killing Han Shuo that this psychological trauma previously caused by Han Shuo could be forever concealed. Otherwise, in his cultivation of the elemental energy of lightning, he might very possibly be unable to make an inch of progress! Therefore, Leviathan had every reason to slaughter Han Shuo!

The other three Demon Kings also had every reason to kill Han Shuo. The emergence of a new mighty existence meant that their territories and hence their benefits would be further divided. When this new existence eventually surpassed their strength, this kind of territory redistribution could even mean that they would have no significant standing anymore.

What was the power of faith? It was a wonderful thing that could deepen a god’s divine energy and allow their Domain of Divinity to grow even mightier. The countless years of war on this Abyss realm had all been for this thing called the power of faith. Therefore, when Han Shuo’s strength severely threatened everyone’s interests, it was a matter of course that this previously impossible alliance took shape!

The might of four Demon Kings attacking at the same time indeed wasn’t something that any regular person could handle. This especially ferocious and vigorous force made even Han Shuo and Little Skeleton feel an extreme pressure.

However, Han Shuo and Little Skeleton did not have the intention of directly confronting the four all along. The corners of Han Shuo’s lips curled into a smile as though he had his way. It should have been the last expression on his face given that Han Shuo and Little Skeleton could have been slain at any moment.

Suddenly, Han Shuo and Little Skeleton, who were loftily standing on the same ground, sank into the earth without the slightest prior indication. If was like the ground had liquefied as they gradually descended without the slightest impediment.

The four Demon Kings had the same expression of shock in their faces, disdain slowly creeping up after. They thought Han Shuo’s actions to be silly. To have four Demon Kings attacking at the same time, what good would burying oneself into the ground do?

Hence, with cold smiles on their faces, the four Demon Kings simultaneously attacked, sending all their divine energies shooting towards where Han Shuo and Little Skeleton had stood. Their terrifying energies threatened to rip the earth apart.


Against all expectations, that bombardment the four had launched with all their might seemed to fall on the hardest stone. Those strikes which could destroy all rocks managed to produce only metallic sparks when they fell to the ground. At this moment, the ground seemed to have turned into the strongest material in existence. The ground was blemished with not even a dent despite four Demon Kings attacking with their divine energies!

“How can this be?!” four appalled voices simultaneously sounded. The four Demon Kings, overwhelmed with shock, wore faces of bewilderment and disbelief. Their eyes carried extreme puzzlement as they looked at the ground they were stepping on, no clue as to what in the world had just happened.

The understanding that these Demon Kings had of this valley far exceeded that of Han Shuo’s. They knew that the ground of this valley was rather hard. But they, as lowgods, by stomping their feet, would still be able to leave a crater the depth of their ankles. Lowgods were already real gods, so how could their might be belittled?

Moreover, it was just a moment ago that Han Shuo had clearly sunken into the ground as though sinking into water. All four Demon Kings clearly observed that with their own eyes. Of course, they thought that Han Shuo had utilized divine energy to sink himself into the ground.

If Han Shuo could insert himself into the ground without difficulty, how could their all-out strike not at least tear a big hole in the ground?

Their minds were scrambled. However, the truth was right before their eyes - that strike they threw out with all their strength really did not shake up the earth and produced only some metallic sparks on the ground!

Strange! Unbelievably strange!

All four Demon Kings were stupefied momentarily by this situation formed by earth and metal elite zombies combining their energy of earth and metal.

“Something’s not right!” Manticole cried out in alarm. He somehow withdrew a broadsword with boundless darkness lingering around it. Right before the other three Demon Kings, Manticole demonstrated his divine might, and stabbed at the ground without hesitation. Cling! Sparks flew. He had left a tiny little dent on the ground.

All four of the Demon Kings were jolted at once. No one understood better just how incisive that broadsword of Manticole’s was. Yet, that strike left only one tiny dent on the ground.

What did this mean? It meant that the earth was solid beyond measure!

“This is crazy!” Golander’s ice-cold voice was filled with horror and puzzlement. His brain was in a great mess as he looked at the unimaginable transformation of the ground he was stepping on.

“Space, the space is changing!” Cecrops suddenly opened his closed eyes and shouted.

Upon hearing those words, the other three frightened Demon Kings simultaneously raised their heads and looked at the sky.

The dense smog that had constantly lingered in this valley of the Void was rapidly converging on this piece of sky. The empty space suddenly gave them a bizarre feeling of contraction. It was as though the sky had turned into a cage which was powered by some kind of energy that the four Demon Kings did not understand. It was turning up the pressure bit by bit while contracting just as much…

The Demon Kings were most sensitive towards elemental energies. Their Domains of Divinity could constantly absorb the elemental energy present all around between heaven and earth for themselves to use. Whenever they used up their divine energy, it could help them with replenishing the divine energy they exhausted.

However, at this moment, the four elements between heaven and earth that constantly gathered towards them abruptly came to a halt!

This was a situation that had never ever happened before. It was as though, in an instant, all the elements in the world had completely vanished without a trace!

“Impossible!” All four of them simultaneously discovered the unusual change and shrieked. They looked at each other in astonishment.

“What in the world is fucking going on?!” Leviathan, who suffered serious injuries, finally couldn’t restrain himself and cursed. The unnatural scene around him had set his mind in turbulence and caused him to lose his cool.

“Elemental energies no longer gather towards our Domains of Divinity. Some kind of energy must have affected the flow of the elements, or perhaps, severed the connection of elemental energies from this region!” Cecrops shouted in a deep voice.

“This place is really strange, we should leave first,” A flustered feeling that had disappeared from Golander’s heart for many years suddenly reemerged. This strange feeling that suddenly arose made him extremely uncomfortable, so much so that his voice grew hoarse.

“This must be Han Shuo’s doing. Golander is right, we should leave this place at once. All other matters can wait!” Manticole and Golander were arch-enemies. But at this moment, Manticole agreed to Golander’s suggestion.

The four suddenly exchanged glances. In each pair of eyes they looked into, they saw an emotion unfamiliar to them - fear!

Who were they? The Great Demon Kings of the Abyss! They possessed absolute power and authority in the Abyss. They were the mightiest beings of the Abyss that no other ever dared to challenge. And yet, at this moment, they actually felt frightened!

“Don’t even think about leaving!” suddenly, Han Shuo’s cold and stern voice, sounded from an unknown place.

In a moment, it would be from the sky. In another, it felt as though it came from the abyss. The voice seemed to be right beside their ears, but then, it would feel as though it was extremely far away…