From the sky over their heads to the ground under their feet, when this restricting force suddenly contracted, all four Demon Kings immediately noticed the unusual change with the surrounding. Their hearts grew even more appalled.

After Han Shuo’s voice sounded, the four had no uncertainty that the changes to this region of space were of Han Shuo’s doing. After having experiencing a round of battle, all four Demon Kings became well aware that Han Shuo practiced some kind of unfathomable martial art. The transformation to the space around them caused them to be flustered - an emotion they were very unfamiliar with.

There were no longer elemental energies pouring into their Domains of Divinity. The ground beneath their feet was tough beyond measure. Even Manticole’s incredibly incisive broadsword couldn’t split it. The pressure that gripped their hearts gradually grew heavier and heavier.

“Ridiculous! Merely with your powers alone, you want to contain the four of us? Even Bechymos doesn’t have that kind of strength, let alone you!” Golander’s ice-cold voice was filled with utter disdain. However, his eyes were flickering with uncertainty. No one knew what exactly he was thinking.

“You have all seen how tough the earth is. It is rather difficult for us to split it apart. However, the empty sky is the hardest to defend against. I believe that we should try to escape from above,” Manticole suggested as he raised his head and looked to the sky.

“Alright!” Golander agreed.

Having made up their minds, the four Demon Kings no longer wasted their divine energy on attacking the ground. The raised their heads and looked at the clear sky with dense smog lingering. They again demonstrated their divine might, sending another round of attacks bombarding towards the sky.


Thunder and strange noises reverberated from all directions. It was a though the heavens were falling, with ear-splitting noises shooting from everywhere.

However, the empty sky seemed to be filled with the most pliable but tough cotton. The terrifying joint attack of the four Demon Kings aimed at the sky felt like a rock that fell into the sea. They had launched two strikes but, to their bemusement, their resistance had been futile.

At this moment, the four Demon Kings really began to panic. The feeling of dread simultaneously revealed itself in their eyes. As they sensed themselves being isolated from the outside world, a feeling of dispiritment out of helplessness suddenly rose from the bottom of their hearts.

What should we do? What should we do?! all four of them had been asking this very same question in their minds. They looked at each other in dismay, out of their wits for a moment.

They could neither fly up nor bore through the ground. The situation was just disastrous for them. Even with the four of them cooperating, they couldn’t find a way to leave this strange place. They were finally frightened.

Outside the Penta-elemental Undead Formation, Han Shuo was wearing an incomparably nervous expression as he gazed at the misty region. His consciousness, connected to the five elite zombies on a deeper level, saw that the five elite zombies showed signs of fatigue.

Lowgods were, after all, true gods. What’s more, they had to deal with four of them at the same time. For the Penta-elemental Undead Formation to have firmly defended the two waves of attacks jointly made by the four Demon Kings, Han Shuo genuinely felt proud of his five elite zombies.

However, the Penta-elemental Undead Formation formed by the five elite zombies needed to block a total of eight strikes coming from four divine entities attacking with all their strength. Although the burden was shared among the five elite zombies, it was still rather difficult to manage.

The defensive energy of the earth was formed by fusing the energy of metal and earth. Meanwhile, the soft and flexible defensive power of the sky was formed by fusing the energy of water and wood. Although the five elite zombies, through the formation, shared the burden and managed to neutralize the joint attacks of the four Demon Kings, Han Shuo’s consciousness connected to the five clearly sensed the energies in their bodies had diminished substantially.

The Penta-elemental Undead Formation possessed not merely the energy for defensive and binding purposes. Its main energy was in attacking. However, as these four existences possessed terrifying strengths of lowgods, in addition to the fact that the interval between the two attacks had been rather short, the five elite zombies had no choice but to be on the defense with all their strength. They simply did not have energy left over to organize and deploy the offensive properties of this formation or the moment.

Han Shuo understood that if the four Demon Kings were to madly continue with bombarding the sky or the earth, it wouldn’t take long before the Penta-elemental Undead Formation was destroyed. After all, the five elite zombies only had finite strength. There was no way they would withstand repeated bombardment without exhausting their energy.

It wasn’t just the four Demon Kings who were flustered. Han Shuo, attentively and nervously observing the battle, was also out of his wits for a moment. The Penta-elemental Undead Formation was deployed by the five elite zombies and he couldn’t intervene. If he were to get inside, Han Shuo himself would receive some the effects of the formation, and wouldn’t be able to completely bring out his strength.

The five elite zombies were currently digesting the two waves of energy sent out by the four Demon Kings. As soon as they eliminated the effects of those energies, they would be able to go all-out and release the full firepower of the Penta-elemental Undead Formation. By then, the four Demon Kings would be completely occupied with defending themselves and would have no time for continuing their incessant attacks towards the Penta-elemental Undead Formation.

Each and every Great Demon King of the Abyss realm was a seasoned expert with an extremely steady heart and mind. Even though they were somewhat panicky at this moment, they weren’t about to go mad and send out reckless attacks. The way they thought was - if the first strike didn’t do it, then the second strike would be just as ineffective. It was thanks to their complete ignorance towards the formation that they had given the five elite zombies a chance to catch their breaths.

Just as the four Demon Kings were creasing their brows, turning over in their minds on how to destroy the Penta-elemental Undead Formation from within, the five elite zombies finally recovered from the damage they had sustained. Without any hesitation, the five elite zombies abandoned all defensive energies and began fusing with each other’s energies bit by bit, unleashing the firepower of the Penta-elemental Undead Formation to the fullest.

“Look! The sky, something’s not right!” Manticole, who was rapidly racking his mind, pondering how to break from this region, suddenly raised his head and cried out in alarm.

Upon hearing the cry, the other three Demon Kings simultaneously raised their heads and looked at the sky. The originally misty sky suddenly became occupied by a large field of fiery clouds. Fierce blazes of scorching heat would burst out as those clouds pressed downwards bit by bit.

At the same time, a horrific energy shrouded the Demon Kings from above their heads. Like the burning clouds, it was slowing pressing down onto the four Demon Kings.

The previously tranquil land was rocked like an earthquake. It tore to make fissures, which allowed sharp cones as tough as steel to suddenly come thrusting up from underground. They shot towards the four Demon Kings like guided missiles.

The barren piece of land, unknowingly, had grown to overfill with vines. They were slithering like vipers, creeping their way towards the four Demon Kings.

Other than the burning clouds pressing down on them, metal elite zombie’s golden cudgel had turned into a great mountain. The great momentum and loftiness of the mountain allowed it to envelop the entire region as it came pounding at the four Great Demon Kings, accompanied by monstrous rumbling.

The golden cudgel constantly grew in size until it filled the whole sky. Apart from burying themselves underground, the four would have no way of avoiding it. However, concealing themselves in the earth was none too viable either as countless spikes as hard as steel were ruthlessly piercing up from their feet. With the fusions of energies, all kinds of attacks were launched at them one after another. It was as though there wasn’t an inch of space where they could hide. Within this region, all they could do was exert their divine energies to defend themselves.

“Father, what do you think?” Little Skeleton who was mounted on a bone dragon transmitted to Han Shuo from a little ways away.

Han Shuo’s heart was filled with astonishment. That foggy region ahead couldn’t escape from the surveillance of Han Shuo’s consciousness. Sensing the ruthless offensive forces within as the formation initiated its actual offense, Han Shuo was dumbfounded by its formidable power. He discovered that he had underestimated the true might of the Penta-elemental Undead Formation by a wide margin. No matter if it was the sky or the ground, any direction, any region of space, any corner, there was nowhere the preys could hide. The attacks would come from every grain of soil, every gust of air, and every drop of water…

Once the energy of the five attributes fused together, it would also give rise to some other energies of which characteristics not even Han Shuo could make sense of. These energies were extremely bizarre and mysterious. More often than not, they could overcome the defenses put up by the Demon Kings using their divine energies, putting them in a tight corner.

The five elite zombies were life forms refined from five ordinary zombie warriors using demonic arts and the five places of extremes. Han Shuo wasn’t too clear as to what kind of strengths they currently possessed, but he was certain that of the five elite zombies, even fire, metal, and wood elite zombies, who had obtained attributal treasures, definitely weren’t as mighty as Little Skeleton. They would, at most, possess merely the strength of basegod.

And yet, it was exactly the same five elite zombies, through forming the Penta-elemental Undead Formation and fusing their five energies together, who could unleash frightening firepower. Even these four Demon Kings of the Abyss realm were weary in dealing with it!

The Penta-elemental Undead Formation indeed did not disappoint Han Shuo!

The golden cudgel which had filled the entire space contained the attribute of metal. However, when they pounded on the four Demon Kings, clouds of dancing blazes leapt out from it…

The four groaned. Under the pounding of the unstoppable golden cudgel, the four Demon Kings were dizzy with blurred vision. Among them, Leviathan, who was heavily injured to begin with, couldn’t bear the hammering. His wounds that he had forcibly reconnected suddenly burst. Fresh blood gushed out like water from a broken dam.

His knee gave way. Leviathan, the first to receive serious injuries, knelt to the ground with one knee. Blood flowed from his mouth like a river stream.

As though knowing it was wise to eliminate the weakest the first, the numerous energies within the Penta-elemental Undead Formation gathered on Leviathan in an instant. Hundreds upon thousands of light rays bombarded at Leviathan.

“Save me, save me!” Leviathan was petrified. He begged and cried out in pain as he looked at the other three Demon Kings.

Bang! Just like fireworks exploding, Leviathan’s divine soul and divine energy were abruptly annihilated. This lowgod was now dead, once and for all.