With Manticole and Leviathan dead, all that remained were Cecrops and Golander. Even without the help of Penta-elemental Undead Formation, the duo of Han Shuo and Little Skeleton could handle the two.

At that moment, a sudden strange realization surfaced from Han Shuo’s soul.

It took Han Shuo a split second to realize that his avatar cultivating in the element of death had finally evolved into a lowgod. Upon completion of the molding of its divine body and divine soul, a Domain of Divinity of death naturally took shape around it.

Whoosh! That avatar draped in a dark black magical robe, carrying along an intense element of death, zoomed over and stood still beside the other Han Shuo.

Bizarre divine energy was slowly circulating within the body of this avatar. After completely absorbing the Divine Soul of that midgod, this avatar now possessed unbounded potential. Possessing three pieces of Divine Essence that he could absorb someday later, Han Shuo carried even greater expectations for this avatar of his.

“Congratulations, father!” said Little Skeleton sincerely when he saw that Han Shuo had formed a lowgod of death.

Han Shuo smiled and nodded. Just as he was about to say something, he sensed an unusual change happening within the Penta-elemental Undead Formation. Raging flames and arctic cold bizarrely coexisted at this moment. The Domains of Divinity of Golander and Cecrops were squeezing against each other, causing their terrifying might to constantly expand outwards.

The Penta-elemental Undead Formation that had been pushing them to a tight corner, for some reason, turned back to employing defensive measures. Water and fire elite zombie transmitted an extremely greedy aura.

“Father, we can reap everything they own. All we need to do is wipe out the awarenesses within their souls!” fire elite zombie hastily transmitted.

Han Shuo was astonished and pleasantly surprised upon receiving fire elite zombie’s message. He asked, “Are you saying, you can take over everything they have, including their divine energy and divine soul?”
“Yes father. As long as the self-awareness within their divine souls is gone, we will be able to obtain their everything,” water elite zombie answered impatiently.

“Good, very good!” Han Shuo exclaimed. “Withdraw the defensive energy of the Penta-elemental Undead Formation. We will attack them together!”

As soon as his thought was delivered, Han Shuo’s main body, his two avatars, and Little Skeleton struck at the same time. They sent their wild attacks with all their strength at Golander and Cecrops trying to retrieve lost ground. The three lowgods, in addition to Han Shuo’s main body, accumulated their powers to the maximum and while the two Demon Kings were still confused and in disarray, they pounded at their Domains of Divinity.

The utterly exhausted Golander and Cecrops had consumed more than half of their divine energies inside the Penta-elemental Undead Formation. The sudden ferocious strike extinguished the scene of fire and ice they had created in an instant.

As light rays shone brilliantly, Golander and Cecrops’ Domains of Divinity unexpectedly began to crack. They could no longer isolate and stop energies of other elements flowing into the Domains. The two Demon Kings had exhausted a great amount of their divine energies to defend against this wave of attack.

After the round of attack, Han Shuo and Little Skeleton did not pause for a moment before sending even fiercer attacks that continuously pounded on Golander and Cecrops. At the same time, that avatar belonging to Han Shuo which had recently became a lowgod of death released the necromancy magic ‘Soul Tremor’ with all its strength, which thumped the divine souls of Golander and Cecrops furiously.

The consciousness of Han Shuo’s main body wasn’t idling either. Attacking jointly with the release of ‘Soul Tremor’, Han Shuo’s consciousness pierced into the Demon Kings’ divine souls, causing heavy injuries in an instant.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Two trails of shadows rapidly shot towards Golander and Cecrops while they were at their weakest. Han Shuo’s sharp eyes recognized the two shadows as fire and water elite zombies.

The scene that followed was peculiar, to say the least. When water elite zombie shot onto Golander’s body, the former abruptly turned into liquid and bore into Golander’s brain through his seven apertures. Fire elite zombie similarly transformed into clouds of fire. It first set Cecrops’ body on flame before making its way into his skull.

Golander and Cecrops struggled agonizingly at first, then finally stopped moving. Hammered by the Soul Tremor spell and Han Shuo’s consciousness, the divine souls of the two turned extremely weak. Following that, they suffered destructive blows from water and fire elite zombies which caused their awarenesses to gradually scatter and wither.

Some miraculous transformation started happening to water and fire elite zombie. As they were both refined from Han Shuo’s blood essence, he very clearly sensed that the two were taking over everything that the Demon Kings had by force, although he had no clue as to precisely how they did it. Their divine energies, divine souls, and even their divine bodies, were being assimilated by the two elite zombies as that astonishing transformation continued.

“Father, give us a hand! They still have awarenesses that have yet to disperse!” water elite zombie suddenly transmitted.

Han Shuo, who had his attention focused on the astonishing transformation, suddenly sensed that both Golander’s and Cecrops’ awarenesses were trying to launch their final counterattacks. When the two Demon Kings discovered that their awarenesses were gradually crumbling, both of them made supreme effort to reassemble their souls with the intention of transmitting the self-destruct command to their bodies, intending to cause mutual destruction.

These two Demon Kings were first barraged with a Pearl of Annihilation and suffered agonizing pain from the Soulpiercers. Soon after, they were trapped and tormented inside the Penta-elemental Undead Formation. With all that battering, their divine energy, body, and soul, were all in extremely weak conditions. Using all their might, Little Skeleton, Han Shuo, and his two avatars jointly attacked the Demon Kings’ bodies and souls.

To be able to persevere and keep their awarenesses from scattering even after receiving these strings of attacks, this proved just how terrifyingly strong their will to survive was!

After quickly processing those thoughts, Han Shuo’s consciousness and his avatar cultivating in the energy of death simultaneously launched violent attacks towards Golander’s and Cecrops’ soul the very next moment, doing their utmost in not letting their awarenesses to reassemble.

Han Shuo understood that if Golander and Cecrops weren’t stopped, and if they were to reassemble their awarenesses and deliver the self-destruct command to their bodies, water and fire elite zombies would not only fail in gaining an advantage but even lose their lives. Moreover, as the two Demon Kings were located near Han Shuo and Little Skeleton, they would likely bear the effects.

Therefore, Han Shuo had no choice. He exerted all his strength to attack the awarenesses inside their divine souls trying to reassemble, frantically stopping their suicidal counterattack in the face of death.

Gradually, the two Demon Kings gave weaker and weaker resistance. Under the all-out attacks of Han Shuo’s souls, followed relentlessly by the invasion from water and fire elite zombies, their awarenesses in their last strive to reassemble started to weaken bit by bit…

“Thank you father, this is great! They are both done for! Haha, wonderful, wonderful…” fire elite zombie transmitted incoherently. His level of excitement was just a scream away from unreasonable.

“Focus on the task! Take over everything they have!” Han Shuo berated. He knew just how dangerous it was to forcibly occupy another’s soul and was deeply afraid that the two might invite calamity by celebrating too soon.

Even Han Shuo himself dared not to relax by the slightest. His consciousness and the soul of his lowgod of death avatar locked onto Cecrops and Golander, on guard and ready to defend if the two were to try to counterattack once more.

Time passed unassumingly. After a long but undetermined amount of time, Han Shuo discovered that Golander and Cecrops’ awarenesses were gradually vanishing and the souls he locked on gave him an extremely familiar feeling.

Han Shuo finally loosened up as he realized that their joint attack had completely scattered Golander and Cecrops’ awarenesses. All that was left of their divine souls were their memories and realizations of the elemental energies of water and fire, which were slowly fusing with water and fire elite zombies.

“These two fellas really are extremely lucky! Father, with this, both of them are going to grow even stronger. Huhu, when is it going to be my turn?” earth elite zombie grumbled and complained to Han Shuo.

Han Shuo was speechless. He knew that earth elite zombie did not have an earth attribute treasure. And now, seeing his brothers gain even more benefits while he had still gotten nothing, it was unavoidable that he would feel upset. All that Han Shuo could do at that moment was to console him.

Han Shuo remained very much astonished even at this point in time. He inwardly remarked, personal gain at the detriment of others - this characteristic of demonic arts is indeed powerful. I’m not the only one who can take over another’s soul by force using demonic arts, the five elite zombies can do that as well! I sure did not expect that!

If this trend continued, if earth and wood elite zombie were so fortunate to have the opportunity, perhaps they too could forcibly occupy other souls and become gods in a single leap!

If water and fire elite zombies could take over the lowgod souls of Golander and Cecrops that cultivated in the element of water and fire respectively, did that mean earth and wood elite zombies be able to take over the divine energy, divine body and soul of gods cultivating in the element of earth and the edict of life?

The yuan energy of earth that earth elite zombie cultivated seemed to be parallel to the earth elemental energy in this universe. Although there were some differences, the energies seemed to be homologous. Similarly, would the yuan energy of wood that wood elite zombie cultivated be able to merge with that strange energy full of vitality of the edict of life?

Of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, with the exception of yuan energy of metal, all other energies seemed to have a corresponding elemental energy. Could there have been a god out there cultivating in the rare energy of metal? Would metal elite zombie be so fortunate to come across one?

Gazing ahead as water and fire elite zombies transformed, strings of questions rose from the bottom of Han Shuo’s heart. He seemed to see the scene of his five elite zombies becoming gods one after another, and operated the Penta-elemental Undead Formation to produce power so terrifying that even the Creator couldn't imagine!