Outside the Void, Bechymos, with confliction in his eyes, gazed at the stardust current that was blocking the entrance. Standing beside him were Han Shuo’s two avatars, wearing a normal expression as though not having the slightest worry.

Bechymos heaved yet another long sigh.

Han Shuo’s lowgod of death avatar shot a glance at the sighing Bechymos and advised with a smile, “You have waited for so many years, why have you lost your patience now?”

“You are not me. You won’t completely understand how I feel.”

“I have told you, I have ways to take you into the Void safely without having to wait for the next time it opens.”

“I really can’t imagine that.”

“You will see!”

The empty conversation did not continue for long. Han Shuo kept silent for a while before he suddenly asked, “What kind of a world is the material plane you came from?”

“It’s a high-level material plane. There lived many mighty characters - experts powerful beyond your imagination,” after a short pause, Bechymos turned to Han Shuo and continued, “My hometown is a plane flooded with gods. If you want to advance your strength, you will be there sooner or later.”

Han Shuo nodded thoughtfully. Soon after, he smilingly replied, “Perhaps after I have taken care of certain matters, I will have a tour of your hometown.”

Han Shuo and Bechymos had been conversing a lot during this time. Through Bechymos, Han Shuo learned certain things he never knew. He also understood that Bechymos’ hometown was a high-level material plane where gods gathered.

The more Han Shuo learned of that plane, the most astonished he became. Compared to Profound Continent and the Abyss realm, the existences of Bechymos’ homeworld were, without a doubt, far mightier and had much more complicated relationships. To an expert like Han Shuo, whose insights and strength were gradually advancing, that world carried an enormous attraction. However, Han Shuo would absolutely not pay attention to other things before resolving the issues back on Profound Continent.

“If you come over, I will explain it all to you,” Bechymos looked at Han Shuo and added, “My family clan actually holds quite a status. So long as I return, my words carry some weight.”

Han Shuo smiled and nodded. He thought, If I really were to go to that material plane in the future, with Bechymos’ assistance, I will be able to blend in there faster. It appears that giving Bechymos a hand does have its benefits.

“Right, how much longer must we wait?” Bechymos asked.

“It won’t be long. I have ordered my subordinates to gather the materials. Most matters have basically been resolved.” During this period, Han Shuo’s lowgod of death avatar sensed that tens of thousands of strands of the power of faith were gently flowing into his divine body bit by bit. From this, he understood that after Bord, Zinia, and the rest of the Demons had left, they indeed had faithfully executed his command in recapturing the citizens formerly under the four Demon Kings.

With the death of the four Demon Kings, those Demons inside the Void that had accepted Han Shuo’s Baptismal Radiance became the mightiest group of people within the territories of the four Demon Kings. These existences were formerly the Lords of cities, or direct guards of the four Demon Kings. With these people running all things necessary for Han Shuo, he could effortlessly reap the fruits without having to worry about sowing them himself.

“After I leave this place, you can take over the cities and populace that were previously mine. I wouldn’t mind at all,” Bechymos said in a deep voice as he looked at Han Shuo.

Han Shuo was stunned. He creased his brows and asked, “That’s the power of faith, it’s useful for your cultivation. Why would you give me that?”

“Consider it as my gratitude for you activating the interplanar transportation matrix and helping me find a way home!” Bechymos explained. When he saw that Han Shuo was still doubtful, Bechymos continued, “In the past, as to make the four Demon Kings help me, I gave them four-fifths of the Abyss realm. So why would I care about merely one-fifth of the Abyss now?”

Bechymos continued after a short pause, “Besides, war will always erupt if there is more than one religion on a material plane. It’s better that I just hand it all to you.”

“Back then, when you all traversed great distances to come to this realm, wasn’t it for the purpose of obtaining all the faith in this material plane?” Han Shuo asked with his eyes staring fixedly at Bechymos.

“Haven’t we obtained it all?” Bechymos answered with another question.

Han Shuo was stunned yet again. He asked, “Why would you say so?”

“You are a Lich cultivating in the elemental energy of death and knows how to use that interplanar transportation matrix. You gaining everything in this world is, in fact, more or less the same thing,” after a short pause, Bechymos looked at Han Shuo and said with certainty, “Your two bodies, one cultivates in the elemental energy of death, another cultivates in the edict of destruction. You will be one of us sooner or later!”

“Oh? It might not necessarily turn out so!” Han Shuo was shocked for a moment but soon shrugged off the prediction.

“Once this interplanar portal is activated, this place will be re-discovered. And when I return, naturally, I will have to report back everything that happened in the Abyss realm. At that time, certain characters high above will dispatch people to make contact with you. The two of your bodies are on our side. You have no way to avoid that!” Bechymos explained as glistening lights came from his green eyes. When he saw that Han Shuo gradually comprehend his words, he sighed, and added, “The reason I’m telling you this is so you get an idea of the situation. When the moment eventually comes, you will have to choose which side to stand with.”

Han Shuo apathetically nodded and said calmly, “This place is mine. No one will take it from me. As for which side I will stand with, I’ll cross that bridge when it comes.”

From the information that Bechymos revealed, Han Shuo vaguely understood certain things. Furthermore, from certain insider stories he learned from the skeletal staff long ago, he naturally understood what the overgods of death and destruction had done. As he was cultivating in the element of death and the edict of destruction, it seemed as though his standpoint was destined from the very beginning.

However, apart from these two energies, his primary cultivation was still demonic arts - which he had attained to the Nine Changes realm!

The conversation continued. Han Shuo gradually learned even more from Bechymos. He gained some idea as to what might happen in the future. He also understood that if he were to make good use of the powers of the two overgods, it would be extremely beneficial to himself in the future. He couldn’t help but begin to inwardly scheme a little.

Time flew. A few more days flew by in the blink of an eye.

On this day, Han Shuo and Bechymos were exchanging and discussing their realizations towards the edict of destruction. Most of the time, it was Bechymos doing the talking while Han Shuo was being the listener. Occasionally, Han Shuo, who cultivated in several types of sinister energies at once, would give some original and fresh understanding, causing Bechymos to feel very much amazed with Han Shuo’s unique perspective.

“They are arriving soon,” Han Shuo’s lowgod of death avatar suddenly spoke.

“At last,” Bechymos was visibly emotional. He looked at Han Shuo and impatiently asked, “The other you, when is he coming?”

“Right now!” Han Shuo said with a mysterious smile. Upon finishing those words, a human figure suddenly shot out from the stardust current ahead of them. When Han Shuo’s main body arrived, his two avatars simultaneously got into motion. After two streaks of light flashed, they became concealed within Han Shuo’s main body.

“It’s been several days. You have been staying in the stardust current all this time?” Bechymos asked in an amazed and astonished tone.

Han Shuo nodded and smilingly answered, “Some changes have occurred to my main body. I needed some time alone to adapt to the new changes,”

“I could sense that compared to before, you are now much, much stronger!” Bechymos suddenly remarked after looking at Han Shuo silently for a while.

Han Shuo put a smile on his face but did not reply. This breakthrough from Carnal realm to the Nine Changes realm meant his strength had multiplied several folds without doubt. For the time being, Han Shuo had no idea what kind of strength his main body in the Nine Changes Realm actually possessed. However, the terrifying destructive power of the few demonic arts techniques he was currently trying to master made him full of self-confidence.

A short while later, a light whoosh suddenly came from the distance. Rustles sounded from far to near. Finally, a group of people revealed themselves from the lush vegetation.

The party was headed by Bord and Zinia. Following behind them were Jasper, Hemanna, Sylph, and Sanguis. The few people in the Abyss realm that Han Shuo cared about were all present.

Bord and Zinia wore a solemn and respectful expression, and had been very humble towards the four throughout the journey. Jasper, Hemanna, Sylph, and Sanguis all looked ineffably emotional. When they arrived before Han Shuo, Jasper, with her bright eyes staring fixedly at Han Shuo, asked as her voice trembled slightly, “That thing... Is… is it true?”

“Master, the matter that Lord Bord relayed to us, is it, is it true?” Sanguis was incredibly emotional as well. He immediately asked upon arriving.

Hemanna and Sylph did not say a word but their intense appall was visible through their eyes. Their bodies were lightly trembling, as though they couldn’t believe something had actually happened.

Han Shuo stared blankly at first. After looking at the few’s expressions, he immediately came to understand exactly what they were asking about. He smilingly nodded and affirmed, “From today onwards, I will be your god! The four Demon Kings are dead. Their all, their everything, now belongs to me!”

After a short pause, Han Shuo grinned and glanced at Bechymos before he continued, “Soon enough, even Lord Bechymos’ territories will be mine. That is to say, the entire Abyss realm, everyone and everything in it will be mine!”