Outside the Void, on an expansive piece of empty land, banners of all colors were erected.

Ditches were drawn on the ground, forming complicated, abstruse and irregular patterns, with bloody shadows fluttering about. Han Shuo was at the center of it with his eyes closed. He did not say a word but kept sending off beams of light from his hands to the disorderly banners.

A gloomy, chilling aura slowly overflowed from the banners. Some bizarre energy attached to the bloody shadows caused them to gradually gather at the ditch in front.

All of a sudden, miserable and horrifying shrieks came from the ditches as sinister lights shone brilliantly. It was as though some transformation was happening to certain items within…

A distance away, Bechymos, Bord, Zinia and the rest all looked at the scene puzzled and had absolutely no idea what was happening in there. Only Han Shuo’s apprentice, Sanguis, who had gained some general knowledge of demonic arts, vaguely knew of the situation.

“What is Han Shuo doing?” Jasper mumbled with her brows deeply furrowed.

“Master is refining tools,” Sanguis answered softly.

Everyone including Bechymos cast their curious gazes on him. Jasper asked, “Refining tools? What are those?”

“It’s similar to forging weapons, but much more complicated. In addition to requiring certain unique materials, it also takes demonic yuan and blood essence. It’s very wonderful,” Sanguis explained subconsciously as he observed Han Shuo shooting out a stream of blood from his finger.

The party remained confused even with Sanguis’ explanation. Even the last Demon King of the Abyss realm, Bechymos, couldn’t understand what Han Shuo was up to. Their brows were deeply creased.

Sanguis did not explain any further but with glistening eyes, concentrated his attention on observing how Han Shuo refined a demonic tool. Every gesture and mantra Han Shuo made was deeply engraved in his mind.

Can I really get through the stardust current? Bechymos doubted in his heart. His green eyes gathered on this mysterious and enigmatic Han Shuo, placing all his hope on Han Shuo.

“Han Shuo is truly magical. He always achieves inconceivable things.” Ever since Hemanna and Sylph learned that Han Shuo had become the master of the Abyss realm, their adoration for Han Shuo reached even greater heights. In their hearts, Han Shuo wasn’t just omnipotent, but also the mightiest existence in the world.

Suddenly, a few strange dazzling lights erupted from Han Shuo’s body which, one after another, fell into the ditches beside him. In the next instance, those ditches seemed to be connected with lights. From within, a few gleaming objects, radiated splendid lights that shot at Han Shuo from all around him. The bloody shadows surrounding him fell into those items one after another.

After a short while, the items flew into Han Shuo’s hand. Han Shuo, who had his eyes shut and kept silent all the while, suddenly opened his eyes. He drew a smile on his face and flew about with a blurred figure. The colorful banners of all sizes around him all vanished into his space ring.

Next, with his silhouette barely visible, Han Shuo arrived beside Bechymos. He took out a sparkling, translucent bracelet and handed it to Bechymos, saying, ”With this, you can get through the stardust current without a hitch.”

Bechymos was confused and baffled. He received this seemingly ordinary widget, and skeptically asked, “This little thing will let me pass through the stardust current?”

Han Shuo nodded and said with confidence, “Don’t worry, it surely can! This is called a Soul Bracelet. It can protect your soul from external corrosive energy. However, it’s time limited so you need to cross through it quickly.”

“Why should I believe you?” Bechymos did not simply accept Han Shuo’s words to be true. His fingers were gently stroking the Soul Bracelet as he looked Han Shuo up and down with uncertainty.

“Believe it or not, it’s up to you. The rest of us will take the lead while you slowly ponder about it here,” Han Shuo said smilingly as he explained to Bechymos how to use the Soul Bracelet.

It wasn’t that hard to refine this little demonic widget. If Han Shuo wanted to, he could refine one that was reusable and inexhaustible. However, Han Shuo had now considered the Abyss realm as his private property and wasn’t willing to let any god easily trespass upon it. As it just so happened that the stardust current - this natural barrier - sat right around the only interplanar transportation matrix on this material plane, Han Shuo would of course know how to make good use of it.

While Bechymos held the Soul Bracelet in silence, Han Shuo withdrew a few more and handed them to Sanguis, Jasper, Hemanna and Sylph. He proceeded with explaining how to use the Soul Bracelet once through.

“My Lord, we are willing to leave this world with you,” Bord stepped forward, knelt on one knee before Han Shuo, and petitioned.

Han Shuo shook his head and replied, “That’s not necessary for the time being. The two of you have the closest relationship with me. It’s better if you stay here in the Abyss to spread my religion to every corner of this world and manage things here for me. Don’t worry, perhaps I will return soon and take you two with me, and help me eradicate my enemies.”

As Han Shuo had no idea of the current situation on Profound Continent, he did not rush in having Bord and Zinia leave with him. If he could return to Profound Continent successfully, the Abyss realm would be the same as a gargantuan holiday home of Han Shuo’s. By then, he could do whatever he wished. Besides, at the moment, the most crucial matter for the two was to convert the entire populace of the Abyss realm to worship Han Shuo.

“As you bid, my Lord!” Bord did not have any objection to Han Shuo’s explanation.

“You two may leave first. Sweep away all the remaining forces of the Abyss. I hope that when I return, there will be no resisting forces left in the Abyss,” Han Shuo nodded and instructed.

Bord and Zinia did not say anything, instead respectfully performing a salute towards Han Shuo and silently flying away.

Han Shuo raised his head and looked at the stardust current hanging in midair. Han Shuo’s two avatars suddenly floated out from his body and each of them grabbed onto one Soul Bracelet with their hands. When Han Shuo was prepared to step into it, he saw that Bechymos was still hesitant. Han Shuo thought about it for a moment before he suddenly asked, “Are you going or not?”

Bechymos did not answer. He gazed at the stardust current with his green flickering eyes.

Han Shuo understood that Bechymos probably wasn’t afraid that he might deliberately harm him, but he was truly too terrified of the might of the stardust current. That was why he did not have full confidence in the Soul Bracelet he refined.

“Master, if he isn’t leaving, let’s make a move first ourselves.” Ever since Sanguis followed after Han Shuo, having gone through one round of bloody massacre, his guts grew bigger and bigger. Sanguis wasn’t that afraid even when facing Bechymos, a Demon King.

Han Shuo inwardly remarked, A Sanguis Body in indeed remarkable. His tenacious will and confidence have developed a lot. Compared to Jasper, Hemanna, and Sylph who have followed me for a longer time, they were still fearful when faced with Bechymos.

The three ladies, Jasper, Hemanna and Sylph, carefully held onto their Soul Bracelets. Some timidity was still visible in their eyes as they gazed at the stardust current with their heads raised.

After weighing in his mind for a moment, Han Shuo instructed Sanguis, “Activate your Soul Bracelet. I will take you to circle one round in that stardust.”

“Yes, master!” Sanguis was indeed extremely daring. In spite of being fully aware of the frightening power of the stardust current, he immediately agreed.

With the party watching attentively, Sanguis bit his finger and dripped a drop of his blood into the Soul Bracelet. After a flash of bloody light, the Soul Bracelet whooshed and concealed itself within Sanguis’ body. Soon after, a faint halo appeared over Sanguis’ head.

Han Shuo grabbed onto Sanguis with his main body and flew into the stardust current. As soon as the two entered, the halo above Sanguis’ head started glowing vigorously. The glittering halo seemed to be blocking the corrosion from some sort of energy.

“I’m just fine in here, see?” the corners of Sanguis’ lips curled to make a faint smirk before he sneered at Bechymos.

Bechymos’ green eyes were filled with shock. He exclaimed, “You are actually alright! Inconceivable, inconceivable!”

“What are you waiting for!” Han Shuo lightly shouted.

Bechymos no longer hesitated. He activated the Soul Bracelet in accordance with the method explained by Han Shuo and shot into the stardust current.

The three ladies stopped hesitating as well. Along with Han Shuo’s two avatars, they activated their Soul Bracelets and flew into the stardust current.

The party headed towards the Void with Han Shuo’s main body leading the way. After some time, the group, clicking their tongues in wonder, safely arrived at the entrance blocked up by the stardust current. After taking some more time, they returned to the valley inside the Void where the interplanar transportation matrix was located.

“How could this be? What happened?” Bechymos inquired Han Shuo with an astonished look on his face when he saw the that the fog, boundaries and seals had all vanished from the valley.

“Nothing much. Perhaps the energy temporarily disappeared after being swooped by the stardust current,” Han Shuo explained without thinking the matter through. He re-initiated the interplanar transportation matrix, and said to Bechymos, “Give me the planar coordinates of your homeworld.”

An extremely long string of numbers was hastily reported by Bechymos, with him then impatient stepped into the matrix. Before the transmission began, Bechymos reminded, “Han Shuo, if you were to come to my homeworld, remember to look for me using the method I told you.”

“Understood!” Han Shuo said as he waved his hand. Right before he was going to send him off, Han Shuo smilingly asked, “One last question, are you actually a male or a female?”

“What do you think?” Bechymos said in sweet-sounding and refined voice. She seemed to be smiling with her green eyes and appeared to be in a great mood.

“I knew it!” Han Shuo said smilingly and energized the interplanar transportation matrix for Bechymos. The spacetime in the surroundings wrapped as it gave off a splendid flash of light.

“Let’s go.” After refilling the magic crystal ore, Han Shuo, Sanguis, Jasper, Hemanna and Sylph stepped into the matrix. Soon after, the interplanar transportation matrix was energized.