In just a brief while, a swarm of undead creatures appeared outside of South Border City. After becoming a god, Little Skeleton obviously saw a rapid improvement in strength. Unwittingly, he had become extremely adept in manipulating the elemental energy of death. Perhaps the gravestone on his chest had somehow enlightened him.

An enormous number of undead creatures crossed-over from the Netherworld one after another. At Little Skeleton’s command, they arranged themselves into orderly lines and charged to the orc army encampment. The field outside of the South Border City seemed to have turned into the unholy land of the Netherworld in just a few moments. The element of death gathered intensely at this place under the effect Little Skeleton’s Domain of Divinity, providing the enormous number of undead creatures with an unending stream of energy.

Those army-civilians observing from the top of the border wall were all completely thunderstruck. These people knew that Han Shuo was a mighty necromancer, but nonetheless, they were shocked to see the scene of such a terrifying army of undead appearing before their own eyes.

There were densely packed undead creatures as far as the eye could see. Even the sky seemed to be shaded by these unholy creatures. Their momentum was bloodcurdling as they fiercely charged at the orc army encampment.

“Unbelievable! How could Lord Bryan be so terrifying!”

“Good gracious! So many undead creatures! So it turns out that necromancy magic can actually be incredibly powerful when cultivated to such great heights!”

“We are redeemed! Haha, now these damned orcs will suffer for their actions!”

“What’s going on? He’s so powerful!” Firenze was obviously also shocked and rather hastily inquired Fanny beside him.

“I, I am not too sure either. I did not expect the realm he’s in to be so terrifying!” Fanny, as someone who also cultivated in necromancy magic, naturally understood the fact that each undead creature consumed some mental strength of its summoner. She simply could not imagine just how much mental strength was needed in order to summon the thousands upon thousands of undead creatures assembled outside the South Border City.

“Fanny, how is it that this kid has suddenly reappeared? Do you know where he’s been these five years?” Firenze was suddenly extremely interested with Han Shuo’s previous disappearance. He indeed was awed when he witnessed Han Shuo had yet again obtained an inconceivable increase in strength.

“I’m not too sure. But I do know that he came to assist the Southern Border as soon as he returned,” Han Shuo’s journey at the Abyss realm was simply too unimaginable. Those ordinary people whose strength had yet to reach a certain realm might not even believe the story. Therefore, Fanny decided not to disclose it to her father.

“Hmph, at least he still has some conscience!” Firenze groaned after listening to Fanny’s words. His tone had obviously become much more moderate.

“Look! The fight has begun!” a joyous shriek sounded from the top of the border wall.

When the crowd looked ahead, they discovered that the army of undead creatures which had covered all visible ground had finally made physical contact with the orcs. Dark clouds made up of gargoyles dove downwards along with several wingless bone dragons that carried an enormous amount of the element of death. On the ground were legions of undead creatures comprised of old fey zombies, bone demons, mummies, evil knights, hate warriors, and zombie warriors headed by Skeleton Kings and King Zombies.

At this moment, there was still a steady stream of undead creatures appearing along with bright flashes in the sky, adding to the already enormous army of undead.

The large scale invasion of the sinister undead creatures immediately caused the army of orcs great surprise. After a long, blaring battle horn sounded, all the orcs were roused. The orcs at the frontline were already fighting with the undead creatures rapidly charging over. Those orcs further back had no idea what was actually happening. They grabbed their weapons and asked those around them what was actually happening in their orc language.

Several mighty orc shamans, upon seeing the gargoyles pouring down, hastily took into the sky. Riding on strange beasts they formed contracts with, they recited the unfathomable ancient orc language, forming all sorts of barriers that would defend their fellow orcs.

It was at this moment, Han Shuo, who was motionless after summoning Little Skeleton from the Netherworld, suddenly transformed into a gigantic bloody awl that shot towards the army of orcs.

Midway through his flight, this avatar of Han Shuo’s transformed to its original form. A longsword glistening with bloody light was drifting along with bloody waves. Energy similar to the energy of destruction enveloped the entire battlefield in an instant. At this moment, no matter if it was from the orc encampment or the South Border City’s city wall, everyone could sense the apocalyptically destructive energy.

Awed by the enormity of this energy of destruction, everybody’s gazes turned on that longsword emanating a most vicious aura.

“That’s Bryan!” Fanny cried out in surprise. A feeling of pride rose from the bottom of her heart when she sensed the inexhaustible energy of destruction spreading from it.

“Oh god, what terrifying power!” Firenze was finally unable to restrain the shock in his heart any longer.

The undead creatures were still attacking the Orcs Empire as if they could not get tired. The battle for South Border City was now in full swing. However, standing atop the border wall, the army-civilians who had been playing defense all these years were all in complete silence. They held their breaths as they concentrated their full attention on that longsword billowing in waves of blood outside of South Border City.

Although none of them knew where Han Shuo was located, they were all fully aware that Han Shuo had been controlling that longsword which was constantly emanated the energy of destruction.

The next moment, with the longsword at the epicenter, an energy of destruction erupted like a nuclear bomb explosion. Energy hardly visible to the naked eye violently shot out from the Demonslayer Edge, bombarding towards the orcs far and near.

Miserable, blood-curdling screeches came from the mouths of those orcs. The crowd attentively observing suddenly came to discover that all orcs within a 300-meter radius from the longsword seemed to have been baptized with blood. As they let out inhuman shrieks in extreme pain, their bodies disintegrated and dissipated into bloody mist.

Of the thousands of orc warriors in the area, not a single remained.

Those people above the border wall had been observing the longsword with all their attention, but not one of them had a clue what just happened. It seemed as though thousands of orc warriors had suddenly vanished into mists of blood right before their eyes, without one piece of bone or dregs left behind!

The South Border City which had been filled with the clamorous noise of discussion was strangely quiet and in pin-drop silence. All those army-civilians who witnessed the scene were stupefied by the dreadful destructive power. In just split second, thousands of fierce, barbaric orc warriors were effortlessly reduced to blood mist right before their eyes. Such a scene was overwhelmingly horrifying!

Fanny’s eyes were glowing. Although she felt the scene to be rather gory, as Han Shuo’s woman, to see her man displaying such unstoppable might, that feeling of pride had far exceeded her sympathy for the orcs. Moreover, considering the greatly dwindling population of South Border City, she felt that the orcs deserved no mercy.

Firenze’s mouth was wide open, wearing a shell-shocked face, with his eyes staring blankly ahead. Complementing the dirty and worn clothing on him, Firenze at this moment was indistinguishable from a fool.

The vast majority of the people on the southern border wall had the same expression as Firenze. Some of them were so startled that they seemed to have turned into sculptures. These people were merely ordinary army-civilians who had never before seen anything too spectacular. However, as that strike Han Shuo made truly was too mind-boggling, the scene caused them a rather tremendous shock. It was impossible that they would come to their senses within a short period of time.

The Demonslayer Edge did not take a break after making that strike. It rapidly absorbed the negative energy inside the bloody mist extracted from those who had recently lost their lives. The battle between armies of orc and undead were still going on. The bloody cruel battle was on full swing.

After ages, the South Border City which had been in silence suddenly erupted with extremely loud cheers.

Thanks to the loud cheering, those who still had yet to come to their senses were all suddenly awoken from their stupefied state. The clamor grew even more enthusiastic and resounding as the emotionally excited expressed their feelings. That unforgettable scene was still repeatedly replaying in their minds. They loudly and passionately cheered. Their spirits had never been so high.

Firenze forced a smile and shook his head. Strange expressions filled his face as he said to the excited Fanny beside him, “Is this guy even mortal? How did he become so terrifying after disappearing for five years?”

“Without such overwhelming might, how would he dare charge at the army of a few hundred thousand orcs alone?” Fanny raised her head and proudly cheered as though it was herself who unleashed that strike. She appeared to be even more excited and prouder than Han Shuo himself. As Han Shuo’s woman, Fanny couldn’t feel more gratified to see Han Shuo demonstrate his might before everyone.

The battle carried on. After absorbing those negative energies, the Demonslayer Edge suddenly streaked across the sky and charged at those orc shamans hovering in midair. After some flashes of bloody light, the few orc shamans were shredded into fine blood droplets which rained down on the orc warriors below.

Little Skeleton, mounted on a bone dragon, was wheeled about in the sky. The energy of death would erupt wherever his passed, causing vast stretches of orc warriors to die at every turn.

Throughout this process, Little Skeleton was still continuously summoning more undead creatures. An innumerable amount of dark creatures came from the Netherworld and densely occupied every corner of the battlefield, forcing onto the orc warriors greater and greater pressure.

These undead had no fear of death. Under Little Skeleton’s command, they dauntlessly advanced and charged at the army of orcs, stepping into the breach to replace their fallen comrades.

Death rampaged every second of the way...