Ever since its inception, the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force had supplied Lancelot Empire with innumerable talents. It truly was the nurturing ground for young prospects. This very day was the inauguration ceremony of the thirteenth chancellor of the academy. From early at dawn, an endless stream of horses and carriages lined up outside the academy as influential officials and moguls of the empire swarmed the place.

The influence that the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force had over the empire was immense. It was no surprise that every term of the inauguration of its chancellor would attract the attendance of the privileged classes. But it was even more so for this term’s inauguration ceremony. Due to Fanny’s relationship to Han Shuo, practically any character with true power was present. Even the King of Lancelot Empire was there.

While the nobles arrived in droves, Han Shuo, who was there in advance, temporarily separated from Lisa to meet Candide.

Of course, as Fanny’s father, Firenze had taken time off from the southern border to attend his daughter’s inauguration. As the most significant characters of Lancelot Empire had all gathered at the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force, security was of the greatest priority.

Han Shuo found the gloomy Candide looking rather worried. He let out a gentle sigh of relief when he saw Han Shuo and said in a deep voice, “I’ve received intelligence that someone might attempt to assassinate His Majesty the King.”

“Oh?” Han Shuo raised his eyebrows and quickly asked, “Who are they?”

“That’s currently unknown. But I’m pretty sure it has something to do with those few hostile nations. There are a lot of high-ranking characters of our empire at Babylon Academy of Magic and Force today. If these people were to be struck, our empire will suffer a catastrophic loss.” Candide was rather anxious. It was difficult to protect against sneak attacks. If anything really were to happen to such a dignified congregation, it would surely have an immeasurable impact on the reputation of the Empire and the Dark Mantle.

“I see. Alright, summon my butler from my residence. Also, tell Pegasus and Graeae to come over if they aren't currently occupied with assignments. I don’t believe that there is any nation that could crash our party,” Han Shuo’s face turned cold as he said to Candide.

Today was a momentous day for Fanny and Han Shuo would certainly not allow anyone to sabotage her inauguration ceremony. If there really was an enemy who was either daring or foolish to cause trouble, Han Shuo wouldn’t hesitate to finish the person without the slightest mercy.

Candide nodded and said to Han Shuo, “You be more attentive too. I’m going to move an additional squadron here as backup.”

Candide was used to talking with Han Shuo as one of equal rank and would never display the slightest air of superiority when interacting with Han Shuo. In addition, after Han Shuo’s return to Lancelot Empire, unlike most others, Candide could tell that Han Shuo’s strength was well beyond mortal. Therefore, he was much less inclined to put on airs before Han Shuo and had even started getting used to following Han Shuo’s command.

“Got it. Be at ease. No matter who they are, anyone who dares look for trouble in this place will only find their own doom,” Han Shuo said confidently.

Candide put on a sinister smile and did not say any more. He seemed to fuse into the shadows as he headed to a clocktower to get into position.

Han Shuo unfolded his consciousness and inspected each and every character within the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force. It was as though the entire academy had shrunken into his brain. Not even a fly could escape from his reconnaissance.

The news of Fanny’s inauguration had spread like wildfire through the Lancelot Empire for days. Those antagonists with intentions of causing havoc would surely have gotten the news. Although Han Shuo was confident in his own strength, he didn’t share the same opinion about others. A surprise attack could take place in a matter of milliseconds. Even though he was immensely powerful, he had no choice but to be cautious and careful.

Han Shuo silently observed all activities at every nook and cranny of the academy. After informing Candide, he went into Chancellor Emma’s spacious secret chamber. There he saw Fanny carefully listening to Emma’s guidance.

Fanny had spent the past few days with Emma, receiving lectures about the various machinery of the academy and things that she should pay special attention to. Fanny, who had been apprehensive all along, made the most of the time to learn about managing the institution from the experienced Emma and tried to understand the critical aspects as quickly as possible.

Prior to this, Fanny had only immersed herself in teaching necromancy magic and her own cultivation. She had rarely involved herself with administrative affairs. However, now that she would soon assume the position as the chancellor of the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force, naturally, she had to learn all these things well. Otherwise, even with Han Shuo backing her, without actual capacity, she would not be able to convince the masses.

“How’s it going?” Han Shuo asked after entering the room, grinning.

“Fanny is pretty good at it. Haha, don’t worry, I don’t think that there will be any issue. She'll manage the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force well for sure,” the grizzly-haired Emma replied as she looked at Han Shuo with her benevolent eyes.

“That’s great. Chancellor Emma, you aren’t that old yet, why are you rushing to retire?” Han Shuo was rather puzzled. Emma could easily hold onto the position for a couple more years,

“I’m old. Haha. I’m still a mere grand magus at my age and couldn’t make any breakthrough. But Fanny was already a grand necromancer at such a young age. What’s more, I believe that she will advance even farther very soon. Emily and Phoebe, these two young ones are even more prodigious. Since the young ones have all grown up, it’s about time we older generations step aside and hand over the seats,” Emma smiled and explained in a gentle voice.

“Thank you, Madam Chancellor. You have been very considerate of me through all these years. Without you, it would be impossible for Bryan and I to be together so smoothly,” Fanny sincerely thanked Emma.

“Thank you!” Han Shuo, too, bowed respectfully at Emma and thanked her.

Back when Han Shuo had yet to climb to such a high realm and Fanny’s identity had yet to become widely known in the empire, Han Shuo and Fanny had nearly impulsively courted in public. If it weren’t for Emma dissuasion, the two would have made public of their relationship prematurely and they would surely be penalized by some damned regulations. After all, the two were teacher and student in a relationship, something in breach of the empire’s statute.

It was thanks to Emma’s advice of acute foresight that Han Shuo and Fanny had concealed the fact. Later, when Han Shuo had attained great prestige in the Empire by aiding Lawrence to the throne, with a grandeur status and mighty strength, no one dared to object to the two’s relationship and they could finally be together without a hitch.

“Oh, no need to thank me. I’ve known for a while now that you two would end up together. I’ve lived some years longer than you and therefore I’ve got a bit more foresight than you. Fortunately, you two good kids did listen to me,” Emma told Han Shuo and Fanny amicably.

“Hmm, Lawrence should be arriving any minute now. Fanny, you are the host today and you should go out and greet those people outside and get ready for the ceremony,” Han Shuo advised.

“But, there’s still a lot that I don’t know. There’s a lot more that I still need to learn from Chancellor Emma!” Fanny appeared rather nervous.

“Haha, although I won’t be a chancellor, I will always be close by in the academy. You can look for me anytime should you be met with any problems in the future. Girl, march ahead, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” Emma encouraged. The wrinkles on her face were bunched together. She really did look way past her time.

A thought crossed Han Shuo’s mind. “Chancellor Emma, take this medicinal pellet. Perhaps after you consume this pellet, you won’t look as old.” He took out a Pellet of Rejuvenation that he had recently refined and handed it to Emma.

These days, Han Shuo was in possession of all kinds of bizarre and uncommon substances. As to assist Lisa and other allies of his, he had invested some time into refining a whole range of medicinal pellets of different functions. The Pellet of Rejuvenation was a medicinal pellet that could eliminate impurities inside the body and fill an aged body and its cells with vigor once again. Han Shuo felt touched when he recalled that Emma had taken care of Fanny and him back in those years. Therefore, when he saw the wrinkles across Emma’s face, he decided to give her a medicinal pellet.

Emma received the Pellet of Rejuvenation with excitement. She pinched the pellet curiously, examined it, and giddily asked, “Just one medicinal pellet could have such a miraculous effect?”

Han Shuo nodded with a smile and said, “Try it and you will find out. Medicinal pellets that I have personally refined should be pretty effective.”

“Haha, I believe you. Candide had told me about your miraculous abilities. Anything you prescribe me will surely be anything but ordinary.” Emma was overjoyed. Every woman would wish themselves to appear a little younger. Naturally, Emma was no exception.

“After consuming this medicinal pellet, you might perspire for several days in a row. The sweat might be black in color. However, you don’t need to worry about that. That is the body eliminating its impurities. It’s perfectly normal,” Han Shuo explained as not to cause any unnecessary distress.

“Haha, got it. I do remember that one time when Fanny had diarrhea for three whole days,” Emma said teasingly as she looked at Fanny and chuckled.

Emma, acting as the chancellor, was very mindful of big and small events in her academy. As Fanny had always stayed inside the academy, Emma had noticed what happened during those few days. In fact, she was rather worried at that time and had even visited Fanny. Later in time, she discovered that after three days of bowel movements, Fanny appeared radiant and gorgeous as though she had been reborn. With her great insight, she naturally knew what must have happened to Fanny.

Fanny blushed at Emma’s words. She shot a glare at Han Shuo and rebuked, “What are your medicinal pellets made of? Why must they always have such embarrassing side effects?”

“Oh? I was going to give you a medicinal pellet I have recently refined that can help maintain a youthful appearance. Since you are afraid of those side effects, well, I’ll forget about it then,” Han Shuo said as he shrugged.

As soon as she heard that the medicinal pellet could help maintain a youthful appearance, a brilliant glimmer immediately shone from her eyes. She rushed towards Han Shuo and said full of joy and excitement, “Give it to me! I will eat it no matter the side effects!”

Han Shuo knew exactly what she would say. He laughed heartily, grabbed Fanny, and swept her outside after throwing Emma a triumphant wink.