The Babylon Academy of Magic and Force had long been packed full of crowd. Nearly every influential figure of the empire had congregated there. Representatives and students from all schools under the academy were amok, making preparations for the grandiose ceremony.

At the largest plaza of the academy, there stationed a squadron of knights in black armor. They were protecting Lawrence who was dressed in a ceremonial robe and stood with a big smile as he chatted away with his ministers.

The two greatest threats that had persistently plagued the Lancelot Empire - the Empire of Orcs and Kasi Empire - were both neutralized by Han Shuo in the short period of a dozen or so days via devastating methods. These ministers hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in ages, but now, they could finally relax. Their faces were once again slapped with shining smiles.

Before Han Shuo’s return, there was a possibility that the hundreds of thousands of orc warriors from the Empire of Orcs could breach the South Border City any day and grant themselves an unimpeded march straight to the capital city of Lancelot Empire, Ossen City. The presence of this enormous threat kept all these aristocrats up at night and robbed them of their appetites. They were afraid that someday they would wake up to uncivilized and savage orc warriors standing around them.

The privileged classes of the empire had been constantly bedeviled by this kind of mental torment - up until the day Han Shuo decided to traverse into South Border City. For this, they were sincerely grateful towards Han Shuo.

Proudly standing beside King Lawrence was Firenze, the Lord of Southern Border. Today was an important day for Fanny and naturally, Firenze had taken time off to attend.

By this point, the story of how Han Shuo massacred several hundred thousand orcs had spread like blight to every corner of Lancelot Empire. The story was known to everyone!

Although there was no deliberate exaggeration in the story, the magnificent feat of delivering carnage to several hundred thousand orcs all by himself couldn’t sound more unbelievable. Therefore, most people who had heard of the hearsay weren’t completely convinced that Han Shuo had such capabilities.

For this reason, as soon as Firenze appeared, those nobles and dignitaries of the empire who had friendly relations with him immediately surrounded and pestered him to hear his account. King Lawrence was no exception.

Although Lawrence had full confidence in Han Shuo, the tale that came from South Border City was just all too overwhelming to believe, even for Lawrence. After Han Shuo became a god, a majestic air naturally emanated from him. Lawrence felt a rather uncomfortable pressure bearing down on him when he faced Han Shuo and was therefore disinclined to seek confirmation about the validity of this news directly from Han Shuo. Now that he came to this hard to come by opportunity to meet Firenze, he attentively listened in to the ministers throwing questions at Firenze. 

“Old madman, are you sure you got that right? Bryan, that youngster, really drowned the hundreds of thousands of orc warriors using necromancy creatures?” Old Hahn of the Betteridge family had a relatively good relationship with Firenze owing to the intimacy between Emily and Fanny. He shouted his question at Firenze.

When old Hahn asked the question, all around him, the patriarchs of all family clans, the ministers of the empire, and even King Lawrence himself, pricked up their ears and revealed wide eyes and gaping jaws. It appeared that everyone wanted to know.

“Fuck it! Believe it or not, it’s up to yourselves! What are you bunch unseasoned fools so stirred up for? Even if I’m telling lies, do you think that all the citizens of South Border City would be lying at the same time?” Firenze rolled his eyes and yelled. He was bombarded with the very same question over and over again and couldn’t be more annoyed by it.

“About that, the commoners have an immense ability for over-exaggerating and distorting the true story. We wouldn’t be so half-baked to believe every word they say,” old Hahn gave a short, devious laugh before putting on a solemn face. He fixed his eyes on Firenze, and questioned yet again, “So you are telling the truth? That kid actually single-handedly got rid of several hundred thousand orc warriors by deploying necromancy magic?”

Old Hahn knew that although Firenze was a fiery-tempered person, he would never talk nonsense. He was even more certain that Firenze was telling the truth when he started to show annoyance.

This tale was simply all too much to believe at face value. Even Ayermike Cotton, the expert key to the founding of the empire, had not made any achievement nearly as phenomenal as Han Shuo’s.

To eliminate several hundred thousand orc warriors all by himself; what magnitude of power was that?

“Believe it or not, I’m tired of talking to you guys!” Firenze coldly groaned and shot a glare at Lawrence who was eavesdropping on the conversation. He raised his voice and said, “Your Majesty, quit eavesdropping already. I’m still waiting for the two legions of men that you promised me. When will they arrive? I need to have them in order to conquer the Empire of Orcs! Hmph, the orcs have assaulted the Southern Border for three years. It’s about time we give them a taste of their own medicine!” 

Lawrence put on an embarrassed, awkward smile and pledged to Firenze, “Do not worry. In a month, the two legions will be right there at your southern border. By then, please be mindful with them.”

“After the round of carnage that Bryan made, the Empire of Orcs have basically lost all their nerves. He’s now even more prestigious than I am in the southern border. All the orcs thought that he was a real diabolic demon and absolutely dared not to pick a fight with us anymore. The southern border is now safe and sound. There is nothing for you to worry about,” Firenze said offhandedly. He appeared very confident.

Lawrence nodded with a smile and did not say any more. However, his heart at this moment was chocked full with astonishment. Never had he anticipated that Han Shuo was this frightening. Even the whole Empire of Orcs was so scared of his might that they now wouldn’t mess with Lancelot Empire. Having confirmed the validity of that incident outside South Border City from Firenze, Lawrence was even more determined to give Han Shuo the best treatment at all costs.

The dignitaries of the empire all had shock in their eyes. They were still slowly replaying and digesting the words that Firenze had said in their minds. They, too, had made a firm resolution - to never stand against Han Shuo.

“What are you guys talking about?” it was at this moment that Han Shuo’s gentle voice sounded. He walked over with the meticulously adorned Fanny.

The light makeup and faint smile on Fanny’s face further enhanced her already charming and gorgeous appearance. The dark, flowy magical robe gave her a solemn and dignified look, but at the same time, it didn’t completely mask her graceful, alluring figure. The air of elegance surrounding her made every person that encountered her nod their heads in their hearts. For some reason, they just felt that the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force would ascend to even greater heights with her serving as the chancellor.

“It’s nothing. We were just wondering why you weren’t here yet,” Lawrence rushed to provide a cover-up before Firenze’s loose lips divulged what they were really talking about earlier.

“Fanny, you look very beautiful today, just as beautiful as your mother!” However, soon after saying those words, a memory seemed to pop into Firenze’s mind as he softly sighed. His smiling lips slowly drew into a frown.

“Thank you for the compliment, father. Father, today is a happy day. Don’t think about some unhappy memories,” Fanny hastily said with a smile when he saw Firenze’s face turn mournful. She had long forgiven Firenze of failing to take care of his family in serving his nation all those years ago.

Firenze nodded and kept silent. He seemed to have gotten a little better.

As soon as Han Shuo and Fanny made an appearance, the dignitaries of the empire swarmed over to congratulate Fanny. 

“Alright. Let’s begin,” Lawrence nodded at the guard of honor from a distance away.

The guard of honor who had been ready on standby started playing musical instruments of all sorts as soon as he saw Lawrence nod. Teachers and students of all schools started to gather towards the place when they heard the cheerful and lighthearted music. Emily, Phoebe, Emma, Candide, Amyes, and many more characters that Han Shuo was familiar with, all appeared at the plaza. To proceed, Emma stepped up to the stage and, with an amiable smile on her face, narrated the glorious history of the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force. Fanny wore a solemn and respectful face as she attentively listened to Emma’s speech.

The dignitaries of the empire and the members of the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force also attentively listened from under the stage. The inauguration ceremony was being conducted orderly and according to plan.

Of Ayermike Cotton and Graeae, one stood among the crowd while the other hid on the top of the highest clocktower, steadily observing the situation around them.

Han Shuo unfolded his consciousness. He too was being careful and on the alert. He was terribly afraid that a malicious actor would sabotage the ceremony.

Gathered on the plaza were King Lawrence, most of the nobilities of the empire, as well as the future of the empire - the students of Babylon Academy of Magic and Force. A successful assassination attempt would cause immeasurable losses to Lancelot Empire. They had no other option but to be very cautious to prevent the most unacceptable scenario.

After some time, Chancellor Emma concluded her speech and the actual handover and inauguration ceremony had begun. Everything was underway in good order and nothing happened that wasn’t already in the works.

I guess there probably won’t be a problem. I doubt that anyone that knows I’m here would dare cause trouble, Han Shuo thought to himself when he discovered no unusual activity with the ceremony coming to an end. However, some people truly have no fear of death. Just as Han Shuo thought that there were no more surprises, he suddenly sensed something peculiar about the elements of light in the surroundings. The scorching sunlight that came from the clear sky above seemed to grow more and more luminous.

An incorporeal pressure enveloped the plaza from the sky. It was so heavy that some people felt stifled.

Han Shuo was on guard. He immediately unfolded his consciousness and hinted at Graeae and Ayermike Cotton.

Ayermike Cotton and Graeae had felt the abnormality too. There were both on high alert as though a great enemy was about to strike.

After carefully sensing for a moment, Han Shuo’s heart turned cold and frosty light burst from his eyes. His body vanished into the air like a ghost and materialized on the clocktower at the next instance, standing beside Ayermike Cotton.

“This is the forbidden light magic of mass destruction - ‘Radiant Blast’. There was more than one person casting the magic. They intend to kill every single person in the plaza. Must be people from the Church of Light!” Ayermike Cotton said to Han Shuo in a deep tone as soon as Han Shuo arrived next to him.

“Hmph, so they knocked on my door before I got to knock on theirs’!” Han Shuo coldly groaned as murderous thoughts rose in his heart.