‘Shrunken Sky Shadow Seeker’ was a demonic art technique commonly used for detecting unusual objects. When using this special technique, Han Shuo identified that a state of vacuum had taken shape in a region outside of the city. Finding it rather odd, he decided to travel to the area to have a look.

Under normal circumstances, atmospheric air should fill every corner of every place and there should not be a naturally-existing region of vacuum on the continent. Therefore, the region of vacuum must have been artificially created.

Besides, Han Shuo was familiar with the environment around Ossen City and he had never discovered any field of vacuum around the northern city district. Hence, he deduced that the peculiarity in that region was most likely man-made.

Fanny’s inauguration ceremony as the new chancellor of Babylon Academy of Magic and Force was over. With Ayermike Cotton, Graeae, and Little Skeleton there standing guard, Han Shuo believed that those aristocrats of the empire staying at the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force wouldn’t be in any further danger.

Without having to worry about those people’s safety, Han Shuo transformed into faint bloody threads that were hardly visible to the naked eye and zoomed off to the fringe of the northern city district. 

The Babylon Academy of Magic and Force and the outer part of the city were a few dozen miles apart. It took Han Shuo only a few minutes to arrive at that vacuum region.

Han Shuo silently observed the surroundings as soon as he arrived. Right away, he was certain that those who launched that assault on Babylon Academy of Magic and Force were right here.

Up ahead was a space barrier with concentrated energy that opened up a small-scale force field. That blinding light that glowed from within the barrier had obstructed Han Shuo’s view into what was behind it. A holy aura converged into the shape of a huge grail that filled the inside of the barrier, forming a thin layer of protective film that blocked Han Shuo’s consciousness from probing further.

Han Shuo squinted his eyes. He could clearly tell that the grail of holy aura was sustained by the Church of Light’s divine weapon - the Holy Grail. On the Holy Grail were several olive branches shining bright gold. It constantly released holy energy that maintained the protective shield in this area.

The Church of Light’s divine weapon had the ability to amplify light magic. The holy energy contained within could even give out miraculous protective power. The reason that Han Shuo’s consciousness couldn’t detect the presence of those attackers from the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force was likely due to the energy of this holy energy.

Looking ahead of him at the region of vacuum formed using all kinds of strange energies, the corners of Han Shuo’s lips curled up to make a cold grin. He did not rush in making his attack. Hiding in the dark, Han Shuo believed that those people within the bubble couldn’t detect his trail easily.

Han Shuo expanded his consciousness and gradually expanded it all around him, carefully searching for any unexpected danger lurking in the surroundings. Simultaneously, he recited a few incantations. Wood elite zombie, metal elite zombie, and earth elite zombie crossed from the Netherworld. At Han Shuo’s indication, they surrounded the region of vacuum in a triangular formation.

Fire elite zombie and water elite zombie had gained enormous benefits in the Abyss realm. They were still slowly digesting the energies they had acquired from the two former Abyssal demon kings and weren’t able to assist Han Shuo for the time being. Thus, the full power of the Penta-elemental Undead Formation could not be fully deployed. As Han Shuo wasn’t sure what kind of powers those attackers inside the field possessed and his two avatars were still rehabilitating at the Cemetery of Death, he decided to be cautious. He very carefully summoned three of the five operational elite zombies and put the incomplete Penta-Elemental Undead Formation into order, just in case he was met with some unexpected situation.

With everything in order, Han Shuo transmitted a command to Little Skeleton who remained at the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force to quickly teleport over. He then sneered and took out a Pearl of Annihilation, hurling it at the region of vacuum without the slightest hesitation.

Rumbles... The Pearl of Annihilation suddenly exploded and the space immediately crumbled and became distorted. It tore open several small cracks, through which the Soulpiercers could conveniently enter.

After casting the Pearl of Annihilation, Han Shuo leered at the region of vacuum ahead with cold eyes, ready to set it ablaze at any moment.

A hurried voice slipped through the fissures around the region of vacuum and traveled into Han Shuo’s ears, “Ahem Ahem Ahem, what’s going on? Why has there been an explosion?”

“No idea. Could mixing several different spells have produced an adverse effect?” a frosty voice replied.

A voice then yelled out, “There’s the enemy!” The people inside were suddenly thrown into disorder.

Han Shuo, who could not peer into the condition within the region of vacuum, was able to gain a clear view into the strength those attackers possessed the instant those fissures appeared.

As all kinds of energy was mixed among the boundary, Han Shuo couldn’t make out the appearances of those attackers. However, by relying on the acute senses of his consciousness, he was able to determine their identities from their auras.

There were an altogether six attackers. Among them, three had the holy aura characteristic to the disciples of Church of Light; two had bodies and auras as cold as ice, probably Shrine of Ice experts who weren’t at the snowland the last time; and the last one had a body filled with chaotic and explosive energy. His soul was as strange as that of a shaman. It appeared that after several hundred thousand orcs of the Empire of Orcs perished, some true experts decided to participate.

Of the three Church of Light disciples, two were demigods, and one of them, astonishingly, was a basegod. The two Shrine of Ice experts were merely sacred-grade magi. The two were the weakest of the team. It appeared that after losing the demigod duo of Ice Celestial Corey and Snow Celestial Tiana, the Shrine of Ice was indeed completely done for.

As for that orc shaman, since his cultivation could be considered non-mainstream energy of summoning, Han Shuo couldn’t precisely determine his level of strength, although he did felt the orc shaman was mightier than a demigod and was a small distance away from the realm of basegod.

Six people. One basegod, three demigods, and two sacred magi that presented no threat. This band didn’t appear that formidable in Han Shuo’s eyes given his current level of strength.

Therefore, Han Shuo did not continue to conceal himself but stood out in the open. He coldly gazed at the region ahead of him and waited for the six to emerge from it.

Even alone with just his main body, Han Shuo believed that he would have no trouble in taking care of these six. Besides, Little Skeleton, a lowgod of death, would soon be by his side.

“Reveal yourselves!” Han Shuo coldly groaned.

Those within the boundary of vacuum immediately turned quiet, causing Han Shuo to laugh grimly in his heart. He could even feel the fear of the two sacred magi from the Shrine of Ice.

With Han Shuo attentively watching, the barrier ahead of him was finally withdrawn. Bundles of holy energy returned to the center of the Holy Grail. The space barrier gradually lost the source of power that maintained it.

When the last bundle of golden light returned to the Holy Grail, the space ahead of him shattered like glass and the original scene reappeared.

A thin, middle-aged man grasping a Holy Grail that had olive branches on it, and wearing the papal tiara, looked at Han Shuo in a grieving and pained manner. Standing beside him were a demigod knight and a demigod light magus. They were precisely the duo that Han Shuo had met at the Church of Light’s sacred mountain - the two who instigated the Primordius Dragon to cast Han Shuo to the Abyss realm back at the Dragon Valley.

The old orc with crude animal skin draped over his shoulders was staring at Han Shuo with hostility. He seemed to be itching to pounce on Han Shuo and gnaw his flesh off.

The last two sacred magi from the Shrine of Ice were also eyeballing Han Shuo hatefully. However, their eyes were flickering. Their fear towards Han Shuo, however, appeared greater than their resolution to avenge.

“You must be Bryan?” asked the thin middle-aged man wearing the papal tiara amiably.

Han Shuo smiled and even performed a friendly bow at him before replying, “Indeed, I am, Your Holiness the Pope! Hehe, you must be very disappointed to see me standing here?” He snickered.

Han Shuo was in fact quite amazed when he said those words. He did not expect the Pope of the Church of Light to go through the trouble of personally traveling thousands of miles from Oden Empire to Lancelot Empire for himself and, even more surprisingly, chosen to mount a sneak attack. It seemed that this Pope of the Church of Light was definitely a madman who would do anything, by hook or by crook, to achieve his goals. It was no mystery how he climbed his way up to become the leader of the most powerful religion on the Profound Continent.

The Pope of the Church of Light nodded and calmly admitted, “I’m indeed very disappointed to see you stand before me safe and sound - but what grieves me even more is the dark ages that will soon befall Profound Continent.”

“Oh? From your words, you are suggesting that I’m the root cause of devastating disorder to Profound Continent. Haha. Well then, are the hundreds of thousands of civilian lives in the northern city district not worthy of your consideration?” Han Shuo laughed at the Light Pope’s shameless interpretation.

“For the safety of everyone on Profound Continent, some sacrifices are necessary!” the Light Pope yelled in a righteous voice as he looked at Han Shuo.

“You and your inbred whore of a mother can go fuck each other till you bleed!” Han Shuo cursed without restraint as he fed his middle finger right at the Light Pope’s face. He knew that this Pope had to be the most zealous disciple of the Church of Light. Han Shuo couldn’t sense much emotions that a normal human should have from this person. He was just like a robot manufactured by the Church of Light. All his conducts and moral compass were based on the interests of the Church of Light. Therefore, it was an absolute waste of time to debate with him.

“I will make you pay for the lives of the hundreds of thousands of my fellow orcs!” That orc shaman couldn’t hold himself and violently shouted when he saw Han Shuo being so provocative. From his posture, he looked like he would charge ahead at any moment.

Of course, Han Shuo had no fear towards him. He sneered while sizing up the orc shaman and ridiculed, “So your orcs are people, but the citizens of my Lancelot Empire aren’t people? For ages, your orcs have been assaulting my Lancelot Empire without end. Tell me, who should pay for the deaths of the countless citizens of Lancelot Empire?”

The territories of the orcs were barren and therefore they had always attacked Lancelot Empire for its rich soil. Through all those countless years, citizens of Lancelot Empire who had died at the hands of orc warriors must have amounted to at least a few hundred thousand men!

“I don’t care! You have killed hundreds of thousands of my people, so you must die!” the orc shaman bellowed like a wild beast and right after, he threw himself at Han Shuo.