All six of those who launched an attack on Lancelot Empire were brutally murdered. Not a single one of them had managed to escape. Han Shuo could be considered as having avenged the commoners of Ossen City who lost their lives to the Radiant Blast.

More than half of the divine weapons possessed by the Church of Light had thus been plundered away by Han Shuo. The soul of the Light Pope was imprisoned by Han Shuo. Henceforth, other than that Saintess on the sacred mountain of the Church of Light, there was no significant expert left standing in the entire religious organization.

But what pleased Han Shuo the most was the soul inside the Holy Grail. As an interplanar wanderer cultivating in the edict of space, this being must have been very familiar with the characters and affairs of all major material planes. With his assistance, Han Shuo would gain a much deeper understanding of the infinitely vast universe instead of his originally narrow view.

The six corpses were destroyed by Han Shuo without extra trouble. He then expanded his consciousness and carefully examined the surrounding conditions, making sure that there were no anomalies in the surroundings.

After putting away the Holy Grail, Han Shuo set into motion and faded into the trace of his own faint shadow, returning to the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force at Ossen City.

But soon after Han Shuo made a move, before he had even traveled a kilometer ahead, he saw Little Skeleton in a scurry over to him with his bone dragon. Previously, when he heard the warning from the being of the Grail, Han Shuo was afraid that Little Skeleton might suffer a calamity if time there were to be suspended. Therefore, by using the connection he had with Little Skeleton, he ordered Little Skeleton to temporarily remain at the city gate.

After restraining the Light Pope, Han Shuo did not transmit another message to Little Skeleton and so he stayed where he was until further instruction. But after even more waiting, Little Skeleton began to worry for Han Shuo. At some point Little Skeleton had decided the waiting had to end and rushed over to Han Shuo against his orders.

After becoming a god, Little Skeleton could no longer be bounded by Han Shuo using necromancy magic. The reason that Little Skeleton continued to obey Han Shuo unquestioningly even after he became a god was that the duo had unwittingly built a bond that was even stronger than the energy of contract.

No longer were Han Shuo’s commands absolute to Little Skeleton. In the case that Little Skeleton felt that Han Shuo was in danger, out of concern for Han Shuo’s safety, he would ignore his orders.

“Father, are you alright?” Little Skeleton, who arrived right in front of Han Shuo, immediately transmitted when he saw that Han Shuo was safe and sound.

“Haha, I’m fine. I forgot to inform you. Alright, there’s nothing to worry about now. I have settled matters over here. Let me send you back.” Han Shuo smiled and sent Little Skeleton back to the Netherworld using a necromancy spell.

Little Skeleton still had a ton of matters to attend to at the Netherworld. Not only did he have to establish territories at the Netherworld, he also had to subdue all the power of faith of all those undead creatures. In addition to that, there were many secrets in the gravestone that Little Skeleton had yet to understand. Therefore, unless more important matters arose, Han Shuo did not wish to waste Little Skeleton’s time.

Little Skeleton disappeared after a bright flash of light. Han Shuo then continued to soar to the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force. After a few minutes, Han Shuo had returned to the plaza at the academy. Ayermike Cotton and Graeae were silently watching over the influential figures from above the plaza. At just one glance, Han Shuo could tell that no further attack had taken place during the time he was away.

The reason that these influential figures of the empire had not immediately left was that they were scared witless by that Radiant Blast over their heads. They thought that Han Shuo would be nearby and therefore they stayed inside the plaza, hoping to receive Han Shuo’s protection. The wretched sight outside the field caused by the Radiant Blast was still fresh. Many of the commoners who could do nothing but watch as their family and friends vanished in a puff of smoke after being struck by the Radiant Blast were still weeping loudly. These aristocrats dared not to walk out from this field.

King Lawrence had an unperturbed look on his face as if he had forgotten about that perilous event he and his subjects had just been put through. He was wearing an awkward smile as he listened to Firenze’s complaints.

Fanny, who was in a formal dress, looked equally calm. The corners of her lips curved to make a faint smile as, with much amusement, she watched her father complain at the top of his voice about hardships the people at the southern border were facing and insisted that Lawrence give those fighters and soldiers greater compensation.

After having repeatedly endured numerous wars during the past few years, the coffers of Lancelot Empire were basically emptied. Lawrence could only squeeze out so many gold coins from it. But at the same time, he could easily sympathize with Firenze’s sorrows. He understood that as a barrier for the empire, many lives of warriors at the southern border had indeed been sacrificed. In response to Firenze’s grumbling and demands, Lawrence had no choice but to feign a smile and explain the difficult situation that Lancelot Empire was in.

“I don’t care! The people of the southern border have paid with tens of thousands of lives for the safety of the empire. After so many years of battle, there are orphans and widows everywhere. There are many who don’t even have enough to eat. It’s unthinkable that the empire can’t even fulfill the most basic needs of its people!” Firenze fumed at Lawrence. He did not show the slightest timidity before his king.

In the whole of Lancelot Empire, perhaps only Firenze had the guts to shout at Lawrence like that. Han Shuo could use his own influences to make Lawrence alter his decision, but would never howl at him so unmannerly.

Despite being screamed at, Lawrence did not get angry. He understood better than anyone Firenze’s role in Lancelot Empire and knew of his devotion towards the empire. Firenze had acted like this to his father back when the former king was still alive. This temperament of his was simply unchangeable. And now, due to Fanny’s relationship with Han Shuo, Lawrence had even more reasons to please Firenze. Besides, Firenze’s demand was reasonable and fair. If the national exchequer were abundant, Lawrence would have given the compensation even without him demanding it.

However, he really was penniless. No matter how loud Firenze shouted, Lawrence had no way of producing the gold coins.

“Enough shouting already, Lawrence has no money for you. He will give you the same answer even if you shout your throat hoarse!” Han Shuo’s lazy voice suddenly interrupted. Upon finishing those words, Han Shuo appeared out of thin air, standing still beside Fanny. No one saw how he had arrived.

“Bryan, what is really going on? Are you alright?” Lawrence hastily asked.

Han Shuo smiled and replied relaxedly, “I’m fine. I went for a walk outside the city to take care of some crooks.”

“Are they from the Church of Light?” Candide said with a gloomy voice after coming out from some corner.

At his words, everybody’s gazes suddenly gathered on Han Shuo, waiting for his explanation as to what happened.

Han Shuo nodded and replied in his lazy voice, “Yeah. Even the Light Pope himself personally came down. Haha, he must have gotten too anxious. He knew after the annihilation of the Shrine of Ice that their Church of Light would be the next. Therefore he beat me to it and attacked us.”

“Do you know where he is? How dare he infringe on our Lancelot Empire. We must not let him get away so easily!” Candide’s eyes were filled with murderous intentions as he demanded in a sinister voice.

The attack on Babylon Academy of Magic and Force made Candide feel extremely humiliated. Even as he had received intelligence about this beforehand, even with all his preparation, he had failed to prevent the attack. Candide blamed this on himself and he was eager to make up for it by catching the assaulter. 

Han Shuo shrugged. Then, wearing a mischievous smile, he withdrew that papal tiara that the Light Pope always wore, a cross, the Holy Grail, and olive branches. With the crowd flabbergasted and staring blankly, Han Shuo unhurriedly said, “There were six attackers in total. Two sacred magi from the Shrine of Ice, one old shaman with demigod strength from the Empire of Orcs, and three from the Church of Light. Of the three, there was one divine knight, one demigod magus, and the Light Pope with terrifying strength. However, they are now all dead. Not one escaped. So don’t waste your time trying to find them!”

The whole plaza went pin-drop silent.

Everyone gaped and stared at Han Shuo like a fool. They seemed to have even stopped breathing.

They knew that Han Shuo was a mighty one from the news of him killing several hundred thousand orcs using undead creatures at South Border City and destroying the Shrine of Ice.

But, they never realized just how mighty Han Shuo really was.

However, at this moment, from these unhurried words of Han Shuo, everyone could tell just how truly great Han Shuo really was.

Two sacred magi, three demigod experts and the Light Pope, who was practically unequaled on Profound Continent, almost every one of them were legendary characters. Some of those demigods were even experts that were invincible according to legend.

These incredibly powerful existences had all been finished off by Han Shuo alone in the short span of half an hour. What did that mean?

Invincible! A true god! That was the impression they arrived at!

“What? Why are you all silent?” Han Shuo laughed involuntarily, shook his head, and said to Lawrence, “I’ve told you that I will help you unify the entire continent. How would I dare speak such words without having this bit of strength?”

The dumbfounded Lawrence finally came to his senses. He forced a smile at Han Shuo and said, “Bryan, you know, there are times when I feel that you are not even a mortal. Things that happen to you are always so unimaginable!”

“You mad lad, doesn’t this mean you are now even mightier than the great founding father Ayermike Cotton?” perhaps old Hahn was too excited, or maybe he was awed by the fact he conjectured, his body was quivering as though he was having a seizure. He pinched his thigh tight and had a strange, paining look on his face.

Han Shuo again smiled. He raised his head to take a glance at Ayermike Cotton hiding in the shadows of a clocktower, who could definitely hear their conversation down below. He thought Old Hahn’s words to be very amusing.

“You can say that. But you better be careful, founding father Ayermike Cotton might take offense if he hears you!” 

“The founding father has disappeared for five hundred odd years. He must definitely have passed away. Haha, he can’t hear me,” Old Hahn said carefreely.

Don’t be so sure! Han Shuo said in his mind, laughing. Shortly after, he tossed all the divine weapons of the Church of Light, except for the Holy Grail, at Firenze and said smilingly, “Haven’t you been bemoaning about being poor? Sell off these items. You’ll have more than enough to rebuild two legions for the southern border!”

These so-called divine weapons of light were useless to Han Shuo. Han Shuo himself couldn’t utilize them and he had no allies who cultivated in the elemental energy of light. They would just be collecting dust in his space ring, so he thought he might as well hand them over to Firenze who could use the proceeds from selling these items to help the poverty-stricken at the southern border.

Cling Clang! Firenze caught the Light Papal Tiara with his body. He shuddered as he carried the holy objects of the Church of Light only heard of in legends right in his arms. He was utterly speechless.