GDK 643: Killing an Archenemy

The place of extreme earth which took millions of years to form was deep underground. The colossal body of the Primordius Dragon was buried within the place of extreme earth.

Under the boundary was a giant magical matrix on the ground taking the form of a six-pointed star. At the center of the hexagram was a fissure. Han Shuo shot into the fissure at lightning speed. After diving several hundred meters, Han Shuo saw the Primordius Dragon who had entrenched himself within the place of extreme earth.

The enormous amount of the yuan energy of earth found in the place of extreme earth was converging into the Primordius Dragon’s body from all directions, making his body glow with a faint yellowish shimmer. On the Primordius Dragon’s head was an object there to absorb the yuan energy of earth. It was also obviously filled with a substantial amount of the yuan energy of earth.

The Primordius Dragon became aware that Han Shuo had arrived the moment he tore open the water element boundary. However, as to better absorb the rich yuan energy of earth in the place of extreme earth, the Primordius Dragon had sunken himself into a hibernation state. It would take him a while to wake up from that state.

Although he had made a supreme effort in waking up from hibernation, it still took him several seconds worth of time. It was also during these several seconds that the lightning-fast Han Shuo arrived before him.

Han Shuo showed no hesitation and said not a word. As soon as he saw the Primordius Dragon, he launched torrents of attacks and bombarded the slowly-awakening Primordius Dragon.

Han Shuo’s avatar of death suddenly shot out from the main body and unleashed the three trump card boundaries of necromancy - the Boundaries of Weakness, Fear, and Aging. The boundaries successfully enveloped the colossal body of the Primordius Dragon. Then, using his divine energy, he assembled the element of death to form ‘Death’s Wither’. The spell, with a dazzling display that looked like a flower blossoming, burst open from underneath the Primordius Dragon.

‘Death’s Wither’ was an attack method that Han Shuo learned from that midgod divine soul. Under the effect of ‘Death’s Wither’, the element of death would rapidly intrude the enemy’s body and cause their physical body to rapidly rot and decay.

The ‘Death’s Wither’ spell was like an enigmatic man-eating flower. When it blossomed underneath the Primordius Dragon, a most vicious energy gushed into his body in an instant. Although it had merely been an instance, the part of the Primordius Dragon’s body that came into contact with ‘Death’s Wither’ started to emit thick green smoke that reeked of rotting corpses in hell.

Meanwhile, Han Shuo’s main body, wielding his avatar of death in the form of the Demonslayer Edge, hacked at the dragon’s head that was starting to move. The Demonslayer Edge that was slicing down with astonishing momentum glowed with glorious bloody radiances. Ferocious souls could be heard shrieking from within. 

Energy with the desire to destroy the world erupted from the edges of the Demonslayer Edge. As the ruthless and sinister energy was mixed with the negative energy from millions of souls, it carried immense intimidation power towards any soul. Even the Primordius Dragon who possessed mighty willpower was affected by that energy. He nearly failed to raise the energy to defend himself.

Under the effects of the three trump card necromancy boundaries and the invasion of the corrosive energy of the ‘Death’s Wither’, the Primordius Dragon was in immense pain and roared at the top of his lungs.

The formidable might of the Boundaries of Weakness, Fear, and Aging deployed by Han Shuo, who was now in the lowgod realm, simply could not compare to what he previously deployed while still a basegod. The Primordius Dragon who was heavily injured to begin with, under the effects of the three great boundaries, had both his body and soul substantially weakened. On top of the ‘Death’s Wither’ constantly putrefying his body injured body, all kinds of pain gushed at him at once. The Primordius Dragon felt he was almost collapsing.

After howling in pain, the Primordius Dragon repeatedly swung his dragon head. Then, his divine soul suddenly pulsated. A strange spherical object that converged the yuan energy of earth wildly absorbed the yuan energy of earth all around the place of extreme earth and assembled them on his dragon head. It made his dragon head looked as though it had suddenly crystallized.

Clang! When the sword struck, bright sparks were sent flying all around. It seemed as though the sword had stricken the hardest material in the world. Not even a crack was produced.

Roar… The Primordius Dragon furiously roared yet again. The strike made his head ring. He had the worst headache.

Han Shuo’s face froze and his heart pumped twice as hard when he saw that his sword did not even leave a gash on the Primordius Dragon’s head. He suddenly realized that the Primordius Dragon must have obtained the extreme treasure of earth attribute, the Earthsoul Pearl, from this place of extreme earth. His soul must have integrated with the Earthsoul Pearl. That strange object earlier that absorbed the yuan energy of earth must have been that very object.

Being able to utilize Earthsoul Pearl, a treasure of earth attribute, and being inside the place of extreme earth, the Primordius Dragon would surely achieve peak physical defensive power. It would definitely be no easy feat to destroy the Primordius Dragon’s body using physical attacks.

Han Shuo rapidly weighed in his mind and immediately, he gave up on the idea of chopping up the Primordius Dragon using his Demonslayer Edge.

The Demonslayer Edge suddenly hovered still in midair. The sinister, negative energy from the millions of souls it devoured suddenly congealed to form a giant, malevolent ghostly face. This immaterial ghostly face drenched with blood pounced towards the Primordius Dragon’s soul.

The avatar of death also gave up on his original plan of using the energy of death to attack the dragon’s physical body. He gathered all his energy and hammered the Primordius Dragon’s soul using the ‘Soul Chafe’ spell that Han Shuo had yet to adeptly grasp.

The ‘Soul Chafe’ was just like ‘Death’s Wither’. They were godly attack methods that Han Shuo had recently learned. The ‘Soul Chafe’ could be considered as the upgraded version of ‘Soul Tremor’ magic. It worked by assembling one’s soul energy using divine energy in order to cut and break down the opponent’s soul bit by bit.

Han Shuo’s main body wasn’t idling either. He abandoned all physical attacks and locked firmly onto the Primordius Dragon’s soul with his consciousness. He formed a vortex that produced immense suction power at the depths of his soul, causing the Primordius Dragon’s soul to have great difficulty to even budge.

To begin with, the Primordius Dragon was a mid-stage lowgod. Being inside the place of extreme earth and able to utilize the miraculous power of the Earthsoul Pearl, he could make use of the energy found in the place of extreme earth, giving him insanely powerful physical defensive power.

Against another lowgod who didn’t know how to attack the soul, the Primordius Dragon would undoubtedly be able to firmly defend his body and even prevail over gods who were slightly more powerful.

But unfortunately for the Primordius Dragon, all three bodies of Han Shuo knew how to attack the soul; even his avatar of destruction could launch direct assault against the soul. Although it shouldn’t have been able to attack the soul, as it was formed from the Demonslayer Edge which contained the negative energies from millions of dead souls, it was more than capable.

All three bodies of Han Shuo’s simultaneously gave up on attacking the physical body but joined forces in attacking the Primordius Dragon’s soul. The Primordius Dragon’s strategy failed and his circumstances were greatly worsening.

Han Shuo was determined to finish the Primordius Dragon once and for all. He deployed the energy of his souls to the maximum. The consciousness of his main body formed a vortex that burdened his soul, while the negative energy formed by the Demonslayer Edge wrapped around it, preventing him from escaping.

Meanwhile, his avatar of death would rip and break down his soul using the Soul Chafe spell. The Primordius Dragon whose soul was recently severely injured by the Soulpiercers finally gave in to the combined soul attacks of Han Shuo’s three souls. No matter how strong his physical defensive power was, there was no way he could use it to defend his soul.

Under the joint attack of Han Shuo’s three souls, this ancient planar guardian of the Profound Continent started losing his soul energy bit by bit.

Han Shuo held his guard every step of the way. He tangled the Primordius Dragon’s soul tenaciously and kept the soul attacks at peak performance. 

Gradually, the Primordius Dragon’s divine soul grew weaker and weaker as it tore apart. His aura too was growing weaker.

When Han Shuo sensed that the Primordius Dragon’s divine soul was slowly becoming unconscious, Han Shuo’s consciousness pulsated. The wonderful consciousness launched an all-out attack on the Primordius Dragon’s awareness, shattering all the self-awareness that he had.

It was at during this fortunate timing that Han Shuo’s avatar of death hastily summoned earth elite zombie. After giving an order, the earth elite zombie rushed towards the Primordius Dragon’s head. Entering through the dragon’s wide open bloody mouth, earth elite zombie burrowed into the Primordius Dragon’s brain at top speed.

The awareness inside the Primordius Dragon’s skull had dissipated. The treasure of earth attribute, the Earthsoul Pearl, became a treasure without a master. As the favorite child of the earth, earth elite zombie naturally took over as the new master of the Earthsoul Pearl.

Although the awareness inside the Primordius Dragon’s divine soul had dissipated, Han Shuo did not allow his divine soul to completely dissipate just yet. Inside that divine soul without awareness contained the comprehension towards the elemental energy of earth from the Primordius Dragon’s painstaking cultivation over the tens of thousands of years of his life. This was a great gift that Han Shuo painstakingly fought to give the earth elite zombie.

The earth elite zombie bluntly and greedily occupied the divine soul that lacked awareness like a wild beast starved for thousands of years. He utilized the energy of the Earthsoul Pearl to help him absorb the tremendous amount of divine energy of earth inside the Primordius Dragon’s body.

Although Han Shuo was wild with joy when he knew that the result was certain, he did not let his guard down. His avatar of death and his consciousness continued to lock firmly onto the Primordius Dragon’s soul lest the tiniest negligence turn everything into an unimaginable disaster.

The process went on for an undetermined period of time. It was when Han Shuo was fully certain that all of the Primordius Dragon’s awareness had been eliminated and that earth elite zombie had taken over the Primordius Dragon’s divine soul that Han Shuo finally heaved a sigh of relief. Han Shuo disengaged his three souls and started to look around for that interplanar transportation matrix.

Without the Earthsoul Pearl’s protection, and without the support of divine energy, the Primordius Dragon had truly become just a body. It no longer had any real physical defensive power.

Han Shuo had merely observed for a short while before he discovered the existence of an interplanar transportation matrix right underneath the Primordius Dragon’s massive body.

The Primordius Dragon had covered the entire interplanar transportation matrix under his weight. Had the dragon not lost his awareness, Han Shuo knew that even if he had found out the location of the interplanar transportation matrix earlier, he wouldn’t be able to break through the dragon’s body to destroy it.

It was an enormous interplanar transportation matrix similar to the one inside the Cemetery of Death. However, as they had been constructed by different people, this interplanar transportation matrix wasn’t exactly the same as the one in the Cemetery. But this was none of Han Shuo’s concern. After forcibly pushing the dragon body aside, Han Shuo raised the Demonslayer Edge, unfolded the divine energy within, and struck it with the energy of destruction.

After being repeatedly bombarded by Han Shuo, that interplanar transportation matrix was shattered into fine powder. There was absolutely no chance that it could be repaired.

“Wahaha… Let’s see how you people are going to get here now! I have won this battle!” Han Shuo raised his head and laughed. He was ecstatic.

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