GDK 660: I don’t like to kill and murder

Other than gathering mystical yin aura, the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester could also act as a demonic formation with immense destructive power. When Han Shuo stepped into the center of the mystical yin harvester, he discovered that this place was also packed with deadly dangers. It appeared that the person who deployed the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester really didn’t want any non-demonic art practitioners to enter.

The region that Han Shuo brought his teammates to was a gap in the formation that could be used for taking refuge. Those who had no understanding of the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester’s layout would never be able to discover this spot. Han Shuo was very particular of every step he made and they had to walk in a seemingly random and fruitless trajectory before they could finally arrive.

Han Shuo and his teammates’ abrupt disappearance had caused Olde and his party to be scared. They gazed into the direction Han Shuo and the others headed but dared not to take another step forward.

After their prior painful experience, Olde and his party truly came to recognize just how frightening this place was. All four lowgods that came with them had perished. The four that had made it thus far had exerted themselves trying to survive the constant menace. These experiences made them understand that they could possibly land in great danger with each step they took. Therefore, it wasn’t unreasonable for them to think that Han Shuo and the others had perished the instant that they disappeared out of sight.

“Bryan, they really can’t see us! What is going on here?” Li Wei softly exclaimed. She was amazed.

Donna and the others also stared at Han Shuo with puzzled faces, waiting for his answer.

“This place has patterns. If you pay attention to the surroundings, you will discover that there are patterns all around you!” Han Shuo explained without thinking the matter through, his eyes locked on Olde and his men.

“What pattern? It’s just a few mountains. I don’t see any pattern to that!” Li Wei said somewhat skeptically.

Han Shuo turned around and put on a calm smile. He pointed in Olde’s direction and explained, “If you look carefully, you’ll see that the fog floating through the air has actually been drifting around the mountains rhythmically, and there’s…”

Han Shuo knew a few things about the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester and randomly described the hidden patterns found around them.

“My gosh! They really are!” when Li Wei again carefully observed her surrounding after listening to Han Shuo’s words, she discovered that every single word Han Shuo said was true. With that, when Li Wei looked at Han Shuo again, a few traces of admiration could be seen in her eyes. In a voice brimming with reverence, she said, “What, what exactly are you? How could you see the most subtle detail in the surrounding so clearly!”

Li Wei was not the only one wondering - the rest of his teammates, Donna included, were equally shocked. Their stares were filled with respect.

Those patterns that Han Shuo had just described were extremely difficult to discover by any ordinary person. Even characters extremely sensitive to their environment wouldn’t be able to find all of them. However, Han Shuo was able to describe patterns as arbitrary as the arrangement of trees so casually. This was way beyond their understanding of what a person could possibly achieve in making observations.

What is this person? How could he know the surroundings inside out down to the finest detail?

“What has this pattern got to do with this spot? Why is it that they can’t see us?” the more time Donna spent with Han Shuo, the less she understood him. She had memorized all those patterns that Han Shuo described but she still couldn’t understand how those things related to them being unseen.

“Oh, this is so abstruse. This has got to do with quantum entanglement, wave-particle duality, special relativity, photosynthesis and… “ Han Shuo explained ambiguously while maintaining an earnest face, not unlike a professional conman. Using profound-sounding scientific terms found in the universe he originated from, he started talking gibberish to Donna and the others like an intellectual.

Donna, Li Wei, the Brook brothers, and Colbert had faced filled with puzzlement were, once again, absolutely bewildered as they carefully listened to Han Shuo’s explanation. The more they listened, the more confused they were.

Of course you don’t understand a thing, even I have no idea what I’m talking about! Han Shuo found their reaction to be amusing and explained to them even more earnestly.

Donna and her teammates all stared foolishly at Han Shuo. They were speechless.

If Han Shuo had not performed so many miraculous actions, taken them to this mind-boggling spot, or described the hidden patterns all around them, then they might have discovered that Han Shuo was actually talking drivel to them.

However, not only did none of them realize that Han Shuo was spewing nonsense, they felt ashamed of themselves for not understanding Han Shuo’s ‘abstruse’ explanation. They thought they were simply not smart enough.

Even after half a day of listening to his lectures, none of them understood even a smidgen of what he was explaining. These people started to question their own intelligence after watching Han Shuo make a conscientious effort to try to make them comprehend. Even Donna thought that perhaps her ability to grasp ideas was too poor.

This guy must be a genius!

Bolten and Li Wei’s gazes towards Han Shuo were filled with admiration. They became even more determined to rope Han Shuo in.

“So, are they clear to you now?” Han Shuo asked his teammates while looking at them earnestly.

“I, I understand a little, but not fully!” Li Wei hastily nodded as not to make herself appear particularly foolish while not wanting to disappoint Han Shuo for the effort he made in explaining.

When Bolten heard Li Wei’s reply and saw Han Shuo’s gaze that was filled with anticipation, not wanting Han Shuo to take him as a fool, he put on a contemplative posture and nodded.

In his mind, Han Shuo was rolling on the floor laughing. He then turned his eyes filled with even greater anticipation to Donna.

Donna took a quick look at Li Wei and Bolten and saw that the two seemed to comprehend something. She rapidly weighed in her mind and thought that if she acknowledged she actually understood nothing, that would imply she was not as smart as Li Wei and Bolten. Therefore, she put on a sweet smile, nodded reservedly, and said, “That’s pretty abstruse but I could still understand some of it!”

“Ahem… Ahem… “Han Shuo repeatedly coughed to mask his urge to laugh out loud. Looking these three who pretended to be smart, Han Shuo suddenly felt like these godly experts from the Plane of Gods were just as, if not more, vain as the mortals.

“What about you guys?” Han Shuo resisted his great urge to burst into laughter and directed his gazes towards Bowen and Colbert.

The two exchanged glances and awkwardly shook their heads. They looked ashamed to indicate that they did not understand and dared not even look at Han Shuo in the eyes.

“You guys are too dumb!” Li Wei said disdainfully. Bolten nodded in agreement but was secretly feeling quite proud of his intelligence.

“Ahahaha… “ Han Shuo could no longer restrain himself and laughed his head off.

“Bryan, how could you laugh at them?” Donna thought that Han Shuo was laughing at Bowen and Colbert for being ‘stupid’. She pursed her lips and bunched her brows and chided.

“I, I wasn’t laughing at them!” Seeing Bowen and Colbert grow much more awkward, Han Shuo hastily explained, “I just feel it’s very funny that we can see Olde and the others but they can’t see us. Haha, don’t you think so?”

The party agreed and gave a few seconds of forced laughter.

Han Shuo was left between laughter and tears. He thought to himself, It is indeed a disadvantage to be honest. The guileless are somehow regarded as the witless. This is an interesting bunch!

“Alright alright, now tell us how we should take care of Olde and the others. Our sudden disappearance has alarmed them so much that they have dared not to take another step forward. It seems that they are scared out of their wits by the bizarreness of this place!” Donna asked Han Shuo after stopping Li Wei and Bolten’s mockery.

“It’s simple. Just launch ranged attacks at them right from this place. I can guarantee they will never figure out where the attack originated from and they cannot discover our tracks!” Han Shuo explained after finally toning down.

“That simple?” Donna asked.

“It’s that simple!” Han Shuo assured.

“Alright then, what are we waiting for? Hehe, an opportunity to launch an attack like this doesn’t come by often!” Donna said as she grinned. She seemed delighted and immediately started to prepare herself.

Bolten, Li Wei, and the others, also started to brew their own attacking spells that they were most proficient with and aimed them at Olde and the others who were still looking all around foolishly.

Donna suddenly flipped her two hands. An aura of boundless darkness bound for Kaiser streaked through a layer of obstructing boundary around her which was undetectable to the naked eye. Meanwhile, Li Wei and Colbert, using the elemental energy of death, sent out a vortex and a blizzard made of the energy of death. Bolten and Bowen assembled their energy of destruction into incisive edges and launched them away.

Of the party, only Han Shuo remained motionless. He looked at his five teammates indifferently as they launched attacks and did not think of joining them.

“Oh no!” Over on the other side, Kaiser immediately cried out in surprise when he sensed the ferocious attacks racing towards them. He hastily braced himself.

Eriksson did not waste a word. He drew a line in empty air with his left hand and a sparkling ice-shield took shape around him. The sparkling and gleaming light from the ice shield shone on him, making him appear rather spectacular.

“Don’t move an inch!” the calm and composed Olde quickly turned around to instruct Kelly. Without making any apparent movement, he somehow managed to completely block off the energy of destruction that the Brook brothers sent at him.

Kelly ought to be used to being under the safeguard of Olde. He had absolute confidence in Olde and was not nervous by the slightest. He silently cowered behind Olde without exerting one bit of energy.

“Bolten, Bowen, stop attacking Olde. Your attacks have no effect on him!” Donna hastily instructed after she observed how effortlessly Olde handled the Brook brothers’ attacks.

Bolten and Bowen responded affirmatively. They abandoned all offense on Olde and instead turned their crosshairs to the duo of Kaiser and Eriksson.

All five of them launched a myriad of dazzling attacks which traveled through the formless barrier ahead of them without obstruction before landing on Kaiser and Eriksson.

The attacks deployed by Han Shuo’s teammates were rather strange and bizarre. They would use the energy within their weapons or draw on the elemental energy found all around them and mix it with their own divine energy before sending them out to attack. Donna could also utilize unique energy found in her Domain of Divinity and attack using a method that Han Shuo couldn’t comprehend.

After a moment of attacking, Han Shuo discovered that although Kaiser and Eriksson had exhausted a great amount of their divine energy, since they were both midgods, the attacks that the four lowgods launched at them did not have much of an effect. 

Only Donna’s attacks gave Eriksson and Kaiser big headaches and a hard time resisting. Bolten and the others soon became aware that they could not harm Kaiser and Eriksson on their own. Hence, they timed their attacks to launch precisely after Donna’s. This way, after Donna tore apart the duo’s defenses, their attacks would be able to gain entry and actually cause the duo harm.

After some fierce bombardment, Kaiser and Eriksson were both at their last gasp. They were so battered that they nearly fled in disarray.

All along, Olde did not step forward to help Kaiser and Eriksson defend against the attacks. He had merely squinted and observed his surroundings carefully, as though wanting to figure out where these attacks were coming from.

The being who deployed this colossal Ninth Heaven Mystical Yin Harvester was realms above Olde. Cultivation techniques that originated from other universes were not something that Olde could understand. Therefore, although he had gathered his full attention in observing the environment, he still couldn’t locate the source of those attacks. His effort had been in vain.

“Huff… Puff… Goddamnit, those two are a pain to kill!” Bolten panted and cursed in a low voice. He had exhausted a significant amount of his divine energy after the series of bombardment.

“Oh? Bryan, why aren’t you attacking?” While gasping for air, Bolten suddenly noticed that Han Shuo was doing nothing but gaze ahead with cold eyes. His partners all found the time to take a glance at Han Shuo after hearing his cry.

Han Shuo did not feel awkward with all eyes on him. He smiled mischievously and explained, “Well, my strength is feeble. I don’t want to humiliate myself!”

By this point in time, even if Han Shuo said that he was as weak as a kitten, these people wouldn’t dare look down on him. In fact, not only would not rebuke Han Shuo, Bolten even spontaneously exculpated him, “You don’t have to attack. Just keeping your brain clear and awake would be more than enough. We could save so much trouble and effort with your big brain here.”

Every one of them agreed!

“Bryan, you’ve just got to continue analyzing the surroundings. We need your expertise on this subject. You can leave the laborious work of killing to the likes of us!” Bolten continued.

“That’d be wonderful. To be frank, I don’t like to kill and murder!” Han Shuo said in a pretentious face. He then pointed at Kaiser and Eriksson and suggested, “You all should focus your attacks on Eriksson alone. As Olde and Kaiser have some friendly relations, he might assist Kaiser in the end. However, Olde sure did not have many friendly relations with Eriksson and wouldn’t provide assistance to him. Besides, during such critical moments, Kaiser would likely only look after himself and wouldn’t risk his life for Eriksson. Therefore I think it’ll be more efficient to fix all your attacks on Eriksson!”

The crowd was stunned but soon became overjoyed. They immediately prepared to focus their attacks on Eriksson alone as Han Shuo suggested.

“Don’t like to kill and murder? The way I see it, you’re the complete opposite of that!” Li Wei said and giggled.

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