GDK 666: New insight into the edict of destruction

After Cauldron Spirit collected Eriksson and Kaiser’s divine souls, Han Shuo did not immediately depart. Instead, he did the one thing he was best at - plundering the dead bodies for the valuables on them.

As his strength soared, Han Shuo had not plundered the dead for a long time as most of his opponents were much weaker and wouldn’t have carried items valuable enough to be worthy of his time. But of course, this was not the case with Kaiser and Eriksson. As the two used to be midgod existences, Han Shuo believed that surely they carried precious goods on them.

Han Shuo fished out two pieces of space rings from among the mangled bodies and casually stowed the rings away.

Cauldron Spirit had warned Han Shuo that the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester located in this layer of the underground world would completely self-destruct within a short period of time. When the time came, an earth-shattering transformation would take place. Han Shuo had to leave the blast zone as soon as possible lest he suffered the effects while it all crumbled.

Donna, Bolten, and the others would all play crucial roles in guiding Han Shuo’s way in Elysium, the Plane of Gods, and therefore he would not allow these people to die there. Otherwise, without having any connection to anyone living on Elysium, Han Shuo would undoubtedly face great difficulties setting his foot on that unfamiliar material plane.

With Cauldron Spirit’s guidance, Han Shuo took off towards where Donna and her experts were trapped. While flying over, he weighed in his mind on whether or not he should get rid of Olde.

Han Shuo understood deep down that if he didn’t get rid of Olde inside the demonic formation, it would be hard, if not impossible, to get rid of Olde when he was outside the demonic formation.

However, Han Shuo was hesitant about it because there wasn’t much animosity between him and Olde. In addition, Kelly of the Druidic Order had some friendly relations with him, while the Druidic Order was one of the closest allies to Lancelot Empire. On top of all that, Olde did not show any kind of hostility towards him after his abrupt arrival. For all these reasons, Han Shuo was stuck in indecision.

With the Cauldron Spirit in control of the demonic formations in this place, Han Shuo was not worried about how difficult it would be to kill Olde. He was worried about the consequences.

What was certain was, if Olde died in this place, then those from the Church of Light and the Druidic Order wouldn’t learn a thing about the soon-to-happen destruction of the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester. In that case, those powerhouses would certainly make yet another attempt at traversing to Profound Continent to explore it. Who knew what havoc they would stir up on this material plane by then.

As though being able to read Han Shuo’s mind, the Cauldron Spirit suggested, “Perhaps this person should be left alive. With him relaying news that everything in this place is destroyed, those from his forces will stop thinking about exploring this place and there won’t be a constant stream of alien experts making their way over.” 

After contemplating it for a moment, Han Shuo silently nodded. He too thought that now was not the time to get rid of Olde. Him being alive was more useful than being dead.

Hence, Han Shuo decided to let Olde off.

Following Cauldron Spirit’s guidance, Han Shuo arrived at the stone forest that Donna and her experts had stayed in all the while.

After Han Shuo broke from the party, Cauldron Spirit trapped them in the stone forest and they couldn’t leave the area for all nine days.

The moment that Han Shuo emerged from the dense fog, Donna and her experts who were trapped for nine days all became incredibly excited and their eyes blazed. Li Wei even started screaming and squealing out of excitement.

“Bryan! You have finally returned! Did you know that we were all trapped here after you left? We couldn’t leave this place even when we tried your method. Good gracious, we nearly went mad from the boredom!” Li Wei shouted as soon as she saw Han Shuo.

“Come with me, I will lead you all out of here. Soon after I left, this place started to change. I was trapped for days before I could figure out the new patterns!” Han Shuo said with mild agitation. He had an expression that looked as though he had just escaped danger.

Cauldron Spirit undid the barriers that sealed off the area. With Han Shuo leading the way, Donna and her experts hastily left the stone forest.

“Bryan, you said you were trapped for a few days as well?” Donna asked Han Shuo as soon as they walked out from the predicament.

“For some reason, many of the patterns in this place have been altered. Things that I was initially familiar with were suddenly unrecognizable. It took me a long time before I could once again recognize some of the patterns,” Han Shuo explained anxiously. 

Han Shuo then gazed at the towering mountains that made up the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester and said gravely to Donna, “Look at those mountains, they seem to be tottering and on the verge of collapse. I suggest that we stop venturing further and exit the area until we have a clear view of the situation. What do you think?”

Having heard Han Shuo’s reminder, Donna and her experts started to glance all around hastily. They obviously saw that the mountains were swaying and heavy rumbling noises were coming from the depths of the earth.

Donna’s eyes widened and she cried out in surprise, “This place is about to collapse!”

“This doesn’t look good. We should get away as soon as we can!” Bolten was truly terrified by the strangeness of this place.

“Sister Donna, let’s keep away from the area at least temporarily!” Li Wei too felt a sense of dread.

Donna gazed at the mountains in the distance and thought for a moment before she shouted, “Alright, we will seek cover for now!”

Having personally experienced critical circumstances in this place, Donna understood that this place was packed with deadly dangers. Given that even Han Shuo had explained he couldn’t proceed deeper, and that she and her party wouldn’t be able to preserve themselves without Han Shuo’s assistance, she resolutely commanded the team to retreat.

The heavy rumbling became clearly audible from all directions. From what the Cauldron Spirit had relayed to him, Han Shuo knew that the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester was on the very brink of collapse. He ordered, “Fall back in the direction we came from. Everything here is about to crumble and those danger zones appear to be harmless now. I can guarantee that all of you will be safe and sound as long as you follow right behind me,”

Donna and her experts did not raise a single objection and chased behind Han Shuo, rapidly returning to where they entered. With Cauldron Spirit’s help, the demonic formations in Han Shuo’s path were all disabled, allowing Han Shuo and his party an unimpeded withdrawal.

Meanwhile, with the Cauldron Spirit controlling the demonic formation in the dark, the set of demonic formations that had trapped Olde all along were also switched off.

The heavy and dull rumbling caused Olde to jump up in fright. He could not maintain that unruffled frame of mind any longer and started to look all around anxiously. The reason that Olde could previously remain calm and rest to recover his divine energy was that he understood that the peculiar environment around him was merely trapping them and was not threatening their lives.

However, those rumbling noises accompanied by the intense quaking of the earth gave Olde a feeling that everything around him would soon be destroyed. He truly had lost his head and could no longer keep a peaceful mind. He struggled to locate a way out.

Kelly standing beside him had despair smeared all over his face. He had given up all hope and was silently waiting for death to befall him.

Suddenly, Olde noticed a beam of gaudy light shining in the distance and began to probe it with his soul. Immediately, he discovered that it was a way out. Olde was overjoyed. Without thinking, he instantly grabbed Kelly beside him and bolted towards the exit.

As soon as Olde exited the combination of demonic formations, he found himself in an environment formed with uniquely arranged mountains. Big and small boulders were tumbling down with loud rumbles. The surface of the earth was torn to form ravines. It was akin to an enraged monster being awoken from its slumber and was thrashing the place furiously.

Olde was alarmed. Given the circumstances, he had no time to record or observe the miraculousness of his environment. While carrying Kelly, he flew towards where Han Shuo and the others escaped.

As Olde and Kelly were a little late in departing the area, rocks, boulders and sand were crashing down towards Olde and Kelly. The properties of the falling debris were altered by Gu Tian Xie the Exalted Demonlord. They were so violent and erratic that Olde had a hard time handling them.

Pow! Pow! Several enormous rocks traveling in trajectories which Olde could not predict crashed down on him. The rocks seemed to contain some bizarre energy for it was almost too much for a midgod such as Olde to bear. Every time Olde was struck by one, his body would shudder and his steps would stagger. 

“Lord Olde, leave me behind, leave this place without me!” Kelly had been under Olde’s protection all along and he was very touched. He felt honored to have a such a distinguished god from a high-level material plane who served the Goddess of Nature being so caring towards him. Seeing that Olde was having difficulties withstanding the impacts, during such critical moments, Kelly offered to be left behind.

“If I could bring you in alive, then I can sure bring you out alive! A follower of the Goddess as pious as you are must live on!” Olde spat out blood that was mixed with crushed bones and flesh. When he discovered that he could not dodge those bizarre rocks that were falling down, he came to a bold decision. He clenched his teeth and ceased to avoid those falling rocks, instead flying up towards the exit at his top speed.

Olde had no other choice! At this point in time, the mountains all around him were on the verge of collapse and could come down at any moment. Given that just these falling rocks were almost too much for Olde to endure, Olde believed that once those mountains collapse, his fate would be sealed.

While recklessly charging ahead, Olde was mercilessly rained down on by more boulders. His divine body was heavily injured and exhausted.

Olde had never imagined that these normal looking falling rocks found in this low-level material plane called Profound Continent could actually cause him such immense injuries and agony. He finally understood how it was possible that his ancestor disappeared in such a place.

At long last, Olde managed to come out from the crumbling Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester with Kelly. When they appeared before Han Shuo, Donna, and the others, Kelly looked utterly miserable and wretched. Even his body was swaying and staggering.

The faces of Bolten, Li Wei, and the others suddenly jolted. They put on an eager appearance, thinking that this would be the best opportunity to get rid of Olde.

But before Bolten or Li Wei could do a thing, Han Shuo suddenly stepped forward and asked in an amicable manner, “Are you alright?” With his back towards Bolten and Li Wei, Han Shuo made gestures at them with a hand on his back.

Donna, who saw that Olde was heavily injured and was hesitating about going offensive, curbed Li Wei and Bolten with her eyes as soon as she saw Han Shuo’s hand gestures. She even spontaneously took Li Wei and the others a few steps backward to make some distance with Olde as though signaling to Olde their non-aggression.

Olde may have been heavily injured but he was prepared to fight to his death. When he saw Han Shuo suddenly step forward and Donna and her team immediately step down, his heart that was on guard loosened up slightly. He drew back the divine energy he had prepared to use in an all-out fight and silently recovered the divine energy in his body.

“Don’t worry! We carry no hostile intention!” through Cauldron Spirit’s observation, Han Shuo knew that Olde’s mind was perturbed and his body injured but he still had the power to fight. Besides, as Han Shuo needed Olde to stay alive to deliver the information about the impending utter destruction of this unique place to his faction, Han Shuo had no hope of causing him death.

“That’d be the best. I really was afraid of that happening,” Olde replied with a faint smile. He then gazed at Han Shuo pensively as he felt rather baffled. He couldn’t understand why Han Shuo would interrupt his teammates or his intentions behind doing so. Could he have made it out that I still have the strength for self-preservation? Impossible! Then, did he do that because he wanted to save me? That’s even more unbelievable! Olde was completely puzzled.

Rumbles… A terrifying explosion sounded from behind Olde.

Immediately, the crowd turned around and placed their complete attention on the source of the sound. They were appalled to find that within such a short time, the several mountains surrounding them had completely crumbled into the earth that was rent. Dust and sand were launched into the sky. Universe-shaking rumbles continued to roar from that region.

The destruction went on before their attentive gazes. Dust filled the air, sand and stone were sent flying, the mountains were crumbling, and the earth was tearing. Everything and everything was being obliterated!

All of a sudden, Han Shuo’s avatar of destruction inside the Cauldron of Myriad Demon seemed to have comprehended something through the visual observation of Han Shuo’s main body. It immediately quieted down inside the Cauldron of Myriad Demon.

Han Shuo communicated with the Cauldron Spirit using his consciousness and discovered that the Cauldron Spirit had completely removed all the negative energy and deceased souls from his avatar of destruction formed from the Demonslayer Edge. All that was left in the avatar was the purest divine energy of destruction.

Han Shuo immediately recognized that the scene of destruction he was watching using his main body had given his avatar that cultivated in the edict of destruction some sort of inspiration and insight.

Ever since his avatar of destruction was formed, it had never come to gain such unusual insight just from observing the changes to his surroundings. Han Shuo was overjoyed to discover this phenomenon. He knew that the Cauldron Spirit was indeed correct. It was only after removing the impurities in his avatar of destruction that he could gain such new insights into the edict of destruction.

Pleasantly surprised by the discovery, Han Shuo attentively watched the complete destruction of the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester and did not relax by the slightest.

This Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester personally deployed by Gu Tian Xie the Exalted Demonlord was a marvelous masterpiece that took Han Shuo here from another universe. Even as it had completed its mission and was being destructed, it brought Han Shuo a final gift.

As Han Shuo watched the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester ahead of him being destroyed, he somehow felt that its end signified the beginning of his new life!

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