GDK 680: Strange Spiders

The Demon Mountain eerily resembled a malevolent demon from a distance - identical to the descriptions recorded on Akley’s scroll. As long as the divine essence mine was inside the Demon Mountain, Han Shuo believed that metal elite zombie would be able to locate it and extract all its precious crystals.

After getting Han Shuo’s approval, earth elite zombie and metal elite zombie proceeded further. It was now metal elite zombie’s turn to pave the way. The hard rock above their heads would turn as loose as sand, posing not the slightest resistance to the duo, allowing them a gradual ascent up the Demon Mountain.

Metal elite zombie’s body sparkled with glorious golden rays as soon as he entered the Demon Mountain. They were like golden threads that spread in all directions before disappearing into the solid rock.

Soon enough, metal elite zombie reported back to Han Shuo, “Father, there are all kinds of ores in this mountain. Which type are you looking for?”

Han Shuo first praised metal elite zombie before describing to him, “The ores that I want contain energy similar to those on Little Water and Little Fire. Carefully sense your surrounding and see if there’s any.”

Divine essence mines were extremely unique. Although there were divine essences containing divine energies of all assortments in divine essence mines, they were undetectable to the probing using the soul. Not even mighty gods could detect anything from the outside. This, however, would not be a problem to metal elite zombie. As long as there were ores, metal elite zombie would be able to find and detect the energy contained within.

“Father, I did not sense any ore that contains energy similar to Little Water and Little Fire. There isn’t a piece of ore of that kind inside the mountain!” metal elite zombie kept silent for some time before he reported to Han Shuo.

“Not one?” Han Shuo was stunned. He was thinking if they got the wrong location or perhaps someone else had extracted the ores.

“None at all!” metal elite zombie replied. He continued after a short moment of hesitation, “But, there are some ores containing energy similar to those found on Little Earth and father! There are also some with energies that I don’t recognize!”

Han Shuo stared foolishly before immediately coming to himself. His face was stunned in place and he hastily instructed, “Those are the ores I’m looking for. Collect those types of ores and bring them to me!”

The absence of water and fire element divine essences did not mean that there were no divine essences of other energies. After hearing metal elite zombie’s reply, Han Shuo immediately realized that his previous description was inadequate. It seemed that Akley’s judgment was correct. There was indeed a divine essence mine in the Demon Mountain that had yet to be discovered.

“Okay, father!” metal elite zombie replied cheerfully. By observing through a mystical demon, Han Shuo discovered that metal elite zombie was like a ghost that could travel through solid rocks without hindrance. He carried a big gunny sack that Han Shuo prepared for him and constantly stuffed ores of various colors into the sack.

Meanwhile, earth elite zombie waited at the tunnel metal elite zombie dug for him, quietly waiting for metal elite zombie to finish his work.

“Akley, it won’t be long before we get what we have been looking for!” Han Shuo was in a great mood and said with a big grin to Akley, who was looking at him in a strange daze.

“Bryan, you’re kidding, aren’t you? How could you expect a god of the element of earth to complete everything in the Demon Mountain by himself?” Akley forced a smile. He obviously did not believe Han Shuo’s claim.

If a god that cultivated in the elemental energy of earth could locate divine essence mines using their power, all the divine essence mines on Elysium would have all been extracted by now! Although this was also the first time that Akley came to Elysium, he too was aware of the mysteries of divine essence mines and that gods cultivating in the element of earth definitely did not have an advantage in finding one. Therefore, he was very skeptical about Han Shuo’s claim.

“Just give it some time. Soon enough, you will know if this son of mine can actually accomplish our goal!” Akley had no idea that earth elite zombie was not alone, nor was he aware of the remarkable abilities of metal elite zombie.

“I will wait and see!” Akley shook his head. He felt that the situation was rather absurd.

Suddenly, Cauldron Spirit transmitted to Han Shuo, “Master, something’s not right!”

“What’s the matter?” Han Shuo, who was conversing with Akley, did not pay too much attention to the situation on the Demon Mountain as he assumed that metal elite zombie was on track to have everything settled. After hearing the cautioning cry, Han Shuo again put his full concentration on the mountain, overseeing everything using mystical demons.

“There are some dark caves inside the mountain. Little Metal has passed through some of the caves while traveling around the mountain. Did you notice that those spiders are found on all the scattered spiderwebs in those caves? Although these spiders are very small in size, they all have human faces. They also seem to have intelligence and are watching every action of Little Metal.”

Hearing Cauldron Spirit’s description, Han Shuo commanded metal elite zombie who was moving around in a cave to stop. Then, by using the mystical demons on metal elite zombie, Han Shuo discovered that there was a broken spider web that had a dozen or so thumb-sized spiders on it. He further noticed that those spiders indeed possessed human faces. Their eyeballs as small as speckles of sand were observing metal elite zombie cautiously.

“Oh?” Even Han Shuo was rather surprised. The situation he saw was just the same as Cauldron Spirit had described. Those small spiders were indeed watching metal elite zombie.

“Continue collecting the ores. Start returning as soon as you get them all. Don’t stay there a moment longer than necessary!” Han Shuo commanded metal elite zombie. His mind continued to think about the strange scene he witnessed.

“Understood, father!” metal elite zombie responded. He traveled back and forth within the Demon Mountain, searching for and collecting divine essences in every corner.

The divine essences were scattered all around the Demon Mountain. The distances between two divine essences could be quite a stretch. After working for so long, metal elite zombie had harvested a few hundred pieces of divine essences. Those made up about ninety percent of the divine essences in the mountain.

Han Shuo’s heart was very puzzled. He couldn’t understand how there were so many little spiders in the Demon Mountain. Those little spiders appeared very strange. They even made Han Shuo feel a hint of familiarity. He was baffled and confused.

“This is bad! Ask Little Metal to return immediately!” Cauldron Spirit screamed in Han Shuo’s consciousness, “There is a mighty being within the mountain that is waking up. It was in a unique dormant state before - even I did not sense it. It is very dangerous. He must fall back immediately!”

Han Shuo turned pale with fright. In fact, through the mystical demons on metal elite zombie’s body, he saw the thing that made Cauldron Spirit so alarmed.

At the center of the mountain was a very spacious cave which took about a quarter of the mountain’s volume. An enormous spider web occupied the cave. On top of the spider web was an enormous spider with a body of thirty meters in length and sharp legs that stretched ten meters. The spider had a human face of a beautiful female. Its long eyelashes were gently fluttering as though it was waking up from a sweet dream.

Right below her was a relatively large black colored divine essence deposit. She seemed to be absorbing the divine energy of darkness contained within and therefore did not give off any aura.

As her eyelashes moved, up and down, a gush of extremely terrifying energy of darkness emanated from her body. Even though separated by such a distance, Han Shuo could feel the terrifying pressure from outside the mountain range!

Meanwhile, at this moment, metal elite zombie had his eyes fixed on the darkness divine essence deposit under her. He was preparing to collect it for Han Shuo and seemed to be unaware that he was facing a terrifying creature that was awakening.

“Return! Quickly return!” Han Shuo commanded metal elite zombie, yelling vigorously. Perhaps he was too shocked - as he transmitted the message with his consciousness, he was shouting out loud with his mouth.

“Bryan, what’s wrong?” Akley questioned.

“Father, there’s one last piece. Let me take that before leaving!” metal elite zombie wished to complete the task Han Shuo assigned to him to perfection.

“Ignore that goddamn divine essence, come back here! Immediately! “ Han Shuo shouted. It was so loud that it jolted Akley again.

“Bryan, are you mad? Have you forgotten what we are here for?” Akley stepped forward as though thinking that Han Shuo wasn’t in his right mind and wanting to help him recover.

“Fuck off!” But before Akley could get close, Han Shuo threw a kick and sent Akley crashing onto the wall behind him.

“The hell are you doing?” Akley was enraged. He stood up while resisting the pain and shouted at Han Shuo, “Do you intend to keep all the spoils to yourself?” 

Han Shuo had no time for Akley and placed all his attention on metal elite zombie. After hearing Han Shuo’s command, metal elite zombie recognized how pressing Han Shuo was. He took one last look at the black divine essence deposit before immediately retreating to the path he came from.

Soon after metal elite zombie started returning, that enormous spider with a human face was finally fully awake from her slumber. A wave of terrifying energy of darkness suddenly burst out from her body. It passed through the spider web beneath her and spread throughout the mountain.

“Brazen creature, how dare you steal from me, Rose!” the piercing voice of the enormous human-faced spider spread far and wide and reverberated through most of the mountain range.

“Ah!!! “ metal elite zombie, who had yet to exit the Demon Mountain, cried out loudly when a wave of divine energy of darkness struck him.

“Tell him to ignore everything and return as quickly as possible! I will sacrifice a few demon generals to protect him!” Cauldron Spirit hastily transmitted.

“It’s Rose! The spider goddess Rose! It’s actually her!” Han Shuo, who heard the human-faced spider’s furious shriek, mumbled to himself in astonishment.

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