GDK 681: Spider Goddess Rose

Spider goddess Rose was the being that the dark elves of the Profound Continent underground world worshipped. Back on Profound Continent, by using Adell as the medium, Han Shuo had briefly communicated with Rose through an altar.

Back then, separated by innumerable material planes, Han Shuo had no clue how mighty Rose was. But now, having truly felt Rose’s wrath, Han Shuo finally realized that Rose actually possessed highgod strength.

Although Han Shuo’s consciousness could figure out the exact strength of a midgod, the same could not be said for a highgod like Rose. But what’s for sure was that a highgod was not an existence that Han Shuo could handle just yet. He had to evacuate the area immediately, lest the spider goddess sensed his presence.

“Master, ask Little Metal and Little Earth to escape underground and go as deep as they can!” Cauldron Spirit again shouted in Han Shuo’s consciousness. Cauldron Spirit too was very much concerned about the five elite zombies and Little Skeleton.

Han Shuo immediately woke up from the astonishment and hastily transmitted his commands to metal and earth elite zombies. After being struck by a wave of divine energy of darkness, metal elite zombie started falling disorientated down the mountain. Two puffs of dark smoke gave off from his body.

As the master of the Cauldron Spirit, Han Shuo immediately knew that two demon generals that adhered on metal elite zombie’s body had vanished in the two puff of smoke. They had been annihilated.

The muddle-headed and spinning metal elite zombie, following Han Shuo’s command, steered himself as he dove downwards. The solid rock beneath him seemed to have turned into air, allowing him to dive down without any resistance.

“Wretched puny creature, you will not escape!” spider goddess Rose shrieked with an ear-piercing voice.

“What’s, what’s going on?” Akley finally heard the terrifying shrieks coming from the Demon Mountain inside the mountain range. He immediately understood that things might not be as he imagined and hastily asked.

“We provoked a highgod. We will leave here immediately. If she discovers our presence, we will never be able to leave!” Han Shuo said with his brows deeply creased. He suddenly flew to Akley, again grabbed him by the collar behind his neck, and started flying outside recklessly.

At such a moment, Akley too had forgotten the grievance he felt towards Han Shuo. He did not even care how Han Shuo was carrying him. He said in a frightened and panicked voice, “What? How could there be a highgod in there?” 

“You should be asking yourself that question!” Han Shuo said furiously. He continued to roar at Akley, “If anything happens to my son, don’t even think about those divine essences because I will bury you next to my son!”

Akley was speechless to being berated by Han Shuo. It was also at this moment that he realized why Han Shuo would suddenly fly into a rage. Before heading here, Akley had sworn that those divine essences were unowned. It was precisely for this reason that Han Shuo was so at ease with having metal elite zombie and earth elite zombie enter by themselves to collect the ores. Akley indeed was mostly responsible for their sudden run-in with that highgod. Therefore, he chose to silently endure Han Shuo’s shouting.

“Master, leave this place at full speed! Little Metal and Little Earth are protected by the formation I made using demon generals. Once they are deep underground, that spider goddess won’t be able to sense their location. But you, you are not protected by any concealment formation. You will be in big trouble if she discovers you!”

“Understood!” Han Shuo cut the superfluous words with Akley and stopped concealing his practice of demonic arts. With demonic yuan wildly circulating throughout his body, his airspeed abruptly increased by five folds. He was a mere trail of faint radiance as he flew in the direction of the City of Shadows.

Akley, being carried by Han Shuo, clearly sensed the rapid increase in Han Shuo’s flight speed. Aghast, he raised his head to look at Han Shuo. However, except for Han Shuo’s irritated appearance, Akley saw nothing unusual. He could not understand how Han Shuo managed to suddenly increase his airspeed by so much.

Han Shuo would have a view of metal elite zombie and earth elite zombie’s situation as long as the mystical demons on them were not completely annihilated. When spider goddess Rose’s divine energy of darkness flowed through the Demon Mountain, all the little spiders inside the mountain suddenly went mad, leaving cracks in the mountain. Those little spiders seemed to know metal and earth elite zombies’ locations as they were flocking towards them.

Yet another two demon generals vanished into ashes. Clanking noises sounded on metal elite zombies and his body became less stable. However, he was still on course in descending towards earth elite zombie.

Metal elite zombie, formed by absorbing the yuan energy of metal in the place of extreme metal, although his body wasn’t as nimble and agile as Han Shuo’s demonic body, was comparable in terms of toughness. Of the five elite zombies, the one with the highest defensive power was metal elite zombie. One could even say that his body was made of steel.

As the spider goddess’s attack was scattered all over the Demon Mountain, the terrifying power was diluted several hundred times over. On top of that, the demon generals adhering to metal elite zombie took most of the punishing energy that landed on him. Therefore, the attacks that metal elite zombie had to actually bear was only enough to make clanking noises and not enough to shatter his body.

After losing four demon generals, metal elite zombie finally returned to the bottom of the Demon Mountain where earth elite zombie had been waiting. Earth elite zombie was long on standby to carry out Han Shuo’s command. Earth elite zombie grabbed metal elite zombie the very instant he appeared and started traveling underground as fast as possible.

Hundreds of thousands of little spiders traveled through the fissures in the mountain and swarmed at them like a vast drove of locusts. These human-faced little spiders seemed to have intercepted the spider goddess’ command and turned from quiet and calm to restless and violent.

They spurted sticky, dark silk at the descending earth and metal elite zombies. The dark silk was enhanced with the energy of darkness found all around the Demon Mountain and were therefore very fast and relentless. Even earth elite zombie had trouble dealing with it.

Earth elite zombie, who was carrying metal elite zombie, rapidly escaped by diving deep underground. His back that was facing the innumerable little spiders collected a wave of sticky silk.

Earth elite zombie’s downward motion was suddenly slowed down when the silk shot and landed on his back. Then, when the several hundred little spiders pulled back, surprisingly, earth elite zombie could not move an inch further!

“We will consume you alive little by little, you damned lowly creatures!” Spider goddess Rose stayed at the center of the Demon Mountain all along. It was after those little spiders had stopped earth elite zombie with their silk that she shrieked and started moving towards earth elite zombie.

“What do we do?” Han Shuo suddenly dropped out of his rapid flight and halted in his path. He was irascible and seemed as though he could lose his mind at any instance.

“Keep on running. I will make sure that they are alright!” Cauldron Spirit replied. Then, at the next instance, Han Shuo discovered that the back of earth elite zombie was also giving off dark smoke. A demon general was combusting itself, causing the silk that those little spiders spurted to snap off.

Earth elite zombie was free. He twisted his body and suddenly shot deep into the ground. The hole behind him was rapidly refilled with dirt, obstructing the second wave of silk launched by those little spiders.

As soon as earth elite zombie was submerged in the ground, he was no longer met with any resistance. Following Han Shuo’s instructions, he carried metal elite zombie and bore deeper and deeper into the earth. He was several thousand meters underground before long.

“They escaped! They actually managed to escape!” spider goddess Rose flew into a rage, causing the entire Demon Mountain to quiver. “Those lowly lifeforms have exploited my divine essence deposit. Unforgivable! They must all die!” 

The Demon Mountain was trembling fiercely as rumbling sounds reverberated. Suddenly, several long and sharp spider feet which appeared more like claws with incisive edges, pierced through the rocks and pried open an enormous hole at the center of the Demon Mountain. The enormous body of spider goddess Rose emerged from the Demon Mountain.

Spider goddess Rose immediately leapt and charged in Han Shuo’s direction as soon as she came out from the Demon Mountain. Han Shuo was overwhelmed with shock.

Shit! We still got discovered! Han Shuo’s heart was thrown into chaos. He started weighing if he should abandon Akley and again deploy the Demonic Blood Disassembly to escape the calamity.

“Don’t do anything in confusion, master. Calm down your mind and observe the situation at Demon Mountain again with a mystical demon!” Cauldron Spirit hastily transmitted to Han Shuo, stopping him from doing anything irrational.

After hearing Cauldron Spirit’s shout, Han Shuo took a few deep breaths to rapidly re-adjust his heart and mind.

After calming himself down, Han Shuo observed through a mystical demon that Cauldron Spirit placed on top of another mountain. He suddenly discovered that spider goddess Rose was in fact stationary on the hole she tore open. Several dark phantoms flew out from her and spread in all directions.

“She hasn’t moved at all, nor did she charge in your direction. She was merely searching for a target using phantoms. You can ignore it and continue running. Those phantom images cannot catch up to you!” Cauldron Spirit explained to Han Shuo.

Thanks to Cauldron Spirit’s reminder, Han Shuo calmed down and readjusted himself to the most optimal state. He ignored the phantom images flying over and continued in the direction of the City of Shadows as fast as he could.

After flying for half a day, he stopped near a mountain village. Based on Akley’s understanding of Elysium, those non-human races had to abide by constraints that the Calamity Overgods imposed. They definitely would not attack human villages. At this moment, Han Shuo was certain that he had escaped from the spider goddess’ pursuit.

Han Shuo did not enter the mountain village but stayed beside a river in its vicinity. Ignoring Akley’s puzzlement, Han Shuo attended to himself in recovering his energy.

Finally, at midnight, Han Shuo suddenly opened his eyes. With a gloomy face and a deep voice, he said to Akley, who was still feeling uneasy, “Time to divide the spoils! The previous agreement is canceled. I will decide the new allocation!”

Upon finishing those words, earth elite zombie emerged from the ground. Thud. Earth elite zombie threw a sack filled with divine essence on the ground and said to Han Shuo, “Father, don’t worry, Little Metal is alright!”

Han Shuo’s face was a little less frightening after hearing earth elite zombie’s words.

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