GDK 692: Little Tycoon

Donna took Han Shuo to the largest divine weapon shop of the region. The store was divided into five levels. The lowest level sold tools and devices for demigods and basegods. The second level was shelved with divine weapons for lowgods. The third level catered divine weapons to midgods. The fourth level was specially for customers who wished to order custom-made divine weapons. Finally, the fifth level was reserved for the shopkeepers to rest.

Divine weapons for highgods were only on sale in the few largest shops in Elysium. This street did not have shops of that scale that sold divine weapons of such supreme class.

Han Shuo followed Donna into the shop and walked directly to the third level. After browsing through some magnificent armor, staffs, and all kinds of divine weapons, Han Shuo had to admit that compared to all the great masters of Profound Continent, the Elysian were much, much more skilled in smelting tools and weapons.

Not only did the tools have remarkable functions, but they were also extraordinarily designed. The armor would be etched with mysterious patterns and diagrams for boundaries and seals. The divine weapons would usually be embedded with special gemstones that were both functional and beautiful.

Even ignoring their abilities and powers and comparing just their aesthetics, the weapons and devices on display here were several classes superior to those made by the elves of Profound Continent.

All the shopkeepers in the shop recognized Donna. They bowed and greeted her in an unctuous manner as soon as Donna entered their sight.

“Stop looking. We will head straight for the fourth level. You can check these out later after we are done at the fourth level,” Donna hastened when she saw how invested Han Shuo was in every item he saw, taking comprehensive mental notes of everything on display.

“I really must say that these objects are really fine and delicate. They are even more beautiful than those made by the most skilled elves back on my continent!” Han Shuo exclaimed in admiration after moving his gaze away from a glorious sapphire crown.

“The race of elf you mention are also present on Elysium. However, when it comes to arts and smelting, they are nowhere close to the proficiency of the race of Divinesmelter. The elves would usually work as assistants for the Divinesmelters. Those elves on your continent likely had inherited some of the knowledge of smelting from those ancient elves on Elysium. Therefore, it is to be expected that what they produced cannot compare to those of the Divinesmelters,” Donna explained smilingly.

The Divinesmelters was one of the myriads of races living on Elysium. People of this race were fixated towards arts and obsessed with attaining aesthetic perfection. Traditionally, whenever a weapon or tool had been smelted on Elysium, it was sent to this race to be decorated and refined, transforming the tool from a crude piece of metal into a work of art so delicate that anyone would fall in love with it at first sight.

The two arrived at the fourth level as they conversed. There, they saw an old man sitting with his eyes closed, resting. He wore a robe that was covered with a pattern of squares, rather eccentric in style. When he opened his eyes and saw Donna walking over, his eyes shone brightly and he said smilingly, “Miss Donna! Of the House of Lavers! We are honored by your presence. Are you here to order some special divine weapons to be custom made?”

Donna shook her head and said in her lovable smile, “Grandpa Domo, you’ve got it wrong this time. I’ve come here today not to purchase but to sell you some extra divine weapons.”

That old man called Domo cultivated in the element of death and he only had basegod strength. He had spent most of his time and effort smelting divine weapons. He was a professional who specialized in this field. “Haha, you must be kidding me, Donna. Your Lavers Family are prosperous and wealthy. There’s no way you would need to sell the surplus divine weapons to gather some small change,” Domo appeared very happy when he heard Donna address him as ‘Grandpa’ and he stopped calling Donna ‘Miss’.

“Of course it’s not me; it’s my friend. He came to this material plane recently and has some divine weapons that he likely will never use. Rather than letting them sit and mold, he might as well exchange them for crystal coins that he could use!” Donna explained as she smiled sweetly. She sat in an empty chair that seemed to be made of wood in front of Domo and then gestured at Han Shuo.

“Is this our friend who has something to sell?” Domo sized Han Shuo up with some astonishment before he nodded and said reassuringly, “Don’t worry - for Donna’s sake, I won't rip you off. You may feel at ease with taking out all the goods you want to sell. I will assess them and give you a price. We will make a deal if you then agree to the price.”

“Alright!” Han Shuo pulled out his space ring and emptied it of each and every object, which included swords, armors, and miscellaneous devices. He laid them all out before Domo. 

Domo looked at the twenty-something objects laid on his table with calm eyes. He waited until Han Shuo had taken out every item before he fiddled with those items one by one. Domo’s eyes glinted slightly when he saw the three divine weapons previously used by Eriksson and Kaiser.

“Those belonged to Kaiser and Eriksson, didn't they?” Donna’s discovered the anomaly when she noticed that Domo was inspecting the three objects attentively. She looked at Han Shuo with astonishment as she asked, “How did they end up in your possession?”

“The two died in that strange place. I lost my way and stumbled upon their bodies, so I took their belongings,” Han Shuo appeared very relaxed as he made up an excuse without thinking.

“You lucky bastard!” Donna laughed. When Han Shuo looked back at her, she rolled her eyes and remarked, “Why is it that you would always run into all the most fortunate situations?” 

But when Donna recalled the situation back before, the more she thought about it, the more puzzled she was. She was certain Han Shuo said that he was trapped and only managed to escape with great difficulty. How did he manage to collect Kaiser and Eriksson’s divine weapons?

“Oh I have my ways. Hahah…," Han Shuo shrugged and said nonchalantly.

“Hm, these few pieces of midgod divine weapons are rather valuable, but the rest, not so,” after some time, Domo finally completed finished evaluating the divine weapons. He raised his head to look at Han Shuo and Donna and offered, “All these for three hundred black crystal coins. Fair enough?”

Although the words were said to Han Shuo, Domo had only taken a quick glance at him before turning to Donna and remain fixed on her. Obviously, for Domo, Donna of the Lavers Family was the character that he truly attached importance to. As to Han Shuo, well, he was merely an insignificant nonentity.

“Bryan, what do you think?” Donna looked at Han Shuo with widened eyes.

“Sure.” In Donna's presence, Han Shuo believed that Domo would not think of offering him a dishonest price. Furthermore, based on the limited knowledge that Han Shuo currently had, he knew three hundred black crystal coins was a good price. Therefore, he agreed to the offer without hesitating.

But Domo was even more straightforward than Han Shuo. Without even keeping away the divine weapons on his table, he called for an assistant to withdraw three hundred black crystal coins and handed them to Han Shuo. The transaction was complete.

On Elysium, one purple crystal coin was equivalent to a hundred blue crystal coins and one black crystal coin was equivalent to a hundred purple crystal coins. When Han Shuo first came to the Elysium, he had spent merely fifty blue crystal coins in completing his divine tablet. Renting a training field would cost only a few purple crystal coins and entering the City of Shadows cost just one purple crystal coin.

Taking that into consideration, three hundred black crystal coins was actually a small fortune. As long as Han Shuo didn’t spend extravagantly and remained mindful in purchasing high-level divine weapons and scrolls, he could last a long time on those three hundred black crystal coins.

“Not bad at all, you are now a little tycoon! One of the forts of my Lavers Family outside the City of Shadows collects about five hundred black crystal coins in revenue per month. Of those completely new to Elysium, only some midgod and highgod experts could gather three hundred black crystal coins so soon after arriving on this material plane. You as a lowgod should feel proud of this accomplishment!” Donna complimented sincerely. She had previously considered enticing Han Shuo into the Lavers Family using crystal coins, but who knew that Han Shuo would be so resourceful that he made a small fortune soon after he arrived on Elysium. With that, it would be much more difficult to lure him with crystal coins.

“Compared to a big tycoon like yourself, this small amount of coins that I have is beyond trifle,” Han Shuo was modest in his reply.

“Grandpa Domo, we shall stop troubling you. We will go shop around downstairs. Perhaps these crystal coins will be going back to you later!” Donna got up from her seat.

“Haha, go ahead. I won’t be accompanying you as I still need to sort out these goods. Alright, I will give you both a twenty percent discount on all purchases. Happy shopping!”

Han Shuo and Donna traveled three levels down. Then, Han Shuo picked tens of origin crystals which he had wanted to purchase as soon as he walked into the store and saw them. They were precisely the same type of crystal that Han Shuo had previously obtained from the six-horned tribal king of Soul Race in Tarrag Canyon. These were wonderful treasures that would allow demigods to form a Soul of Element and become basegods. Origin crystals, which were incredibly rare treasures on Profound Continent, were only sold for five purple crystal coins in this shop. It was priced so low that Han Shuo simply couldn’t believe it.

“Origin crystals can be found in a lot of energy mines on Elysium, they aren’t particularly precious. Moreover, it’s only useful for a demigod trying to form a Soul of Element. You have long overcome this barrier. What are you buying so many of these for?” Donna asked Han Shuo in a confused manner.

“Of course I don’t need these. But I still have a lot of friends back on Profound Continent who could use these. To them, these origin essences are invaluable treasures that will allow them to make giant leaps! Sigh, because the Elysium is abundant with elemental energies, it has all kinds of wonderful and miraculous goods which the Profound Continent doesn’t have. No wonder you guys call Profound Continent a low-level material plane!” Han Shuo lamented.

“Do you have sweethearts on that continent of yours? Look at your longing appearance now, Hehe!” Donna laughed.

Donna’s words had suddenly reminded Han Shuo of Emily, Fanny, and the others. His heart really was yearning for them and he wondered how they were doing at this moment. He forgot to reply to Donna.

As soon as she saw Han Shuo’s reaction, Donna knew that she had guessed correctly. But unexpectedly, for no apparent reason, seeing Han Shuo’s sad and longing appearance caused an uncomfortable feeling to rise in Donna’s heart. Donna was shocked to discover that subconscious feeling.

What’s wrong with me? I shouldn’t be having these kinds of emotions. I should have long forgotten about what happened while I was hallucinating back there. Why did that come back into my mind so suddenly?


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