GDK 701: Letting Go

Little Skeleton, metal elite zombie, wood elite zombie, earth elite zombie, water elite zombie, and fire elite zombie stood in a row. These six who now possessed advanced intelligence and life, all looked at Han Shuo with expectation and excitement in their eyes.

Of the six, Little Skeleton was already a godly expert cultivating in the elemental energy of death. He was already in the midstage lowgod realm. Wood elite zombie, fire elite zombie, earth elite zombie, and water elite zombie, having met all kinds of fortuitous encounters, had also become lowgods. Wood elite zombie who had obtained the energy from the Tree of Life was even in the same midstage lowgod realm as Little Skeleton. Apart from metal elite zombie, all six of them gained an astonishing increase in strength. 

The Elysium was saturated with elemental energies of all types and was indeed suitable for their cultivation. However, Elysium was also filled with all kinds of influences, powerhouses, and dangers. Although the six possessed intelligence, Han Shuo still couldn’t feel reassured. Besides, Han Shuo could not be living with them, or else it surely wouldn’t end well for Han Shuo or any of them.

Han Shuo was stuck in indecision. He had no idea how to decide on where they would go. 

“Father, we have thought about it. We will make our way in this world by ourselves, alone. Don’t worry, we have stayed in the Netherworld for a long time and we know how to deal with dangers. We also know some state of affairs of this material plane. Let go of us, Father,” Little Skeleton proposed. Of the six, he had been around with Han Shuo for the longest time.

“How would that do? This world is nothing like the Netherworld. Experts of tremendous strength can be found everywhere in Elysium. If you live on your own, how are you going to handle unexpected threats more dangerous than what you could imagine? How can I be at ease?!” Han Shuo was reluctant. He had attached too much of his affection to these six new lifeforms. When he thought of the dangers they could possibly run into, he wanted to keep them in the Netherworld forever.

“Father, it’s only by overcoming dangers that we can grow further! Calm down, Father. We all have our own special abilities. As long as we live in suitable places, we can escape from any kind of danger. Father, the Netherworld is only barely plentiful in the aura of death, it is not suitable for the five of us to develop. We do not want to solely rely on Father’s power; we too want to become stronger by ourselves. After all, we have all grown up!” earth elite zombie said with his chest puffed high.

However, in Han Shuo’s eyes, all six of them were still young children. Although Han Shuo knew that they could stay relatively safe in special environments with their special talents, nonetheless, he did not have the courage to let them leave his side.

“Father, we know about the general circumstances of this material plane. We plan to head to different Dominions. Little Water will head to the Water Dominion, Little Wood will head to the Life Dominion, and et cetera. Since the people there all cultivate in the same type of energy, as long as we do not act out of line and invite trouble, I doubt we'll run into too much danger. Besides, it is only by coming into contact with those mighty high-level lifeforms that we can evolve even faster and grow even stronger,” Little Skeleton continued trying to persuade Han Shuo while looking at him.

All six of them gave their own words of persuasion one after another as though they had planned everything while in the Netherworld. They gave their reasons and how they planned to handle their enemies. Some words sounded childish while some were feasible. But nothing was done on impulse - they had clearly thought it through over and over again.

Han Shuo listened to the six little kids’ justifications with a big bitter smile on his face. He suddenly felt as though his children had all grown up and could see their desire to make decisions for themselves. Although he felt gratified, he felt a much stronger feeling of reluctance.

However, deep inside, Han Shuo knew that their arguments made sense. They had conquered the entire Netherworld and there was nothing in that world that could threaten them. This was similar to the situation back when Han Shuo wanted to leave Profound Continent for Elysium. He knew that it was a very boring and painful thing to stay in a world without any well-matched adversary - especially with the knowledge that an even bigger sky was out there waiting to be conquered!

After thinking about it from different angles and having listened to the endless pleading from the six little fellas, rationality finally prevailed over his emotions. In the end, Han Shuo unwillingly nodded, saying, “Fine. You've convinced me. Going to separate Dominions could indeed be most suitable for your growths. However, you must promise me one thing.”

“We promise!” the six little guys said in unison. 

“No matter what or how you must preserve your own lives!” Han Shuo was serious about the matter and warned yet again, “It is only by staying alive that you will keep on getting stronger. Do not ever forget this!”

“Understood, Father. We will keep ourselves alive!” Little Skeleton nodded and replied. The other five also nodded.

“One more thing, we must stay in touch. Every fifty years, all seven of us will gather at Ethereal City, the main city of the Space Dominion. No matter the situation, every one of you must be present at the city every fifty years. The clock starts ticking from this day. Understand?”

All six of them immediately agreed. They were overjoyed that they were allowed to roam the world by themselves.

Seeing their excited faces, Han Shuo realized that his children had all grown up. They no longer wished to be bound by a small little Netherworld. There was nothing that he could do about this.

Han Shuo then proceeded by explaining everything he knew about the Plane of Gods to the six little fellas to help them quickly adapt to this new world, especially in identifying the dangers around them. He explained what they should pay attention to, what kind of people they must not trust, and every personal experience and insight he had. Regardless of whether or not they could comprehend everything, he imparted to them all his wisdom in life.

After lecturing for two months straight, having exhausted all the topics that he could talk about and seeing that the six little fellas were bored out of their minds, reluctantly, he came to a wasteland far from the City of Shadows and summoned the six from the Netherworld.

At the time of their parting, Han Shuo reminded them yet again, “Preserve your own lives. Make sure of that!” Even Han Shuo himself felt as though he had become a wordy old man.

Having listened to Han Shuo talk for two months straight, the six little fellas put on sour expressions when it seemed as though Han Shuo was going to give yet another lecture. They looked at Han Shuo with pitiful eyes, begging him to stop talking.

“In short, remember every word I said. Keep every single word in mind. Protect yourselves well, don’t stir up trouble…" After a while, Han Shuo finally stopped the superfluous words. In a somewhat saddened manner, he said, “Go ahead and don’t embarrass yourselves. I won’t be sending you off!”

“Father, we will make you proud of us!” the six little fellas pledged. Although they too felt sad, it was tiny to the joy they felt. After saying goodbye to Han Shuo, they hastily left from his sight as though afraid that Han Shuo would continue to lecture them.

After they turned into six small little dots and completely disappeared from his sight, Han Shuo let out a sigh. He knew that this time after they left, they wouldn’t be just a necromancy spell away from his side. Han Shuo felt both worried and excited for them. As he sighed over the separation, he wondered what his innately gifted kids would become in the future. 

Han Shuo had yet to recover from that saddened state when returning to the City of Shadows. At a checkpoint, Han Shuo again handed his divine tablet and a piece of purple crystal coin. An arrogant looking divine guard who received Han Shuo’s divine tablet, after examining it, had a sudden change of attitude and expression.

“You are Bryan?” that arrogant divine guard suddenly became very polite as he asked Han Shuo.

Han Shuo nodded and in a rather baffled manner, he asked, “What’s the matter?” Han Shuo did not use this checkpoint when entering the City of Shadows with Carmelita the last time. The divine guard couldn’t have known him.

“That… Erm… Miss Carmelita is looking for you. If you are that Bryan, you should look for Miss Carmelita as soon as possible,” the divine guard returned Han Shuo’s divine tablet with both hands. That piece of purple crystal coin was on his divine tablet. He didn’t dare to take Han Shuo’s money!

Han Shuo put on a bitter smile after hearing those words. It was only now that he recalled the promise he made to Carmelita and that two months had indeed passed. It was also at this moment that Han Shuo realized just how influential Carmelita was in the City of Shadows. Even a divine guard at entry checkpoint would receive the information. 

“Understood,” Han Shuo nodded. After casually taking back his divine tablet and the purple crystal coin, he proceeded to enter the city.

“Hey! Why doesn’t that fella have to pay the entrance fee? He doesn’t seem to be a member of the Sainte Family!” the few people who lined up behind Han Shuo complained.

“Shut up! Don’t you teach us how we should do our jobs. One more word and you will all be barred from entering the city!” that divine guard who was most polite and amiable towards Han Shuo abruptly turned austere and shouted in an irritated manner.

Those few who complained immediately lowered their heads and shut their mouths when the divine guard chided.

Han Shuo’s mood suddenly lightened a little after seeing the faces of those people being chided and silenced. He inwardly remarked that it definitely felt pretty awesome to have special privileges.

After having previously carried the injured Carmelita back to the Sainte Residence, those divine guards manning the front door recognized Han Shuo. Carmelita had given instructions beforehand, and a divine guard respectfully led Han Shuo all the way to the place where Carmelita was cultivating.

“You scoundrel, where have you gone for so long? Quickly get up here now!” soon after Han Shuo walked into the Sainte Residence, Carmelita’s voice sounded from a protruding platform at the top of a fifty-meter tall building.

There were defensive barriers inside the Sainte Residence. Those whose strengths were below midgod realm wouldn’t be able to overcome the power of the barrier to take to the air. Although Han Shuo could use his demonic arts to fly to Carmelita, doing so would expose his true strength. Therefore, he went up to the building by the stairs, step by step. 

“Elder sister Kalina? You’re here!” Han Shuo greeted in a friendly manner when he saw Kalina the one-eyed plump woman. He was rather surprised that she managed to survive and return to this place.

“Hello, Bryan. It was all thanks to your rescue that the Lady and I could escape from that cave! I have not properly thanked you. Now that you have come, let me do so formally!” Kalina stood up as she said. She started performing the full formal Elysian etiquette towards Han Shuo.

“You are welcome. I did what I had to to help. After all, we are partners!” Han Shuo said with a smile as he rushed over to Kalina, stopping her from completing the entire ceremony.

“Alright, that’s enough, Kalina. Go work on the things I have instructed,” Carmelita waved her hand and indicated to Kalina that she was dismissed. Kalina put on a smile and only left after she bowed at Han Shuo.

After Kalina was gone, Carmelita said furiously, “Goddamnit, those fellas disappeared without a trace. When our men reached there, all that was left was a destroyed Heaven’s Gift. How infuriating!”

Han Shuo had in fact long expected this to be the ending. As Carmelita managed to escape with Han Shuo, the location of the Heaven’s Gift would have surely been exposed. The party who intruded into the Darkness Dominion, had no other option than to escape as soon as possible. It would be a wonder if they had stayed behind to await their doom.

“So what if they escaped? You have memorized their faces. As long as you continue to investigate, you will eventually discover their trails. Then in the future when you become even mightier, you could even go into the Water Dominion and Life Dominion to finish them off. You will exact this vengeance!” Han Shuo consoled smilingly.

“It is always so delightful to talk to you! Hmph, I will soon find out the identities of those people. When I have healed from my injuries and if I learn of their positions, I’m going to make them pay for the debt of blood!” Carmelita said ferociously.

You won’t actually be that crazy to go into the Life and Water Dominion, right? You should know that if they discover your trails, you are going to die a very quick death! Han Shuo suddenly felt that he shouldn’t further provoke Carmelita’s hatred.

“Right, where have you been hiding all this time? Why didn’t you come to see me for so long?” Carmelita squinted her eyes and started interrogating Han Shuo.

“I learned a lot about the energy of destruction from you the last time. I have spent this time digesting and understanding the new information,” Han Shuo explained.

Carmelita rolled her eyes and replied, “You obviously cultivate in the energy of death. What does the knowledge about the energy of destruction have to do with you? Hell, you even went thinking about it blindly. This way of yours is not right at all. How are you going to succeed in your cultivation of the energy of death?”

Han Shuo smiled and did not explain. Carmelita didn’t seem to be too concerned about Han Shuo’s strength. She continued casually, “Forget about it. Since you have come to visit me, I’m going to present to you a great business opportunity.”

“What great business?” Han Shuo was stunned.

“Those medicinal pellets you gave me the last time were a miracle! I have spoken to my uncle and he too was very interested in that medicine of yours. Many of the members of our Sainte Family are assigned missions and dispatched to various places from youth. And, of course, some inevitably get injured. But if we have that medicinal pellets of yours, we can greatly improve their likelihood of survival. I have discussed with my uncle, we want to formally invite you to work as the trump card pharmacist in our House of Sainte!” Carmelita said smilingly.

“Not interested. I don’t want to be bound by any big family, not even your House of Sainte,” Han Shuo shrugged and declined this great opportunity that who knew how many others yearned for even in their dreams.

“Aha! I knew you would decline!” Carmelita laughed and said, “Isn’t that right? There are so many rules to follow once you join a big family clan. But there are still fools out there who want to squeeze inside! Haha, actually, my intention is to have my uncle order that type of medicine from you while you set up a shop of this kind in the City of Shadows. Then, with me doing some promotions, you will surely make big money. In the City of Shadows, as long as you have money and influence, by accumulating some contributions, you can form your own little family clan. Under my shield, no one will dare do anything to you. You can make money and still make up your own rules!” It appeared that Carmelita had planned out every step for Han Shuo long ago. She truly wanted to repay Han Shuo for saving hers and Kalina’s lives.

After hearing Carmelita’s words, Han Shuo’s eyes shone. He was getting somewhat tempted. By engaging in the business of selling medicinal pellets, not only could he accumulate wealth, but he also wouldn’t risk exposing his identity or his true strength. According to Carmelita’s words, he might even have the opportunity to form his own family clan. The prospect of this was indeed appealing to Han Shuo.

Han Shuo had promised Emily and the others that as soon as he gained a footing on Elysium, he would return to bring them over. Han Shuo had a lot of friends on Profound Continent. After learning about the exceptional advantage of cultivating on Elysium, Han Shuo was even more desperate to improve the strength of his friends.

If Han Shuo could truly gain a footing in the City of Shadows, accumulate wealth, power, influence, and with the protection of the Sainte Family, his people’s safety would be assured. With that, Emily and the others could move to Elysium much sooner.

Seeing Han Shuo’s glistening eyes, Carmelita knew that he couldn't resist. With the intention of repaying Han Shuo’s favor, Carmelita struck while the iron was hot, saying, “You can be assured that with your miraculous medicinal pills, you have bright prospects in the City of Shadows! After you have accumulated enough wealth and some contributions, I will plead to my father so that you can establish your own family clan. By then, you can bring your friends from your homeworld over and use your wealth to recruit experts. The other four major family clans became what they are today by climbing up step by step the same way. If they could, so can you!”

After listening to Carmelita’s motivating and instigating words, Han Shuo finally made up his mind. He nodded and shouted, “Alright! I shall work and claim a piece of the City of Shadows for myself! Let’s do this!”


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